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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Secrets to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven

Sid Roth - Secrets to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven

Sid Roth - Secrets to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven
Sid Roth - Secrets to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven
TOPICS: Wealth

My guest says, "It's high time to revoke the enemy's legal rights on our finances". What do you say? Next.

Sid Roth: Now, many of you are familiar with my guest, Robert Henderson. He's been teaching on the Courts of Heaven, which is an amazing, amazing revelation that gets prayers answered for over a decade now. For those that aren't familiar with it, would you briefly explain what the Courts of Heaven are?

Robert Henderson: The Courts of Heaven is a spiritual dimension that we, by faith, step into. We, by faith, take God at His word and step into that realm. The best way I know how to explain it is this way. Jesus, when He taught on prayer, He put it in three rounds: Approaching God as Father, as Friend and as Judge. We know what it is to come before Him as Father, most of us. We know what it is maybe even to approach Him as our friend because He is our friend, but then in the Book of Luke in Chapter 18, He actually said that we could come before God in His judicial system because Jesus talked about a woman who came before an unjust judge and through her persistent presentation of her case, she got a verdict, and the issue is, if this woman could get a verdict from an unjust judge, Jesus' point was, "How much more can we come before God, the Judge of All, and see Him render verdicts in our behalf"?

Sid Roth: And what you found was, our enemy has legal rights against us from ancestry or from current days in our life, and as long as the enemy has these legal rights, it's like the Heavens are closed.

Robert Henderson: In fact, the word "Adversary" there is "Antidikos," and "anti" means "instead of or against". "Dikos" means "rights," but the word together actually means "one who brings a lawsuit," so the purpose of the Devil as the Antidikos, because 1 Peter 5:8 says that is who he is. "The purpose of the Devil as the Antidikos is to deny what is rightfully ours". The new covenant we have in Jesus Christ promises us all sorts of blessings that so often we're not living in because there's a case against us in the spirit world.

Sid Roth: Now, how in the world did you jump from all these wonderful areas to finances?

Robert Henderson: Well because finances is one of the areas that God wants us blessed in. The Bible tells us, you know, we have blessings in healing. We have blessings in family life. We have blessings in our personal lives, but financially, so often people find themselves unable to prosper, and the reason that the enemy doesn't want us prospering is because God uses us to help finance the Kingdom of God in His purposes in the Earth, and so the enemy builds cases against us to keep us out of the financial blessing that God actually has for us.

Sid Roth: And there is such an awakening coming to the world. I mean, it's called the Global Glory, and guess what? It's going to take finances.

Robert Henderson: Absolutely. I mean, we're sitting in a studio that takes finances. I mean, to reach the world requires finances, and what has happened so often is that the enemy or the evil agenda has had the finances to propagate its purposes, but God says, "I need a people who can help finance My purposes in the Earth," because God is not going to drop money out of Heaven. He has to have vessels to channel it through into the Earth, and the enemy knows that, so he looks for legal rights to be able to deny us the right to be able to function in that area.

Sid Roth: So, do you believe that God wants everyone to have a lot of money?

Robert Henderson: I believe God wants everyone to prosper. What I usually taught people is this, is that when the Prodigal Son looked and said, "Look at the condition I'm in. I'm in a pigpen". He said, "How many of my father's servants," and that literally means that weren't sons and daughters. They were servants in the house. "How many of my father's servants have bread enough and to spare"? And so I would tell people, "You know, I believe God's minimal standard for us is to be able to meet our needs and have some left over," but that doesn't mean we're all rich. That means we're living a prosperous life. So often we are struggling, and we're distracted from being able to do what God has actually called us to do because we're so busy trying to survive, and I know that that's the reality of people's lives. I know that's been the reality of my life in times gone by, but I have to say, when I discovered the Courts of Heaven, Sid, and I began to undo issues in my bloodline and different- some other issues, I'm telling you something broke, and the blessing of God began to come.

Sid Roth: I believe that God is going to have so many believers prosper that I think the Devil is getting nervous because all that money is going to go into expanding the Kingdom.

