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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Are You Asking "When Will My Healing Come"?

Sid Roth - Are You Asking "When Will My Healing Come"?

Sid Roth - Are You Asking When Will My Healing Come?
TOPICS: Healing

Can lungs that are partially removed by surgery grow back? Doctors say no. Yet it happened. Next on this edition of it's supernatural.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Allen Smith. So Allen, I understand by good authority, your word, that you used to debate people about miracles. You really didn't believe in miracles?

Allen Smith: It's not so much I didn't believe in miracles as I thought I was commissioned to defend God and his word.

Sid Roth: But this came back from childhood. What happened to you?

Allen Smith: Well it was at eight years old, I was called by the Lord with a Presbyterian pastor and I knew I had a call from the Lord at that age and he came to me, and he prayed for me, and he told me basically what my life was going to be like.

Sid Roth: Really?

Allen Smith: He did.

Sid Roth: Did he tell you things that had already happened?

Allen Smith: Not really. It was more of a calling that would happen to me, how my life was going to be as far as seeking God and calling others. He said I would be calling others into ministry as he was calling me.

Sid Roth: And so but there was something going on at home life that was...

Allen Smith: Yes. At about the same age, probably a year later, my mother, she was a music major and in that particular church she was the organist. And of course, my mother is the one that taught me about the Lord and how to hear the Lord, and about the faith. And but also after a few years after that, then she had a nervous breakdown and it was very confusing to me. As a young son your mother teaches you about the Lord and yet this happens to your mother. And so as I was growing up she would teach me about things about the Lord, how to hear the Lord, how to see into the spirit, but at the same time she would be in and out of mental hospitals with different problems of what she would see, and it was really confusing to me as a young son.

Sid Roth: As yet as I understand it, she really was prophetic. She really heard from God, but she was like in two realms. She was hearing from God and she was probably sensitive to the spirit realm and hearing from the demonic at the same time.

Allen Smith: True. It was a, what I've learned, what I call now, it was third heaven revelation and second heaven revelation. Second heaven revelation is more of the soulish realm and third heaven revelation is the realm of spirit, the spirit of the living God. And a lot of prophetic people get hung up in the soulish realm. And me being into with a lot of hospitals and a lot of the different therapies with her, you know, we both discovered what was happening in the soulish realm. And a lot of times prophetic people interpret soulishness and things of the spirit. My mother also taught me that after through her life how to hear in the prophetic and then also what was devastating to the prophetic, because the enemy does come against the prophetic in the soulishness, in the soulish realm.

Sid Roth: Not only does he come against the prophetic, because to be candid with you, there is so much that is called prophetic and you're explaining it as in that soulish realm. But there is a pure prophetic coming from that heavenly realm and that's what I want to see. I think that's what the world really wants to see. And then there's this other prophetic that's coming from the demonic realm. It gets kind of confusing.

Allen Smith: Well it does. But it's almost like you have to go through one realm to get to the other. It's like you have to go through the soulishness to get into the spirit. And it's not that you don't encounter the soulishness, it's just that you got to press through it and don't stop short of what I call third heaven revelation and that's hearing from the voice of the Lord and not the voice that's in the soulish realm.

Sid Roth: I remember you told God once that you wanted to see a miracle. What did you ask him for?

Allen Smith: What actually happened, I was with a pastor friend of mine and we were, at that time in my life, I was debating, just like I said, defending God, which God later showed me in my sickness it was pride in disguise. Who am I to think I can defend God? But yet that's what I thought I was doing.

Sid Roth: It's true. When you say defending God, in what way were you trying to defend him?

Allen Smith: I was staying, I was against, when people would act like God did something and then I would pass judgment on them and say no that he didn't, then I felt like I had to defend the Word of God on how people were taking supernatural things out of context. The basis for it was I had always prayed that the Lord would relieve my mother of, she was so prophetic. Her realm, she would get confused in the realm that she was in. Another thing that I discovered that in a lot of the hospitals that over half the people there were Christian. It was confusing and but at the same time, a lot of them were prophetic people.

Sid Roth: So they really, they didn't have the discernment. They'd move from realm to realm and they'd see these things and they probably wouldn't know what to do with them and no one else, their pastors or anyone else would explain it, and so then they go off the deep end. Is that what you're saying?

Allen Smith: That's exactly what happened. And so what I would develop then was I was into a lifestyle of just defending what God did not do and I could handle the scriptures pretty well and be pretty convincing at times. One particular situation, particular church I was even helped in splitting it. It was a church that believed in the supernatural and I was going to show why I thought they were carrying it way too far.

