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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Was Taken to Hell. What I Saw There Shocked Me

Sid Roth - I Was Taken to Hell. What I Saw There Shocked Me

Sid Roth - I Was Taken to Hell. What I Saw There Shocked Me
Sid Roth - I Was Taken to Hell. What I Saw There Shocked Me

My guest has been to Heaven and to hell. When he describes Heaven many of you will literally feel the atmosphere of Heaven as if you were there too, next.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with Ryan Bruss. Ryan was a producer, for how many years, Ryan?

Ryan Bruss: Oh, six or seven, somewhere in there.

Sid Roth: Six or seven years for "It's Supernatural"! and God has just promoted him full-time into his own ministry, and I rejoice over it. But I didn't know this, but I just found out Ryan had an encounter in hell.

Ryan Bruss: I did, yes sir.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Ryan Bruss: It was the most incredible thing that I've ever felt physically in a negative way. I had an angel of the Lord in the middle of the night take me to a place in hell, it was a room, so to speak. I've seen the fires of hell in other encounters, but this was no fire. He opened the door.

Sid Roth: Excuse me, do you feel like you were literally there?

Ryan Bruss: Oh, yeah, I was there, there was doubt about it. I mean, like Paul said, "In the body, out of the body," I don't know, but I was there because I, this angel grabbed me and brought me, here's the most extraordinary thing. When the door was open, I fell on my back. I mean I slammed to the ground, and Sid, if I was laying on the ground right now and you, and this sounds a little odd, but if you were to take a vehicle and slowly and lay it on my chest, that feeling that eventually it would crush me. That feeling, the Lord spoke to me, that's what it feels like to be completely abandoned by God. When there is hope. In hell there's no hope.

Sid Roth: You know, you've talked about hell. You've read about hell, but I have noticed when someone experiences it they become a different person and a far more passionate that others don't end up there.

Ryan Bruss: I feel like tearing up right now. I'm just telling you; I had the feeling of what it's like when you go to hell and you have no second chance. It's hopeless, you're abandoned by God. Now He, He didn't send you there. You sent yourself to hell, but when you're there I felt that crushing, that I could never get out. I'm here forever, and the Lord just wanted me to experience that because I'm an Evangelist.

Sid Roth: That's so hopeless for the person.

Ryan Bruss: It's completely hopeless, that's why as a pastor and an Evangelist, I do everything I can to make sure people aren't going there. Yes, there will be torment and there will be all those things, but the very, one of the greatest torments is you're never going be receiving a touch from God ever in your life again. You're never going to be able to cry out, you're never going to feel loved, nothing. Complete hopelessness and complete abandoned by God.

Sid Roth: How long do you think you were there?

Ryan Bruss: It was for several moments, long enough to where I'm like this is enough.

Sid Roth: Did you see the suffering there?

Ryan Bruss: I saw, here's the sad thing, Sid. I saw people there I knew, that are still alive today. And so...

Sid Roth: Wow. Can you imagine if you had that type of an encounter how it would revolutionize your life? I sure can imagine it.

Ryan Bruss: Yeah, it puts the fear of God in you. You don't want anything to do with hell, anything to do with the demonic, nothing to do with it. It's like I want to live on fire for God every day of my life, man.

Sid Roth: But then, God gave you an encounter in Heaven. Now, was this as literal as the hell?

Ryan Bruss: It was as literal, in direct contrast, and I've been privileged to have several encounters in Heaven, and this one, Sid, was so incredible. Again, in the body, out of the body, I don't know, but I'm taken up to Heaven and I'm standing on this beautiful grassy area in Heaven. Now, I felt every fruit of the spirit 100 percent maxed out in me, all at the same time. I felt what it was like to feel 100 percent love, 100 percent joy. Not one ounce of discouragement, depression. Not one ounce of anger, in peace 100 percent. So, I'm standing there feeling the fruit of the spirit, and so when you're in heaven and, again, a privilege, and many are going to start encountering heaven more and more, the Lord showed me, even after this broadcast, that when you're having that euphoric feeling that you feel, I don't know how else to describe it, is so beautiful and wonderful it's like you take a breath and it's like every breath you take is better than the one before. So anyway, when I was Heaven, there was some stress going on in my life at the time, so when the Lord brought me up to show me but, Sid, this is what peace is like, the peace of Heaven. And you remember Jesus said pray this way, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be on Earth as it is in Heaven". So, we can have the God kind of peace. So, I'm standing there in heaven, and I tried, Sid, to think a confusing thought. I tried to, with everything in me, I tried to be like what am I worried about? What am I stressed over, and nothing comes into your mind? Nothing. It's impossible in Heaven. There's no stress. There's no anxiety . And so, the Lord, when I came out of the experience, I mean I was buzzing for days, you know, but when I came out of that experience I'm like you know we go through more in this life then we have to. All we have to do is tap into what Heaven has for us, you know the Bible, you know the scriptures, the Bible is full of the peace of God "He keeps us in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You," so on and so forth. But when we tap into the Heaven kind of peace, it changes the way we live here on Earth, and love and joy and everything else, and here's the thing, I feel like even now that the people that are watching at home are going to feel, like Sid said in the opening "The presence of Heaven," I feel it rushing through me right now. That you right now, my friend, are feeling the very atmosphere of heaven. Whatever you need, the joy of the Lord, the love of the Father, the peace of God is coming through right now into where you're watching this, and I pray that you receive it. That you just receive that, there you go. Just receive it, receive that heaven's peace. You see that. To Jesus there is no cares, there is no worry, there is no stress, and Father, I speak that peace over everybody watching right now in Jesus Name, in Jesus Name.

