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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - God Said These Words to Me. Then I Was Healed

Sid Roth - God Said These Words to Me. Then I Was Healed

Sid Roth - God Said These Words to Me. Then I Was Healed
TOPICS: Healing

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Richard and Dottie Kane. This show is different than any other television show you have ever seen, because you see, the other shows you just sit back and relax and you're entertained. On this show you participate in the supernatural. You'll see what I mean, just listen. What would happen if you got a report of kidney cancer? It's called the silent killer. Why? Because you don't know you have it and by the time it metastasizes, you're dead. Dottie, I mean you were a nurse working for how many doctors?

Dottie Kane: 12 doctors.

Sid Roth: And when this happened, it's a silent thing. You normally don't even know it's happening. How did you even find out it happened?

Dottie Kane: What happened is I developed severe pain in my lower left quadrant and I went to one of the female doctors where I worked and she examined me and did a series of tests and they discovered that I had a huge tumor in my left kidney that was diagnosed as transitional cell carcinoma.

Sid Roth: Now what does that complex thing mean?

Dottie Kane: It's a form of cancer. There's two types of kidney cancer. One is transitional cell and the other is renal cell. And it had already broken through the wall of the kidney and had begun to spread.

Sid Roth: How do you know these things?

Dottie Kane: How do I know these things? Well I'm a nurse...

Sid Roth: No no, tell me about the testing involved.

Dottie Kane: Ok, they did a series of tests and one of the tests that they did was a cat scan. They did ultrasounds. And on the cat scan report it says "Differential would include transitional cell carcinoma". And the letter that the urologist sent to our primary doctor, to the head doctor, Dr. Kaler, it says "It is my clinical impression that this pleasant patient does have transitional cell carcinoma of the left renal pElvis".

Sid Roth: Ok, since you're a nurse, what is the prognosis for this type of cancer that is metastasized?

Dottie Kane: It's not good, it's not good.

Sid Roth: Give me a better definition. What does "Not good" mean?

Dottie Kane: It could be death, terminal.

Sid Roth: My understanding in most instances, it is.

Dottie Kane: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Richard, how did you handle this?

Richard Kane: Well when I first heard it I knew that we were in a spiritual battle. I knew that it was not good, that it had broken through the kidney wall, and they told me that, that it was spreading.

Sid Roth: Well were you concerned that you were going to lose your wife?

Richard Kane: Yes I was.

Dottie Kane: My husband actually began fasting and praying for me.

Richard Kane: Yes.

Dottie Kane: And I received prayer ministry from several people and the real turning point came, I was in prayer and I was reading the healing scriptures, mainly from the Old Testament, and as I was worshipping the Lord, praying, the Lord spoke to my heart and he said to me "Am I not the healer and can I not heal you"? And I said yes Lord, you are the healer and yes you can heal me. Now this was on a Wednesday and I was scheduled that Friday to have my kidney removed, my urinary removed, and a portion of my bladder removed.

Sid Roth: Question: what made you think that was the Lord? Maybe that was your own wishful thinking. Didn't that cross your mind really?

Dottie Kane: It was such an impacting experience and the Lord literally gave me his faith to believe. I knew that I knew that I knew that I was healed. So what I did was I called the urologist and I told him I was going to cancel the surgery.

Sid Roth: Now wait a second. If you weren't hearing from God and you cancelled that surgery, rich, you know.

Richard Kane: She would've been toast, right. We agreed about it. We both prayed and agreed.

Dottie Kane: We had just complete confidence that the Lord had completely taken the cancer from my body.

Sid Roth: So they cancelled the surgery?

Dottie Kane: They cancelled the surgery and the urologist said I want you to come in the following Tuesday into the hospital and let me go into the kidney with a scope and make sure there's no more cancer there.

Sid Roth: So how'd you feel about that?

Dottie Kane: I went in the following Tuesday...

Sid Roth: Actually, I think that would be wonderful. You know why? We can find out if the cancer's there or not. If it's not there there's a miracle. If it is there you can have, what did they want to cut out?

Dottie Kane: My kidney, my urinary, and a portion of my bladder.

Sid Roth: Does not sound too good.

Dottie Kane: No it's not.

