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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - This Ancient Formula Eradicates Cancer

Sid Roth - This Ancient Formula Eradicates Cancer

Sid Roth - This Ancient Formula Eradicates Cancer
TOPICS: Healing

Listen, my guest has discovered an ancient Jewish formula that cures cancer, heart disease, mental problems and much more. Next on this edition of it's supernatural.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. John Miller. I am so confused about vitamins, about these infomercials on vitamins. One person says, if you take calcium it will cure everything. Another person says, if you take this other thing it will cure. I mean, I just don't, if you're like me, I don't know what to do, so I've got an expert here. I've got a man that has, had the largest alternative health clinic in tampa, Florida. He's a chiropractor. He's licensed in four healing arts. If anyone knows, he knows and now you're really confusing me. You're telling me, you're scrapping the whole deal and you're going back to this ancient Jewish formula. Now Dr. John Miller, you've spent a lifetime trying to heal people. Why have you spent last 30 years studying the last supper, the Passover Seder of Jesus? Now why, you have all this expertise, why are you zeroing in there?

Dr. John Miller: Well I had spent a lifetime studying how to get sick people well. I was raised in churches and when I read first Corinthians 11:29-30, it said, "For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation unto himself, not discerning the Lord's body, for this cause, many are weak, sickly among you and many sleep".

Sid Roth: Now I read that and to me what people told me that said is I got to love everyone and then I won't sleep or die. Is that what it means?

Dr. John Miller: Well that's not what it says at all.

Sid Roth: Well that's what I was told it said.

Dr. John Miller: As a physician, that verse really puzzled me when it said a Christian's health will be determined by how he takes communion. Your weakness, your sickness and your premature death will be determined by how you take communion. That's what the Word of God said. Now I've been raised in churches. I've watched hundreds of people, sick people go to the communion table, eat the bread, drink the wine and leave sick. So I didn't see in reality this first scripture working. So...

Sid Roth: You saw it just as tradition, just another nice custom.

Dr. John Miller: Right, that's true. When you realize that the Lord provided two elements to remember his death, the wine and the bread, if there was only spiritual healing to be had at the communion table, which the majority of the church goes to the communion table for, there would only be the cup. But the bread represents the body. Before Jesus died for our spiritual healing, they beat him 39 lashes with a scourge for our physical healing. That's why the Bible says, "By his stripes we were healed".

Sid Roth: Now do you believe there's any significance in the fact that it was 39? It specifically says that.

Dr. John Miller: I have heard that there's 39 major diseases that all other diseases come from. I don't whether that's true or not. There was a specific reason why it was 39. Under Jewish law you were beaten 40 lashes by law. But if you went over 40 then you got whipped yourself. So they counted to 39 and stopped.

Sid Roth: But you know what I find fascinating, John, is in the approved Jewish scriptures, in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah that was written 800 years before Jesus came to earth, it states that he would bear all of our, in the Hebrew it says this, all of our illnesses and all of our diseases. And before prejudice was involved the ancient rabbis studied this and they said this is a Messiah, but he is the leprous Messiah. This leprosy was like the cancer of its day. They called him the leprous Messiah because the ancient rabbis saw whoever this one would be he would have all of our pains and all of our diseases on him, and that's what it says in the original Hebrew of Isaiah 53.

Dr. John Miller: It said that in the original Greek of Matthew 8:17 also, quoting Isaiah 53:4, "Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses". When you study the atonement you find Jesus not only was made to be sinned with our sin, but he was made to be sick with our sicknesses.

Sid Roth: So listen, cancer healed by this ancient Jewish formula. Now I've been saying ancient Jewish formula. Don't go away. We're going to explain why this whole thing is Jewish. Be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. John Miller and we're investigating an ancient Jewish formula. You see, we're coming into a tiny history where the original power that was in the church is being restored. But in order to restore it we have to look at our biblical day roots. Now Dr. John Miller has spent 20 years studying communion. And to understand communion you have to understand the Jewish passover. Explain that, Dr. Miller.

