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Sid Roth - You Can Prophesy! Get Activated NOW!

Sid Roth - You Can Prophesy! Get Activated NOW!
Sid Roth - You Can Prophesy! Get Activated NOW!
TOPICS: Prophetic Gift

Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural. My guests know that every believer has the ability to access the prophetic realm. They have a supernatural gifting to activate you right here, right now on this show. Interested?

Sid Roth: Hello, I'm here with Jermaine and Rebecca Francis, and a nice young couple. Between you and me, what's it like being married to a prophet? Both of you are prophets. That's not...

Jermaine Francis: It's absolutely terrifying, Sid.

Rebecca Francis: Can't get away with anything.

Sid Roth: My goodness. Speaking of not getting away with anything, Jermaine, tell me about the twin girls that went missing.

Jermaine Francis: Yes. We were speaking at a conference earlier this year, and some people in the conference had a connection with the local law enforcement, and they got word to us and said there were twin girls that were missing, and they searching for them all day and couldn't find them, and so they wanted us to pray. And so, the leader of the conference, you know, prayed a little bit, and then he walked over to me. I wasn't even expecting, handed me the microphone and said, "I want you to pray," and so I just said, "Okay". And being a prophetic person, we always ask the Lord, "What're you saying about this"? You know, we just don't just pray for ourselves, and so I just said, "Lord, what are you saying"? and immediately, I just heard the Lord say in my spirit, begin to declare that these girls would be found within the hour, and so I began,

Sid Roth: Whoa, whoa, wait a second. We Jewish people have a word for that. It's called chutzpah. That means "nerve". It takes a lot of chutzpah to do that.

Jermaine Francis: Yes, yes. Lord,

Sid Roth: So, what happened?

Jermaine Francis: So immediately, I took the microphone, and I began to declare, and I said within the hour, these girls would be found in front of a whole live audience and handed the microphone back.

Sid Roth: It's better than watching in front of a dead audience.

Jermaine Francis: That's right, right.

Sid Roth: I couldn't resist.

Jermaine Francis: And so, we went back into a time a worship, and then about 20 minutes later, they got back on the microphone and said the girls were found within that hour.

Sid Roth: Okay. Rebecca, you say it's easy for believers to prophesy. Do you really mean that?

Rebecca Francis: Absolutely, it's easy. It's natural. As you say, naturally supernatural. You know, we've overcomplicated it, but I love what Jesus said. He said, "My sheep hear My voice," and the thing is, He said it so matter-of-factly. There's no hype around it. He didn't need to make a big announcement. It was not that complicated. He just said, "My sheep hear My voice".

Sid Roth: Jermaine, I want to take you back. Do you remember the first time that you prophesied?

Jermaine Francis: Yes, well,

Sid Roth: What happened?

Jermaine Francis: I was absolutely nervous. We were,

Sid Roth: It's as bad as being married to a prophetess, huh?

Jermaine Francis: Pretty close. I was absolutely nervous, and what happened was we were in a time of prophetic activations where they wanted to begin to exercise your gift and begin to step out there by faith, and they said, you'll begin to receive something from the Lord and pray for the person I partnered you with, and so I look for this, the most scared person is me in the room because I was super nervous. It's like, I don't know if I can do this, and so I found this lady, and I just said, "Okay, you, we, let's partner together," and so I closed my eyes and said, "Okay, Lord, if You have a word for her". Not, I really wasn't expecting anything, and immediately, the Lord just dropped in my spirit. She's looking for a job. She needs some situations with her job situation, and I just said, "Okay, I'm going to pray" just terrified, and I prayed it, and she begins to weep and begins to cry, and said, "Oh, my gosh, that's exactly what I prayed to the Lord this morning. I was looking for a job, and you prayed exactly what I prayed," and that brought so much peace and confirmation to her.

Sid Roth: So, Rebecca, you say that every believer who has the Holy Spirit in them, or they wouldn't be a believer, can prophesy. I think it's really a lack of knowledge and fear.

Rebecca Francis: Absolutely, you know, for one thing, many of us just haven't been told or exposed to that idea that we can prophesy, but Paul said, "I would that all of you prophesy," and I imagine Paul saying, "I want every one of you to prophesy," and so that exposure to the idea that we all could hear God's voice is kind of the first step, and then, you know, the truth is that the very first lie, really, I think that the enemy said to Eve in the garden was, "Has God really said"? and so he challenged her confidence in her ability to hear God when she was walking with Him in person, so, you know, that intimidation, that fear, the enemy is still saying that same phrase to us today. "Did God really speak to you? Is that really what He said? Did you really hear it right"? and that's the plan of the enemy, to separate us from the voice of God with intimidation and fear.

