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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Angels Sang THIS with Me Over My Dying Wife

Sid Roth - Angels Sang THIS with Me Over My Dying Wife

Sid Roth - Angels Sang THIS with Me Over My Dying Wife
TOPICS: Angels

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz. Let me tell you something. One time you almost die, you are a grateful person. Two times you almost die, you are a grateful person. I have a couple that has been attacked so many times, so many times, doctors said they should have died, and miracles happen. This tells me they understand how to get in touch with the invisible realm, for a miracle. Dale and Pearl Raatz, I am going to take you back Pearl to 1975. What were the last words you remember before you realized that you were dying?

Pearl Raatz: "Honey, my heart, my heart". I woke up, and that's what I said, is "My heart, my heart".

Sid Roth: And dale when she said that to you, what did you do?

Dale Raatz: I immediately grabbed her in my arms and took her downstairs in the living room and laid her across my lap on the davenport, to try to find some life in her pulse. I could not find nothing and I remember saying "God you can't take her from me" but I did not know the reality that God was not the thief. And immediately on the wall was written in a 4x4 on the white wall in front of me and it said "If you were to apply the blood over your house, the death angel shall pass over you". And so I read that.

Sid Roth: Wait a second how was that on the wall? I mean did you have it painted there?

Dale Raatz: No! It had to be through the spirit eyes, through your spirit man. Through natural eyes I didn't see that.

Sid Roth: Have you ever seen something like that before?

Dale Raatz: No that was my first time for seeing anything like that.

Sid Roth: Okay and so what did it say again?

Dale Raatz: It said "If you would apply the blood over your household, the death angel shall pass over you". As I read it I read it the second time and I spoke it out and I said "In the name of Jesus, I apply your blood over my household. You death angel go, in Jesus name" and she immediately she leaped in my arms and said "Honey, read the word, read the word".

Sid Roth: Why did you say "Read the word"?

Pearl Raatz: Because I know it is the word that gives us our power. I didn't realize what had happened even. I just knew that I was in trouble, and the word was my answer.

Sid Roth: The power is in the Bible?

Dale Raatz: Yes.

Pearl Raatz: Yes.

Sid Roth: Because what you saw on the wall came from the Bible.

Dale Raatz: It came from Exodus 12:13. This happened at 2 o'clock in the morning. Matter of fact at 2 o'clock in the morning the Holy Spirit and the Lord woke up two people in our church fellowship and began to pray for our household. So the Holy Spirit is alive, alerting others also to pray.

Sid Roth: And then you found out what really happened. Your kidney exploded?

Pearl Raatz: My kidney exploded.

Sid Roth: And what happened?

Pearl Raatz: And what it did, it sent particles of the kidney that had exploded in blood clots through my body, and it wasn't until two days later on Saturday when we found out what happened. I had had a pain in my leg so I went to the hospital, and on Monday morning the doctor with four other doctors and seven nurses came in my room and stood around as my doctor sat on my bed and took my hand and said "Young lady you should not be here. It is impossible for you to be alive", and I said "Why"? He said because 1/3 of your kidney has exploded, and that meat and those blood clots had to go through your brain and heart and all we could find was one little one in your leg", and so I said to him, "So when did this happen doctor"? And he said "I don't know but it was a very short time ago". I knew that had happened on that Thursday night then, and then so a couple of hours later in comes a young man by the name of Marlin Roberts who was the undertaker in the town of Ashland Wisconsin.

Sid Roth: Oh you were glad to see the undertaker!

Pearl Raatz: And he said the doctor called me and told me I needed to come and see a miracle that was in his hospital, because I should have been in a morgue. Well he got born again, and he sent his wife over and she got born again. He also...

Sid Roth: But he lost some business.

Pearl Raatz: Well he got born again! Which is the best here?! So also during that time the doctor had explained to me that kidneys do not regenerate or grow back on, but I was not having any problems because I still had 1 and 2/3 kidneys left. Well ten years later we found out because I was having a problem that was not related to that at all, that my kidney had been regenerated and not only had it been regenerated but God had left his signature. It was cross-stitched on.

Sid Roth: Now I don't know much about sewing, what is a cross-stitch?

Pearl Raatz: Well it is a sideways cross. A cross-stitch looks like this.

Sid Roth: So that is why you say you say he left his signature.

Pearl Raatz: Yes because if you straighten it out you have a cross.

Sid Roth: Well but what I understand from my doctor friends, a kidney does not regenerate like that.

Pearl Raatz: Yeah but they forgot, or they didn't know about God.

