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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Breakthrough, The Untold Story

Sid Roth - Breakthrough, The Untold Story

Sid Roth - Breakthrough, The Untold Story
Sid Roth - Breakthrough, The Untold Story
TOPICS: Breakthrough

Sid Roth: Jason. Your father is a pastor. And of course today you're a pastor.

Jason Noble: Yes.

Sid Roth: At age 8 you become a believer. And it was almost a normal type of thing. You go to Sunday school at 9 and what happens?

Jason Noble: I got filled with the Holy Spirit. God's power just showed up and it was just a normal Sunday. I had leaders that believed that it was so important to introduce kids to the supernatural and they did. I mean, got filled with the Spirit and from there seeing God just do incredible miracles of healing, um, people raised from the dead. It's been an incredible experience. God moved.

Sid Roth: Tell me your definition of a miracle. A miracle to me is God doing only what He could do. There's no other answer. It's an impossible situation where only, the only answer is God showing up.

Sid Roth: Jason was involved in a miracle. It was such a major miracle, Hollywood made a motion picture of this. What's the name with the picture?

Jason Noble: The movie's called "Breakthrough". And now it's available anywhere, where you can pick up movies.

Sid Roth: Well, tell me about John Smith, you made that name up, correct?

Jason Noble: No I didn't.

Sid Roth: I'm teasing!

Jason Noble: I can't say, I can. I did but, yeah, I mean I'd gotten the call. It was January 19th, 2015. St. Louis Missouri. A 14 year old boy had fallen through the ice in Lake St. Louis. He was under for 15 minutes. They pulled him out and he was dead. I mean, icicles hanging off of his body. His body was gray. They worked on him for another 45 minutes. An hour and eight minutes altogether with no pulse, no oxygen and so, after an hour and eight minutes, they were ready to call time of death. I mean the doctors know after basically two minutes the chance of living is pretty much nonexistent. Joyce Smith walked in the room. John had been adopted from Guatemala and she just, she said, "I am not letting my son go"! In a split minute decision. She walked up to her dead, cold, son's feet.

Sid Roth: But, but, how does she even know to do this?

Jason Noble: Well, that's a great great perspective. She was preparing months before and she didn't even know. And what started it for her is, she had seen that Abraham was a friend of God. And she started this study. She said, "Why was Abraham known as a friend of God"? And God took her on this journey that would lead her up to this hospital room where she stood in front of John. And you know, so many times as believers we wait till the middle of the storm to prepare for it. But we have to prepare before the storm to build our foundation ahead of time. That means being in God's Word, that means praying, that means being desperate for Him. So, she walks up and she grabs her son's cold feet and at that moment they said that literally, when she prayed, she prayed, "Holy Spirit. Bring my son back to life"! The power of God went up his body so strong that it literally knocked the medical professionals off of his body.

Sid Roth: Where's a television camera when I want it?

Jason Noble: Yeah. Right. Right. Exactly. And at that moment, his heartbeat came back. His pulse came back. He had a pulse. They transferred him down to St. Louis' Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital where they said he's brain dead. That he is, there's a one percent chance he'll make it overnight. If he does make it, he'll be a vegetable the rest of his life, you know. And what, what we learned walking out of that is, God does a miracle. But sometimes you have to fight for the completion of that miracle. We walked into that room and we began to pray, "Lord, restore his lungs, like, breathe life back into him". And as I prayed that prayer, I turn around and in the room, I see two angels that are floor to ceiling. I mean, and they were on, they were like, on guard. And I'd seen those two angels in a lady's room that I prayed with four years earlier, in Port Angeles, Washington. I'd gotten the call that she was 15 minutes from death. Eighty-five years old, had never ever mentioned the Name of Jesus or given her heart to the Lord. I got down by her ear and I whisper, "Ma'am, you are on the edge of eternity," because I think the greatest miracle that we'll ever experience is salvation. That's the greatest miracle! I'd squeezed her hands and said, "Ma'am, you're on the edge of eternity, if you want to ask Jesus in your heart"? I felt her faintly squeeze. Within 15; and I turned around as she squeezed my hand, and those same two angels were in the room. And within 15 minutes, I started seeing the color of life come back into her, she was awake in 30 minutes, and after an hour she said, "I gave my life to Jesus". And she walked out of the hospital a day later. And so I knew. I knew with John, that God had done something. So we continued to pray, "Lord, restore his brain". And over his brain, I saw like a million colors, like God was just knitting his brain, because I believe that God still the Creator. If He created the heavens and the earth, He can still create today. And we prayed and literally, he opened his eyes. I saw life. I walked to Joyce and said, "I don't know how. I'm not sure when, but he is walking out of this hospital and he'll be completely healed".

Sid Roth: Whoa, whoa, How could you know that? How could you make a statement to a mother that her son is dead, dead, dead.