Jermaine Francis: When you hear from God, you begin to see how He sees a person. You begin to see a perspective. You get a glimpse into how God views something, and that heart begins to come alive inside of you like, "Wow, this is God's perspective on this situation or this person," and it just takes you into seeing God and to see how He views us.

Sid Roth: Tell me about this dark mantle.

Jermaine Francis: Yes, and so the Lord gave me a prophetic vision where He showed me that there are these leaders and people of influence spread out globally who are wearing these dark mantles, and they were keeping darkness in operation. They were keeping evil in operation in the Earth, and I saw the Lord come in and begin to strip these mantles off, and as He did, His light began to break forth in those places, and so the what I felt the Lord through that was that He's getting ready to raise up people that are going to replace where evil has once dominated certain structures and certain systems, that He's bringing His people that's going to bring His light into those industries, into those areas, into those places of authority that darkness has once really occupied.

Sid Roth: All right. So, Rebecca, why is it important for every believer to be activated and prophesy?

Rebecca Francis: You know, all of us have a part to play in God building His kingdom on Earth, and Jesus taught us how to pray, and He said to pray, "Thy will be done. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven". Well, you know, we have the Bible as the overall what God's will is, but what about our day-to-day lives? How do we really pray, "Lord, Your will be done," if we don't even know what His will actually is? Which job should I take? Where, deciding where to move my family and so forth. We need to hear the voice of God, to be led by His voice so that we can release that in our lives and cause His will to be done on Earth.

Sid Roth: Well, you know what? I think it's so wonderful the two of you have had this breakthrough in prophecy, but it's almost like there is a presence of God that when you teach, everyone gets a breakthrough in prophecy. Now all that we've been talking about begs the question: If all can be activated and there's a prophetic, what is stopping us? We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: So, if everyone that's watching me right now and in the studio audience can prophesy and you're not, what's stopping them, Rebecca?

Rebecca Francis: You know, Sid, it's a good question, but I honestly think one of the main things that stops most of us, if we were to be honest, is fear, and even as much as we've prophesied, fear can still pop up anytime, but really, the one thing that's helped me and I think helps a lot of people we activate is that if we can shift from thinking about, "I've got to say what God says," which is, whoo, pressure, right?

Sid Roth: Right.

Rebecca Francis: And, you know, then that begs the question, "What if I make a mistake"? Right? What if I'm wrong?

Sid Roth: And what if I'm a false prophet.

Rebecca Francis: What,

Sid Roth: I know what happens in the Bible to false prophets.

Rebecca Francis: I know what happens, right, so it really puts a lot of pressure on us, but, you know, one of the most wonderful chapters that we all learned so well is the love chapter, right? The love chapter is sandwiched right between two chapters how to move in the gifts of the Spirit, and so that lets me know that the gifts of the Spirit, they've got to be infused with love, so when we starting thinking not "I've got to hear God, and I've got to get it right," but "Look at this person. God loves you. Wow, he wants to touch your heart," and when I start thinking about you, that gift can flow through me much more easily, and I can take the pressure off and let God love you using my gifting that He's given to me.

Sid Roth: Oh, that really shifts things. In other words, I've noticed Jesus had compassion and the great miracles happened. What a different perspective, rather than being a showboat.

Jermaine Francis: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I think, literally, like,

Rebecca Francis: Right.

Sid Roth: And hearing God is so important, more so I think in the days we're living in because we're so close to the return of the Messiah than ever before in the history, so, Jermaine, you're at a meeting and you've been set up. Someone is at that meeting to shut it down. How would you like to be in a meeting like that? Tell me about that.

Jermaine Francis: So, we're ministering at a prophetic conference, and what we didn't know was the conference was part of a denomination, what we didn't know was the person who was head over that region was totally against the prophetic. He was, he didn't, he was not a fan. He did not believe in modern-day prophets or God speaking to us today, and so what, I did not know that at the time, and so I actually called the guy out, and I started to prophesy over and minister to him, and he begins to weep and cry, like, just completely being touched by God in a powerful way, and in my mind, I'm like, "Wow, that's amazing. God is ministering to him," and so we go back in the general session, and he gets up on the platform, and he says, "I'm over this entire region, and I actually came to this meeting to shut this down," and so he said I prophesied word for word what he said to his wife in the car on the way to that meeting.

Sid Roth: What effect did it have on that man?

Jermaine Francis: His heart was completely touched by God. He was completely opened up. He blessed the meeting. He blessed the gathering from that point forward, and he just completely changed his heart.

Sid Roth: Well, Rebecca, that's an example of how the prophetic actually opens people's hearts. Comment on that.

