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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - The Supernatural Personality Test

Sid Roth - The Supernatural Personality Test

Sid Roth - The Supernatural Personality Test
Sid Roth - The Supernatural Personality Test

When you take this biblical personality test, you supernaturally open your spirit for more of God's power flowing through you! Interested?

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth here with Dr. Sandy Kulkin, and two Jewish people. Better than that, three Jewish people Sandy, myself, and Jesus! Sandy, just so people understand, before you became a believer in the Messiah, what kind of synagogue did you go to? Were you bar mitzvahed?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Well, you know, we went to a conservative orthodox synagogue. Most of the holidays were celebrated for two days, not like the reformed do it for one day. Most of the services were done in Hebrew, so I had to learn Hebrew.

Sid Roth: So what was your opinion of Jesus:

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Well, you know, I thought Jesus was a nice guy, maybe a great teacher. He surely, had a lot of influence in changing the world. But you know, I didn't I didn't believe he would be he was the Messiah. I didn't believe that he was the Son of God.

Sid Roth: But God knew how to get to your heart! You know how he did it? He's dating a pretty gentile girl, and her family starts telling him and she starts telling him about Jesus, about Jesus, about Jesus! They won't stop! So one day, your girlfriend invites you to a Pentecostal church, where they speak in tongues! What in the world did you think was going on?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Well, you know, we were probably on the verge of breaking up. It was funny, she says to me, "Well, you know what, I don't think uh", that we you know, "We're going to make it". And I said, "Well, you know what, if your God doesn't change me, you and I are through". And you know, and she's probably thinking the same thing, "That's right! We're through"!, so we're, I go in, I sit down, and the guy is talking about tongues. Now, you got to get this. My father was in the meat business, I knew cow's tongues, lamb's tongues, veal tongue, beef tongue, and then he's and then he's asking people, "Come up and get a tongue"!, and I did, and I went whoooa, right, you know that did it for me, so I got up and I walked out of the service. And a fellow walked out after me, and he came up to me and he said, "You know," he said, " I saw you when you walked out of the service". He said, " would you mind if I prayed with you"? Of course I'm thinking well how long could he pray, right? I mean you can't pray that long. Well he prayed, and he prayed, and he prayed. But in the middle of that prayer, he started to speak to me in Hebrew and got my attention right away. He kept saying, "Adonai, Adonai, Adonai", which was the name of God! You know, we go, "Shema Israel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad", and so he starts to pray this prayer, part of it from the amidah, which was prayed on Saturday morning! And so I'm thinking, what are the chances of another Jew being in a place like this, right? And so the first question I said to him, I said, I said, "Oh! You're Jewish"! He goes, "No, I'm not"! I said, "You're not Jewish"? I said, "Well how do you know I'm Jewish"? He said, "I don't know who you are"! I said, "Well where did you learn Hebrew"? He goes, "That was Hebrew"? That so I knew I'd just walked into something supernatural. I knew I had walked into some sort of a dimension that I could not explain.

Sid Roth: So when you saw that supernatural manifestation of Hebrew from a man that didn't speak one word of Hebrew didn't even know it was Hebrew. That triggered all the things your girlfriend's family was telling you!

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Oh yea. The I mean there's no doubt about it. I asked Jesus, "If you're real, come on in". He came right in!

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what. God is so good. When we come back, how would you like to find out how his entire family became believers in Jesus? Be right back.

Sid Roth: So Sandy's mother finds a letter, confronts Sandy, "Do you believe in Jesus"?, and literally packs his bags, kicks him out of the house. Sandy now goes for consolation to his girlfriend, and his girlfriend says, "Oh, I'm so glad you're here! I'm going to get filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues! Come on"! What did you think?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Oh I thought she was a little nuts. I just wanted her to just say, "Oh, Sandy. Ohhh, Bobbi, it's okay", you know. And so next thing you know we're on our way to church, in another one of these churches, and by another culture shock experience. So we go into the church, and we're sitting there, and the offering plate came around. And I take a $50 bill and I throw it in the offering plate, and prayed the martyr's prayer, "Oh God, take everything"!, you know, like fifty bucks is everything, right. And so she's seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I don't have I don't have the slightest idea what she's talking about. So at the end of the service people are going forward. I'd figured that's where the action that's where the gentiles go, they must go up front, and something is happening up there. And so I go, and I make kind of make my way up front, and this guy reaches out and he grabs my arm, and he says to me, "Everything is going to be okay with your mother". Well, I'm thinking did you talk to her? Did you know, how did how did he possibly know? Then this other guy comes up to me and he goes, "Brotherrrr! Do you want the power of goooood in your life"? And I figured, already cost me fifty bucks why not, you know! And so he put his hands on me, and then I just fell out! I just fell on the floor!