Sid Roth: We'll be back after this and find out what the scope found out. And what it found out was the same thing she had read in the Jewish scriptures about healing. We'll be right back after this word. Don't you dare go away. It's getting interactive.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Richard and Dottie Kane and Dottie is a nurse, she's working for a dozen doctors, she develops cancer of the kidney. It looks bad, it's metastasized and you know what that means. It's called the silent killer. But she says God spoke to her. Said she was healed. She cancelled the surgery. She was going to have her kidney and other parts of her body cut out and the doctor said well let's just put a scope in you to see if you're healed. That sounds good. So they go, they put the scope in her, she's still under from having been put to sleep, and rich, you greet her and what happened between the two of you? What did you say to her?

Richard Kane: Well when I went to visit her in the recovery room I came over to her and she looked up at me and I said "You don't know"? She said "No, nobody said anything to me". I said "I just saw the doctor and he said there was absolutely no trace of cancer in your kidney". In fact when I met the doctor he said "You're not going to believe this rich". I said "I'm going to believe this. I'm going to believe it". He said "She's cancer free". I said "Praise God. She's cancer free".

Sid Roth: Ok. Dottie, when rich told you this, what goes on inside of you? I mean you knew you were healed, but it's nice to hear that the doctor confirmed it. So what happened within you?

Dottie Kane: I just had great joy in the Lord of what he had done in my body.

Sid Roth: Do you know how many people are dead now that had the same thing you had?

Dottie Kane: See, I'm nobody special, I'm just one of his kids. And the same Jesus, the same Yeshua that healed me will heal you. Whatever you're facing today, he's a God that heals his people. He loves his people, and that's why he came and died, to set us free from sin and sickness.

Sid Roth: Dottie, you said that you read mostly from the Jewish scriptures, although you believe in Jesus and the New Testament, but you read mostly from the Jewish scriptures of God healing us. Could you paraphrase some of those scriptures that were meaningful to you?

Dottie Kane: Yeah, Isaiah 53, it says that by his stripes we are healed. Psalm 103...

Sid Roth: Wait a second, what does that mean to you, by his stripes we are healed? What does that mean?

Dottie Kane: That when they were beating Jesus, that every stripe represented a sickness and disease that he took upon his body. And Psalm 103 says bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all of his benefits, who forgives all of your sins and who heals all of your diseases. So he's a God that not only forgives sin but he heals disease as well.

Sid Roth: Now you two have started what you call a healing room in southern Florida. What is the purpose of the healing room?

Richard Kane: Pretty much what it is is we have over 100 volunteers from 50 different fellowships, and we're ordinary people, and in teams of 2 and 3 we pray for people that are sick, some terminally ill, people that have had life-long problems such as blindness and diabetes and things like that.

Sid Roth: Now you have a lot of Jewish people that come in that aren't believers in Jesus. Why do they come to your healing room?

Dottie Kane: They're desperate for healing and a miracle. We've had people coming in with severe cancers.

Sid Roth: Tell me some people, just a few people, things and conditions that have been healed.

Dottie Kane: We had a woman come in that had had a brain tumor, they had done radiation and burned her optic nerves, which left her blind for 12 years. And as we prayed the prayer of faith in Yeshua's name, the Lord totally healed her that day and she went out seeing.

Sid Roth: Is that unusual or do you see a lot of miracles?

Dottie Kane: We are progressively seeing more and more. We've been open now going into our fourth year and we had one, she was a pastor's wife, she had cancer in her brain, her liver, her breast, most of her bones. And the doctor basically sent her home to die. And she came to the healing rooms and the Lord totally healed her. She went back to her doctor, Jewish doctor, she went back to her doctor, and after they did the pet scan, the doctor was weeping and he said "Jamie, there's no more cancer in your body".

Sid Roth: Did you hear that? No more cancer! Anything wrong? You're going to be able to reach out for healing. Be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Richard and Dottie Kane, and Dottie had cancer of the kidney, totally metastasized, and the reports from the doctors, after God performed a miracle, most people die from this. Read one of the reports Dottie.

Dottie Kane: This is the report when they went in with the scope and it says "The pre-op diagnosis was left renal mass, rule out left renal neoplasm, transitional cell carcinoma. The post-op diagnosis is normal left kidney. No trace of cancer". And I asked the doctor, the urologist, if he would write a letter to our pastor documenting the healing. And he writes "I have indeed seen many unexplained beneficial occurrences in medicine in my 25 years experience. However, I would conclude that this truly is a miraculous cure and could only be brought about by the Lord's healing power.

