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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - In Eternity, You Will Be Judged Based on This

Sid Roth - In Eternity, You Will Be Judged Based on This

Sid Roth - In Eternity, You Will Be Judged Based on This
TOPICS: Afterlife, Eternity, Judgment

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Peter Wyns I don't know about you but I remember as a young boy focusing on a subject what happens when you die, and I started to try to visualize what it be like if I was dead, now you picture a little eight year old kid six year old kid trying to visualize this. The thoughts were so gross and the thoughts were so objectionable I did the only logical thing that I could think of: I blocked it from my mind. Now I come from a Jewish background, and in Judaism we do talk about life after death, however no one ever talked to me about that. On this show you are going to understand what happens when someone dies, perhaps some of you for the very first time my quest Peter Wyns I have been so looking forward to meeting him, because I knew his grandfather. Now your grandfather was a very unique man, because he not only was a scholar, but he had great intimacy with the Spirit of God. Tell me about Derek Prince's scholarship.

Peter Wyns: Yes Derek Prince was trained in eaten, in Cambridge, in England, he was from a very aristocratic English background, he got to the place where he could speak Latin and Greek as a young teenager, and nine languages he spoke.

Sid Roth: As a teenager he must have absolutely brilliant.

Peter Wyns: He really was he studied Philosophy and logic and this all happened before he became a Christian, which happened while he was a soldier in the war, in the second world war.

Sid Roth: Now Peter, one of the things that impressed me about your grandfather was that they lived in Israel, with his wife Lydia and they adopted how many children?

Peter Wyns: They adopted at that time eight and then one African baby later and there was nine girls on all that they adopted and my mother was wonderful.

Sid Roth: You think that you have problems how would you like nine adopted children living in Israel for starters, now Peter there is a very interesting story about your mother tell me about her.

Peter Wyns: My mother was a little Jewish baby, Magdalene Miriam cats was her birth name and when she was five days old for some reason obvious trauma that we don't know about, her father was a rabbi left her at the doorstep of Lydia Christianson who became Lydia Prince. Basically he though this baby into Lydia's arms and Lydia who was caring for already four little girls took her in and took her clothes off, the skin peeled off of my mother the little baby at the time...

Sid Roth: She hadn't been taken care of.

Peter Wyns: She hadn't been taken care of, exactly and there was her birth certificate stuff there with her clothes and Lydia nursed her back to life. And then my mother grew there with the rest of the girls there was eighty that there cares for in those years and then when she was fifteen years of age 1948 Israel became a nation and she was there.

Sid Roth: Now that was such an historical moment but now I want to fast forward with the son, you. You would think that your father was a minister your grandfather was this great renound scholar with that type of heritage, that you would follow God and be a good what we call a mensch, be a good human being. But at a young age you had a crisis and I want to take you back, to you were on a bus, and something very supernatural happened to you.

Peter Wyns: Yes I was really rebellious to God, my family my dad who was a Christian preacher, and I hated the whole thought of church, and everything associated with it, and God was really getting after me. And on that bus he really spoke to me in my heart and I knew that he was saying before you get off of this bus you are going to have to make a choice, whether you are going to follow me or go your own way of your independence the way of the world you might say. And on that bus I knew enough because I had been raised in a Christian home and that before you can really get anywhere with God you have got to give him your life and so on the bus with nobody else there that I knew I bowed my head said a prayer asked the Lord to forgive me of all of my sins and wrong doings and to wash me and cleans me and I received what he did for me on the cross, of Calvary when he paid for my sins. And on that moment on the bus I had a marvelous supernatural experience that changed the agenda of my life.

Sid Roth: But you made a deal, tell me about the deal.

Peter Wyns: I did, I was fourteen and I don't know if I would recommend this for everybody but I said God I don't know if you are real,

Sid Roth: You just gave him your life what do you mean you don't know if he is real?

Peter Wyns: Well just before I gave him my life I said God I don't know if you are real, and if you are I would be a fool not to follow you. So I said I am going to give you my life for one week, and if in one week you prove yourself to me that you exist beyond my feelings and emotions then I will serve you in any way that you want for the rest of my life. And so then I gave my life to the Lord, and with this condition that it was a one-week give conditional upon give proving himself to me.

Sid Roth: And it is so phenomenal what happened at the end of this week we will pick up right here when we come back I mean there is an amazing miracle that is going to take place.

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter, outrageous Peter you a little teenage kid negotiating with the Creator of the universe did you realize what you were doing?

