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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Saw This Descending from Heaven to Earth

Sid Roth - I Saw This Descending from Heaven to Earth

Sid Roth - I Saw This Descending from Heaven to Earth

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Paul Gervais. Now I've been so looking forward. You know what this reminds me of? I remember a woman by the name of Kathryn Kuhlman and she would start her radio show saying, 'I'm so looking forward. You've been waiting for me'. Well I don't know about him waiting for me, but I have been so looking forward to interviewing you, Paul, because the signs and wonders that God has equipped you with will help fulfill, I believe, God's end time vision. I believe and very few people understand this, that God is process of doing something so phenomenal with the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and the church. Jesus prayed in John 17:21, 'I pray that they might be one'. And some people say, oh it's the Baptists and the Catholics. No, they didn't exist when he prayed that. There were only two people groups: Jews and gentile. And somehow Jesus said something supernatural will happen. 'I pray that they,' Jews and gentiles 'will be one', or Paul calls it one new man and it will cause the world to believe. Now the Jew is reached through signs and I believe the vision that you had that I want you to, you had an open vision.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Yes.

Sid Roth: That's starting to happen right now. Will you explain that open vision.

Dr. Paul Gervais: The Holy Spirit, several years ago, said to me that Jesus will first come in presence and then in person. It's like a certain individual walking into the studio with cologne. The fragrance of that cologne, more likely than not, if you didn't know the person, would identify the individual. And when people see this open heavenly vision, which I'll go into in a second, where the very contents of heaven, remember Jesus' prayer, 'thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'. The very contents will descend upon humanity.

Sid Roth: And you said it's getting closer.

Dr. Paul Gervais: It's happening now, Sid. It's literally happening now and the more we talk about the gold, the silver, the Jewels, the oil, the presence of the Lord, the body parts and getting into that vision, it was an open vision where I saw a vent in heaven getting wider and wider, and wider. And there were anatomical body parts descending onto the earth along with beautifully wrapped gifts with ribbons, fruit, silver and gold. So as you, it's like watching a movie, envision this unfolding, you ask the Holy Spirit, what's it all about. Well he said the body parts represent what's needed here on earth. The sick need a position position, therefore the body of Christ. But also when Jesus said, 'go into all the earth and preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead'. Now they need quite a few body parts, especially if they've been deceased.

Sid Roth: Let me ask you a question. I have interviewed several people that have died and gone to heaven, and have literally seen the body parts room where these body parts are ready. You know, you hear about kidney transplants, you hear about all heart transplants, but how much better a God body part coming into an individual.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Absolutely, a pristine body part. Disease has no more right to your body than sin has to your soul. And when we talk about the finished work of Christ, when he said, 'it is finished' on that cross, basically, the master was saying, I've done all that I'm ever going to do relative to inequity, sickness, poverty, death. I've given you all sufficiency in everything pertaining to life in God, I guess. It wouldn't make sense for the master to exit after three and half of ministry and leave us handcuffed or empty handed because he has more faith and confidence in us, I don't know, if I were God I'd kind of question that, than we have in him. You and I have been given the keys to the story, to the kingdom, and if we're not obedient in getting that job done we cannot fulfill the prophecy that's in the word.

Sid Roth: You know, I understand healing. I understand forgiveness of sin. I understand signs and wonders, but what is this business with people? I mean, you've literally had people just coated with gold dust. Right after you had this open vision you went on an international television show, tbn, and what happened?

Dr. Paul Gervais: Well Paul crouch and I were covered in the glory dust and it's really interesting because as we were doing the live interview, I noticed that Paul's mustache was just inundated along with his face and was cascading down, and the gold was beginning to inundate the table and your suit as well. And I watched this. I was so intrigued, thinking this is live television. It's network television. And halfway through the program we took a break and Paul asked me, 'what are you going to do with this'? I said, 'well the Lord could have put the manifestation an hour prior to the program or a half hour after it, but this is during the actual telecast'. So I said, 'you're the person of the network, but if I were I'd heal this to the people'. And he did. Tbn in its history has never been inundated with so many telephone calls, emails, faxes, letters as it was during an actual program because people saw the tangibility of a loving Heavenly Father.

