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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Open Your Eyes to See Angels and the Invisible World

Sid Roth - Open Your Eyes to See Angels and the Invisible World

Sid Roth - Open Your Eyes to See Angels and the Invisible World
TOPICS: Angels

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Gary and Kathy Oates, Gary was in Brazil and he had been praying a prayer, Lord open my eyes, and it happened and he got a shock when it happened, he could see angles for the first time and he felt if he could hear God's voice, if he could see what God was doing, that is how you are really suppose to operate, under the new covenant, and what I am wondering is, Kathy when you saw God doing all of these wonderful things, with your husband, did you get a little lets say spiritually jealous?

Kathy Oates: In a way...

Sid Roth: I would if my wife were dong all of that.

Kathy Oates: Yes we are real close and I was excited for him, but I didn't stay jealous long enough to think about it. I decided no matter what I was going to press in and be able to have the same anointing that he had.

Sid Roth: That is what I mean by jealous.

Kathy Oates: It was a godly jealous. It was something that God had put into my heart to go into that realm also, so it motivated me, there was no destructive force with it, it motivated me to press in to receive the same gifting and the same kind of anointing that he had and I was really sick when they had an impartation service with the same man that had prayed for Gary. And I got up out of bed and I had terrible bronchitis went all the way across rio, I was in Brazil, and I pressed in until he laid his hands on me and his partner had blown the shofar beside me and I had an encounter with the Lord that day. It wasn't as dramatic as Gary,

Sid Roth: What was your encounter?

Kathy Oates: My encounter was, that I the power of God was so strong on me I fell to the floor I was glued to the floor, and God caught me up to the throne in his spirit and I became like a little boy before him I was so, you know how little boys have so much junk in there pockets and they think that it is all wonderful treasures, and these were not treasures to God this was junk.

Sid Roth: This was sin.

Kathy Oates: This was sin: this was things that looked good on the outside being the pastors wife for thirty years, but was not pleasing to God and he wanted it all. And I began pulling out pride, I began pulling out performance, I had begun pulling out judgments that I had made that I though were so righteous but were not righteous.

Sid Roth: That is one that I am personally being convicted of, and I think that we all judge each other a little too much.

Kathy Oates: Right we don't know the heart of man God is the only one who does. And all of these things, I just had a huge house cleaning before the Lord, and then he gave me a gold coin and he said this is the Kingdom of God eat it, and it was a prophetic sign to me and I did what I was told to do and I ate it, and it was after that, they had to carry me out to the bus after wards.

Sid Roth: What was going on? Why did they have to carry you?

Kathy Oates: I couldn't talk...

Sid Roth: You couldn't talk but they didn't have to carry you.

Kathy Oates: They did the power of God was so strong on me I sensed his presence so much, just like many of those in the Bible who have experienced his presence, to that degree I became totally weak, I could not function and I could not speak, until there would be heat that would go right across my back this was a physical manifestation when the heat was on my back I could speak, and to this day when I feel a strong anointing that heat goes across my back.

Sid Roth: Tell me how this plays out now you are able to see in the spirit realm, tell me an example of something of how it has benefited someone.

Kathy Oates: We were at a conference in one of the larger cities in America and I was standing up front and I saw an angle behind a man part of the way down, and I decided to be obedient when I see that I go and I do what I saw the angle do what the angle is doing. So I go back and I see the angle blow on his head three times, well the presence of God was so strong, in that area that other people were getting around to this man. So when I put my hand on his head and I blew on his head three times, I thought I may look stupid but I am going for it I am going to be obedient, he went down and he stayed down for the longest time it was almost like surges of energy going through him just surges and surges and I couldn't find out what was wrong with him I couldn't tell. I had to wait it out and in the meantime people were running up and I was putting my other hand on them and they were getting healed, it was an awesome time and it really shows what obedience can do and I was just a con to it and finally the man came out of it about 25 minutes later and I finally he had enough sense about him that he could speak and I said what is wrong with you? And he said all I can tell you is I have had shock treatments three years ago and I lost who I was, and he said I felt, when you put your hands on me and blew on my head I felt my brain cells being arranged and I have gotten my personhood back tonight.

Sid Roth: You know Kathy and Gary Oates were just average until an extraordinary God touched them, you are going to get an inside, I am going to have them pray a prayer for you we will be right back after these words.

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth here, your investigative reporter here with Gary and Kathy Oates and I have to tell you the Bible says that the gentile Christian is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. And Gary and Kathy you are provoking me to jealousy, we were having dinner last night and all of a sudden, one of you said I think that it was you Kathy, that you saw an angle or was it you Gary?

Gary Oates: Oh yah, I saw an angle with you? Yes with a rod he came around and he was behind you, and he walked around in front... It was like a scepter it was like a rod of authority, and he handed that too you and then he turned and disappeared. And I felt like in the spirit that was a rod of authority that God is giving you in the spirit that as you... There was an illumination that was happening as well over you head. God was bringing light and revelation, into you and I believe that God was bringing you to the place where you as you begin to speak those words as they come out of your mouth they will be the anointing point of God and it will bring the pass right here on earth what he is doing in heaven as he uses that authority given to you by him.