Sid Roth: But you said to God you wanted to see a miracle of someone healed of what?

Allen Smith: Of cancer.

Sid Roth: Why did you say that? Why cancer?

Allen Smith: Well there was a pastor friend of mine and he, as we were debating these things and I told him, I said, 'I'll tell you what, if God will give me a front row seat and see someone healed of cancer, I'll preach and teach this, Jesus, that you're saying in that entirety and that he can do it all'.

Sid Roth: And little did you know, you had cancer.

Allen Smith: It was six months after that I was diagnosed with cancer. This front seat was a little closer than I was anticipating.

Sid Roth: What kind of cancer?

Allen Smith: It was lung cancer.

Sid Roth: And tell me about that.

Allen Smith: Well with the lung cancer, I had kind of had this, put this fleece out that if God would give me a front row seat and let me see someone healed of cancer then I would then preach Jesus in that entirety. And as the Lord, as I had the cancer, it started off as like a pneumonia.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you what. Hold that thought. This man that's defending God, helping God out by saying these miracles aren't real, he has cancer. He needs a miracle. Don't go away because God is about ready to come on the scene.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Allen Smith. Allen is a big skeptic of the miraculous. Unfortunately for good cause, he saw a lot of stuff go on at home. And so he gets cancer. He didn't know, he actually had a fleece. He said, 'show me someone healed with cancer'. Then he gets cancer. So tell me what happened. It was lung cancer, started as pneumonia?

Allen Smith: I had pneumonia. What had actually happened, a tumor was blocking my bronchial tubes and so it started off as pneumonia. As they did further investigations, a bronchostomy and a few other tests, they discovered a tumor in my upper lobe.

Sid Roth: By the way, what do you do for a living?

Allen Smith: I'm a dairy farmer.

Sid Roth: Okay. Go ahead.

Allen Smith: So after they discovered the tumor, the doctor came into my recovery room and he said, 'we're sorry to tell you you've got lung cancer and the bad news, the real bad news is we give you four to six months to live'.

Sid Roth: Out of the blue.

Allen Smith: Just out of the blue.

Sid Roth: So what is your first thought?

Allen Smith: Well actually he said, 'you just need to go home and pack your bags because we don't think you can even take any treatment'.

Sid Roth: That's awful. That's an awful prognosis and you don't even believe in miracles.

Allen Smith: I was in a hard place.

Sid Roth: Yeah.

Allen Smith: I was in a hard place. And so I went home and as I went home I started, I was losing more weight. I had gotten down to probably 140 pounds and of course they told me I had four to six months live. And I finally got to where I was getting so weak I could just kind of go from the bedroom to the den. There was one particular week, that next week, I asked the Lord, it's amazing when you're in that situation you're told that you don't have much time to live, all of a sudden, the whole world changes. The things that you think have value don't have value any more. It was a...

Sid Roth: You don't get upset over nothing any more, do you?

Allen Smith: All of a sudden it just doesn't matter because you know that you're leaving. You're not staying there. As an example, you don't mow the grass. You don't buy another lawnmower. I noticed I wasn't going to buy any more clothes. My daughter at one particular time asked me if I would, I had a particular ice cream I liked and I remember thinking, well you know, I need to decide how long I'm going to be here for how much to abide.

Sid Roth: That's an awful calculation to have to make.

Allen Smith: It is, but all of a sudden everything changes. And when you know you're getting ready to die and you have a few months to live, all of a sudden you have all this time on your hands. I discovered that probably 95 percent of everything that I think, that I was thinking was for tomorrow. I never was living in today. I was always preparing for tomorrow to do this or do that. But when your tomorrow is taken away then you have a lot of free time, believe it or not. And so the first day I started asking the Lord, I said, 'Lord, I'm going to meet you, I know, real soon'. I told the Lord that I'd like to meet him as clean as possible. And I asked the Lord, I said, 'Lord, if you would, just show me the sin of my life'. And the Lord speaks to me, I don't hear the Lord, I just see a picture. He shows me pictures of things and that's the way he speaks to me. And you've got to understand, also there was a part of me, I knew my mother was like that and I could not determine if that was something wrong with my mind or if it was the Lord.

Sid Roth: Because of what happened to your mother.