Sid Roth: What is the purpose of the gold?

Dr. Paul Gervais: Imagine yourself courting a young lady and I've courted quite a few, lost a few. But I always tried to find out something about that person. Now if she had allergies, it wouldn't be of roses or ragweed, or anything like that. But if she loved red roses or candy, whatever it happened to be, in order to woo her to myself I'd go out and buy whatever it took. Well the Holy Spirit knows exactly what's required to win every single soul on this planet to Jesus Christ. And if we'll be yielded and conduit that love, light and life, we will be the spout when the glory comes out with full sufficiency, but it's in the availability. And you never know what's going to happen at the other end of that obedience, such as gold manifesting on you now.

Sid Roth: But what's the purpose of that gold?

Dr. Paul Gervais: The streets of heaven aligned with gold and gold is mentioned so many times in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

Sid Roth: You know what? This gold dust has been analyzed. We'll tell you what the results were. Don't go away. We'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Paul Gervais and it's unbelievable, people getting gold teeth. But I asked him about this gold dust and what is this? Why? Is it really gold and it was analyzed. What have you got there, Paul?

Dr. Paul Gervais: We have a sample here that came out of the tv and manifestation that was sent, of course, in a naval ship yard, and basically they found that this was a plastic type material. It was coated with some sort of substance and we've had other portions analyzed as well that would come back as either 24 carat gold or platinum.

Sid Roth: So why is it changed? Why is it sometimes it's 24 carat gold, 24 carat platinum, plastic? Why would God want plastic?

Dr. Paul Gervais: Well you know, I wondered about that. The Holy Spirit related to me that plastic is comprised of oil and I've actually seen, as I look at this table and envision manifestations of the gold, begins as an oil even on your skin and then just suddenly turns to gold or it turns to silver. We've seen red and green. I think, too, if you go to a party, party favors and the father definitely is throwing a big party now for his family and inviting us in, well you never know what's going to show up. There have actually been manifestations of gems in the services.

Sid Roth: Gems?

Dr. Paul Gervais: Gems and money in pockets. A little boy came up during one of my meetings with a bunch of money in his pocket. His mother was with him. First of all...

Sid Roth: Listen, you would do well in Russia.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Well I'm asking for some of it to appear mine you know? But we just allow the father to court us and just as the groom would give the bride the engagement ring, that's gold or silver.

Sid Roth: Isn't that what God is doing?

Dr. Paul Gervais: He's doing that.

Sid Roth: Is he courting us?

Dr. Paul Gervais: He's courting us. We gave Jesus gold, didn't we, when he came.

Sid Roth: The wise men gave it to him.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Absolutely. So now he's giving it back to us.

Sid Roth: What about the gold teeth?

Dr. Paul Gervais: The gold teeth. 'I will fill your mouth with good things'. Not only are we seeing gold teeth and crosses, and some would ask, well why would God do that, restore a tooth? I've had children brought to me in miracle services and the parents are saying, 'where's all that dental work we had done'? They'd open their mouths and there would be sort of an off white, like a porcelain substance that had replaced their silver amalgam fillings and in certain cases teeth would appear where there were no teeth before. Now I'll never forget being in Arkansas where in that particular area of the state, there was a lot of money and some of the hill people came down and when they opened their mouths a great deal of rot and decay, yet these beautiful gold molars. And you would think that if they had enough money for the gold molars, they would fill the other teeth that so desperately decayed. So the Lord is just doing something...

Sid Roth: Have dentists looked at this type work?

Dr. Paul Gervais: They have.

Sid Roth: Did one case come to mind that a dentist reported on?