Jason Noble: Yeah.

Sid Roth: And I guess if he ever for some miracle became alive, he'd be brain dead!

Jason Noble: because I saw life in his eyes and I knew those two angels, I'd seen them before and I knew it. I walked out, we said, I mean, he is walking out of the hospital and we held onto that. The next morning, I came back though and it was about 9 a.m. and walk in and he's still in bad shape. I mean, like you know the he was still in a coma. Doctors were still saying there was no hope. I walk up to his bed and I said, "John, this Pastor Jason". And we'd actually never met. I'd only been their pastor for three months at this point. And I walked up to his bed. I said, "John, this Pastor Jason". And tears started rolling down his eyes and I said, "Do you want me to stay with you"? He shook his head, yes. And at that moment, I felt like the Lord said, "As a shepherd, there are times that I call pastors to leave the ninety-nine for the one. And that's what I'm calling you to do". And I stuck by his side. We saw God do incredible miracles. He walked out of the hospital completely healed and whole, 16 days later.

Sid Roth: How old is John Smith now? And what is his health?

Jason Noble: John Smith is 19 years old and he was cleared by all doctors, 40 days after that. He is perfectly fine.

Sid Roth: There's a word that God taught you.

Jason Noble: Yep.

Sid Roth: And most people don't know what that, what you really, they know what the word means but they don't know what you're referring to.

Jason Noble: Right.

Sid Roth: God said, positioning. Did He speak to you with an audible voice?

Jason Noble: With an audible voice, because I was wrestling with this. I go, you know, even before John's accident, I was wrestling with reading the book of Acts, seeing people in incredible need today, knowing God could do miracles that we read about in the book of Acts and throughout the New Testament, but not seeing it today. There's a disconnect. And I was praying, "Lord, do what you did in the Book of Acts today". We need you to show up. People need breakthrough and a week later John Smith happened. And as we walk through that process I go okay. "Lord, like I know we can't dictate the outcomes of miracles, we can t, we can't really be focused but what do we need to do"? And I started this study through the scripture of looking at every miracle and realizing that God always chooses to partner with us when he's about to do a miracle or breakthrough, whether that be in finances or health, He always uses a human component and we need to position ourselves for a miracle and the greatest perspective is it's like a baseball analogy. You're out in third, out in right field, out in the, you know, and you don't know when a ball's coming but when it comes, you've got to be ready to catch it. And that's the best way of how to position ourselves. I think for a miracle. To be ready for what God wants to do.

Sid Roth: I want you to Take me through how Joyce Smith positioned herself for her son's miracle.

Jason Noble: Yeah, definitely. When she walked into that room, she'd heard the report. She knew exactly what the doctors were saying about John, that he was dead, and in a split-second, because I believe that, if she would've made a different move, if she would have said, "Okay, I'm just going to allow my son to die". He would have been gone. But in a split-second, and so many times, it's our split-second response, when we get that call, and life turns upside down, what we do in that split-second, will dictate if we're going to position ourselves for a miracle or not. When Joyce walked into that room. She didn't have to think about it, it was inside of her. She grabbed his feet and she prayed, "Holy Spirit, bring my son back to life"! There was not any other talk. And you know what I always say is that when we get into a moment like that, what we put inside of us, is what comes out. And that's why it's so important to, to, before it even happens, you know, before we're even in a situation, to be putting that stuff inside of us to know. And what stuff am I talking about? The Scripture, God's principles, how do we position ourselves, that stuff inside of us so that when that moment comes, that we can do it. Joyce did, and position ourselves and believe God for a miracle.

Sid Roth: God told him so many things.

Jason Noble: Yes.

Sid Roth: In addition to how to position yourself, God told him to ignore certain things. Imagine? Ignore them! We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Now, angels play a big part in everything that you do. Tell me about Shelly.

Jason Noble: So the week after that Friday, John was in the hospital on Monday. That Friday, I got a call from a lady who said, "Where there two angels in John's room on Monday night"? And I said, "Yeah. There were, I saw them". And she goes, "I saw those two angels in his room also, and they were the same angels that were in my room, when I was 16 years old, dying in a hospital. They showed up and I was completely healed"!

Sid Roth: Now you talk about, miracle in the Bible, and you trace them; all have human components. Explain that.

Jason Noble: Yeah. Every miracle, whether that be Jesus or be other people, the disciples, or it be the four friends that carry the man to Jesus and drop him through a roof. There's always people that position themselves, who would line themselves up, with how they acted, and played their part, and played their role, with what God's Word said about being that conduit that He could work in our lives. He loves to partner with us. And so I want to be the type of a person that says, "Man, God, I want to partner with you and I want to see breakthrough in my life and in people's lives all around me". We all want a miracle, but it always starts with a crisis and how we respond when that crisis; and to be honest, we're always only one call away from a crisis. I mean life could be turned upside down in a minute. And what do we do? And what I'm coming along and encouraging them is, no, don't let fear, don't let worry, don't let anxiety take over, but position yourself. That's where we stand on God's promises. We speak life and we hold on to what God's promised, no matter what we see. We work, you know, I always say to people, "What's your go-to? What is to go-to in your life, when your life turns upside down"?