Robert Henderson: I actually heard the Lord say to me, He said, "You will eat the fat and drink the sweet and send portions to those for who nothing is prepared". That is out of Nehemiah 8:10, and I woke up one morning from a dream, and in the dream, I'm seeing a Pakistani girl. She was not allowed to go to school in the situation she was in, and the Lord spoke to me, and He said, "That's the one I want you to send a portion to for whom nothing is being prepared," and, see, I believe God will trust us with money so that we can finance the Kingdom of God, so that we can literally sow into those kind of situations on assignment so that somebody will get their needs met that otherwise wouldn't get it met.

Sid Roth: How do you handle this? The Bible clearly says, "Jesus became poor".

Robert Henderson: Yes. I do not believe that that spoke of His economic status as much as it talked about what He did for us on the cross, because when Paul wrote that, he said that, "He, for our sakes, even though He was rich, became poor that we might become rich," because the cross is a trade. The cross was a transaction where that Jesus took what was upon us...

Sid Roth: All of us, the sins.

Robert Henderson: ...and gave us what was upon Him.

Sid Roth: Another thing you point out, and I'm going to tell you, some of the things you're going to find on this show, you never even heard before. Deuteronomy 8:18, you've heard that before, perhaps. "He gives us the power to get wealth," totally misunderstood. Explain.

Robert Henderson: Well, it says, "He gives us the power to get wealth, that He might establish His Covenant which He swore to our fathers," so there's all sorts of things in there, but the first thing that's very clear, He doesn't give us wealth. He gives us the power to get wealth, in other words, ideas, creative understandings, favors, connections that come to us because the blessing of God is on us because we're a Covenant people. See, the Bible says, "He gives us power to get wealth". That word, "get," it literally can carry with it the idea of conceiving something, so the way wealth can come is, God can drop an idea into your spirit that...

Sid Roth: Well, most of us think, and this might happen once in a zillion years, that we're going to run to the mailbox, and there'll be a $10,000 check there. That's not the norm. That's the exception.

Robert Henderson: That's exactly right because the way God gets wealth into our hands and makes us prosper is by releasing to us the power to get wealth. The blessing of God that's upon us, I believe, is a result of us being His Covenant people, and so, you know, again, when Jesus died on the cross, He dealt with sin. He dealt with sickness, and He dealt with the poverty spirit that wants to control us, and this is what I tell people, wants to determine for us our future rather than what God says.

Sid Roth: What does the Bible say about the great end-time wealth transfer?

Robert Henderson: Well, clearly within Scripture, the Bible promises that, "He lets the sinner gather wealth that he might put it into the hands of the righteous," and I really think that that's interesting because He doesn't just say, "The wealth is going to be transferred". We understand that once the wealth is transferred, the sinner and his agenda, what he's been propagating in the Earth, they lose their influence because wealth produces influence, and so God wants to trust us with wealth so that we can see God's agenda, God's purposes being done in the Earth, so the wealth transfer is for that purpose. It's for that reason. Now, I have heard about the wealth transfer for years and years and years, but it usually was about how I'm going to get blessed, and how I'm going to have a better life, and how, you know, that's going to happen and all that, but I understand that the wealth transfer is for the fulfillment of God's agenda in the Earth and that we cannot see that happen without having that occur.

Sid Roth: And there's something that you do and that those watching can do that have made all the difference in the world and the revelation you get that allows you to tap into the wealth transfer, and you've been doing it for many years. It's called praying in tongues.

Robert Henderson: Yes, absolutely. I pray in tongues. You mentioned it the other day. I actually pray in tongues so much. When I'm in my prayer time, half of my time is spent praying in the Spirit because it opens, see, your prayer language opens up your natural understanding. That's why the Apostle Paul said, "I pray in the spirit. I pray in my understanding," and the order is very important there. "I sing in the Spirit. I sing in my understanding," because functioning in the spirit realm actually opens up the understanding realm, which is where revelation can come, ideas can come from. The power to get wealth can be released. My son travels with me on airplanes sometimes, and he told his mother one time, he said, "Dad," he said, "Dad is over there talking to himself". What I'm doing is, I'm praying in the spirit while I'm just in the process of normal life.