Peter Wyns: Well I do now, but...

Sid Roth: So you basically said that you have got to prove that you are real.

Peter Wyns: Yes

Sid Roth: And isn't that what everyone wants to know?

Peter Wyns: Yes and I think that it is the heart cry from every person and it is, is God really real? And I proved it for myself, that week I started to say Lord how are you going to show me, how are you going to prove to me that you are real? This was only between me and him and I read in the Bible and it said when you pray go into your closet and close the door. And your father who sees you in secret, your Heavenly Father, when you pray in secret he will reward you openly. So I went into that closet and I started to pray, and as I was in the closet I felt the power of the Holy Spirit come over me, and he directed me to praying for my older brother and sister and Andrew and grace, who were also teenagers but have never responded to the call of God. Never given themselves to God to become Christians, and there it was the seventh day had come around and I decided to fast not to eat that day but to give myself to this prayer.

Sid Roth: So you are saying that your brother and sister who were real heAthens didn't come to know Jesus in that one-week period you would say that God wasn't real?

Peter Wyns: That was the contract that I made at that time.

Sid Roth: Okay so what happens on that seventh day?

Peter Wyns: Well we were we had two meetings that day one in the morning and one in the evening, we had a quest speaker my dad was the pastor. Nobody knows about this, this is just between God and I and I am in there and the preacher is preaching and I am praying, and while I am praying I look back at my brother and sister and they are telling stories at the back of the church like they always did whispering and so on...

Sid Roth: Like most kids in church these days.

Peter Wyns: Absolutely they were not paying attention at all and I though oh nothing is happening here and nothing did happen, and then in the afternoon I went home didn't eat lunch and I prayed though the afternoon, and that evening meeting happened just the same the speaker got up to preach, and I was sitting more close to the front now that I was giving my life to Jesus, I looked back at Andrew and grace and they were telling stories and I said God maybe I asked something that was too hard for you and then all of a sudden I felt something rose in me and I said no, you love them and I know that you can't force them to become Christians but you can at least show me that you are working on them in a dynamic way. And so I began to pray and at the end of the sermon this preacher gave an alter call he called people to come to the front to give there life's to Jesus. To surrender to him and nothing happened, and my dad went up and close the meeting -

Sid Roth: Were you nervous that you were going to have to turn from God I know he said it was your last chance.

Peter Wyns: I was desperate and I started to pray and I said God I am still going to pray I am still holding on I am still believing in you. This was the seventh day and all of a sudden this preacher who jumped to his feet and he said I am sorry pastor I can't explain this but the Holy Spirit is in me is telling me I need to do this again and he came to the podium and again he called people to the front and nobody responded. And he went and set down and I kept praying, and my dad came to close the meeting in prayer and all of a sudden he jumped to his feet again, it was so unorthodox and he said I have to apologize.

Sid Roth: That is almost someone who has a life sentence and then he is going to be executed because he is going to the electric chair and he has a reprey for one times, two times how many times?

Peter Wyns: It happened seven times,

Sid Roth: Seven times! Peter Wyns:.That is right

Sid Roth: You know Peter just as you were at such a difficult point I mean this was life or death with you, there are many of you that have had life or death situations, especially pertaining to physical healing and have had miracles, now you watch tv and you see quote, "The professionals" out there but that is not the way that God intended it, the way he intended it was for each one of us to walk in miracles. I believe that many of you have had a genuine miracle for God and we have a new segment coming up right now it is called supernatural cam, in otherwords I want you to take your video camera you little inexpensive video camera and give me a two to three minute report of the miracle that took place in your life. I would like you to see an example of this, here is a woman that out of the blue she got ms but she begged God for a miracle lets go to d.D. Hudson right now.

Sid Roth: D.D.Hudson got a miracle but what you are about to find out that happened to Peter was a far greater miracle, I mean it was spectacular, we will be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Peter Wyns and this young fourteen year old said God if you are real you will cause my brother and my sister to accept you within one week, I give you one week to prove yourself real with me. So he sits in the church and his father is the minister they give one alter call because Peter is sweating for all he is worth because this is forever with God that is at stake, the second alter call, I mean this is highly unusual I don't think that this minister ever did this before the quest speaker seven alter calls at the seventh alter call what happened Peter?

