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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - A Heavenly Elevator Took Kevin Zadai Up to See THIS

Sid Roth - A Heavenly Elevator Took Kevin Zadai Up to See THIS

Sid Roth - A Heavenly Elevator Took Kevin Zadai Up to See THIS
Sid Roth - A Heavenly Elevator Took Kevin Zadai Up to See THIS

My guest got revelation while in Heaven of the most powerful words in the Bible. They literally are going to move mountains and make hell tremble!

Sid Roth: Hello! Sid Roth here and I'm with one of my favorite guests, Dr. Kevin Zadai. Kevin, for those that don't know, he was minding his own business, went to the dentist. They put him under anesthesia, and he dies, and he goes to Heaven. But he had so much revelation downloaded to him that he came back to earth to share these revelations. How would you like to be escorted by an angel to Heaven, to a special room called the Revelation Room? Tell me about that encounter.

Kevin Zadai: I know I did not expect this to happen, but I woke up one night and I realized my wife was there. So, I knew where I was. I was in my house. But then I saw a man standing at the foot of my bed and he was ornamented, and I had seen someone like him only one other time. He was an angel, but it was a certain type of angel. And he was, he was very, very beautiful and handsome. And he had this embroidered garment on that I've never seen before. He grabbed me. He said, "I've been, I've been asked to escort you to the room of Revelation. The Lord wants to teach you how to wait on Him". So, he grabbed me. And I was, I was at the speed of light. And I, we went somewhere, and I don't know where it was, but I felt like my body went with me. I don't feel like I left anything in my bed. So, I don't know if I did take my body or not. But this is what happened when I got into that that place. I walked right into this huge room. But it was an elevator, but it was like an extra-large elevator, like you would say, a very large room. And Jesus was standing in there. So, me and the angel came in and Jesus smiled, and He goes, "Let us wait on the Father". And I said, "Okay". And He bowed His head. So, I looked at the angel and he bowed his head. So, I just bowed my heat too. So, as we, as we bowed our heads, I felt the floor start rising up. And you know how with the elevator starts to accelerate? Well, I felt that. And then all of a sudden I felt like we're going really high. So, I looked at Jesus and He looked up at me and I go, "Well, when should we stop"? He goes," That's up to you. How high do you want to go?' So, I thought, okay, well, I'll just wait a little longer. Well, when we stopped because I lifted my head up, I said, okay, the door opens up to this room. And I looked out and I could see the earth down below us and all the city lights of the countries and everything and continents. And the Lord says, see, your problems from My perspective are very small. And He said, "This is where you need to go and you need to tell the people to come here to this room of revelation and wait on Me so you can see your, your world through the eyes of God from His perspective". And He said, "When we wait on Him, He can speak to us". But He said, "Many voices are challenging for our time and our attention". And He was talking about the media and things that happen around us. So, He said, "We've got to come to this room and see things from God's perspective". And I saw it in a flash that not only did I finish my life and I was successful at everything that God asked me to do, I saw that many, many people were affected by the fact that I had come back and that I had just spoken the truth and I had loved people and walked them into the truth. So, I saw the end from the beginning just like that. And I want that for everyone. And Jesus showed me that this is what we need to do. We need to bring back waiting on the Lord. We need to come back to that.

Sid Roth: Okay, I hear the phrase a lot.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I'm a how-to guy.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah.

Sid Roth: How do you wait on the Lord?

Kevin Zadai: The first thing that Jesus told me was we've got to control our environment. So, it's true. We can, we can slip away for ten minutes and say no phone, no communications, no outside influence and get full immersion. He called it full immersion for ten minutes. And He said, "If you get rid of all the other voices," He said, "The voice of the Father will come up clear clearly.

Sid Roth: So, what do you what happens when you have a thought of, oh, I parked in the wrong parking place while you're waiting on God, what do you do?

Kevin Zadai: That's exactly it. I just say, "Well, I'll get to that later". And I pull it down because, see, Paul said that "The weapons of warfare, are not carnal but their mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds". And then he said, "Any thought, bringing it into the obedience of Christ". So, even a thought so. I arrest it. I take it, handcuff it, throw it out of the room. And I wait for ten minutes. And I don't allow these things to dictate my, my consciousness at the time. You know, my, my whole spirit is given over to God.

Sid Roth: Kevin, you have been, you've gone to Heaven. You died. You went through that experience. Well, what about the average person? Is this for everyone?

Kevin Zadai: This is for everyone Sid, and you know what, if I ever thought that any of my, any of the ministry or my stories would get people to think, "Well, that's just Kevin," I have failed because this is not why I was sent back. I was sent back to even the playing field with everybody. I was sent back- Jesus told me, "Go back and tell them what you saw and what you heard," that this is for everyone.

Sid Roth: And I have to tell you, Kevin, you have written many books, bestselling books. But as far as I'm concerned, this is the most important book you have ever written. It's got to do with what you call, ah, I'm sure God calls, power words. Tell me a bit about the power of words.