Sid Roth: What do you mean you fell out?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: I just it's like I it's like I just kind of went my legs went out from under me, and I'm laying on the floor! And it's like my mind came out, and said, "Get off the floor! Get off the floor"! But it was probably about an hour later before I got off the floor! And that was the beginning of what I think because I was speaking a language that I had never studied, that was something that happened when I was there. And of course I thought oh my gosh, I don't want anybody to know what I what happened to me here! But that was the beginning of something that absolutely changed my life.

Sid Roth: Okay. So he marries his girlfriend, and a year later, he's speaking before 10,000 people at America for Jesus, but that's supernatural! But something even more supernatural happened!

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Well you know I had started speaking at some, a full Gospel business men.

Sid Roth: Um hmm.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Somebody had heard me, they had asked me to speak at an America for Jesus rally. It was at Penn State field house, and there were just you know thousands and thousands of people there. You know, I was not an accomplished speaker, but I just spoke on who's going to be on the Lord's side. My father came, my mother came, my grandmother came...

Sid Roth: Why did they come?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: They went because my father wanted to hear me speak before he died, and my mother and grandmother were there to support my father, and to see what was going on.

Sid Roth: Because he was dying.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: He was dying! And so I'm on the stage, and this happened to me for the only time in my entire life. I've never had this happen before, and I've never had it happen since. It was like somebody was speaking behind me, and said, "Go down, lay hands upon your father. I'm going to heal him tonight". And i...

Sid Roth: Now your father had terminal cancer?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Was only given a few months to live. He was a big guy, ex-marine, a Carlson raider, he was you know 6 foot 4, big guy, wasted away, he was wasting away to nothing. And again, that voice spoke. In fact it disrupted me, I wanted to look behind me to see if somebody was saying that! And at the end of the service, I mean there were just thousands of people that came forward to be prayed for, and there was it was just an amazing thing. And I walked down through that crowd and went up to my dad, and I said, "Dad," I said, "Jesus wants to heal you tonight". And my father bowed his head, and he closed his eyes, and of course then the service kind of went on. That was on a Saturday night. On Monday, my mother calls me, she's just crying! I'm thinking oh my gosh, I wonder if my dad died, and she's not even able to talk! And so finally she talked, she says she says, "They want to keep your father another couple of days. They can't find a trace of the Hodgkin's disease in his body".

Sid Roth: Huh! I'll tell you what, he got something more than the baptism in the Holy Spirit, or being filled with the Holy Spirit, he starts a Bible study! I mean you're a young believer, you start a Bible study, from with 10

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Ten people.

Sid Roth: That's a good Jewish number.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Yes.

Sid Roth: It's called a minion. You start with 10, and in one year, you have 2,400 people attending this study, because miracles start following him! Tell me a couple of miracles that were going on in this study.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Oh, there was just so many just amazing things. There were so many people that were healed from cancer, and so many people that were healed of visible things. I'll never forget I had this little baby in my hands, and the legs were deformed. And they were going to break the legs at the knees, and put them in casts so that the legs would be straight. They were they had a a way of doing that.

Sid Roth: Hmm.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Little single mom, she didn't have anybody, she's' crying. I'm holding the baby in my hands, and the baby starts to wiggle and move. And in front of our eyes, the legs went like this. It was a Catholic, it was a Catholic Bible study, I had partnered with a priest, father shore, it was called the "Shield of faith". And it grew, it grew we kept outgrowing buildings. But there were miracles. Every meeting that we had, there were miracles, there were words of knowledge, there were things that that happened.

Sid Roth: Sandy, your passion isn't as much this D.I.S.C. Personality, although that's your business, but you have pioneered a test that shows, gives you revelation into how to accomplish your destiny with God! People that take this test, their gifting just increases! In fact, you told me you were on the 62+ board of teen challenge, and you have all these young kids that are recovering from drug addiction, etc. Take this test, t's life changing for them. But then, people my age take this test, and it's life changing for them! Be right back.

Sid Roth: So, Sandy, you shared earlier about that amazing miracle of your father! It saved his life! What effect did that have on your entire family?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Well you know the scripture says that Greeks take wisdom but Jews take signs, and that was a sign for my entire family. My mother was just overwhelmed with that, that my father -

Sid Roth: The same mother that kicked ya out and packed your bags?

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Yes, absolutely. And the same mother that became a groupie, she became one of my groupies. And my mother had an illness, it's called scleroderma, it was a collagen disease. And I remember we went to a meeting of people that had the disease, and she said, "I'm never coming back here again". She said I she looked, and she said, "I'm never coming back again". And my mother had healing that took place. I think that this faith stirred up inside of her, there were things that happened, she'd went to a meeting of mine. And my mother, ultimately this is a fatal disease my mother outlived everybody that was at that meeting, including the doctors.