Sid Roth: With cross-stitches, no less.

Pearl Raatz: That's right. But see, we have to realize, there is the natural truth which we can call a "Fact", and then there is a higher truth which is God's truth, and that always supersedes the natural truth if we remember to look to the one that has promised us, things in the Bible. And he said that this was for us, so why not take it all.

Sid Roth: Dale again what was written on that wall which you spoke out of your mouth that I believe triggered this great miracle.

Dale Raatz: Definitely! I believe the Bible is alive today as it was when it was written, and if we don't speak it out and if we don't believe it, we will never speak it. And we have got to speak out what his word says, "I have come..."

Sid Roth: It says in Exodus - repeat that scripture.

Dale Raatz: Exodus 12:13, when the children of Israel were exiting out of Egypt, towards the Promise Land, and there is where they had to apply the - had to kill the lamb, put it over their door, at that time.

Sid Roth: "Pesach"! Passover!

Dale Raatz: Yes, over passover time. And the first born of all Egypt would die. They didn't do that, but because they believed the word, the children of Israel applied the blood of the lamb over the mantle on the side of the door, and at midnight there was a great cry, and the Bible says the first born of all Egypt died, but not one that applied the blood died. And the blood is life giving substance. That's our protection today from the death angel.

Sid Roth: I am so grateful for the blood because all Dale did was say "I speak of the blood, the blood that was represented at the passover, the blood of Jesus. That is why at the passover they applied the blood, but it only represented the blood of the Messiah. There is such power. Wait until you hear the next miracle in their life. I tell you that blood is still alive and speaking today. Be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz. And February 15, 1997, the same thing happened but a different part of your body. Pearl, you and your husband were in church, of all places and what do you remember?

Pearl Raatz: I remember I walked in the church and I had a sensation in my head that I never had before. And I thought I was going to pass out, so I said to dale, "Honey I think I am going to pass out", and I sat down in the pew, and that is the last thing that I remember until March 21.

Sid Roth: What do you remember?

Dale Raatz: When she sat down in the pew she said "Oh my head". And I knew something was not right, and as I started walking towards her she said "Oh my head", and I knew that is was serious, and then she said "My head just blew off". She screamed. See, she didn't know she was talking, but her spirit man did. And in the meantime she went into convulsions and a comma and she laid there, and everybody thought that she was dead. And the first thing that I said that came out of my inner being, "If I don't believe the word, we'll never store it". I said "Pearl, 'you will not die, but live' declare the works of God". I spoke it out of the spirit. And the second thing that came out of me was Exodus 12:13 again, "I apply the blood to you. In the name of Jesus I command the death angel to leave, in Jesus' name". But it looked like nothing was happening, and she laid there with no life in her. And a couple of pastors came in and began to agree with the Word of God. And a couple of young nurses aids came by and grabbed her by both of her palms and began to shook her head, and looked at me. And I remember I looked at them and said "She can't die, in the mighty name, in the name of Jesus".

Sid Roth: You were sure?

Dale Raatz: I was sure.

Sid Roth: Did anyone hear you?

Dale Raatz: Oh yes, they heard me say that.

Sid Roth: Okay what happened next? I mean they were probably thinking "Oh yeah".

Dale Raatz: Yes. And so finally because nothing happened they called the ambulance and the paramedics came, and they worked on her for quite a while and then took her over to the hospital and I followed the ambulance from behind, and they finally got her to the hospital. It was only about a mile away, and the doctor met the ambulance right outside that emergency ward that evening, and he took a look at her and he said "Oh my God, she is totally paralyzed". And the paramedics said to the doctor that this is her husband, and he said to me "Sir, I am sorry" and I said I understand doc, but I knew that was only temporal.

Sid Roth: Okay what happened next?

Dale Raatz: And they took her in and they said that they could not do nothing. Well I walked into that room, the emergency room - another pastor and I - and the minute I walked into that room, I lifted my hands. I began to quote the Word of God. Out of my inner belly began to roll the healing scripture of the authority, and who we are, and what we have in Christ. I was speaking life over her, even in that situation. And they couldn't do nothing for her, so then they had to transfer her from Iron Mountain, Michigan to Green Bay, Wisconsin. That is over a hundred miles, in an ambulance. Usually they do that with flight for life, but they knew that there was no use: they had to get her out of the city limits. They would have to haul her back. But she got down there. That evening it was about 10 o'clock, before we got to the hospital. This doc that met me, he was the brain surgeon, and he told me what they told him in the hospital. He said "I don't know what we are going to do with your wife.