Sid Roth: Speaking of supernatural healing power, what happens when a doctor starts developing pains in their body and then they find that their discs in their back, in their neck, are so - what is the word?

Richard Kane: Degenerated.

Sid Roth: So degenerated. Let's go to this clip of someone that was in the healing house.

Sid Roth: Herniated disc: severe. This just doesn't get better. It has to be a miracle. And I believe in ordinary people that have a supernatural God that can heal them. I believe that many that I'm speaking to right now are being healed or have been healed and you just take a simple, your home video camera, and stand in front of it and send us a copy of two or three minutes of the miracle in your life. Ordinary people with an extraordinary God. Dottie, you have seen so many miracles happen, one is really outrageous. Tell me about the one about the tooth.

Dottie Kane: We were praying for a girl in Venezuela actually and she had had a severely decayed tooth and as we prayed the Lord filled her tooth, removed the infection, and filled her tooth with a porcelain-like substance.

Sid Roth: Now do you know if she ever went to a dentist to look at this?

Dottie Kane: I didn't know because we left the country and we didn't keep in touch with her, so I don't know.

Sid Roth: Well if God can fill a tooth, he can do anything. But you know, Richard and Dottie, there's some people watching us right now that need healing. Maybe you could give us some nuggets that they can grab a hold of to manifest their healing.

Dottie Kane: Yeah, we believe that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. So if you're in need of healing, go to the Word of God and look up scriptures pertaining to healing. The Lord says "I am the Lord that healeth thee". He also said that he forgives all of our sins and he heals all of our diseases. And we can stand on the integrity of God's word. It's the Word of God along with the presence of God that produces the power of God. Sid: now where does the faith enter into this, in your opinion?

Dottie Kane: At the healing rooms we share with people that we will stand in faith for them. Sometimes when they're suffering long-term illnesses they don't have any faith: their faith has been depleted.

Sid Roth: Are you telling me that people can be healed...

Dottie Kane: Without faith, with our faith.

Sid Roth: With your faith. With our faith combined, in other words you could pray for someone in their room right now, just through the television, and they could be healed on our faith?

Dottie Kane: Yes.

Richard Kane: Because if we exchange that word "Faith" for "Confidence", it changes things. I have confidence that God, who created life, can restore life. He who created the body can heal the body. In fact medical doctors say we're fearfully and wonderfully made, the scriptures tell us, and they affirm this is a complex system we have called the human body. But if you have a need in your body, the Spirit of God is real, just because we don't see him, he's as real as the wind that we just see the effects thereof. But there's somebody out there that you have psoriasis of the liver and you've been given a terminal sentence that you're going to die. And God wants you to know that he didn't command death for you but he says I proclaim life over you and that the God who created your liver can recreate it if you just change your mind and ask the Lord to help you. Say "Lord please forgive me of my sins", which might be many, but God is a good God. And he will touch your liver right now in Yeshua's name.

Sid Roth: Dottie, looking at the camera, I want you to pray for every condition for people to be healed. Let's, the three of us, combine our faith. They don't even need their faith. Pray right now.

Dottie Kane: Father we just come to you in Yeshua's name and Lord I just curse every cancer at it's root, I command it to shrivel and to die. Lord we say that by your stripes they are healed and made whole. I come against every form of sickness and disease, I come against HIV, I come against cancer, I come against heart conditions, I come against diabetes in the name of Jesus. And we just speak total healing to be your portion. We thank you Lord for what you've done and are doing in these precious one's life, in Yeshua's name we pray, amen.

Sid Roth: I believe that God sent his word to heal you. His word came in a human form called the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua, or Jesus. And I believe that the 103rd Psalm was talking about him when the Psalmist said "Bless the Lord oh my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who has forgiven all of my sins". Because the Messiah came and died in our place to forgive all. I love that all. All, all, all of our sins. And to heal all, all, all of our diseases. The same God that, by his blood, washed away every one of your sins, removed with power all of your pains. Someone's neck is being healed. Your spine is literally being straightened right now. And someone's hip: if you'll get up and start walking, remember this is interactive, if you'll start walking you'll see you are healed. But the greatest healing is to tell God you are sorry for the mistakes that you have made and to believe his blood does exactly what the Psalmist said, washed away your sins, and ask him to clean you and say "Jesus, I make you my Messiah and Lord". It doesn't have to be my words but it has to be Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No man can come to God except through him.
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