Sid Roth: I tell you; you expect me now to do the interview?

Ryan Bruss: Oh, Sid. I'm telling you.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what, Ryan, you wrote a brand-new book called Killing Lazarus. What does that mean?

Ryan Bruss: Well, thank you for asking. There's many people that know the story of Lazarus, he died. He was in a tomb for several days and he was dead, dead. I mean he was dead as dead can be, and,

Sid Roth: That's why Jesus waited,

Ryan Bruss: That's why he waited.

Sid Roth: To prove he was dead.

Ryan Bruss: Exactly, and there's many people that are watching, the Lord showed me, that you are feeling dead on the inside. And, Sid, about this book, the Lord showed me that people are going to feel born again. Jesus came and He did His thing, He said Lazarus come forth and Lazarus came forth. But in the Bible it says that the religious leaders wanted to kill Lazarus, and because on account of him, many of the people believed in Jesus.

Sid Roth: You know what, he didn't even have to open his mouth.

Ryan Bruss: Didn't have to say a word.

Sid Roth: Wherever he showed up, that's the guy who was dead for three days.

Ryan Bruss: Exactly. Exactly. And so, wherever Lazarus went they thought of Jesus. Wherever Jesus went, they thought of Lazarus. That's the unique thing about the gospel, and so that's why I wrote the book called Killing Lazarus , because that same reason that the enemy tried to take out Lazarus is the same reason why he's trying to take you out, my friend.

Sid Roth: I know, and Ryan knows, what's coming, and I think the Devil is trying to discourage you so that you will throw in the towel before you're ready to hit the home run. Talk to someone that feels like everything in life is going against them.

Ryan Bruss: My friend, I've been a Christian for over 42 years. I know I don't look that old, but over 42 years, and I'm telling you we have to get to the point where we got to keep holding on until Jesus comes. There's more to life than just holding on, my friend, and when the enemy tries to come in, he's trying to bring distraction into your life. He's trying to make you sick, so you backslide. He's trying to put some sin in your life, so you walk away from God. The enemy is trying to take you out, why? The enemy is trying to take you out because he's afraid of you. Well, you may say that I don't feel like a threat to the enemy right now. Well, my friend, the fact, the very fact that you are a son and daughter of God, you're a major threat to the enemy. You've got to get your fight back. So, there's a story of a Revolutionary War Naval commander in the 1700s, he was fighting with a ship and things were not looking good. True story. One of his shipmates or whatever came over and said hey, are we going to make it, things aren't looking good. He looked at him and said, "I have not yet begun to fight" and I feel the Lord on that. We have to get our fight back. You know, I grew up at home where my dad died when I was 12, and you know my mom personally.

Sid Roth: Yes.

Ryan Bruss: She didn't let us, that's why I don't have as much hair as I used to, she grabbed us by the head and say, "I plead the blood of Jesus," on the way to school, on the way. There was things that I was doing when I was a teenager that I wasn't supposed to be doing, and I come in late and there she was waiting for me, because she's a prophetess as you know. She said, "Where were you"?

Sid Roth: How you would like to have a mother that knew where you were,

Ryan Bruss: She knew where I was.

Sid Roth: But she wanted to see if you were honest?

Ryan Bruss: She knew right where I was, but she prayed me through all that. But see, I grew up in a home where you don't ever give up. You keep the fight. You keep going. I know there's people that may be watching that are discouraged and overwhelmed, but see that's why I did all this material, there's CDs and everything, because it's time for you to say "Ah". You're going to have an "a-ha"! moment. You're going to have that being born again moment where you're going to be like "that's why he's trying to do that," because the Lord showed me all these different reasons and ways he's trying to get in and overwhelm you.

Sid Roth: Does everyone have a testimony?