Sid Roth: Why?

Pearl Raatz: What he had told us, or told them, is that 97% of people who have aneurysms like I did, die instantly. Of the 3% that are left, 95% of them will die very shortly, and whatever is left of them is a vegetable. They will never they will never be alive except as a vegetable.

Sid Roth: Well what did he say was going on inside of your wife's brain?

Dale Raatz: Well because of the damage, that the x-ray showed that there was no use in operating: that's what he said. He was expecting her to just die. But 24 hours later and she didn't die, and he said "Well we see your wife didn't die, so we will see what we can do". But this brain surgeon is the best brain surgeon.

Sid Roth: Are you convinced that she did not die because of you speaking God's word over her, and believing God?

Dale Raatz: Yes, I believe that the Word of God is alive and powerful, but we don't speak it. We need to realize that God is the God of the supernatural. He wants to show up through his body.

Sid Roth: Well what happened next?

Dale Raatz: The next they operated on her and it was a four hour operation. They got her back to her room, and I stood by her bed, and I said "Holy Spirit, how do I pray over her? And the Holy Spirit, through the triune God spoke to my heart. The first thing that he said was second Corinthians 5:17, "If any man be in Christ", and I said "Lord, I don't get it". And he says Genesis 1. I turn to Genesis 1, and I began to read. It says "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was without form and void". But God spoke those things - darkness out, light come. And as I was reading that, immediately the book of Genesis, "It was so, and it was good". Everything else was wiped out. All I could see was "It was so", and "It was good". All of the other words were gone, and I heard the Holy Spirit said to me "Does Pearl have a brain"? I said, "The doctors said it's dead". And he said, "My words are creative. Call the dead brain cells live again". So literally I had to either believe what his word says or doubt it. I believed God's word. I began - I laid my hands on her and I said "In the name of Jesus I speak creative word over your brain cells I command brain cells to be restored in the name of Jesus". In the natural, it looks foolish. I did this for ten days: no change. One day, two days, and as I went to the tenth day, the doctor came that morning as I was speaking over her, and he looked at the gauge and he said to me "Sir", and he said "Sir, your wife is dying today. She is closing down", and walked out. And I heard the word that the spirit speaks to me again, Hebrew 10:35, "Cast not away therefore your confidence which has great recompense and reward". And immediately Mathew 18:19 came to my spirit, "If any two agree touching anything they've asked". I said "Father, in Jesus' name I call on somebody that has my faith, in Jesus name". And I walked out of that room, and immediately the phone was ringing in the room. I went, and somebody said "I believe that's for you". And my wife's two sisters from western Minnesota called, and they always call my wife Pearly - they said "How is Pearly doing today"? And I said "According to the Word of God, she is doing great". I already forget what the doctors had said because if we focus on the negatives we will never hear what the Spirit of God is saying. Many times we as Christians...

Sid Roth: But Dale, Dale, her brain cells are dead.

Dale Raatz: Are dead.

Sid Roth: They have written her off.

Dale Raatz: Yes.

Sid Roth: There is no hope, but Dale believes if he speaks God's word, agrees in prayer, and does not back off of the integrity of God's word, his wife "Will live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord". Well you already know the ending because you have seen her. We will be right back to find out what God did. It is outstanding. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz. You know your wife is pronounced brain dead. She is in a comma, the doctors don't expect her to ever even come out of this comma,or if she does she will be a vegetable, and you sing over her? Explain that.

Dale Raatz: Well I heard the spirit say "Sing over her", and I said "What song"?, and he said "The song that I gave you". And so God gave Pearl a song, and as I opened my mouth and started singing, immediately I was taken into the spirit realm, and for 45 minutes that room was filled with a choir of angels. And they sang the same chorus that I did. And pastor John for green bay was there with me to verify that for 45 minutes - I thought it was a couple of minutes, but it was 45 minutes - those angels sang the same chorus I sang. It came out of Philippians 2:9-11. It talks about "At the name of Jesus every knee does bow".

Sid Roth: Dale then she comes out of the comma, and as I understand it, you begin to speak God's word over each area of her body. She didn't have the ability - she was paralyzed.

Dale Raatz: Yes.

Sid Roth: So she didn't have the ability to swallow, so what did you do?