Dr. Paul Gervais: Yes.

Sid Roth: What did they say?

Dr. Paul Gervais: They're astounded, you know. Who's been playing with my patient? Where have you been? The other dentist will say, I think that was there all along, or but it's astounding to them. It's astounding. As people go out and testify about what's happened in their lives, the manifestations, it's like a positive contagion. If you have the flu here in my presence I would catch it if I didn't take communion and bleed the blood. This is positive contagion. And when we talk about healing the sick, raising the dead, the gold dust, the glory, the multitude of miracles that Jesus wants to do in these days in the spirit, they'll manifest and exponentially so. It's not about a one or two-man show here. There aren't going to be any big shots in this greatest move of the spirit, this last move. But we are to perpetuate it and exponentially watch it multiply.

Sid Roth: What is going on right now? I feel such a strong presence of God. Actually, I just answered, I didn't answer my own question. I just heard the answer. Someone that has a neck problem, you've just been healed and someone else that has a back problem has been healed. Tell me about that person that had the rod in their back that you prayed for. That's phenomenal.

Dr. Paul Gervais: The minister's daughter had a rod in her back and it was very well known by everyone that she couldn't bend over and I didn't know about that.

Sid Roth: But some people with rods in their back can.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Some can. Depending upon the location and type of rod that we're dealing with and many times we're also talking about an infused spine, well she could stand and was on the other side of the auditorium with two other girls, hands uplifted, eyes closed.

Sid Roth: What was wrong with her spine?

Dr. Paul Gervais: Apparently there had been a lot of disintegration of the vertebra so I simply waved at all three of them. They couldn't see me, their eyes were closed, and they fell under the power of the Holy Spirit, staggered. The pastor, the father said, 'wait a minute, my daughter can't do that. I wonder if she's hurt her back'. When she got up she had full range of motion.

Sid Roth: So that's getting close to what you saw in that open vision.

Dr. Paul Gervais: The body parts.

Sid Roth: Of are you seeing any, well yes, you showed me these pictures here.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Yes.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Dr. Paul Gervais: This particular shot is a colostomy that was done on Mike Kinosian. Mike Kinosian had ulcerated colitis as well as Crohn's disease, bleeding every single day, on Prednisone, so his head was swollen. A friend of his, now mike is a black belt in karate, another black belt brought him to my miracle service in Richmond, Maine. And so I had to trick Mike into thinking that this was about vitamins. In a sense, he wasn't fabricating. When Mike arrived he felt the presence of the Lord. He saw manifestation being overcome by the spirit and thought, I wonder which nerve is pinching to make that happen. As a black belt karate, he was extremely interesting. So he watched and he watched, and I remember his arms were crossed like that in the back of the auditorium. Words of knowledge went out and one of them actually described the condition that Mike Kinosian had. Well no one came up for that particular word of knowledge, but at the end of the service, Michael approached me and said, 'you know, I think I have the condition that you were describing'. And immediately the Holy Spirit said, 'you have the presence'. Now his head was swollen at that time.

Sid Roth: Did you see, let me ask you something. I know these pictures. This is the before and after so he was supernaturally healed. What happened to his swollen head?

Dr. Paul Gervais: When I laid my hand on his forehead, Mike levitated literally off the floor in front of all of those people. It was like sticking a pin in a balloon, shooo, and down he went. When Michael got off the floor. He had a brand new colon, that night was able to eat spaghetti and meatballs.

Sid Roth: Did his head go down, too?

Dr. Paul Gervais: His head went right down.

Sid Roth: I doubt the colon is more important than the head, but I just had to know that. And by the way, someone's ear has just been opened in Yeshua, that's Hebrew for Jesus, in Yeshua's name. We'll be right back and this is just the beginning. I mean, I feel the glory. The glory of God is coming down right now. Don't go away. Don't miss what's about ready to happen.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Paul Gervais. Paul, 20 years, lame, crippled. What happened to you?