Sid Roth: And you also talk about believe and obey.

Jason Noble: Yes!

Sid Roth: That's simple!

Jason Noble: Very simple! Believe and obey. You know I've heard people say Why must I have enough faith for Jesus do a miracle in my life. And the Bible says we either have it or we don't. The size of a mustard seed. And we're given that faith. And I tell people all the time, "If you've lost your faith, go back to the point of salvation and get it restored". But belief is something we can build. I would say this, like faith is like knowing there's a gym. Belief is like actually going and working out.

Sid Roth: Big difference!

Jason Noble: Big difference!

Sid Roth: Give me an example of what you've just been teaching here. You were at Costco's.

Jason Noble: Yeah, I was at Costco one day and I'd walked in, I was probably hanging out at the Oreo cookie aisle, you know kind of just enjoying those a little bit now.

Sid Roth: That's where you like to evangelize.

Jason Noble: But I walked in, I met a lady from our church and she said, "Man, I've been having massive headaches. I've been having just massive migraines". And I said, "I'll pray for you". The Christian line, "I'll pray for you". And walked on and went about my business. About three, three three aisles down. God said to me, "You're not going to pray for her". I go, "Well I think, I plan on it". He goes, "No, you need to get back into it right now. Don't leave here without praying". And so I did it. I went down and I prayed for her and she was automatically set free. And so, you wonder how many opportunities we miss because we don't take that moment right away. Believe and obey.

Sid Roth: You talk about there's things in life we have to ignore. And you even talked about Jairus' daughter.

Jason Noble: Yes. Oh yeah. Because I mean, when Jesus came on the scene the family was saying, "No, she's dead. Why didn't you come"? You know, and Jesus ignored it. He didn't answer them. And I think in our lives we have to ignore things like doctor's reports or when doctors say there's nothing else we can do. That's when Jesus gets to step in and incredible things happen. There's things that, even some friends we have to ignore. If you have friends in your life like Job, you need to ignore them.

Sid Roth: It's not so easy to ignore a doctor's report.

Jason Noble: Sure. That's right.

Sid Roth: Who says you have cancer you have four months to live.

Jason Noble: Right.

Sid Roth: So what would you do if such a horrible report came to you?

Jason Noble: Man, I'd take it to God. I'd just say, "God, this is what I'm hearing, what do you say? What's your truth about it? Speak to me". And you know the hard part of that? Here's the hard part, is holding on to that. Holding onto what God says. But when God speaks, you can hold onto it. I've even heard believers say that, "I've tried everything there is to try. Now, I guess I can pray". Like prayer's their last resort. And I say, "No, pray first"! Like what are you desperate for? Are you desperate for God to show up or are you spending more time on Web M.D. trying to figure it out? I mean, like, what are you desperate for? And that's a, that's an important question. Desperation. Like the lady with the issue of blood. She was desperate, in Scripture. Where she would be willing to travel and meet Jesus and be so glad just to touch His garment. Many of us want to give it up. She was desperate.

Sid Roth: Okay. What happens when you see so many miracles but then the people you pray for die? There's a lot of people in that situation. Next. We will be right back to "Its Supernatural"!

Sid Roth: Sometimes; I know this has happened with me.

Jason Noble: Yeah.

Sid Roth: I've prayed for people with incurable diseases and they have died.

Jason Noble: Yeah.

Sid Roth: It happened with you. Tell me a case.

Jason Noble: It did! We had a young man in our church who had melanoma cancer. He had given his life to the Lord, he was 33 years old, had two kids. We began to pray for him and through the process we were believing God to just show up and just do incredible miracles in his life. And it came right down to the end of his life where I asked him, I said, "Man, like, do you do you want us to keep fighting? Are you ready to go home? What do you want us to do"? He said, "I'm ready to go home". And at that point I went to his mom and I said, "Listen, like he's ready and you have to release him. We're going to release him but we're going to fight until the very last minute". Because, I believe that God could heal him. But the reality of it is, is that death is part of life and that we're all going to die. Lazarus isn't here. John will die someday. We're all going to face it. That's why eternity is the question. The greatest miracle is salvation. And I tell people all the time, I've heard people say, "Well, I prayed and my loved one wasn't healed, they died". And I said, "No, you have to change that around. They were healed. They weren't healed the way you wanted them to be healed but they were healed as they stepped into eternity. And God gave them a new body". It wasn't what she wanted but we don't always get what we want. I tell people all the time, "I've prayed for more people that have died, than lived". That's part of this. And so, and then with that when families have to walk through tragedy like that. I'm so thankful that Jesus walks right beside us.