Rebecca Francis: Absolutely because, you know, we can say to someone, "God loves you," and we know that's true, and if I were to say to that man, you know, "God loves you, and He cares about what you're worried about," yeah, yeah, that's true, but to be able to say something there's no way anyone knew except him and God, that lets him know, wow, God really is right now very personal with me, and then they open their heart up to the Lord. That's what Jesus did with the woman at the well. Jesus approached this woman in her everyday life, and He got a word of knowledge about something factual that was going on, and He exposed it. You know, He said, "You're," He said, "Where is your husband? And actually, you're not married," right? But in giving that word of knowledge, you know, He opened her heart because she knew that He couldn't have known that, then He went further. It wasn't just to say, "Hey, here is what I know. Aren't you impressed that I knew that"? but then He went further, and He was able to give her His love for her, His salvation. He offered her living water. That transformation led to the salvation of her entire community, and that's what the prophetic does. It opens hearts so that Jesus can redeem what's been lost.

Sid Roth: You say that most people sense things, but they don't know how to shift sensing into prophecy.

Rebecca Francis: Absolutely, you know, I feel like we probably all are hearing God in a continual sensing sort of way, even if we wouldn't have known how to articulate it. One of the best, or at least most entertaining, examples of this that I experienced when I was really young in the prophetic, kind of new to the prophetic,

Sid Roth: You look pretty young to me now, but everything is relative.

Rebecca Francis: Although it's just, but it's one of my first times being exposed to people prophesying this way, and so everyone was excited. This prophet is going to minister at it, and so I was like, "I hope he ministers to me," and they all said, He's a great, great prophet," you know? And he is and was, but he, when he got to me, he was smiling,

Sid Roth: And your hearts is beating a million miles,

Rebecca Francis: Oh, my heart is beating. He's so excited, and I'm so excited. What's going to happen? And he goes, "And you're a butterfly," and he kind of, like, he gets so excited, and then he's like, "Flutter, flutter, you butterfly"! and then he walks away.

Sid Roth: What a profound word.

Rebecca Francis: And I was like...

Sid Roth: See, you all can prophesy like that.

Rebecca Francis: I, for one thing, I was, I felt jealous because this man was having the time of his life. It was, like, God was touching his heart. I could, you could see it on him how meaningful it was, but, I mean, it meant nothing to me at all, and for a second, I thought, "Am I even spiritual? Maybe I'm missing it, and everyone else gets it," but about 10 years later, Jermaine and I were sitting with a prophet. We kind of were just meeting with him for counsel for our lives, and kind of out of nowhere, he turned to Jermaine, and he said, "You know, Rebecca, she's like a butterfly," and, you know, I, one of my ears perked up, and he said, "She flutters from issue to issue, topic to topic, like a butterfly goes from bloom to bloom, and on the outside, it looks shallow because it's just this in and out," but he said, "The truth is, for her, it's her whole heart. Every bit of her affection and her passion goes all-in to whatever that thing is," so he was saying to Jermaine, "Don't think it's shallow because, don't close your hand on that butterfly". He's saying, "That's just a little shallow thing, but know that the intensity and the value of that". I mean, both of us knew what that meant because we know me, but I wept and I immediately remembered 10 years earlier this prophet who probably saw the exact same thing and did not how to articulate it and interpret and articulate it so that I could receive meaning from it.

Sid Roth: Now are you ready right now, to be activated in prophecy? I mean every one of you. I know you are, and we'll be right back.

Sid Roth: You know, Jermaine, I think it's important for us to establish the difference between someone that has a, is a prophet and someone that has a prophetic calling. Could you distinguish that?

Jermaine Francis: Yeah, and so someone that is a prophet is, we that, in Ephesians 4, chapter 11 and 12, they're called of God. God is the one who raises them up. God is the one who anoints them and calls them for the purpose of being a prophet, and their job is to equip the Body of Christ, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. They release that prophetic mantle to the body. They activate people to be prophetic. They keep the prophetic spirit of God alive within the body. They keep that activated.

Sid Roth: So, a prophet activates others for the second thing. What is the second thing?

Jermaine Francis: And the second thing is just a regular, a believer that has been activated in the gift of prophecy, they're flowing from the gift of prophecy that we see in, in Corinthians, chapter 14.

Sid Roth: So, there are prophets, and there are prophetic people, and your point is God's the one that calls the prophets, but every believer that hears God is a prophetic person. Rebecca, tell me simple steps for us to start.

Rebecca Francis: You know, we've way overcomplicated it, like I had said before, but to simply ask, receive and obey.

Sid Roth: Rebecca and Jermaine, go for it. Teach us how to prophesy.

Jermaine Francis: Absolutely.