Dale Raatz: The first thing that came out, and I sensed the Holy Spirit said "You speak over these organs on her body", so I spoke over stroke, I spoke over paralyzation, and over every area that I felt that the Holy Spirit lead me, to speak over her. But the one thing that I did not do, I did not allow people with unbelief to come lay hands on her. I guarded her with that because I believe only those with faith could speak over her, so in a way I kept speaking on those, and next thing I knew the throat muscles started to jump. And they took her up to a place for a swallow test, and there is where a great miracle happened. Because she did not have any water in her throat I believe it was for almost over two weeks, and the nurse said to me, "Sir don't you know when the food gets in her throat she will choke to death and die"?

Sid Roth: Obviously she's paralyzed.

Dale Raatz: She said "She has no saliva in her throat, in her mouth". I walked up to my wife and I said "Pearl when that food gets in your mouth, you will swallow, in the name of Jesus", and she agreed. And they had that camera to her throat and we had a monitor there, and as that doctor put that first food into her mouth, and we said "Chew good Pearl, chew good. Don't swallow", and immediately when that food got in her throat those saliva glands activated and her mouth just exploded with saliva, and the nurse stood behind me and said "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God".

Sid Roth: She got it right.

Dale Raatz: Yeah she got it right. And I said "Yes ma'am, that's my God". And that was the beginning of another miracle. Because see, it takes step-bystep-by-step. But from the day until it ended was 6 weeks, from total paralyzation, to a vegetable, to walking out, took 6 weeks. So this miracle happened step-by-step. As we walk with the word, it will manifest.

Sid Roth: Well 6 weeks is not a long time to recover from being paralyzed and brain dead. I think that's phenomenal. But Dale, while you were in the hospital, there was a 16-year old that was in a head-on auto accident, and what happened to her?

Dale Raatz: Well it was a miracle. That morning...

Sid Roth: Wait. It was a miracle. The way you talk about it, this is normal.

Dale Raatz: Yes. But we realize God has to use people to bring it to pass. That morning as I sat in the intensive care room waiting, the Holy Spirit told me to speak, to teach somebody on the 5th chapter of Mark about the woman with the issue of blood, and Jairus' daughter. As I was sharing that, the man sat in the corner with his head buried in his hands and he said "Any hope then for my daughter, sir"? I said "Yes sir, where is she"? He pointed across the hall. I said "Take me to her". And I walked over and I got into that room and I looked at her and I said "Oh my God, what did I tell him that for"? Because her head didn't look like a head. It was so swelled. They had hoses in her head trying to drain the blood out of her head. Because she had a head-on car collision, her spinal cord was probably severed. I did not know. And I heard the Holy Spirit say to me again, "Take dominion over death and call life into her". So I took dominion over death and called life into her, and I walked out and didn't notice any difference. But the second day, already, when her dad came in that morning, and they told her dad she was blind and would be deaf: she would never see or hear again, if she lived. And the second morning he came in and her dad said "Tracy dear"! She said "Daddy? Is that you"? Her mind already was coming together.

Sid Roth: Bottom line: was she totally healed?

Dale Raatz: Totally healed. The day that we walked out, she walked out with us, totally healed.

Sid Roth: Pearl, you walked out. This is, what, 8 or so years later now?

Pearl Raatz: Yes.

Sid Roth: What is your health now?

Pearl Raatz: My health is perfect. I can walk through the jungles of the Philippines, and I can walk through Zimbabwe, Africa.

Sid Roth: How do doctors handle what happened to you? How could a doctor handle what happened to you?

Pearl Raatz: Well, the main doctor believed it was a miracle, which it was. And I believe that this was not God's plan for my life: this was from the enemy. But he used it to show that doctor that miracles do happen. In fact, that doctor was so impressed, and when this happened we did not have insurance. He cancelled his part of the bill within three months. And within three years every one of our bills had been paid supernaturally.

Sid Roth: Let me ask you something: do you need a miracle? I'm going to ask Dale right now to look into the camera and sing a song to you, the same song he sang to Pearl, with the choir of angels, and I believe the angels will sing along with him. And that'll be your point of contact, in the name of Jesus, for a miracle. Would you sing that song now?

Dale Raatz: This is your day. The chorus goes like this: "Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have. Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have. At the name of Jesus every knee does bow. Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have. Jesus". That is the chorus the angels sang with me.

Sid Roth: And when you hear him sing that song, what goes on inside you, Pearl? Briefly.

Pearl Raatz: Well you know what happens many times, my leg starts to jiggle and to dance around.

Sid Roth: You wanted to dance. I tell you what, why not? Pearl wants to dance. I think if you start dancing right now, you'll dance into your healing.

Pearl Raatz: Amen.

Sid Roth: In Jesus' name I plead the blood, the passover blood upon you.
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