Ryan Bruss: It doesn't matter. See I got saved when I was five. You know, I grew up in church, I have a powerful testimony. You know, it doesn't matter if you got saved on the streets of New York, everybody's got a testimony. See, and a lot of people, not only do you have your born-again testimony, you have the testimony that you're working on now. So, if you're sick, if you're discouraged, all you're doing is you're working on your testimony. You're going to be writing books one day, you're going to be on Sid Roth one day, you're going to be preaching the gospel. You are working on your testimony right now, but everybody has got one, Sid.

Sid Roth: You have to tell us about your niece's graduation.

Ryan Bruss: You see, when I was, when my father died, you know I had to learn about the love the Father.

Sid Roth: How old were you then?

Ryan Bruss: I was only 12, and he was sick for 5 years. From 7 to 12, I didn't even know my dad, so I had to find the Father's love. It was about receiving. "Living love," like Jude says, keeping yourselves in love with God. I was at this, my niece's graduation, and there was about 3,000 people there, and they said to everybody "Listen, there is all these kids coming up. Please don't applaud or anything, we want to save that to the end or it's going to go for too long". And about five or six kids into it, we hear from the back of the auditorium "That's my boy", and everybody laughed, and guess what Sid? Everybody clapped for the kid. Nobody knew who he was, but this, I'm assuming father, was like, "That's my boy"! I don't know if he used to get bad grades or what, but for when I heard him say, Sid, say, "That's my boy," I thought, that's how a father sees you. Every morning when I wake up the Lord says, "That's my boy". Ma'am, every morning when you wake up, "That's my girl". I'll never forget that because that's a father's love over you. "That's my boy," and you may say "well, Ryan, you don't know what I've done, you don't know what I've been through, and life is not working out". If you are born again, you are his son and you are his daughter, and he's got a precious and beautiful plan for your life.

Sid Roth: You had a dream of a sewer; I want you to briefly share that.

Ryan Bruss: Sid, I had a dream, it was so vivid. There was an open sewer, and I have been in some nasty sewers in India doing missions work, and it was so bad, and smelled so bad, even in the dream, and all these young people were dancing, and carrying on, and smoking, and drinking as if they didn't have a care in the world. Then they thought it would be cool to jump in this cesspool, this sewer. They jumped in, but they had no idea what they were jumping in to. They jumped in, and then over here they started coming out and I was standing where they were coming out, and every time they would come out, man, Sid, this one young lady, she was like "What have I done, what have I done"? She said "It wasn't worth it; it wasn't worth going into the world. It wasn't worth doing the drugs. It wasn't worth sleeping around. It wasn't worth going into the world because once they dove in and all that slimy sewer stuff, and I know it sounds gross, but all that stuff was on them, they're like, "What did I do"?

Sid Roth: It's almost like they were asleep and all of a sudden they woke up.

Ryan Bruss: Exactly, and the Lord is going to bring an awakening so these young people and people all over the world are not going to have the temptation to jump into the world any longer.

Sid Roth: You're talking to them, many of them, and it has nothing to do with age. There are people that are crawling in the stuff in the sewer, and they don't even realize it. But I believe the glory on this show, the heavenly glory that's being released right now, will allow you to have your breakthrough. If you do not know Jesus, yes, you know about Him, but if you don't have your own experiential knowledge with God, I'm going to ask Ryan to lead you in a prayer right now and I want you to say it wherever you are out loud.

Ryan Bruss: It's easy to receive Jesus in your heart. It's not complicated. All you have to do is say yes. So, wherever you are right now, all over the world, say "Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart, make me a brand-new person, forgive me of my sin, cleanse me from jumping into any sewer of the world, and from this moment on I give my life to you, Jesus. Come and live inside me and I give my life to you forever, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sid Roth: Ryan, just as you had to learn the Father's love, there are so many watching us right now, and in their heart of hearts you've said to God "Am I a mistake? Nothing's going right in my life". I want you to talk to that person right now.

Ryan Bruss: Friend, there is no mistakes. Some of the greatest men and women of God I know were born out of wedlock. There's is no mistakes. It doesn't matter how you came into this world; it doesn't matter what you're going through right now, you are not a mistake. you are so loved. One of the key messages on my own life is, because of growing up without a father, is a Father's love. And friend, if you are born again, you are His son and you are His daughter, and He loves you. All you have to do is do what Jude 21 says, "Keep yourself in the love of God every day". Don't get out from the underside, from underneath that love. You keep yourself in His love every day, and Father, I speak that love of the Father over everyone listening, that they have their own encounter. Friend, it's about receiving. He not only loves you, my friend, He likes you, He loves you, and He enjoys you. Yes, you. Wherever you're at, whatever you're doing, you are completely and thoroughly adored by God.

