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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - The Most Important Thing Jesus Showed Me in Heaven

Sid Roth - The Most Important Thing Jesus Showed Me in Heaven

Sid Roth - The Most Important Thing Jesus Showed Me in Heaven
Sid Roth - The Most Important Thing Jesus Showed Me in Heaven

My guests have revelation from Heaven that'll make you the devil's worst nightmare as you navigate these end times. Next.

Sid Roth: Hello. Kevin Zadai here, and I don't think I have to introduce him. He's been a guest many times. But when he told me what he was working on, I said, "You've got to come back"! He is teaching and demonstrating and praying impartations of holy fire. That begs the question, what is holy fire?

Kevin Zadai: Well, Sid, I saw in Heaven that there was a lot of fire. And God's really into fire. Well, I encountered this fire, Sid, and I didn't know exactly when I would be able to release all this. So, for many years, I didn't even share these experiences I had. But since I've met you, I'm released now to do this, what I saw in Heaven was that there was altars of fire, the angels were on fire. And then I saw that there was a sapphire floor that was on fire as well. So holy fire is actually something that's in Heaven, and that we've encountered on the earth through the day of Pentecost, through the Holy Spirit. It's part of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is a baptism of fire. And so, He said, "Kevin, you've got to teach people how to yield to the fire and walk in the fire". It's walking in repentance. I can't believe I just used that word.

Sid Roth: You did. That's not a word that's often spoken.

Kevin Zadai: Jesus said to produce fruit, in keeping with repentance, so somebody's wrong here. I don't think Jesus is wrong. So, I'm going to keep with repentance, I'm going to produce my fruit, but I'm also going to keep with repentance. I'm going to stay in there. It's just like when an angel, like, an angel just showed up right now. He just showed up behind me, right now.

Sid Roth: This is for real.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah, this is for real.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Kevin Zadai: I don't do fake.

Sid Roth: Okay... no, I didn't even think, I thought you were telling me a story.

Kevin Zadai: I know. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden, now everything shifts. The message that I'm speaking shifts, from where I speak shifts, my perception shifts. I am speaking from the other realm right this minute, and it's all because something from the other realm, someone, a person, an angel, came from the fire in Heaven and he's lit up behind me. It shifts your personality. It shifts your perception. Everything about you. and I just want to repent right now, because I feel the fear of God. I feel the fear of God right now. I feel the holiness of God, and I want to repent. And I just want to turn my face back to Jesus right now. And I went to heaven. And I have a ministry, but I repent every day, because what happens is, is when I encounter holy fire, it causes me to want to turn and do the right thing, even when my body and my mind are working against me. And that's for somebody out there. If you are encountering anything right now in the area of temptation, just remember that your character is more important to God than your comfort. At times you're going to feel uncomfortable, but the fire is burning out all the... There's many people right now that are experiencing this fire. They're thinking they did something wrong, but they're not. God is burning out the dross, all the impurities out of their life.

Sid Roth: So that you can have your own experiential knowledge with God. Let the fire come! Say that at home and here, "Let the fire come". All right, Kevin, you told me an angel just started talking to you.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah.

Sid Roth: How are angels involved in the holy fire?

Kevin Zadai: Well, they actually behold the face of our Father that's in Heaven. That's why Jesus said, "Don't do anything to these little ones," because they're angels. Children's angels always see the face of their Father in heaven. Well, the angels report back. But when they do, they energize. I saw them coming to the throne. They were catching on fire and energizing, and then coming back and standing beside people and helping them. So, angels come, and they grab us. They're expeditors. They come to grab us and to take us into what God has for us. When the angel, when he shows up like he does in my meetings, everything goes into this like a hyperdrive. In other words, it goes up a level. And all of a sudden...

Sid Roth: I've seen that in your meetings.

Kevin Zadai: Yes. And all of a sudden, you've seen witches come up and repent. You've seen demons flying out of witches. Well, you know, that just doesn't happen, they usually come to disrupt the service. Okay, other things are going to start happening. Right now, like there's people right now that he's telling me that they're watching this show, that they're being healed. There's all kinds of problems that are being healed in people's backs and necks right now. Not only that, there's a lot of cancer patients, there's a lot of people with cancer, right now the tumors are staring to dissolve. I know you're going to get reports, Sid. This is because we have to speak from the other realm. We were healed. That means we are healed.

