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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - He Sees What's Really Going on Inside the Whitehouse

Sid Roth - He Sees What's Really Going on Inside the Whitehouse

Sid Roth - He Sees What's Really Going on Inside the Whitehouse
Sid Roth - He Sees What's Really Going on Inside the Whitehouse

The news gives you an opinionated view of politics, but my guest, who is a prophet, has revelation about politics beyond the veil, next.

Sid Roth: My guest, Jon Hamill, has such a unique call and situation in Washington, D.C. It sounds like your location is so picked by God and strategic.

Jon Hamill: It is remarkable. In fact, it came by a vision. We're on the 21st floor of a condominium that overlooks all of Washington, D.C. There's very few places, even in D.C., where you can actually see the White House. We can see the White House. We can see the Capitol. We can even see the Supreme Court as well as all the monuments.

Sid Roth: You have so many stories of what God has shown you about the political environment in the U.S. and the world for that matter, but you also have relationships with very strategic people, and you can piece all this stuff together. I think it's fascinating. Sometimes, I bet you feel like you're a detective.

Jon Hamill: I do. To be behind the scenes and behind the veil at the same time is an honor, and it's sometimes a little overwhelming, but we've seen some of the most extraordinary turnarounds, I believe, in modern American history.

Sid Roth: We're going to talk about some of them, but in 2014, you heard a most important term. It really is the story of your life and your purpose. You heard the word, "turnaround". Tell me the context.

Jon Hamill: Yes, sir. Well, we're praying over Washington D.C. from our perch, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the turnaround He wanted to bring to the United States of America and to the US government, and He gave me a chapter from the Book of Daniel. In Daniel 7:22, he sees a picture of the court of Heaven. The Ancient of Days takes his seat, and judgement is rendered in favor of the saints. We felt like the Lord was quickening to us this verdict, just to call it the turnaround verdict, Daniel 7:22, judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy, releasing the saints to possess the kingdom.

Sid Roth: Now, why were you in Jerusalem during the election?

Jon Hamill: Yeah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sid Roth: What year was that?

Jon Hamill: That was 2015. We had been invited to go to Jerusalem just to spend some downtime with a friend who has a place that overlooks all of Mount Zion, and we were praying on when to go, and the Holy Spirit spoke to go and represent the Body of Christ in Jerusalem. The former administration was really coming against Prime Minister Netanyahu, even sent its top political operative to work for Netanyahu's opposition to topple Netanyahu, and we really felt that Washington, D.C. has no right to rule Jerusalem or rule Israel. That's God's covenant land. It's the throne, only place on Earth where God says, "This is My throne". And so, we went for the final 10 days of Prime Minister Netanyahu's election with this Daniel 7:22 verdict, and I got to tell you. The folks that we are friends with, they said, "This is the greatest thing I've ever heard, except there's no way it's going to happen because there's too much pressure on Israel to acquiesce to the administration".

Sid Roth: The United States administration.

Jon Hamill: Yes.

Sid Roth: The Obama administration.

Jon Hamill: The Obama administration.

Sid Roth: Okay.

Jon Hamill: That's correct.

Sid Roth: Isn't that awful that our United States President sent people to overturn an election in Israel?

Jon Hamill: It is awful. It's horrific, and of course, Prime Minister Netanyahu was standing against President Obama's nuclear accords with Iran, which we perceived to be a covenant with death itself, and so we really felt like God wanted to bring a turnaround, but the ground zero of it wasn't the White House. Even before the White House, it was Jerusalem and Israel, and he quickened to us that the same verdict that shifted the American political world, he was employing to shift Jerusalem and to shift Israel.

Sid Roth: And so, Netanyahu was not supposed to win that race.

Jon Hamill: He was not supposed to win that race.

Sid Roth: But history tells me different. What happened?

Jon Hamill: It was absolutely extraordinary. Against all odds, Prime Minister Netanyahu won. We had dear friends we were having dinner with, and they were weeping, and she said, "I just want you to know, the results are in, and against all odds, your Daniel 7:22 turnaround verdict has come through".

Sid Roth: And because God was so pleased that you prayed for this turnaround, He said a promise to you about the United States.

Jon Hamill: He sure did, Sid. It was extraordinary. You know, there's no passage of Scripture that talks about the watchman anointing as much as Isaiah 62, "I've set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem, who will not hold their peace day or night," and we were actually on the walls of Jerusalem facing the western wall when the Holy Spirit spoke to me something extraordinary. He said, "As you stood with me for my elections in my covenant land, so I am standing with you for a turnaround in your 2016 presidential elections".

Sid Roth: You wrote a book. It is not an accident. This new book just came out, White House Watchmen. Why at this time in history is the message in this book so strategic?

Jon Hamill: Well, Sid, I think it's because unlike any other moment in American history, we are at a dramatic crossroads where we can go either one way or the other. We can either spiral down again into the challenges of what can only be described as global governance tied to idolatry that brings subjugation not only to our nation but to the nations.