Sid Roth: You see, God knew you before you were conceived in your mother's womb, and He has a plan for you, and I know my Father. I know it's a good plan. Yes, He has a good plan for every life, but it's a question of knowing Him and walking with Him and reading the Bible and understanding who He is. Now Ryan says breakthroughs, they're great, but how would you like to be untouchable by the enemy? Much better? Next!

Sid Roth: I don't think you've ever heard this before. Ryan, you use the word untouchable.

Ryan Bruss: What happens is you find yourself on the other side of the threshold. I tell them my churches all the time "get on the other side of the threshold, get through that door, so you don't have to keep beating that door down again. Get your healing, get your heart healed, get yourself set free so you can get on the other side of this breakthrough so you can live untouchable, so you're not always looking for a breakthrough in your life," you know?

Sid Roth: Now, speaking about being untouchable, I want him to share a story in which he literally drove the devil, Meshuga, that's a Hebrew word, it means crazy, Guatemala.

Ryan Bruss: Me and a couple of my friends were preaching in Guatemala and we went to the top of this mountain, and I didn't think there was anybody going to be there to be honest with you because it was such a journey. And we get to the top, Sid, and there was like 700 people on top of this mountain. I mean it was in the middle of nowhere. So, when I got up to preach, I preached in English, and then I got translated into Spanish and then Q'eqchi', and so by the time it gets back to you it's like forever, so you've got to stay in that presence.

Sid Roth: I've done that, I know.

Ryan Bruss: Yeah, it's not easy. So, here's what I did though, I thought you know what, I was looking at all the faces, I have nothing in, Ryan Bruss has nothing for them, only Jesus. So, the first thing I did when I get up there is I say "Jesus, you are welcome here," and the place went crazy.

Ryan Bruss: Even the intercessory team. I always thought they were weird, intercessors... no, my mom's an intercessor. But the intercessory team was full of demons. Witchcraft had got into that church.

Sid Roth: That's an English word by crazy is an English word for the Hebrew word for Meshuga.

Ryan Bruss: Meshuga. Everybody went Meshuga in the entire place. I mean, true story, women had taken their babies, held them by their heel, and threw them through the air into the altar area. There was so much witchcraft, and for 20 minutes, just because I invited Jesus in there, that's all I did because He hadn't been invited in quite a while because of all the witchcraft that had gotten into the pastor's life too. So, it took us 20 minutes to calm everybody down. The place was crazy, you should have seen it. Screaming and devils and babies flying, it was just nasty. After 20 minutes, I preached the gospel, and that church had a move of God. A lot of people came to the next meeting and it's like it went from darkness to lightness. All that shell of darkness, was off their face. The pastor got radically touched and we had a move of God there and it is still continuing on. I mean it's amazing what God will do when you just invite Jesus into your circumstances and just say "Jesus, come here".

Sid Roth: Ryan, you had a huge breakthrough, beyond breakthrough. What's the secret?

Ryan Bruss: Sid, the secret is inviting the presence of the Lord into the most ordinary moments of life. You are a general in the faith, but Sid, you have ordinary moments, you eat breakfast, you pay bills, you go to the store, and I've learned that if we have, invite Jesus into those moments we can encounter Him at breakfast. We can encounter him when we're in the DMV, believe it or not. We can encounter the Lord in even the most ordinary moments of life. You know how many times I've encountered the Lord mowing the lawn? Well, what does that mean "I've encountered the Lord"? I'm mowing the lawn and I just talk to Jesus and I feel the presence of the Lord so strong on me, and He'll say, "Son, I love you," or "Son, this or that". It's in the ordinary moments of life that we experience extraordinary moments of God, and we all have them and it's available for everybody. If you learn to invite Jesus, the presence of God, into the ordinary moments of life, you will not have any ordinary days anymore. Every day will be extraordinary.

Sid Roth: But what if you don't feel it?

Ryan Bruss: Feeling has nothing to do with it. It's all about, it's a faith walk, and you know it's, you know like the love of the Father, Sid? I don't necessarily feel the overwhelming love of the Father right now, but I know that I know that I know that I know that I'm loved, so I don't even go there. I'm not even tested in that area.

Sid Roth: Pray for us right now.

Ryan Bruss: Father, in Jesus Name, I pray that in these ordinary moments of changing the diapers, and mowing the lawn, and going to work, that You will visit them because You're showing me right now You're about to visit Your people like never before. Fill them with Your presence, fill them with Your glory, and even in the most ordinary moments of their life, and Lord, You're going to make their lives extraordinary and they'll never, ever be the same again, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Sid Roth: I tell you; you are loved in Jesus Name.
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