Sid Roth: Gary that is not much to desire, but I think that loves God that is there hearts desire. Can anyone move into these realms, with God?

Gary Oates: Absolutely I believe so it is for every person, God is not a respecter of persons what it takes James chapter four says drawl near to God and he will drawl near to you. Who takes the first step?

Sid Roth: We do, and see I always thought it was a sovereign thing if God wants to do it he he'll do it, if he doesn't want to he won't.

Gary Oates: There is some thing that happens when we press in and press in just like Jacob wrestling with the angle he wrestled all night long, and the angle says lets stop this, lets stop. He would say no I am not going to stop until I receive that blessing I am not giving up. It was the same thing with Elijah and Elisha, Elisha wanted the double portion: he had to stay with Elijah everywhere he went he had to be with him, be sent with him, to receive that double anointing and we received that he pressed in he was right there and that is what it takes, it takes a hunger and a desire on the inside and a lot of people say I want more of God I want more of his presence you know I want more power I want all of this stuff. But we need to pay this price, a simple price of coming into his presence and seeking the face of God.

Sid Roth: Well you know for starters most people don't even understand what we have been talking about but I want you to provoke me and everyone else to a lot more jealousy you were telling me about one time God opened your eyes and you saw an angle surrounding something, tell me about that.

Gary Oates: Well, this was in Rio this was after all of these experiences all of these things were happening to me and we went back to the pastor's office and there was a man in there about 75 years old and he was dying of brain cancer, he had surgery and they said there was nothing that we could do for you, and he was desperate him and his wife, by the way neither one of them knew the Lord and so as we begin to pray to them and as we begin to minister to them, I saw the wings of a large angle come out around that man and held him just real tenderly like that and I looked at that and I looked again and as I looked again right beside this large angle was a smaller angle. This angle was blowing fire into the mans head. I did a double take it looked like a blowtorch of fire coming out of the angle going right for the mans head. And so I stopped and I said wait a minute I asked the man I said so you feel anything right now is anything happening right now? And he said oh yes he said my head, he said it is so hot, he said it feels like it is on fire, he said my head is burning up, he said I am healed I am healed. I said well praise God I said well I believe that you are healed too, and then I said I want you to get that medically verified go back to your doctor and have that medically verified: he said I don't need to, he said I know that I am healed, but I encouraged him anyway, I said no I want you to go and verify this healing and he said okay I will. And then I remember that he and his wife didn't know Jesus so I gave them a brief plan of salvation, I asked him would you like to invite Jesus Christ into your life right now, and he looked up at me and I thought that is was going to be the easiest person to lead to Jesus in the world, he looked up at me and he said no, and I said no, what do you mean no, after all that God did for you? And he said well I don't want to go to this church. And I thought well what do you mean you don't want to go to this church, and I said no, no, no, he said because he had relatives there, and family he didn't want to go to that church and he thought if he got saved there he would have to go to that church. And I said we are not talking about religion we are talking about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you can go to whatever church you want to a good Bible believing church. That believes in miracles and signs and wonders and believes in the power of God, and I said but you go to whatever church that you want to. And he oh okay then yes I will and right there, he and his wife held hands tears streaming down their faces, received Jesus Christ into there heart.

Sid Roth: Kathy, tell me about your trip to Ghana, did you see many miracles?

Kathy Oates: Yes, we saw many, many miracles, we saw a higher percentage of miracles then we have seen just about anywhere. And it was because there were angles on the bus. Now that sounds funny to say.

Sid Roth: It sounds wonderful to me.

Kathy Oates: But we had come in this bus and it was an open-air meeting, and Gary pointed and he said there are angles up there on the bus. So the team all went over their and many people the Ghanaian's are very shy people, so it was a good thing God knew their hearts that they wouldn't want to just come straight up front and the bus was kind of in the shadows so they could come over there on there own. And we saw 35 blind eyes opened and 23 deaf ears opened.

Sid Roth: Say that again.

Kathy Oates: 35 blind eyes opened and 23 deaf ears opened, and one of them I think that the Lord really used, was a little boy named queasy the little deaf boy, and everybody in the village knew him as queasy the deaf boy and his was the first miracle that God did. And the other children when they were being prayed for they were listening to his testimony, they all left who was praying for them to come here that there friend had been healed, it was a major night it was huge.

Sid Roth: Did you ever think that God was going to use the two of you like that?

Kathy Oates: No I didn't I think that he had it in his heart but I was such a...