Sid Roth: And the communist socialists will get their way.

Jon Hamill: The communists, socialists all amalgamated together in a Hitler-esque expression. God has set us apart as a nation unto Him, our covenantal foundations. Four hundred years ago, my forefathers came over on the Mayflower inspired by the Jewish people. They dreamed of consecrating a land that would be covenanted to God generationally, and I saw by the Spirit how literally, America has a choice to make that is going to be detrimental or very instrumental in securing his blessing for generations to come. The decisions we make at this time, the prayers we pray and the actions we take, they're essential to securing God's dream for the United States of America. We're going to go one way or the other.

Sid Roth: And you added this turnaround tour on a train, and you called the train, I love the name, the Glory Train because the purpose of the train was to turn around the nation, and you actually went to all 50 states to pray for a turnaround on the nation, but then, well, I thought, "Donald Trump is done as a candidate," when the news of his locker-room talk and what he was doing, et cetera, with his sexual immorality. I thought he was finished.

Jon Hamill: Yeah, there's no doubt President Trump has made mistakes, as have we all, and it's been interesting how God has even used that. As we've pointed a finger at the President, President Trump, we've seen the Lord point the finger back at us. "Judge not, lest you be judged," and we've seen, in both sides of the aisle, tremendous redemptive exposure and holy conviction restored, but it was very interesting. This really shows, Sid, the power of the prophetic, the power of the word of knowledge that even continues within the administration today: the openness to prayer and the prophetic ministry. We were on the tour. We ministered at a little church in Virginia to a lady who was wearing a hoodie and just prophesized over, and to my surprise, I saw the doors of the White House open, and I saw her walk into the White House, and then we stayed in touch. I got a call from her right as the news was breaking. You remember that the news media released these "locker room tapes" right before the election to strategically sabotage President Trump and make it virtually impossible for him to win over Hillary Clinton. She called us again, and she said, "Well, I'd like you to come pray at the Trump headquarters," and I said, "Well, like, in Washington, D.C."? She said, "No. I'd like you to pray at the Trump headquarters in New York City. That's where I work now". She actually took that prophecy seriously. She got aboard the Trump train, if you will, and they liked her so much, they promoted her to New York City. So, there we were at Trump headquarters going, took a tour, went down the golden escalator and then up the golden elevator. It was a surreal experience, and then we prayed Daniel 7:22 and asked God to uphold his verdict for our nation and grant a turnaround according to the prayers that so many saints throughout the nation have prayed, and within 1 week, Sid, I got a phone call from our friend, and she said, "Have you seen the news"? The news shifted, and President Trump, against all odds, just first Netanyahu won, turnaround verdict. Secondly, President Trump, against all odds, won. Just as it happened in Israel, it happened in Washington, D.C.

Sid Roth: God honors His promises, doesn't he?

Jon Hamill: He sure does. That same person later called us and asked us to come pray, and I said, "Sure, where are you now"? She said, "I now work for the White House," and she invited us over to actually pray with her in the White House. It's amazing how God fulfills prophetic words.

Sid Roth: You didn't even know at that little church that the woman with the hoodie would open all these doors for you. Tell me about the prophetic word you got in 2017.

Jon Hamill: You know, as a prophet, you just want to hear good news. You just want to hear favorable news, but this wasn't necessarily the news I wanted to hear. The Holy Spirit, as we were praying over our watchman's perch, praying over Washington, D.C., the Holy Spirit spoke to us that by 2020, there will be a series of midnight crises, and he referenced Matthew, Chapter 25, with the midnight crises that caused the bride to fall asleep, but at midnight, there's a cry. "Behold, the bridegroom. He's coming. Rise up to meet him"! We had a revolution gathering at the Trump International Hotel in 2019 over New Year's Eve, and it was an amazing time. Literally, we've prayed for the glory of God to be restored to this nation, the manifest presence and power of God to saturate hearts, and on December 31st, the Holy Spirit came in such power without people being touched at all. I mean, we prayed for people, but people all over were weeping. They were on the floor. They were shaking. They were experiencing God personally, the manifest presence and power of God, and so we were looking at...

Sid Roth: You had a foretaste of the glory that's right about, that's on us right now at that time, but then, shortly thereafter, you got word that everyone knows today.

Jon Hamill: Yeah. We were thinking ourselves, you know, to take this on the road because we had been praying for it for so many years, and the governmental glory of God showed up, and we were forever changed, and so we wanted to keep the fire burning, and we were praying, and the Holy Spirit spoke, "Shelter in place. Shelter in place". I took this to my wife, Jolene, and the Lord, I thought she was going to just blow it off and say, "Get over yourself. Let's move forward," and instead, she said the Lord directed her to the passage in Isaiah that talks about, "Shut yourself in. Close your door until the wrath of God passes over," and we realized that God was serious about sheltering in place, so we canceled everything. And then within a little while, we...

Sid Roth: But this wasn't in the news. This was just in God's news.