Sid Roth: Kevin. When you were in heaven, you talked about a sapphire floor.

Kevin Zadai: Mm-hmm.

Sid Roth: Tell me about the sapphire floor.

Kevin Zadai: I was really surprised, Sid, because, I had to look up the scriptures, but I did see this sapphire, it was really blue, but it was being lit up by flames, and they were white flames. So, I was standing on the floor because I had walked on it, and the Lord stopped me. He said, "Oh, this is only if I bid you to come". And I said, "Well Lord, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus".

Sid Roth: You were taught that.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah. And I started...

Sid Roth: To say it.

Kevin Zadai: Say all those scriptures, I'm holy as You're holy. And He said, "Oh, no". He said, "This sapphire floor is not positional. This is relational". He said, "Enoch can walk on this floor". He said, "Enoch walked separate in the fear of the Lord and in holiness". He said, "Kevin," he said, "Many in that day will come. And I will say to them, I never knew you". And He said, "They will say I cast out devils, I healed the sick". He said, "Those people believed in Me, but they didn't walk with Me".

Sid Roth: Tell me about the white fence.

Kevin Zadai: This is what He took, He took me next. We walked outside, we were accelerated out to where it was, it looked like where the Spirit realm ends and it goes into the physical realm, on that was a white fence, and it was symbolic. There was a white fence, and there were all these Christians that were on the fence. I said, "What is this"? He said, "My people are asking, how close can I get to the world and live in the world and still get to heaven, when they should be asking Me where the hottest spot in Heaven is, which is the sapphire stone", which is mentioned in Exodus 24:10, God came down on the mountain with the sapphire stone. And He had a tear in His eye. And He said, "I didn't hang on a cross and suffer and die for the fence. I hung and I got My Father's people back so that they could walk on sapphire stone".

Sid Roth: Tell me about another room. The room with the gold glory cloud.

Kevin Zadai: Okay, so He quickly ushered me down a hallway, back in the building again off to the side, on the left side. There was a hallway with many doors. We went down about five or six, maybe seven doors and went in there. And there was nothing on the door to label it, like the rest of them. Well, when I got in there, the glory cloud was in there. And it was so thick, that I could see Jesus about five feet from me, but I couldn't see the floor, I couldn't see the ceiling. There was no furniture that I could see. And I felt such acceptance in that room, such love and acceptance, one with God. And I started to cry. And I said, "Lord, what is this"? And He said, "When you stepped into this room, you stepped into our Father's heart". I was valued. I was loved. And I was fully accepted in the Father. And I was telling my wife about this. And one morning, while we were sitting there praying in our chairs, the glory came in so strongly, and I said, "Kathi, this is the room". And we were both weeping under the love, there was the love of the Father that He has for us. I was made in His image, Sid. We were all made in His image. And He brought us back. And that is the true salvation. That's what the church needs to walk in right now.

Sid Roth: I want you to lead us in repentance right now. I'll repeat after you.

Kevin Zadai: Okay. "Father, we repent". Just say it, "We repent in the Name of Jesus. We have not focused on You, Father. We turn our face back towards You. And we, Lord, ask forgiveness for this country. And we speak it out into, over this country. We call this country to repentance. And we thank You, Father, we walk in your fear, the fear of the Lord. It's the beginning of wisdom. Amen".

Sid Roth: Amen. Kevin Zadai and Kathi, his wife, pray in tongues, or supernatural languages, more than anyone I know. They say it's the secret to their power. They will demonstrate this by interpreting their own tongues and prophesying over you, when we return. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay, I have my friends, Kevin and Kathi Zadai here. They're praying in tongues all the time. Why, Kathi, do you two pray in tongues all the time? I mean, just as Paul said, he prayed without ceasing, you're trying to match him?

Kathi Zadai: Yeah. Or more.

Kevin Zadai: We're actually trying to beat him.