Dr. John Miller: Well everyone knows that is any student of the Bible at all that Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt was a picture of the atonement of Jesus at Calvary. And there was ten miracles done and that didn't make Pharaoh let his people go. That represented the Ten Commandments. They didn't free the people. Paul says they condemned the people because they couldn't keep them. So they had to have the blood of the lamb painted over the door post. That's what freed the people. You hear a lot about the blood of the door post, but very little about the rest of the lamb. God told Moses to have him roast the lamb and "Eat ye all of it" even the purtenance thereof. They had to eat the head, the arms, the legs. They were to eat it with their staff in their hand, their robe on and their sandals on. In other words, be ready to be physical delivered when you eat the body of the lamb. They came out, Psalms 105, verse 37 says, "God brought them forth with silver and gold, and not one feeble one among them". The blood of the lamb saved their life. The body of the lamb healed their bodies. We have movies that they show them coming out on stretchers and crutches, and all, but according to the Bible that wasn't so. They came out without one feeble one among them. And in the Hebrew, it was specifically talking about diseases of the legs.

Sid Roth: Can you picture a million and half slaves coming out of bondage and not one feeble? And you believe that was just because they ate all of the lamb.

Dr. John Miller: Right. There's always a physical and a spiritual significance and meaning to everything God does. When they ate the brain of that lamb their brains were to be healed, but they were also to take on the mind of Christ. When they ate the eyes of that lamb they were not only to have their eyes healed, but see things the way Jesus sees them. When they ate the heart of that lamb, their heart was to be healed, but they were to take the heart of Christ, too. I have a friend that was a very famous race driver, drove indy twice that wrecked on the Sacramento mile and lost the peripheral vision of his right eye. Two o'clock in the morning in my living room, we broke the bread and he imaged that bread as that lamb, and when he ate the eye of that lamb his eye was instantly healed.

Sid Roth: Dr. Miller, on my radio show, you said something to me that changed my life on this ancient Jewish pattern, this ancient Jewish formula. You see, I've taken communion many times, but what you said to me that was so mind-blowing is rather than exercise your faith to the point where you need an immediate miracle, an instant healing, if you will, why don't you look at taking communion like you take medicine. You take medicine three times a day. Every time you take communion believe you are being a little bit more healed and it's a progressive healing. How did you come to this?

Dr. John Miller: Well in Christian teaching on healing, according to the faith laws, the scripture says, "Therefore, what so everything you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them". So when we pray we have to believe we did receive. Now that's tough for most people to do. In communion if you take it on a regular basis you can believe that you're being progressively healed and it takes the pressure off of having to put up enough faith to bring about the healing all at once. Now in, of course we know that the Passover Seder looked back to the Israelite deliverance out of Egypt, but it also looked forward to the cross, Jesus on the cross. And at the last passover when Jesus instituted communion to fulfill the passover and all of its meaning, he said, "As oft as you do this". Now different churches have different rules and regulations. Some do it once a month. Some do it once a year at passover time and all variations in between. So when I studied it, I realized that we have the body of Christ in the Bible then he took the bread and said, "This is my body which was broken for you". So we have the bread representing the body of Christ. But in John 6, Jesus said three times, "Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead, but I tell you I'm the real bread that came from heaven. Unless you eat my flesh you have no life in it". So the manna in the wilderness was a type of eating the body of Christ.

Sid Roth: You know, there's no way of understanding this feeling if you don't understand your Jewish roots. What we're going to do is we're going to take a Jewish communion. If you want to get your wine and bread real quick, right after this word we'll be back, and I tell you, you will either have a miracle or a gradual miracle, which is a healing. Both are pretty good. No other options. Don't go away. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. John Miller and we are investigating an ancient Jewish formula that heals everything from cancer. You were telling me about tRoy Miller.

Dr. John Miller: Yes. TRoy Miller is a pastor friend of mine in Florida, no relation, but he had cancer of the kidney. And the Lord spoke to his mother while he was in the hospital. She went down to the hospital and had communion with him in the hospital bed. They had already performed the biopsy on his liver and not only was the cancer healed in the liver, the cancer cells died in the liver, but as the pathologist had the biopsy up in the lab looking at it, he testified that he watched the cancer cells die in that biopsy.