Kevin Zadai: Well, it's interesting Sid that I have tried to write this book for a while, and it's been delayed. But it's time now. And what- when I was shown in Heaven was is that literally Jesus said, "This is how everything started. It started with words. God sat on His throne and He spoke, and the worlds were framed with, with His words. And that's everything that exists now. Hebrews Chapter 11, verse three says It is because God framed it," He said it. And everything we see now is in existence. So, words are very important. And so, Jesus reiterated to me that Mark 11:23-24 was still very important. So, these words, these power words are important because they release from the heavenly realm into this physical realm. He said that "The enemy wants those words erased from our vocabulary".

Sid Roth: Now there's so many words you deal with believers' destiny, repentance, the purpose, to find the purpose of these power words.

Kevin Zadai: The purpose of these power words is literally to establish the Kingdom of God in this realm. It's already established in heaven, but God needs His people to proclaim these things. And the vibration of those words coming out into this realm- it starts to frame and create. And it also enforces what God has already done. And I saw that in Genesis first chapter, that the Spirit of God was hovering over the Earth. So, when God, God through Jesus Christ revealed this to me about the power words, He showed me the vibration of the Spirit of God hovering or brooding. It was the word there in Hebrew is vibration, vibrated. And that's how the words when they were spoken, it formed. And we can, I can sense it right now; said I feel the brooding of the Spirit right now. And I, in my spirit, I can sense those words that need to be said.

Sid Roth: Is this why He says, "Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God"? Our purpose is to declare it. Is that part of what He means?

Kevin Zadai: Yes, it is. And Sid, I'm telling you, there's words that He gave me in this book that are beyond like what you would hear He went beyond and said the word, "dominion" and that we're used to hearing the word authority, you know, but dominion is a stronger word because it has to do with a king, a kingdom, and his domain. And so, I'm seeing what this book is being released at a time where we're going to see a step up in the in the atmosphere of Heaven on the earth in this coming year.

Sid Roth: You say, actually, these words paralyze the enemy and cause supernatural shifts. You've seen from Heaven how these words are operating here on earth.

Kevin Zadai: Yes Sid. When you mentioned like repentance and the blood of Jesus or talking about dominion or the believer's destiny. I saw waves coming out. They were shock waves from the words they were hitting demons and demons were acting like they got shot, like they had been hit with something. And they were confused. They actually literally started to look confused like they were stunned. So, I thought, man, I got to tell people about these words because it looks like a lot of these words are being extracted from the Christians vocabulary these days because they think they're offensive, like the blood, blood of Jesus, and crucified, crucified life, you know, things like-

Sid Roth: What happens in the invisible world when a believer knows- and that's what you do. He teaches about these words. You see, it's not just some magic thing where you say a word. You have to understand deep, deep, deep within what these words mean. You say not just people you see on TV. Every believer, no matter what your circumstances is called, to demonstrate the Kingdom, is called to walk and the government of God is called to present. There are people that you know that Kevin and I will never talk to. We'll never even know them, that there is no better person on the planet than you.

Kevin Zadai: Your relationship with God is your ministry. This next move is not about just the five-fold ministry. This next move of God is about the believer, the believing one shall have these signs following them. This next move is about the believer and their relationship with their Father God and moving out and doing the works of Jesus. And I saw this. I saw that everyone is valuable. They're sitting in their homes right now and it's the single mothers with their baby and they have just as much power, in their words, when they release these into this realm.

Sid Roth: Before you got into ministry for many years, you were a flight attendant. How did the vibration on these words affect you just being a flight attendant?

Kevin Zadai: Well, I had, I was sink or swim for me. I was, I was already trained for ministry, had been to college many years, and I was already invited. And then all of a sudden, I'm thrown into this secular job. You would say, you know, I was in the marketplace. I had this, I had a sink or swim right then and there. I had to swim. And I'm telling you, every day I had to start using these words. And I would have literally I'd go to the hotels and I'd start saying these words and praying. And literally things would start falling off the shelves. Things would start, fights would break out outside of my hotel room. I would have all kinds of manifestations and I would just pace the floors and pray in the Spirit. And then I would have these words come up and I would start to proclaim those words. And it started to unravel whatever was working behind the scenes in the place I was at. So, when I would go to work, same thing. I would start praying over all the drinks as I would serve the people. I started praying over them. Then I'd start prophesying to the businessmen. I started giving them words and these people start crying. They said, you know, there's no way you could know what you just said. And they would, they would give their life to the Lord. I just grabbed their hand right there and lead them to the Lord real quickly. And this happened many times. And I realized that the believing ones should stand up in the marketplace and minister. That this is my relationship with God. I didn't need a pulpit.

Sid Roth: But you were out in the public eye every day seeing strangers. Or what about a stay-at-home mom? What about someone, a man that works from his home with his computer? He does not even cross a lot of people's paths.