Kathi Zadai: Trying to beat him.

Sid Roth: Seriously, why is it so important to pray in tongues, Kevin?

Kevin Zadai: Well, first of all, it's a command of the Lord that we're to yield `to the Spirit, and we're not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. See, Paul talks about this in Romans 8, if believers would just live in Romans 8, they would do a lot better. So, the Spirit of the Lord wants to pray through us, but He wants to pray on our behalf. And He does this by us yielding to Him. It says in Verse 26 of Romans 8, it says that "In our weakness, the Spirit comes in and grabs us and lifts us up and super-intercedes through us the mysteries of God's will". I mean, that's a great deal. You could pray perfect prayers. So, it's really a command of the Lord. And Paul said, "I pray in tongues more than all of you do". And he was an apostle, so how about us? We're just believers, but we can be super-interceding for this nation, for this world, for our daily lives. You know, Kathi and I are addicted to speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit.

Sid Roth: Kathi, Kevin told me just about everyone you pray for starts speaking in tongues. So, have you prayed for many?

Kathi Zadai: Yes. It started happening in our meetings a few years ago, and yeah, it's just been happening, which is a great joy to us, because we want everybody to speak in tongues. We believe, as the Bible teacher said, it's for every believer. Every believer needs to pray in tongues.

Sid Roth: Now take me into your home right now. You've got a cup of coffee, maybe, and you're ready to pray. And you pray together usually? Or no?

Kevin Zadai: Yes.

Sid Roth: All right, you're ready to pray together. Could you two demonstrate to me what you two do? Is that okay?

Kevin Zadai: Well, what happens is, the deal is, whoever wakes up first, sometimes it's 1:30. Like the last couple of nights, it's been 1:00 in the morning, 1:30, the Spirit will wake one of us up.

Sid Roth: My wife would not like me coming in, let's pray in tongues at 1:30 in the morning!

Kevin Zadai: That's why I'm married to Kathi.

Sid Roth: She likes it.

Kevin Zadai: We yell out, whoever wakes up first starts praying in tongues and yells, "Yes"! really loud and wakes the other person up. Because we're saying "yes" to God's will.

Kathi Zadai: Right.

Kevin Zadai: We both get up; we're praying in tongues. We go out, push the brew button, and we go out...

Sid Roth: That was the brew button. Coffee.

Kevin Zadai: Yeah.

Kathi Zadai: Coffee.

Kevin Zadai: So, we sit, and we pray in tongues for a period of time, and then we'll talk amongst each other and ask, what is the Lord showing us, or what is it that the Lord's telling us? Should we stay up and do some more? And if we start to fall asleep, we do circles around our house, inside our house.

Sid Roth: Okay. I want you to, maybe, Kathi, I want you to pray in tongues, and I'd like to see Kevin interpret that. Is that putting you on the spot, or...

Kevin Zadai: Oh no, that's fine.

Sid Roth: And if it's a prophesy for people, just prophesy to them.

Kevin Zadai: It will be.

Sid Roth: Go for it. It will be. Now, if that isn't faith, I don't know what is!

Kathi Zadai: Thank you, Father.

Kevin Zadai: Just yield to the Spirit. The Lord says that just as you will see the Spirit of the Lord come on Sid Roth this year, he will go into the next phase of his ministry. Everybody will not be expecting what's about to happen to him. The anointing's going to come on just as it is going to come upon him. It's a coming upon you this year as well. The Spirit of prophecy, to prophesy. Ha, ha, ha, you're going to tell the devil, "Ha ha ha"! Amen! This nation is about to turn, this nation is about to turn.

Kathi Zadai: Thank you, Father, yes.

Kevin Zadai: There is going to be, the history books will show...

Kathi Zadai: Thank You, Father.

Kevin Zadai:'ll be a big question mark, because no one will be able to explain.

Kathi Zadai: Thank you. Thank you.

Kevin Zadai: They thought what they've already seen is something. You just wait. This next term of President Trump, it's going to flip everything.

Sid Roth: Have you seen that he's going to win?

Kevin Zadai: Yes. Yes. But see, that's what I saw. I saw cars upside down on fire. There were all kinds of riots. People, the devil was mad!