Allen Smith: Right, because it was the Lord she was even hearing, but yet it, it gets kind of complicated. So I asked the Lord, I said, 'Lord, would you show me, just show me, I want to meet you as clean as possible'. So he'd show me a sin and I'd repent of it. And the first day that happened three times. The next day, it happened about three or four times. He would show me something. It was really embarrassing because I thought I was in a lot better shape than I really was. By the third or fourth day it was almost like the Lord and I were having a ping-pong game or something. He would show me something and I would repent, and he would show me something and I would repent. And I felt like I was getting lighter. By the fourth or fifth day, and it's amazing. It was like I was just in a room with the Lord and there was like a measure of the Holy Spirit that comes upon you right before you die that I don't have right now. It was just like some type of the baptism of the spirit. I don't really understand it. But it was such a presence. By the fourth or fifth day and repenting, the greatest news and the greatest thing within me was I was going to be with the Lord. And you have people around you that are crying, this is bad, this is terrible, and I'm inside, my body is going down, but inside, I'm going, this is fabulous.

Sid Roth: But you didn't have the hope that you would be healed, did you, or the expectation?

Allen Smith: No, I didn't. I didn't have the hope or the expectation. That wasn't what was on my mind. What was on my mind was I was going to be with the Lord. And I asked the Lord why I was getting lighter. I felt like I was about 12 inches off the ground. And the truth is I thought I was in the dying process. I thought well I've never died before, so I don't know how it feels. So I felt like my spirit was leaving my body and I felt like I was about12 inches off of the ground. So I thought, okay, I'm dying. My body is already, my spirit is separating. I'm getting ready to come out of here. And I asked the Lord, I said, 'Lord, why is it when I repent of sin now that I can truly feel it leave? I know I'm not going to do anything. I know it's gone'. And the Lord said, 'it's because you don't have a tomorrow'. He said, 'the only reason you hang on to sin is because you're really going to use it again tomorrow'. He said, 'you don't have a tomorrow, so you really gave it to me and it's gone'. And that equals a supernatural true repentance is a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit of God. And I found out a lot of my encounters was, being prophetic you know the difference between a true encounter and a soulish encounter. And truly, I was more sorry than I was ever repented. But I had five days of true repentance and it was just totally fabulous.

Sid Roth: So what happened after those five days?

Allen Smith: After those five days, on the fifth day, I was actually called up into the spirit on the fifth day. And I asked the Lord, and I was caught up in the spirit, it was me and the Lord and we were looking down on the earth. And I looked over at the Lord, and I said, 'Lord, how far is it to heaven'? And he looked over me and he said, 'Allen, it's either a long trip or one step'. He said, 'just step over into me'. And he told me, he said, 'for a lot of people that are Christians that are not walking in me it's going to feel like a long trip. But if you are in me it's just one step'.

Sid Roth: One step to that next world.

Allen Smith: Just one step. And he teaches, he spoke to me, he said, 'i want you to have the nature you're going to have in heaven'. I said, 'oh that's great'. He said, 'your repentance is equaling that. It's called the divine nature in second Peter'. He said, 'you can already have the nature in the now that you're going to have there'.

Sid Roth: While you're alive.

Allen Smith: While you're alive. And it's the divine. He said, 'you can now have the nature that you're going to have in heaven'. And he said, 'that's what repentance truly brings. It's an encounter with the spirit and it's the divine nature of second Peter'.

Sid Roth: Yeah, but you're still here. I want to find out what happened with that cancer. I mean, that's wonderful that he's got one foot in the earth and another foot in heaven. But he's still here. You know what I mean? Listen, I interviewed a woman that's been to heaven a couple hundred times. Her name is Anna Roundtree and she said that the Lord told her he was very disappointed because in the 40s, a group of men and women were suddenly touched by God with miracle ministries and they went around in tents, and they had some of the greatest miracles that the world has ever seen. And the Lord was upset because they took all the acclaim rather than teaching other believers in Jesus how to walk in miracles. And so a friend of mine by the name of John carver put together three video cassettes. He calls it 'the ABCs of God'. A is for a man by the name of a.A. Allen, b, a man by the name of William Branham, and c, a man by the name of Coe. I want you to see, because this generation hasn't seen this type of miracle. And I believe, although these men have gone on to be with God, I believe they can disciple you right now. Let's take a look at a. A. Allen right now.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Allen Smith. And what happens when a doctor gives you six months to live, nothing can do, cancer of the lung. Well Allen, you did the best you could. You repented and God told you it was supernatural repentance and you were getting so free. You almost felt like you were ready to go to heaven. You got to your home church and the services are over, and a group of people, you've never seen any miracles there, but they prayed for you. You're not believing to be healed. You're ready to go down. What happened?