Jon Hamill: It was in God's news. It was not in the news. There was no news about it the first week of January. Yeah, the depth of the crisis of the coronavirus wasn't realized until months afterward.

Sid Roth: You were on your way to vacation by sheltering in place. I think God was actually even protecting you and giving you a foretaste of what was about ready to happen.

Jon Hamill: That's true.

Sid Roth: But would you... Now that you've heard all the gifting this man operates under; would you like to know God's verdict for our next presidential election? Be right back.

Sid Roth: Okay. Jon, you saw 20 things prophetically. We've already learned about these prophetic gifts that Jon and his wife operate under. Twenty things that are going to happen in the decade of the 2020s, and so tell me two of them, of the 20.

Jon Hamill: Number one, I believe God is raising up White House watchmen. He gave me the phrase that for us to secure Heaven's desire for the 2020 presidential elections, spiritual revolutionaries need to be mobilized in prayer and action, and one of the primary victories that God is intent on seeing established in our nation is the finality of the restraining and overthrow of government, funded abortion, and I saw the Lord bring his gavel down in a way, I literally thought that the Earth was trembling. I felt that magnitude of shaking, and the Holy Spirit spoke covenant with death and Hell annulled, and I knew that this victory that God was declaring was going to shift us from a covenant with death, empowering a culture of death, which in many ways we're seeing right now, to a covenant of life that empowers a culture of life generationally.

Sid Roth: What did God show you about President Trump, one of your 20 prophecies for the 2020s?

Jon Hamill: Well, there was a real warning, and I want to just preface this by... Again, this is one of the primary reasons why we have written this book, White House Watchmen , to raise you up as a watchman in prayer and give you keys. So, on Yom Kippur of 2019, the Holy Spirit gave me a vision that ultimately represented God's verdict for President Trump and for our nation. I saw President Trump underwater. He was struggling desperately, Sid, to free himself, and I heard by the Spirit, "They tried to leverage him, but it did not work, so they decided to throw him overboard". And in the vision, we were able to break the chains through prayer, and the President shot up to the surface. He gasped for breath, and I heard the Lord say, "The resurrection of Donald John Trump". He didn't say first, "President Trump". He said, "Donald John Trump" as a person, as a human being, healed, restored and strengthened, and I knew that the Lord was saying that he wants to give a major visitation to the President that brings him forward into healing from the trauma that has been inflicted upon him by the relentless opposition that has been spiritually empowered in the demonic realms. We know that God wants to give President Trump a fresh start, but we also had major warnings against assassinations. President Trump, the forces of darkness were targeting President Trump through character assassination, and the warning was if that did not work, there might be literal assassination attempts against the President of the United States.

Sid Roth: From this prophecy, is he going to be a two-term president?

Jon Hamill: I will say yes, but I will also say, that is dependent on you, not just your voting, and everybody should vote their conscience in this election, but also your intercession, also your prayers for President Trump, your prayers for the administration will tip the scales in this election.

Sid Roth: And I can't let you leave without telling me about your, briefly, a vision of Heaven.

Jon Hamill: Last year, I had a prophetic experience. You know, the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, talks about how God's throne is surrounded by a vast sea of glass, and in this prophetic experience, I was shooting up through the sea of glass, and I popped my head above the waters, and I looked, and I saw Jesus in His majesty, in His glory, in His fierceness, seated at this gigantic table, and on this table were piles of crumpled-up pieces of paper, Sid, and these crumpled-up pieces of paper represented invitations, commissions and inheritances that His own people had rejected, and I saw the Lord take one of these pieces of paper, and he put it into the sea of glass, and the whole invitation was reconstituted, but I think the greatest expression of the reconstitution that I saw occurring was the reconstitution of invitations that the Lord, from the depths of His heart, had sent out, and they had been rejected, and the Lord is giving many people another chance to respond positively to these invitations.

Sid Roth: Invitations for what?

Jon Hamill: Well, even to come to know Him and be saved, to be rescued.

Sid Roth: I want you to pray real quick for the inheritances, the invitations. There's callings that you have, and these callings are still alive. Nothing is impossible with God. Pray.

Jon Hamill: Yes. And further, if you don't receive this, this is going to affect your generations tremendously, so we need to receive the blessing God has given. Father, in Jesus Name, we approach the highest court of the Kingdom of God, and we are asking for the reconstitution of these invitations according to the vision that You've given me. In fact, we governmentally release them. We declare that where they've been crumpled up and thrown aside, as you've been the global trash collector, and you've brought them back before your throne, that you are reissuing them right now, and, Lord, we release the reissuing of these covenants, these invitations, these commissioning's, these inheritances in the Name of Jesus Christ. We declare, Father God, that even as a nation where the enemy is trying to capture the inheritance of this nation, that you are restraining the enemy, and you are releasing the saints to possess the kingdom, and the inheritance of this nation will stand as a burning lamp in this season of history, in the Name of Jesus.
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