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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Jesus Took Me to Hell to Show Me This

Sid Roth - Jesus Took Me to Hell to Show Me This

Sid Roth - Jesus Took Me to Hell to Show Me This
Sid Roth - Jesus Took Me to Hell to Show Me This

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural. My guest, Donna Rigney, is a prophetess. She hears from heaven and tells us what God is saying. I want everyone to know you a little bit better. You were raised Catholic. At age seven, you bumped into an amazing friend. Tell me about that.

Donna Rigney: Yes, I was a seven-year-old going to church, marched into mass Sunday morning with my family. And the way the church was set up was the children sat up front and the parents sat in the back. So, I went to the front with my sister and sat in the pew. And I was just very well-behaved. They had nuns there that watched you to make sure that you were behaving.

Sid Roth: Right.

Donna Rigney: And so, I was kneeling down at the part of the mass. where we kneel down with my little missal and I was reading the words of the missal. And all of a sudden, Jesus appeared to me. I had never had that experience with Jesus before. I knew it was Him. I don't know how I knew, but I knew it was Him. And off He took me into the Spirit. I think to heaven, it looked heavenly. And the clouds, it was beautiful. And He was so wonderful, so friendly. He cared about every single thing that concerned me as a seven-year-old. He, He cared about whether if my mother was angry with me, if I had a fight with somebody, He was talking to me about all the things that were bothering me as a child. And I just felt so completely understood and loved. I just. I could have never left Him. And then all of a sudden, it was the time of the mass when people had to sit down and everyone else was sitting down. But I was still kneeling because I was going with Jesus. I wasn't in church. And the nun tapped me on the shoulder for me to sit down. And when she did, she brought me out of the Spirit. And Jesus was gone. I was devastated. From then on, I began searching for Him.

Sid Roth: And, and this became a lifetime search. She even went, and, having come from a Catholic background. She thought, well, what? Where can I best, better find Him than in a convent? So, you actually joined a convent?

Donna Rigney: Yes, I did.

Sid Roth: Did you find your friend there?

Donna Rigney: No. And I stayed there for two and a half years.

Sid Roth: So she left the convent and she starts, she's still looking in search, in desperate search of this friend. And she got a hold of a book. And in this book, this man knew her friend. And she got very excited. You might know who that man was. Pat Boone. She read his life story. And, and then you, you said a prayer of salvation.

Donna Rigney: Yes.

Sid Roth: You got saved. Then got filled with the Holy Spirit. Did you find your friend?

Donna Rigney: Yes, I did. I didn't start having visitations immediately. It was a struggle for me to hear God speak, where I was going to this charismatic prayer meeting I was attending. People would say, "I heard God say this. I heard God say that". And I didn't hear God say, anything, so. I was frustrated. So, I would get alone with God. And I would say, I want to hear you. I want to hear you like everybody else does. Every day I pursued it.

Sid Roth: You spent long times with God pursuing Him.

Donna Rigney: Oh, I did every day.

Sid Roth: You finally found your friend. But you wanted more?

Donna Rigney: Yeah, I wanted that same encounter like I had when I was seven. And so, I, I did. And I think God was using that to train me and to teach me. And I also felt that the more we hunger for Him, the deeper the hunger is, the more He has to give us to fill that hunger. He satisfies the hungry. So, if we're only a little bit hungry, He only has to put a little bit in to satisfy the hunger. But if we have an enormous hunger for Him, He's going to pour in an enormous amount of His Spirit in to satisfy the hunger.

Sid Roth: And as she was doing this, the presence of God started getting tangibly stronger and stronger and stronger.

Donna Rigney: Yes. And eventually I began to recognize that I was always hearing from Him. But I just didn't recognize it was His voice. I expected to hear His voice outside me, you know. So, I got to learn that when, like, there's a scripture that when Jesus was, after He had rose from the dead, He was walking down the road on the road to Emmaus. And the disciples were walking with Him and they invited Him to come for dinner. And He, during the breaking of the bread, they recognized Him. And after Jesus disappeared, they said, "Weren't our hearts burning within us when He was talking to us on the road"? and, I knew the Holy Spirit was giving me a key. This is how you're going to recognize My voice. Your heart will burn within you. You will feel My love. So, I began to see that whenever I was reading scripture, the sentences that would just jump out and touch my heart was Jesus talking directly to me through the Word. If I was at a church service, the pastor, the words he said that touched my heart like that, was Jesus talking to me. So, it began to satisfy that hunger. I wanted that personal word from God every day. I would not leave my prayer time alone with Him until I heard Him speak to me personally. Every day, it was 2 or 3 hours, I was, I would stay there until I heard Him talk to me.

Sid Roth: But as she was seeking God deeper and deeper, she started having visitations to hell and heaven. There was one place in hell you talk about that kind of really explains hell. It's called a chamber of despair.

Donna Rigney: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Describe that.