Allen Smith: They had, I asked my pastor, that particular pastor is the one that I said if God will give me a front row seat and he was the man that I said it to. And I said, 'well I guess I got my front row seat'. He said, 'i believe you did'. I said, 'well I'm ready to be with the Lord,' and I said, 'but I would like for the deacons here to pray for me'. This particular church didn't have elders, had deacons, and it was a Baptist church. And he said, 'well let's call them together'. And so at that service he told his congregation he was going to pray. They were going to anoint me with oil and pray for my healing, and that anybody that didn't believe in it or were uncomfortable could leave and those that would like to could stay, and about half the congregation left. Then they anointed me with oil and prayed for me, and I did feel the presence of the Lord. It was really, it was a real strong presence of the Lord. And so I thanked everybody and we went home. And several days after that i, there again, that baptism or whatever that is in the spirit that you're feeling to be with the Lord, every moment that I had was thinking about heaven. Well about three days after that or so I got up and I looked into the mirror in the bathroom, and I remember thinking, well it might not be too bad to stay for a little while. And then the next thought I had was the Lord has healed me. I haven't had a thought like that about staying. And all of a sudden I could tell, it might be okay to stay.

Sid Roth: But you only had six months to live.

Allen Smith: Well I know.

Sid Roth: So what did the doctors say?

Allen Smith: Well actually they then took me to the, my best friend is a medical doctor which diagnosed me with this, and he said, 'let's take you, since this prayer and let's have you checked out again'. This was several weeks after that. I was getting just a little better instead of worse. And so they took me and they did some more x-rays, and then the doctor said, 'well you know, this is looking maybe a little different. We want you to come back in a week'. So I went back in a week and they did some more x-rays and he said, 'we're going to wait 21 days'. And so then they waited 21 days and I went back again and they said, 'it looks like this lung is healing itself. We don't know where it is. Your lymph nodes are looking clear. Your lung is looking clear and we can all tell you're doing much better'. And so they sent me home. The one doctor from hickory called and said, 'you'll be back'. He said, you'll be back.

Sid Roth: Well you had a miracle, but it did come back and the cancer came back. They operated on you, but what did they find?

Allen Smith: They actually found a dead tumor.

Sid Roth: Dead? It was supposed to be cancerous.

Allen Smith: A dead tumor. Right, but it was a dead tumor. And right prior to that I had been to a conference and Jamie Buckingham was speaking, and Jamie Buckingham walked down across from the stage and he looked at me and he said, 'you've had cancer'. And I walked up to him and I said, 'yes I have'. He said, 'well prophetically you're going to be sick again, but it's not going to kill you'. That was his prophetic word to me. I wasn't that excited about that word. And but I did get sick again in about six to nine months, and that's when the doctor said, 'we're going to take your lung out this time. We're going to take the upper half of your lung out'. And they did.

Sid Roth: They took his lung out and they cut off the, what was it, the top lobe?

Allen Smith: The top lobe, uh-huh.

Sid Roth: And then they x-rayed you again and what did they find?

Allen Smith: Well after about three or four months and up to six months, they kept doing more x-rays on me and my lung started growing.

Sid Roth: But that's medically impossible.

Allen Smith: That's what they tell me, yes.

Sid Roth: You know, I checked it out and I verified it. You have a word from God. Speak it quickly.

Allen Smith: That the word of the Lord that I have for you is that the spirit of fear, there's a spirit of fear over the United States today of sickness and disease, of terrorism, and that Psalm 37, I believe that there are some out there that now have the spirit of fear so bad of suicide, of panic attack. And I believe that if when you read Psalm 37 that the Word of God is going to set you free and that the Word of God will set you free.

Sid Roth: I feel such a presence of God. Do not miss this. If fear is hitting you, read Psalm 37 and you'll see it will just pop right off. Oh, I feel it. I think some of you, I've got to do this. In the name of Jesus, I command fear, I command fear off of you in Jesus' name. There is someone that has just been healed, your back and your neck totally healed. Your spine, you're getting a brand new spine and there are others, you're going to have a brand new relationship with God. You're going to repent like Allen did, supernaturally, and you're going to just float and have an experience with God, not just some of you, anyone that wants it right now. If you will repent, say Jesus is my Lord, you'll see. You'll see. You'll be free. You'll float. You're going to float, float, float. You're going to be so free. Allen, you remember how it was when you were free, how wonderful?
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