Sid Roth: Why would they be rioting?

Kevin Zadai: Because the devil didn't get his way.

Sid Roth: You mean, he didn't want President Trump at all?

Kevin Zadai: Right! And President Trump will be standing there and saying, "Let's make America great," just like he's always said. And they're like, wait, we can't kill this guy? We can't get rid of him. The devils are going to be upset because this nation is coming back for the forefathers, the roots of this nation.

Sid Roth: Pray in tongues for about 30 seconds and interpret.

Kevin Zadai: Yes.

Kathi Zadai: Thank you, Father.

Kevin Zadai: The Spirit of the Lord says, "I've gone before you and I am separating between the enemy's armies that have surrounded you, they are separating. And they will glow, they will not be able to touch you as you walk through. I am causing you to triumph over your enemies. The sword of the Lord has been drawn. Follow me," says the Lord, "I always win"!

Sid Roth: Now when we return, Heaven will be released. I know you're ready!

Sid Roth: Okay, Kevin and Kathi, I promised the people that you would pray for the baptism in the Holy Spirit releasing tongues, and you would pray for the impartation of the holy fire. And I'm going to turn you loose. Go for it! Hey, at home and here, I want you to know, and here I can tell if you're not participating, and I may walk right up to you, right in your face. At home, you don't know how the supernatural works! Go ahead.

Kathi Zadai: Okay. You want me to go first? Okay. Let's just all pray together, and there's also going to be people on TV. Everybody who ever watches this show, pray along with us. Let's raise your hands.

Sid Roth: And now repeat after them, and you say it with me as I repeat it.

Kathi Zadai: Okay, and just bottom line is, just like Jesus has already died, the Holy Spirit has already come. So, it's like a Christmas present He just wants us to receive. And so, Father, we thank You for sending the Holy Spirit. And we thank you, Jesus, for dying and making a way. So, Lord, we receive the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. And now I'm going to pray for you. Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters, Lord, that you release their tongue and fill them to overflowing with the Holy Ghost and with fire, in Jesus Name. And there's a simple instruction, it says in Acts 2:4, "They began to speak as the Spirit gave them utterance," so it's a partnership, just like a baby who learns how to talk. He has to open, he or she has to open his mouth. So, let's all pray together. If you've never spoken, just make a sound. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Lord. Hallelujah! Ha, ha, ha. Hallelujah. Ha, ha, ha.

Sid Roth: I want you to pray for the baptism of the holy fire. Fire! Fire!

Kevin Zadai: In the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You came to baptize in the Spirit, and with fire.

Kathi Zadai: Yes, thank you, Lord.

Kevin Zadai: And I thank You that this same fire that is burning right before you right now at the altar... Yes. Yes. Yes. The same fire that's on the sapphire floor, the same fire that's lighting up the seraphim's wings. Right now, we receive that fire in the Name of Jesus, fire!

Kathi Zadai: Yes. Hallelujah. Fire. Hallelujah. Thank you, Father.

Kevin Zadai: Fire! Receive the fire.

Kathi Zadai: Thank you, Father. Ha, ha, ha.

Kevin Zadai: Fire! Whoa. Fire. This is permanent. "This is a fire that does not go out," says the Lord. Receive the fire. Yield to the fire. "This is the beginning of your life, where you end and I begin," says the Lord.

Kathi Zadai: Holy Ghost and fire.

Kevin Zadai: It begins with fire.

Kathi Zadai: Yes. The Holy Ghost and the fire.

Kevin Zadai: Yield to the fire. "I have this. I have this. I have this scroll in my hand, that is written about you. I am opening it. It's a good report. It's one that you will succeed at".

Kathi Zadai: Yes.

Kevin Zadai: "You will prosper. Everything you put your hand to do". The Lord said, "I have plans for you".

Kathi Zadai: Yes.

Kevin Zadai: "They're good plans. Plans for you to prosper, and fire is your friend".

Kathi Zadai: Yes. Embrace the fires. Fires of refining, fire, fire. Thank you, fire.

Kevin Zadai: Jesus, thank You.
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