Sid Roth: I don't know about all of those blind eyes opening, and deaf, how about you do you think that God will ever use you? I believe that not only he will, that he wants to more than you want him too. We are going to pray a prayer of impartation in a moment it is going to be sort of a jump-start that means that you have to do the rest yourself but we are going to pray for a jump-start for you don't go away we will be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter, here with Gary and Kathy Oates, and they are really provoking me to jealousy how about you? Are you hungry for God, do you really want more? Do you want to be able to do exactly what your DNA tells you are supposed to do, what God created you to do. Haven't you felt in your heart that there is something more. Gary I want you to pray for people to want to have a jump-start to want to spend time with God and rearrange their priorities and rearrange their whole life, really put God first, more important then baseball or television, or anything going on in your life. As a matter of fact there is a person that is involved in yoga right now and you said how does Sid know that well God told me he knows your name, would you pray for them Gary?

Gary Oates: I would love too: this is a time as you have been seeking God you have been seeking his face, you want more you are desperate for more of his pretense, you know that, that hunger inside has not been satisfied yet, your heart is crying out to him, I believe that God wants to move those obstacles those barriers for that intimacy with him, those walls can crumble but you can come into a fresh and living relationship with the all mighty God, and it is a very simple thing in realizing the sin areas in our lives allowing God to bring them up before us and confess them and let him deal with those, let him minister to those areas and those hurts and those wounds of the past in our lives that have prevented us from experiencing more. And then yield the member of your body to him, yield your five senses to him, your eyes, your ears, your nose your mouth your hands those are the entry and access points for the enemy but they are the entry and access points for the power of God. This living God has access to us our senses are like spiritual antennas for the things of God. And so I want to pray that God will open your eyes into the realm of the spirit that you come into a new measure a new walk a new level of anointing like you have never experienced before. And so I want you to just pray with me as we take a moment now just deal with any of those areas of sin that you know that God has already brought it out. Deal with that quickly we are going to pray as Gods power will come upon you, and as you experienced his presence like you have never done before. To come into that deep, deep place of intimacy with him and experience manifest presence, so lets pray. Father in the name of Jesus, God just like Elijah prayed for his servant in second kings chapter 6, oh Lord I pray open their eyes, so that they might see. God they might see beyond the natural realm into the realm of the spirit, to be able to see what you are doing, now to have to guess at it, God that you will just pull back the vale that the scales from our eyes will begin to fall off, and God that we can walk in the new realm of the spirit that we can have revelation from you God that our eyes be open so that we can see angles, that we have more visions and dreams and revelations and more supernatural encounters and experiences with you. Thank you father, come now the Holy Spirit into each people God increase your presence right now, right there in that room right now, in the name of Jesus, thank you father.

Sid Roth: Some of you are experiencing a gentle river of God's sweet presence, others are not feeling anything, don't get faked out, whether you feel or not you are sincerely moving towards God, he is sincerely running towards you. And the feeling will come. Gary there is a very special presence of God on this set but you know what, candidly when I am around the two of you, I feel God's presence out of curiosity when you are on an airplane, are you ready a Bible or are you reading a book, or are you talking to the person next to you, what are you doing?

Kathy Oates: Spending time in the presence of the Lord. We put our earplugs in and we put our facemasks on, and we get before the Lord of glory and we enter into the throne room many times and just bask in his love. And just soak in his presence and that is how we spend our time. And I spend a lot of time in the car when we are driving up here, I spend a lot of time like that before the Lord. Our minds go before the throne room and into the throne of grace and many times Jesus comes to dances and me with me or the Lord puts me on his lap and loves me like a daddy, he wants us to become like little children, like that where he is our Heavenly Father, that was his original plan you know, was to walk and talk with us, and for us to be his people, and him to be our God. And he walked with Adam and he talked with him, everyday, and that is what he wants out of his people, and at the same time I sense that there is a woman who has been praying for her daughter names Barbara, and Barbara is about 15 years old and she has left home. And the Lord says to you, don't fear mother, she is in my care and my angles are watching over her and this is a time where she might go through much difficulty but I will bring her back to me for my eye is on her and my hand is on her. And so you can know mom that your God is greater then distance and that he is greater then anything and he is going to bring that daughter home.

Sid Roth: Gary a last thought to encourage our people to lay down what lies behind and press on for that great call.

Gary Oates: Exactly that is the key to always desire more, you know God said when you seek me you will find me, when you search for me with your whole heart, give him your heart he wants your whole heart, God is looking throughout the whole earth and he can find somebody whose heart is completely his, one hundred percent, he is not looking for fifty percent,

Sid Roth: But Gary we can't do that with his help.

Gary Oates: That is right but we press in for more of his presence, more of his presence everyday so that we can experience his manifestation I do it everyday of my life. I long for his presence. I am more in love with him then I have ever been in my life, I can't get enough of his presence that is the key. That's the key that is what God wants from us, and that is what we desperately need from him, is more of his presence in our lives.

Kathy Oates: And I think a word of encouragement for those who feel divided at heart because of pressure and things that the world has put on us, I think if we start where we are and start small and keep pressing in and pressing in more of our hearts will come in line and we will drawl more of our personal as we get to know the Lord of glory and fall in love with him, then our hearts will come along and they will be whole.

Sid Roth: So the operative word is press in, there is so much waiting for you, so much more God has such good plans for your life.
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