Rebecca Francis: Yeah, absolutely. You know, just like we said, all you really have to do is ask, believe you've received it and then obey, and by obey, it's really taking an action of some kind, right? So just like when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, you know, Holy Spirit doesn't show up and grab our mouth, move our lips, move our tongue, make the vocal cords, right? We have to take an action to open our mouth and say it, and so what we're going to do is just, we're going to all, today, everyone, everyone here, everyone watching, is going to receive something from the Lord, and I'm going to put us through a practice run. Are you ready? Let me give you a little preface that when we say that God is speaking, you know, I think sometimes, Sid, that when, if I say God spoke something to me,

Sid Roth: And we think a booming voice, like Moses hears God's booming voice in the movies.

Rebecca Francis: Yes, right, that's what we imagine, but the truth is, when God speaks to us, He speaks to us just like how we, He speaks to our spirit, but we're going to understand it just like we understand anything else. You know, if you have a dream, in your dreams, there's pictures. There's sound. There's feeling and sensation. There's just stuff you instantly know, and so all of that is how you think. That's how you process information, so when we say God spoke to us, very, rarely are we saying that a booming voice came down from heaven, almost never. Usually, we're saying something came to my spirit, and I understood it because I saw a mental image, or I heard a word, or I felt an impression, or I felt an emotion, and so just to give you an example of how that works, we're all going to do this right now. I'm going to ask you a question, and you are going to get the answer.

Sid Roth: Did you say we're going to get the answer?

Rebecca Francis: You're going to get the answer.

Sid Roth: That's what I thought she said.

Rebecca Francis: Everyone.

Sid Roth: Everyone?

Rebecca Francis: Everyone is going to get the answer.

Sid Roth: Everyone, okay, I thought, I just wanted to clarify.

Rebecca Francis: It's a practice run, so don't be nervous, but are you ready? Here is the question: What is your name?

Sid Roth: I know. All right. I passed. Do you know your name? Good, good.

Rebecca Francis: Everyone knows their name.

Sid Roth: They knew.

Rebecca Francis: So, when I asked you "What is your name"? you probably, maybe some of you heard your name, your mom calling your name, right? Or you heard your name in your head, like the conversation you have in your head, that voice. That's probably your own, maybe, voice. Some people saw their name, like handwriting saw their name or read their name like when you read it on the envelope of your mail. Some people didn't hear or see anything, you just, you knew. This is who I am, right? And some of you are confused and, because you're not, you're thinking you had none of those, but you still knew your name, right? If you didn't see a picture and you didn't hear a sound, you probably just knew. You just had that inner knowing. Well, that was a natural exercise. That was not a supernatural exercise, but me triggering asking you the question triggered a thought to come to your mind, correct? And that's how your mind works, so what's going to happen? Now we're going to pray, and we're going to ask the Lord. Everyone is going to hear from the Lord now, and I want you to just ask the Lord whatever you're comfortable with. Ask the Lord to give you a picture, or ask the Lord to give you a sound, such as a word, or ask the Lord to give you a feeling or an impression or just a knowing like some of were like, "Yes, I just know". Ask the Lord to give you one of those, whatever is more comfortable for you, about you for the next 24 hours. A good, the scripture tells us that prophecy is for edification, exhortation and comfort. Some good thought, his heart, as Jermaine said so well earlier, his heart towards us for the next 24 hours, and we're going to believe that God is going to do it, so as believers, everyone will be equipped.

Jermaine Francis: Yeah, so those of you that are watching at home, those of you that are in the studio audience, just go ahead and close your eyes right now, and we're just going to, I'm just going to pray this prayer of impartation to just releasing that prophetic spirit and that prophetic heart to you, so, Father, right now we just declared an opening of their spiritual senses right now. They're eager to hear from You. Their eye is in the spirit to begin to see You, so, Lord, we just break off every hindrance right now, and we just released the impartation of Your prophetic spirit, so we just released that You're speaking, that You're releasing right now, Lord, in Jesus' name.

Rebecca Francis: And so now just let a picture or a thought, a feeling, a word, a simple, subtle, still small voice that is positive, that is God's heart toward you just for today, for the rest of today, for the next 24 hours. And by now, something has come to all of our, has hit our spirits. Just as quickly as you knew your name, that's how quickly something has hit your spirit, and so you can go ahead and open your eyes, and you may have found that it was vague, and you want to spend some time. Journal that. Write it out. Pray a little more into it, but I promise you that something came. Usually, it's just that first impression that comes. Just grab it, and let God unfold it. As long as it doesn't go contrary to the Bible and as long as it fits with what the scripture says: edification, exhortation and comfort, then let the Lord release and sort of marinate on that a little longer.

Sid Roth: Now you usually teach long seminars on this, but how many people have you activated over the years, approximately?

Jermaine Francis: We've activated thousands, Sid, over thousands of people that we've done seminars and teaching with.

Sid Roth: Okay, I heard a word, and the word that I heard was "whole". In Messiah, you are whole.

Rebecca Francis: Awesome.
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