Sid Roth: Hmh! Your passion is to help people become all they're supposed to be in God. Tell me about this biblical personality test.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Well it, you know, in the in the beginning when we first started, I started to think about the love commandment, to "Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind," but to "Love your neighbor as yourself". And there's so many people that have the root problems, where they don't love themselves, they don't understand themselves, they don't know their giftings, they don't understand their fears. And in order to have a positive relationship, sometimes it they need to get over the things of themselves. And so we started to make this d.I.S.C. Test very practical, very simple, very personal. We didn't realize that it was going to go into the supernatural realm, right along with us, we had no I we had no idea at the time when we first started. And so what we did was we started to relate the different styles of people to the styles of people in the Bible! And we found that as God dealt with those people in the scriptures, the same way he would deal with people with the same style! It was just uncanny! Then we recognized that as we started to gain spiritual insight, and through our own personal ministries and our own personal dealings, how God would put thoughts in our minds! And I was with a very high ranking fella in the government, and I'm looking at his assessment, the graph page of the assessment here, which everybody will get, and they'll get a write up about them. And it's very clear, they'll get their dominant fear, they'll get their strengths, they'll get and I'm starting to look at this, and a thought came into my mind about having problems with his youngest son. Now how could I know that? I couldn't know that! It was something from another realm! Now either it's either it's not true, either it came from my head, or it came from the spirit world! And so i, so I said I said, "I see where you could be having trouble with a with a child". He said to me, "I'm having problems with my youngest son". Whoa, that opened up a whole world. And here's this very powerful man, asking me to help him to mend a relationship. And of course he asked me, he said he said "Well what", what well he said, "What would you do"? I said, "Well I would pray", and he goes, "Oh, oh, I don't know about all that stuff", but I shared with him how I prayed over my own daughter, and what happened, and how, so he opened up himself to prayer! He opened himself up to a spiritual world, as a result of one thought.

Sid Roth: I've I took this test myself! In fact, what it advised me to do is read the story of Joshua, based on me taking this test! And my staff they've taken this test, some of them. And one person's been a believer for many years, I don't know, 30 years or more, and he said he saw things in himself that will help him fulfill his destiny.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Absolutely. That that spiritual destiny, that divine destiny is something that is inside of us, waiting to happen. And if you understand what your strengths are, then you can do certain things to make, to help that along the way! If you it's like a bank, you know, if you don't ever put anything in it or take out of it, what is it? It's just sitting there doing nothing! And so, well let me just give you a couple of examples. So I had this gal, she was from Texas, and she was just a she went through a very difficult divorce. And she got in touch with us, and she went through our training, and she went ahead. And she was working with brownie troops.

Sid Roth: Hmh.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: And I remember her telling me how she, as she would give this test to the kids, how she would get thoughts about things that were happening in their families, and things that were happening with them, and things that they would be in their life! It was amazing! And you know, we've been in touch, and she says it helped, it helped free a lot of these kids from issues that they had, and it help direct their paths.

Sid Roth: It seems as though that as you see our as from the test, you find out our weaknesses, our strengths, who we who we should emulate in the Bible. But as we get rid of these weaknesses, and start achieving our destiny, it opens us up to the supernatural power of God we were always meant to have!

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Absolutely. And you know, everyone has a dominant fear. Some have a little more than one. It's either the fear of being taken advantage of, or rejection, or loss of security, or criticism, one of these fears. Once you know that fear, and you can see how it starts to impact your decisions, how it starts to impact your relationships, how you deal with money, how you deal with job, how you deal with friends, how you deal with church, how you deal with family, how you deal with health. And so this is an eye opener in a lot of ways, because when the enemy wants to come against you, he's not coming at your strength.

Sid Roth: Um hmm, right.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin: Where is he coming? He's coming at your dominant fear. And so that is what job said, "The thing I feared the most was that that came upon me". And that alone, if people would just get that piece of information, they would see how the power of God would use them in combating that not only in their lives, but also in the lives of others.

Sid Roth: I find that many churchgoers, many Muslims, many Jewish people all want to have a relationship with God, they don't think it's possible! All want to experience the pure love of God, they don't think it's possible! I'm telling you it is possible! I'm telling you if you'll say a supernatural prayer with me, and mean it to the best of your ability you can do that, you can do that you will open yourself up to the greatest adventure a human can have. And I'll tell you the truth! If you know God before you die, you'll know him after. If you don't know him before, unfortunately, you will not know him after. Open the door. Watch his love pour in. Say this prayer with me, out loud. That's you at home! "Dear God, I've made many mistakes, and I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus, the blood of the passover lamb, washes away all my mistakes, and in your sight, oh holy God, I am clean. And now that I am clean, Messiah Jesus, come and live inside of me. I make you my Lord. Amen". No better word to end with. It means, "So be it"!
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