Donna Rigney: Yeah. This was a place that people who are tormented by demons in their minds are, are sent to. These demons. already were tormenting these people on the earth, causing them, even some people to commit suicide, rather than turn to Jesus for help, they didn't. They denied Jesus, got mad at Jesus and the enemy was able to bring them there. He, hum, these people were tortured daily. While I was going to get to this place, walking down this tunnel. This avenue with Jesus. I could hear this loud clanging noise and what it sounded like, it sounded like somebody with a sledgehammer beating on chains. Bang, bang, bang. Like that all, all the time. Constantly. And so, I was wondering, what is this noise? So finally, we get to this chamber and I see this big clock hanging over the top of the chamber. And this clock represented to the people that they were going to be there forever. And the demons would chant to the clock every time the clock would chime. They would chant, "Forever, forever. You will be here. Forever you will be unloved, unloved, unloved. Forever unloved. Never, never, will you ever feel loved, never, never will you leave here". Things like that over and over and over. Constantly. When one demon got tired of saying it, another one would pick up the chant. Continually! These people were tortured like that. And so, Jesus and I stood there and watched this, and Jesus talked to me about it. Explained to me what was going on. And then He backed away from this chamber. And as He backed away, the people that were in there recognized that Jesus was there because there's no light in hell. It's all darkness. The only light that was there was coming off of Jesus. And so, when they recognized that there was this light that was being drawn away from them, they knew Jesus was there. And they started yelling out to Him, screaming to Him to help them. He said, "I can't help you now". And you could- and so, I'm standing right beside Jesus and He's got His arm around me. I'm close. And I could feel His broken heart for these people. His heart was so broken, and He had so much pain in His heart. He said, "Daughter, I am in more pain watching these people suffer like this, needlessly". He said, "Needlessly". "If they just had accepted me. If they had just turned from their sins and turned to me, this would not have been their lot in life. They would never have come here". He said, "I died for them. So, they would live forever in My Kingdom".

Sid Roth: What kind of love? Here are people that have rejected Jesus. That are already and hell with no point of return. And Jesus heart is still filled with love with them, but He can't reverse it. You live once and then the judgment.

Donna Rigney: Right.

Sid Roth: Now, you learned so many secrets in your visitations to heaven and hell. Tell me, you learned there the secret of victory over evil.

Donna Rigney: Yes. He taught me as I was going through hell with Him. Whenever we would go into there, were there many different places in hell. Hell isn't just a burning pit. Hell has, just like the earth. There were different cities, different places. Hell, it's got all different places in it. And so, as we would go from place to place, He would talk to me and He would always warn me whatever I was looking at, He would tell me. "Look at what you're seeing through Me. Don't look at it directly. If you look at that evil directly, it will upset you terribly. You will not be able to bear it. You must look at what you're seeing through Me". So, I would look at Jesus and through Jesus I would see what was going on and how. And He taught me. He said, "If you'll do this on the earth, if you keep your eyes on Me and your focus fixed on Me. When evil tries to come against you, I will protect you. I will guide you. I will warn you. You won't trip and fall. You won't fall into the trap of the enemy. Keep your eyes fixed on Me".

Sid Roth: Isn't that Isaiah 26:3? "If you keep your eyes on Me, I'll keep you in perfect peace". I tell you what? Um, Donna, came back with revelations observed in hell and heaven that will actually help you understand how pain and how sickness literally attach to people. Be right back.

Sid Roth: I'm here with Donna Rigney and Donna has been taken many times to heaven and to hell. Ah, just a little bit more. The room in hell with instruments of torture. What was that like?

Donna Rigney: That was really graphic and gruesome to see. Whenever the Lord brought me to hell, it was just an awful sight to see. And He told me, He said it's necessary. He said, "I know you don't want to come here, but it's necessary for you to see this, because I want my people to know all about hell, that it is a reality. There is such a place as hell. I want you to understand the tactics of the enemy to hurt My people so that you can tell my children. So, my children will be warned". And so, one of the days He brought me to this place, and it was a room full of instruments of torture. There were braces to put around people's heads and tighten them up. There were spikes to drive down people's spines of all kinds of saws, and pickaxes, different things like that, hanging all over the room. And then I saw a demon come in. Demons. More than one. Come in. Grab some of these things and rush out of the room. And so then in an instant, like, you snapped your finger. I was from that room down to a city street. I was overlooking the city street on the, in the United States. And I saw these demons riding on people's shoulders. I saw them driving spikes down people's backs and people... the look on their face! They were in so much pain. And the Lord said to me,

Sid Roth: What, what good is a pain pill if it's being caused by a demon!

Donna Rigney: Exactly!

Sid Roth: The pain pill doesn't get rid of the demon.