Sid Roth: Now, there are people watching us right now, Robert. They see a nice suit. Your hair is styled, a nice tie, probably a nice watch, and they're saying, "He can't relate to me! I don't know where I'm going to have the money to feed my family! I don't know where my next paycheck is coming from! He can't possibly relate to me! Anything that man teaches doesn't apply to me". What would you say?

Robert Henderson: I would say they're completely wrong because if they knew my history, they would be amazed at what God has done. You know, when I discovered, quite honestly, the Courts of Heaven, up until that point, Mary and I really struggled. We struggled. We struggled. We struggled. I found out there was legal cases against me in the spirit world.

Sid Roth: How many years did you struggle?

Robert Henderson: Well, let me tell you, 30 years, 30 years of married life, 30-plus years of married life.

Sid Roth: So, he relates, I'll tell you.

Robert Henderson: Thirty-plus years of married life, and whenever I discovered the Courts of Heaven and began to practice those principles and seek to undo the legal rights that the enemy claims...

Sid Roth: And that's the key. There are legal, legal, and doesn't the Bible say that the Devil is an accuser? He's up there accusing you because of legal rights, some you're aware of, some you're not even aware of, but what happens when those rights are removed?

Robert Henderson: Well, in the realm we're talking about, blessing and prosperity can come. I mean, Sid, I have just been amazed. I have been absolutely amazed at the ideas that used to wouldn't work, but now they work, the concepts, the principles. It's just been an amazing thing where all of a sudden, things began to prosper. I think about Peter, when Peter fished all night and caught nothing, and Jesus said, "Launch it under the deep and let go your net," and at the word of the Lord, he does it reluctantly, it seems. He does it, and he catches such a great catch. Now, I tell people, "Listen, let's not over spiritualize this". What did fish mean to Peter? It didn't mean souls. It meant money. It meant, Peter was having a windfall right now all because something shifted from the nighttime to the next morning, a complete shift because he heard the Word of the Lord, and he stepped out on it.

Sid Roth: So, you say that most Christians have a poverty spirit. What is a poverty spirit?

Robert Henderson: You know, a poverty spirit can be a way of thinking. It can be a mentality, but I think more than anything, it is something that the Devil uses. It's a curse that he uses to actually limit the results that we see from our labors. Poverty is not an economic situation. It's a spiritual entity, but the writer of Proverbs said, they said, "So your poverty, that which has a claim on you, will come up on you like an armed man and like a prowler," and so you have to break the agreement with that spiritual entity. If it was just a condition, then you could change some things you do in the natural, but it's not just a condition. It's actually a spiritual being that we have to break agreements with.

Sid Roth: Well, you have so many gems. We don't have time to go over it all, but it's all in this book. When we return, Robert will revoke the poverty spirit from your life and pray for you to enter the Glory, the Realm of Miracles.

Sid Roth: Robert, you teach that our money has a voice. What do you mean?

Robert Henderson: Well, in Hebrews Chapter 7 and Verse 8, the Bible says that there, talking about Jesus as our Melchizedek, high priest, there He receives our tithes, so when I bring my tithe, He receives it, and it says, "There it is witnessed. There it is witnessed that He lives". That word "witness" literally means "to give a judicial testimony". See, my judicial witness from my tithe actually connects me to His present-day life, the prayers He's praying in my behalf right now, so every time I bring my tithe, I'm releasing a judicial testimony in Heaven that says, "I believe He lives".

Sid Roth: You go over one revelation after another, but then it's really hammered home when you tell actual true stories of tithers and how it opened access to the miraculous. Tell me about that little boy that died. And let me preface this by saying, every time he shares this story, the manifest presence of God comes in, and I'm expecting where that presence of God will come right into your home or wherever you're watching us from. Go ahead.