Sid Roth: There must be so much life wrapped up into this ancient Jewish Passover Seder celebration. I'm ready. I mean, there are a few things I want God to heal. Now it's either going to be a miracle or a progressive healing, but no in between. Do you agree?

Dr. John Miller: Yes. But they need to develop it as a way of life. As the Israelites ate the manna every day for their physical healing, and in acts 2, they took communion every day from house to house.

Sid Roth: So it didn't have to be in the church.

Dr. John Miller: No. Most people are accustomed to only a minister giving the communion. But in the New Testament, "No ye not near the temple of the Holy Ghost". Well Sid Roth is the resident priest in this temple. It's not only your privilege, but it's your obligation to perform the functions of the temple. And taking the lamb to offer it to God was part of the function of the temple, and we do it in the New Testament by taking communion. So it's not only our privilege, but our obligation to take care of this temple.

Sid Roth: And what does discern the body mean? Explain that. You said many are sick or asleep, or die because we don't discern the body.

Dr. John Miller: We don't realize that that bread represents the body of Christ that was beaten for our healing and actually was made to be sick with our sicknesses, according to Isaiah 53:10. The King James reads, "It pleased the Lord to bruise him. He had put him to grief".

Sid Roth: So if he was sick with my sicknesses, what does that mean to me with the sickness that's in my body at this moment?

Dr. John Miller: It means that you shouldn't have, he dealt with sin no the same basis he dealt with sickness. He took our sin in him and died and paid the price so we don't have the sin.

Sid Roth: Right.

Dr. John Miller: "Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses". He was made to be sick with our sicknesses at Calvary so we shouldn't have to bear. And of course like everything else, it only comes in the manifestation with faith in what God says about it. When you put faith in the fact that Jesus took your sins and died, and was resurrected, then you're saved. Only when we put faith in it, and since we live in a physical body and respond to material things, God gave us this physical ceremony for us to sit down and remember what Jesus did.

Sid Roth: You know since you're teaching I do this once a day. But I'm thinking of doubling up on my medicine. I'm thinking of doing it twice a day. Is there anything wrong with that?

Dr. John Miller: I had a preacher call me about his daughter that was dying of Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue syndrome. It's a virus halfway between mononucleosis and aids. You never get rid of it. Thirty-nine percent of her liver and her kidneys were destroyed with it. She worked in a children's diagnostic hospital. He brought her to me. I gave her bread and wine, and gave her a table of communion. In two weeks, the doctors in the hospital were coming down to her office saying, "This is an incurable thing and you're reports are coming back negative. What did that doctor in Florida do"? She told me she, three times a day, played the tape, meditated on the verses of scripture and took communion just like she was doing her medicine.

Sid Roth: I'm ready now. But what happened to her?

Dr. John Miller: As oft as you do this, so there's no limit. The other day I was in my office.

Sid Roth: But was she healed?

Dr. John Miller: Yes.

Sid Roth: That's the bottom line. So what's going to happen when you participate and I participate, and you participate right now? What's going to happen, Dr. Miller?

Dr. John Miller: They will be healed when they discern that when they eat that bread that that's the body that took their sicknesses in it and paid the price.

Sid Roth: So can I say that if I have a particular disease, let's suppose I have migraine headaches, which I don't, I can say, I am exchanging Jesus' wholeness for my migraine headache because it was upon him. You had migraines.

Dr. John Miller: Yes.

Sid Roth: What happened to them?

Dr. John Miller: They were taken completely away when I started studying and taking communion. That was from an injury that I had had to my head. Are you ready to partake?

Sid Roth: I'm ready to fly, I could tell you. I can't tell wait.

Dr. John Miller: You at home, if you will get the bread and the wine, we'll have communion with you. Father, we lift up this bread to you right now as representing the body of the Lord Jesus Christ that we see in your holy scripture, took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses, and endured a terrible beating for our healing. We discern, we remember what Jesus did for us at Calvary and as we receive the body of the Lord Jesus Christ into our bodies we receive the healing that he provided 2000 years ago.

Sid Roth: You may eat. And then he took the wine, which represents the blood and he prayed that ancient Jewish prayer.

Dr. John Miller: Amen.
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