Donna Rigney: No, no, no. And the Lord said to me, "What you're seeing, you're seeing with your spiritual eyes. You cannot see this with your natural eyes". He said, "But I'm showing you this with your spiritual eyes. This is true". And then I saw some people that had braces around their heads just, and the demons were tightening them and tightening them. And people's faces were grimacing with pain. They were having terrible headaches. And it was. And the demons were laughing. This was just the greatest thrill, the more pain they were causing. Then I saw chains coming down off of people. And, and some had balls hanging on the chain. They were walking along ball and chain. And then I saw little children and the little children were walking beside their parents. Most of the children did not have any chains on them. They were free. But some of the children, the chains were coming down off the parents and getting on the children's shoulder. A couple of children had smaller chains and small balls and they were walking along. And what the Lord told me was, that what was happening was that the parents were word cursing their children. The parents were saying, "You were, oh, oh, everybody in our family has cancer. You're going to have cancer, too, or, you never listen. You never behave. You're never going to become anything". These were then coming off the parents and getting on the children. And the children were getting in chains. And the Lord told me, He said, "What's causing My children to get into bondage is sin. and their words. The sin is a trap of the enemy. And their words are the device the enemy uses to attack My children".

Sid Roth: What difference would it make if the parents, rather than those word curses that they don't even understand, that have so much power, so much supernatural power. What if they blessed their children?

Donna Rigney: Their children will be free. Their children would be blessed. Their children would receive the blessings that are in heaven, that God stored up in heaven. That He wants to come down to the earth, and their children would have those blessings on them.

Sid Roth: Well, there is so much to learn from the revelations she got in hell. But even greater, the revelation she got in heaven. One of my favorite places that you talk about is the Hall of Miracles. But tell me as you were entering, tell me about those body parts you saw.

Donna Rigney: All right. This place in heaven, it's called the Hall of Miracles, is probably my favorite place to go to. I would visit heaven,

Sid Roth: It would be my favorite.

Donna Rigney: And it's this enormous hall. Miles and miles long. And there's gold. Gold floor with beautiful chandeliers. There's all diamonds hanging from the whole ceiling down this hall there are doorways, all doorways. And so, the Lord brought me there and I said, "Can I go in and see what's in the doorways"? And He said, "Sure, you can go in". So, I went in the first doorway. The first doorway on the left was a room full of body parts. There were legs. There were arms. There were eyeballs. There were ears, there were all the things that God's children here on the earth would need. He's got them there in this room, ready at the great revival that's coming. He's going to empty that room and it will be pulled to the earth. For sure. But what He showed me is, we don't have to wait for the revival. If we pray, if we live in intimate fellowship with Him, if we turn from our wicked ways, stop sinning, stay, live holy lives, we can ask Him for those things, not just for ourselves. For others, too. And He said, "If we would do that, we would keep his angels busy day and night, bringing those treasures that are in the Hall of Miracles to the Earth". Now!

Sid Roth: I mean, you had so many places that you saw that intrigued me. I'd like to talk about your mansion because, we don't have time on that. But tell me about the Room of Golden Fishing Nets".

Donna Rigney: Yes. This was down the Hall of Miracles. In this room, that the Lord brought me into. There were beautiful, gold fishnets all over the room. And He said, "I'm getting ready to release these fish nets to the earth. And these are going to be sent to those that I've found faithful". He tests His children and He sees who's faithful to Him, who is diligent, who's responsible, who will do the right thing when nobody's looking. Those are the ones. Okay? That are faithful in the few, He's going to send these fish nets to and they're going to be used to bring in the end time harvest. He said, "You will not be drawing in material things with these fish nets. You're going to bring souls into My Kingdom".

Sid Roth: Tell me about the room filled with the Wind of the Spirit.

Donna Rigney: I walked in this room and it was filled with Holy Spirit. The presence of the Holy Spirit would, it was a wind that was blowing, and it was blowing warm. And it was the love of God just blowing through this room. Strong, blowing through. And He said, "I'm getting ready to release this wind to the earth". The same wind the blew at Pentecost is going to come to the earth. And that was what was in this room.

Sid Roth: Very briefly, with everything you've seen, what's the most important thing for us to be doing now?

Donna Rigney: The most important thing for us to be doing is spending time in intimate fellowship with the Lord. That is the most important thing. That's what He's looking for. He told me in this end time revival, He's only going to use those that spend time with Him, that know Him, that will sacrifice time in their lives to get to know Him, to talk to Him, to listen to Him, and to do what He tells them, to hear His Word and not obey it, that won't get us anywhere. We have to hear His Word. We have to obey it. We have to live holy lives set apart for Him, but lives of intimate fellowship with Him. What He's done with me with intimacy. He wants to do with everybody.

Sid Roth: What would God have you pray for the viewers and the studio audience right now?

Donna Rigney: Okay. Lord Jesus, I pray that each and every one of us, Lord God, would lay down those things that we put ahead of You in our lives, that we would truly love You with all our heart, all our mind, all our strength, that there would be nothing and no one that would separate us from You, Lord God, that we would live our lives in such a way that we would put a smile on Your face continually, that You would look down upon us and see a child that loves You, and that You would continually be waiting to grant every request Your children ask You. I pray You give every single one the grace to know You like this, to follow You, to live for You, to fall in love with You, and to be so close to you Lord God, that they feel Your presence upon them continually. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen

Sid Roth: And I seal that prayer. One thing that she said, and I don't want you to forget it. Everything is accessed by faith. If you take out the Word of God and He's no respecter of persons, you can say, that's mine!
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