Kevin Zadai: Well, I'm glad you asked that because I had a vision, because I wondered the same thing. I had a vision of a, of a young lady. She was a single mom with a baby in her arms. And she was watching, she's watching Sid Roth. She was watching a show and she was pacing back and forth. And she, she got built up and faith. And all of a sudden she said, "You know what? On my watch, we're not going to have it this way. We're not. I'm coming up against- " And she started fighting the devil from her, her living room with a baby feeding a baby. And I realized this is the warriors of the coming year. This is the warriors of this next move of God. It's the believer. It's... you can do this from your house.

Sid Roth: You know What? In a moment, Kevin's going to demonstrate how to use some of these power words from scripture to paralyze the enemy and fill your book of life.

Sid Roth: I'm here with Dr. Kevin Zadai and Kevin is releasing revelation he had on the power of words from the Bible and he got this revelation in Heaven. And one of the words that people don't think that much about is so powerful is, "resurrection".

Kevin Zadai: Yes, Sir! And resurrection has to do with Jesus, of course, you know, rising from the dead, but then that power that rose Him and sat Him at the right hand of God is an amazing power too. I also had revelation of the resurrection as far as it has to do with us walking on this earth like Enoch did, because I saw that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, the apostle Paul said, is in us, and that would even quicken our mortal bodies. I mean, think about that, that there would be a transference from the spiritual, the spiritual into the physical body.

Sid Roth: And then those would be healed.

Kevin Zadai: Right.

Sid Roth: And given supernatural strength and vitality.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah. So, every day at my job, I had to tap into that. Thinking about Moses, the Lord said, "Think about Moses and me being on the mountain," He said, "And think about what it was like for them to be standing there". And Moses didn't age. In fact, God had to tell him it's time to die. He wouldn't die at 120. He wouldn't die. And so, Jesus said to me, "I can walk in divine life". He said, "There's, there's healing, there's divine health and there's divine life. Moses experienced, divine life. So, resurrection power is something that we have not tapped into. But if you study people like John G. Lake and Smith Wigglesworth, to name two, they learned to tap into this. And they had notable miracles in their ministry. But see, how many of us today see those kinds of results? Jesus said it has to do with the power word, resurrection. We need to emphasize this. Satan does not want us to mention resurrection.

Sid Roth: So, you're minding your own business on an airplane and someone dies. Tell me about a real resurrection.

Kevin Zadai: Well, that happened just a couple of years that I was with the airline and they had been dead for a while because they were there was no blood in there. You couldn't see any blood flow. So, we put them on the floor. I guess they thought- it was a husband and the wife sat there I thought he was sleeping. But he's, he's been dead for a while. He's cold. And so, we put him out on the floor, and we have to very quickly do CPR and do everything. I cannot pronounce him dead. So, I, I started to pray over him because I was waiting for the CPR equipment and the wife said, "Yeah, you can pray for him". I said, "Oh, you're a Christian, aren't you"? And she said, "Yes". So out of my mouth when I prayed instead of praying, "Lord," you know, "We just give this man to you," out of my mouth, I said, "Come back in the Name of Jesus". And at that very moment, he opened his eyes and he, he's got his color back. So, I know that he was dead, even though I don't have a death certificate or anything to prove that I saw that the words out of my mouth commanded resurrection and that man walked off the airplane without a wheelchair or any assistance.

Sid Roth: The devil tries to strip these words from our vocabulary. Why would he want to strip "resurrection" from our vocabulary?

Kevin Zadai: Well Sid, what we don't realize that we're going to from now on is, is that we are literally children of God and it has been given to us, as it says in John. Chapter one, verse twelve. It says that "Those who embraced Him, Jesus, He gave them the power," which is the word authority to become children of God. See, we have been given that authority. So, when we speak, we are representing God. Doesn't it even say that when we speak we should speak as though we're speaking the very oracles of God and doesn't it even say in Ephesians Five that "We are to be imitators of God as dearly loved children"? So, when we speak these words, we have the same authority that Jesus had when He walked on the earth. Now, what I just said, some people would just come against that. But see, that is where we're at. We need to get back into those ancient paths of walking in the Spirit and speaking the words. So, we need to stay in this place of resurrection power every day, tapping into it, taking a sip, drink, a bite or whatever it is, the Word of the Lord that comes to you. That's bread from Heaven. But then you can drink of the Spirit of God. You continue to feed on yourself on the Word of God, and you tap into that resurrection power. And the devil will look at you. And he does not have a plan B, he doesn't know what he's going to do if you don't wear out. See, isn't it true that it says in the Book of Revelation "He was wearing out the Saints," in the Book of Revelation? That was his goal.

Sid Roth: Right!

Kevin Zadai: So, I know that now I'm going to tell everybody all over the world, you cannot let him wear you out. You got to stay in the ring of God where God will win every time.

Sid Roth: You know, it's almost unfair. This man has got so much revelation on these power words. I can't do justice to it on this show. I really pray you get a hold of this and you give the devil his marching orders. March out!
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