Peter Wyns: Well at the fifth alter call he jumped up and gave this alter call again, and the presence of the Holy Spirit just filled the room and people started to cry. Just in the back and all over and you could feel God doing something very powerfully and my eyes were closed and I was crying and I was still praying and after the final seventh alter call I opened my eyes and there was Andrew and grace my older brother and sister, on there knees down at the front and tears were coming down there eyes they repented of there sins and gave there lives to Jesus. Andrew became a preacher of the Gospel and grace is still walking with the Lord 35 years later.

Sid Roth: So what would have happened with you Peter if this deal that you struck with God your brother and sister did not receive Jesus you had walked away from God your whole life and then you died. Now what would happen to you?

Peter Wyns: Well given that God didn't come after me again, so that I could become a Christian, I would of one day had to stand in front of the judgement seat of Christ. Because the scripture says it is a point of the man who wants to die and then the judgment. And there are judgments in this life that have ramifications as to what our family might have done before us. Or the nation that we live in there are natural calamities that bring judgments on nations and families and we are part of that if we live in a family or a community or in the nation, but eternal judgment is a totally different thing it is individual every person stands regardless of what there families have done what nations have done, where they were born they stand alone before God and have to give a response to Gods call on there life whether they are going to respond to him whether they are going to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah as there master as there Savior having died on the cross to have to pay for there sins. And those who believe on that the Bible tells us very clear they receive eternal life.

Sid Roth: So what happens with someone that made that decision like yourself, would you go through a judgment?

Peter Wyns: Well there is a judgment but it is not the Great White Throne judgment, before all mighty God, it is called in the Greek the bema which is a throne that you come before Jesus Christ himself. And he judges Christians and believers on how they have responded to the call on there life in terms of how they have served him, how they have walked with him as a disciple, how they have followed him, and those who do exploits and do wonderful things for God the scripture teaches us that the Lord rewards them in a greater and more wonderful way in the life to come.

Sid Roth: Well Peter what happens if someone doesn't receive Jesus they go through this Great White Throne judgment, as you understand it are they evaluated on everything that they did in there life or what is your understanding of what actually the process is I mean is there a jury is there a court is there a gavel?

Peter Wyns: Well it is God all mighty that is the judge that is his title, and he is the one who determines, none of us can judge another person in terms of eternal matters only God can. And the primary issue is have you received what he has offered? Or have you rejected him and what he offers to us is the Savior of the world his son Jesus. So those that receive Jesus receive the rewards of the inheritance that belongs to Jesus, and those that don't the scripture says that they do go to hell, as politically incorrect as that is, that is what the Bible teaches and it is a place of suffering and torment apart from God and all eternity.

Sid Roth: You know I have often thought lets suppose someone isn't sure isn't it a dumb thing to do at least what you did and what I am saying is, is that God at least show me in some way so that I can understand, isn't it kind of foolish?

Peter Wyns: If someone really is serious about the truth and wanting to seek God, God will meet them, if they are willing to take steps and put there life on the line I know without a doubt that God in some way will meet them and reveal to them the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sid Roth: You know Peter what I think is phenomenal is when we die, we are alone before a holy God. But in this life and see a lot of people say well I don't really know what is going to happen, but the truth is I know what happened in my life that is the truth, and in my life I was much more messed up then Peter, my marriage went down the drain, I didn't get a divorce but I was separated from my wife and daughter and my job was down the drain, I was an account executive with Maryl Lynch and I just walked away from my job and then I got involved in the new age which God calls an abomination in the Torah coming from a Jewish background, and so I had no where to go but God and I believe that there are people watching me right now I believe that you have no where to go. And this is my story and you might not totally understand it but I cried out in desperation the worst day of my life and my prayer was a two word prayer, "Jesus help", it wasn't some great master piece and I went to bed and when I woke up there was such a piece we call it shalom it was inside of my heart and my whole life was transformed so you don't understand the fact that Jesus came to earth God and human form and died on the cross for our sins and for our diseases and you don't totally understand that and he died and he rose to the dead and by his blood our sins our washed away, but if I tell you if you will take a step towards God he will take two steps towards you isn't it time you take the first step. He has already taken his step, what I have already told you is enough, it's enough is there anything worth living for to give up eternity with God? The peace that I walk in, I mean I have challenges just like you but I tell you that you don't have to do it by yourself. You don't have to be alone you can be filled with the love of God wherever you go and a lot of people don't know this but God is love and you have never experienced love until you open yourself up and you say "God I am sorry for my sins please forgive me I make Jesus my Lord amen". That is it, that simple.
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