Sid Roth: I want you to, I want you to repeat a prayer with me. I want you to know God. You have something inside of you. It's called your spirit, that wants to know God, is jumping up and down right now to know God. There's nothing else. Repeat this prayer after me: "Dear God I've made many mistakes. And I'm so sorry. I believe the blood of my Messiah, Jesus, washes away all my mistakes. And I'm clean. It's so good to be clean. And now that I'm clean. Jesus, come and live inside of me. Take over my life. I make you my Lord. I want to experience you. I want to feel your love. I want to be able to love you. Amen". So Jason, you say big belief leads to big prayer.

Jason Noble: That's right. When you believe God's promises and you believe in all that He says, you can pray big. People say all the time "Well, what if you had prayed and God didn't answer," and I knew He would answer one way or another, and I was confident in that. When I took that prayer request for John, I said, "God, whatever you want to do. I know what I'd like to see. But whatever you want to do and we're going to pray big. We're going to pray And because our belief is big in what You say and who You are".

Sid Roth: Shara. Tell me about her.

Jason Noble: Shara was an incredible lady in our community who won so many people to the Lord, but her husband one day had gotten an asthma attack through spraying things on their bushes. And basically when we got called on the scene, he had, he had went into cardiac arrest, his lungs were, I mean, petrified basically and so they were so hard that he couldn't breathe. And we walked in the room and we started praying big prayers, exactly like what we did with John. And in that process, we just prayed, "God restore him, heal him". He ended up at the hospital. It looked bad. We continue to pray. It's so important to put worship and prayer in the atmosphere and really, what we did in Shara's situation, is we kicked anyone out of the room that had doubt. They just said, "Listen there's no room for it".

Sid Roth: Well, Jesus did that.

Jason Noble: Right. Right. Because, we also believe in the power of speaking life over your situation. And so there was no doubt, and within, within, just a few moments, one day, he just started turn around. He walked out of the hospital completely healed. The doctors said there was no hope, he was brain dead. Kind of the same situation. And we we prayed big prayers for him. They really do work!

Sid Roth: I don't think that Joy Smith had a lot of practice in praying for dead people.

Jason Noble: No, I don't think so either. She would tell you that too. But she knew what was inside of her, is what came out at that moment. And God, so many times, God's preparing us for things that we don't know about. And we have to hold on to that and believe that God is setting us up for a miracle.

Sid Roth: Okay. You have seen so many miracles.

Jason Noble: Yeah.

Sid Roth: You're just special, you're just special!

Jason Noble: No!

Sid Roth: How about, how about us?

Jason Noble: No, we're not special. Joyce and I, we always say that, listen, "We are nobody special. If God can do it for John, He can do it for you. We are not special". What we've done is, we've taken a hold of what God's promises and what God's Word have said and we've held onto them.

Sid Roth: Okay. There are people here and you talk about it, that are watching us right now, and then the studio audience that are desperate, I mean, desperate situations, and you need a breakthrough. Would you pray for a breakthrough for them right now?

Jason Noble: I will, and I want to tell you, if God can do it for John, He can do it for you, no matter what area of life you're needing a breakthrough. It could be your job, it could be your finances. You may have children that need to be resurrected, who have walked away from the Lord, and I want to pray today and my prayers, that God would encourage, and just fill you with hope and to hang on until you see God show up. So let's pray, Jesus right now. We thank you that you are the God of breakthrough. Lord, no matter what we see, no matter what we're walking through, no matter what we're facing, Lord, there are people today who are watching this broadcast. They're facing impossible situations. Lord, I thank you that you are the God of the possible. Lord, You make all things that seem impossible, possible. And Lord, I pray you'd restart their hope today. God, I pray that you'd encourage them, that you'd lift them up, that you'd strengthen them. Lord, I pray that right now, people that are maybe, right on the edge and ready to give up, I pray the Lord you would encourage them. Lord give them more rope to hold on to. God, I pray that they would not give up. Lord, that they would keep their eyes on you, Lord, that they would ignore what they need to ignore. And Father, I pray the Holy Spirit would come and that you would just send your ministering angels, right now, and Lord, that situations would change, that people would be healed. Lord, that they'd see breakthrough in their finances. Lord, I thank you that you are a God of breakthrough. And Lord, if You can do it for John Smith, You can do it for us. Lord I pray a blessing upon everyone's that is listening. Lord, I pray you'd restore hope, that you'd restore life, and that you give them strength, right now, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Sid Roth: All things are possible in His presence. And I tell you, that prayer was prayed in His presence!

Jason Noble: Amen!
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