Dr. Paul Gervais: I happened to be in Bainbridge, Georgia and this man, a Nazarene who was giving a praise report before I was introduced to the congregation, and basically said, 'I want to thank Jesus for allowing me to live with the pain'. Because he was medicated for that and at times he said, 'and at times I would just get so nauseated as a result of that discomfort, I'd have to purge. And what happened was the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ëi don't want him living with that any longer'.' and the moment you're seeing a word from the Lord you have to wait for the time of the season for it. And I wanted to jump up and say, 'no, no, no, let's complete this work now'. But at the end of the meeting I called him on the phone and I said, 'you're not going to have pain from this point on'. Now the only thing he could lift was the Bible and he thanked the Lord that he could go to work daily, but usually would have to vomit before as a result of the pain. I laid my hand on my forehead. He was overcome by the Holy Spirit. When the man got out the Lord told me to have him carry the pulpit from one side of the church to the other. Well immediately the enemy said, 'you're going to kill him. You're going to ruin him, get sued or whatever'. He did exactly as instructed. Tears rolling down his cheeks, 20 years of captivity reversed, and now he's a living epistle.

Sid Roth: Now God gave you a revelation on pain and there are people that are watching us now that are going through horrible pain, horrible agony. Explain that.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Let me just say this, too. Right now the Holy Spirit is inundated individuals with gold dust. If you look at your hands, your face as well as replacing teeth, gold fillings, it's happening right now. I see a cancer on the side, the right side of the neck and that, too, is being healed by the Holy Spirit. Pain attracts the glory of God. Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds.

Sid Roth: Excuse me. Pain in the fingers, you'll move your fingers right now you'll see that pain is gone. And also someone has a pain in their hip. If you'll start walking you'll see that that pain is totally gone. What is it? You said pain attracts the glory.

Dr. Paul Gervais: Attracts daddy. If you contemplate a loved one in pain, say a child falls down, nothing gains your attention any faster than a cry or a scream. The Lord hears those cries and prayers. He is forever living for you and as a result of what Jesus has done. His number one priority is your wellness, spirit, soul and body working up that salvation and intimacy with you. So never accept the grand lie that well my grace is sufficient for you to go through pain. No, my grace is sufficient to heal you just as my grace is sufficient to save you, to save your soul. And those inner shreds in caring, so many people mask. We don't know what's going on inside a person unless the Holy Spirit gives us a word of knowledge, but God does. And every type of pain, it's like a vacuum soaking the glory of God into that region. That's why Jesus hung out with sinners. He raised the dead, healed the sick, was in the right place at the right time, but he was attracted as a remedy.

Sid Roth: But I have just heard, you're right, we don't know by looking at the outside, but I happen to know about you because the Spirit of God has just told me that you know God. You have your own way of understanding him, but God is entitled to be God, and he's seen your tears. I mean, literally, he has felt your hurts. That's what Paul is talking about. He has more compassion for you than any person, anywhere ever has had. Your mother or your father could not love you as much as your Heavenly Father loves you. They say, I want you to reach your arms out to me right now. Do that right now. Reach your arms out to God and say out loud, God, I know of you. I want to know you. Is that what's going on inside of your heart? This is what you have to do. I want to know you. Knowing about you isn't good enough. I want to know you. Please forgive me. Say this out loud. Please forgive me of my sins. I need your help to change, but I'm coming to you, daddy. Help me. Just get rid of my drug addiction. Get rid of my sexual perversion. Get rid of anything separating me from you. I believe that by your blood I am totally forgiven and I have a fresh start, and now that I have a fresh start I say Jesus is my Messiah and Lord. Lord Jesus, come inside of me. Take over my life. I make you Lord over every area of my life. Experience his love right now. Just experience it. That's what's going on, Paul. They are, he's filling you. He's filling you with warmth, more warmth, more and more, and more, and more, and more.
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