Robert Henderson: Yes. There's this Mexican pastor that was down in interior Mexico in a desert place. He would hold camp meetings, and he brought in an American speaker, and when they would hold these camp meetings, they would dig deep holes and line it with plastic for baptismal places so that when people got saved and born-again, they could baptize them. Well, they had been having the camp meeting I guess for a while, but it was a morning meeting, and so the pastor was actually translating for the American evangelist that was there, speaking to lots of people that were there. Well, the pastor's little 2-year-old boy had gotten away from whoever was supposed to be watching him, and he had fallen into the baptismal pit, pool, and that was filled with water, and he drowned, and he was there for quite a while before anybody found him, so when they found him, because of the heat of the Sun, his body had actually began to bloat, and he was dead because he had drowned. Well, they of course went running in, interrupted the meeting and told the pastor, said, "You've got to come," so he comes, and he grabs his son, and he runs into a shack, and they said there was a shack there that, you know, you can look through the cracks into the room, and he runs into this shack, and he sits down on the bed, and he's cradling his little boy, and he's crying out to God in Spanish. Well, the American speaker that's there, he doesn't speak Spanish, so he's one of the ones crowding around the shack looking through the cracks, and he says to one of the Mexican people, he said, "What's he saying? What's he's saying"? Because he's got this boy, and he's crying out in Spanish, and they said, "He's saying, 'But, God, I'm a tither. But, God, I'm a tither,'" and that was all he was crying. They said, "Suddenly the Glory of God".

Sid Roth: And it just happened. It just happened.

Robert Henderson: Yes, you can feel it! The Glory of God came into the shack, and that little boy began to spit and sputter, and his body went back to normal, and he was raised from the dead. Because the pastor knew he had a right to the miraculous based on his obedience as a tither.

Sid Roth: You know, speaking of the glory that's just invaded our studio, wow, it's strong. And what about the lady healed of cancer?

Robert Henderson: Yeah, that was a situation where someone called and said, "Could I please pray with this lady that had cancer"? And I said, well, sure, and so long story short, we ended up on the phone with each other, and I did something I'd never done before. I'd already seen that the tithe spoke and gave testimony in the Courts of Heaven, so I led this lady in a prayer on the basis of her tithe that she had released judicial testimony that she believed Jesus lived and that He was speaking in her behalf, and so on the basis of that, I had her pray, "Lord, on the basis of my tithe and what it is saying before You, would You let Your healing flow come into my life"? And literally she had bumps all over her body. Within a couple of days, all the bumps were gone off of her body, and she had begun to be healed completely of cancer.

Sid Roth: I want to say a prayer with you that you have an experiential knowledge of God, that you know that you know you're born from above, and that your sins are forgiven before we release the Glory. Say this prayer after me: "Dear God", out loud. "Dear God, I'm a sinner. I'm so sorry. I believe the Blood of Jesus has washed away my sins, every one of them, and I'm clean, and, oh, God, now that I'm clean, come and live inside of me. I make You not just my Savior but my Lord. I want to experience You. Amen". And, Robert, break that spirit of poverty, and pray for the Glory.

Robert Henderson: Amen. So, Father, I want to thank you right now for all those that are watching, and, Lord, I want to decree and declare even from whatever authority You have given me in the Courts of Heaven that every legal right based on the Blood of Jesus is broken off of your people that the enemy would be claiming to be able to afflict them with a poverty spirit and diminished returns from their labors. Lord, I decree right now, poverty, you are destroyed. Your rights are revoked on the basis of what Jesus did for us on the cross, that He became poor that we might prosper, and even the Scripture says be rich, so I release that to Your people, and I say, Lord, let prosperity now come. Lord, I even see doors being opened, open doors coming now with new opportunities for people that have not been allowed before, that those doors are now opening, Lord. They're opening right now for Your people, and they're going to allow a provision to come, Lord, such as has never come before, and, Lord, that sense that they have just been caught in a trap, I break it off of them, and I cause them to be released right now in Jesus Name, and I pray now for the weight of Your Glory, Lord, for the weight of Your Glory just to descend upon Your people, to be their constant companion, Lord, to hold them. Lord, I'm even reminded of the Scripture that You would walk upon the Highway of Holiness, and even though we were a fool, we wouldn't go astray. I say that the weight of Your Glory is now coming, Lord, and it gives us an empowerment to live a life of holiness like never before. I thank You for doing this over Your people. In Jesus Name, amen.
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