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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - President Trump and the Jezebel Spirit in America

Sid Roth - President Trump and the Jezebel Spirit in America

Sid Roth - President Trump and the Jezebel Spirit in America
Sid Roth - President Trump and the Jezebel Spirit in America
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My guest says President Trump has triggered World War III.

Sid Roth: Mike, you've written over 35 books. But this is what you said to me on the phone. It's this book is the most intense book you have ever written, with the greatest urgency of any book you have ever written. And then I got a report, and this just didn't even sound like you, while you were writing this book, the fire of God really, literally came on you? Explain what you meant.

Dr. Michael Brown: Yeah. The intensity was in two ways; the content, as God began to open my eyes to what was happening in the spiritual realm, as I began to connect the dots in the society and the unseen forces behind it. And then putting the material, it was intense. Really life and death issues. But then the way God moved on me, the publisher said, "Can we get the manuscript by a certain point in time"? I said, "Well, I'm going to do my best". I got moved on. I got stirred. It was literally like I felt fire in my, I had to keep writing. I had to keep writing. And then I remember it, one night it was 2:30 in the morning, I thought, "Okay, you're done. Time to stop". And the moment I laid down, no! I got hit with another subject. And I went back downstairs. And I went to writing again until 4:30 in the morning. I was consumed. And it's almost as if, aha, we've exposed Jezebel. We see what she's doing. We see what these spiritual forces are doing, and now we know how to deal with it.

Sid Roth: Who is this Jezebel?

Dr. Michael Brown: So we see Jezebel in the Old Testament and the New Testament. You could say she's the most wicked woman in the Bible. She came from a Pagan background, married the king of Israel. She was an idol worshipper, she was a seductress. She literally killed the prophets. She silenced and intimidated by fear. She emasculated men. And there was a spirit of witchcraft with her as well, and it helped plunge Israel into destruction. And then Jesus, in the New Testament, references this false prophetess called Jezebel, probably the name he's giving her. It's the same demonic forces, the same demonic powers that operated through Jezebel in the Bible. Because she even intimidated Elijah the prophet on one occasion, this spirit upon her, something more than her. Jesus identifies it in the New Testament also as a false prophetess, also as someone who teaches sexual immorality and idolatry. So that's the woman in the Bible.

Sid Roth: So the spirit on that woman is turned loose today. What's kind of the parallels with today and Jezebel?

Dr. Michael Brown: So let's look at who she was. You could say that she was an arch-radical feminist. We see this like never before. Radical feminists that want to abolish men from the planet. There's not a lot of foresight in thinking like that, but that's what they want to do. And then with idolatry, so she was on idolatry. We see the nation plunged into the worship of other gods and consumed with material earthly things. But we know in the ancient world that with idolatry, there was baby killing. We're not just talking about a woman with a difficult situation who wrestles and decides to have an abortion, we're talking about, shout your abortion. We're talking about governors defending infanticide. So you've got the spirit of idolatry. You've got the spirit of baby killing. You've got the spirit of radical feminism. She was a seductress. We've got kids as young as eight years old today getting exposed to pornography, you have that aspect. Then you have witchcraft associated with her. And I've read articles and documented in the book that there are more witches today in America than Presbyterians. Then you've got the spirit of fear, the intimidation. What does she do? She silences the prophetic voice. So we don't have it, you can't speak. Everyone's afraid if I speak, I'm going to lose my job. Pastors are afraid to speak, individuals. So...

Sid Roth: But this has really struck home to you, because this spirit of Jezebel came on my friend, Mike. He didn't even know, it was a sneak attack and almost took your life. Briefly tell me what happened.

Dr. Michael Brown: Yeah. So there are three different times in my life that I realized, I'm dealing with Jezebel. The first time was right after God gave me a prophetic message to America for the church to wake up, a wake-up call for the nation with a promise of revival. Next thing, all hell broke loose against me, and against Nancy. She got started, she got hit, my wife, Nancy, with everything she never got hit with before. Where is this coming from? I got hit. The enemies telling me, "You're coming down". I felt no authority. I felt no ability to minister.

Sid Roth: Now, wait, if you knew this guy the way I know this guy, when he says he didn't even want to go out and minister, you know that's something strong!

Dr. Michael Brown: When I would feel a prophetic word to bring, I was afraid. I had to pray for hours just to even get my head above water.

Sid Roth: That's so hard to believe.

Dr. Michael Brown: Bombarded by lies, I felt paralyzed. I felt emasculated. Well, a few years after this, Nancy and I are in India. And we were going to one city, the brother we work with, a real apostolic man, planted thousands of churches. He said, "We're going to the city of Vijayawada. They worship a goddess there, and she is the principality of the entire state of Andhra, with 60 million people, they worship her. And we're going to go confront her". And God spoke to me, do what Elijah did on Mount Carmel, and call all the priests and the worshippers of Kanaka Durga and say, we're going to find out tomorrow night, who is the real God? Yahweh or Kanaka Durga? Before we got there, Sid, all of a sudden, I got hit. And I realized, it's Jezebel. It's Jezebel! I felt that same thing; no authority, a spirit of fear coming over me. I didn't want to be prophetic and confront. So I said to Yesu Pothume, I said to him, "What does her statue look like"? And he said, "Brother, it's this beautiful, powerful goddess, and she's holding in her hand the head of a giant that she killed. It's the king of demons, and she crushes him. So she crushes the powerful man". And then he said, "It's a strange thing. Her worshippers, once a year, the men dress up as women and wear makeup". And right before we went to have this...

Sid Roth: You saw the same spirit that was on Jezebel in the Bible in that country.

Dr. Michael Brown: Alive and well and thriving. Right before we got there, I had to get up in the middle of the night to try to pack, because we had to drive all day. It was this old room with an old bed, and the wood was rough. I walked by it in the middle of the night, and it literally sliced off a chunk of flesh on my heel. And I heard Genesis 3:15, "He'll strike your heel, but you'll crush his head". And we went there. We had a public confrontation. And not only did the power of God come down, a demonized man also began to dance around and confess, "Kanaka Durga is not a god. Kanaka Durga is not a god". And not long after that, they literally had an earthquake, and it shook some of the foundations of the temple. There is one true God, and Jezebel is defeated in Jesus' name.

Sid Roth: And I'm going to tell you something. He went through that, so you don't have to go through that. You are going to find out the connection between President Trump and Jezebel, and how it will trigger World War III, next.

Sid Roth: You know what? When I read Dr. Brown's information, I mean, there is no doubt that there is a connection between President Trump and Jezebel, and what we see even on the news. Why don't you explain to them what I already know.

Dr. Michael Brown: Yeah. So when I was here interviewing Jonathan Cahn on his book, "The Paradigm," he mentioned President Trump is kind of a Jehu figure. I never thought of that, but the moment he said that I thought, wait a second, Jehu in the Bible, what does it say? He drives recklessly. Some translations, drives like a madman or a maniac. But he did a lot of good. He was zealous for the cause of God, but there was a lot of collateral damage. So you may love the president, but either way, you see this parallel. A Jehu kind of character, an alpha male kind of character. And when he comes on the scene, Jezebel rises up again. And he's the one who ultimately takes Jezebel down. And I document the parallels between Jehu and Trump in the book. And here's what got my attention: When you have someone like Trump, again, whether you like him or not, everyone sees the kind of guy he is, it brings Jezebel up. So the moment President Trump is in, you have this women's march. It's not just lovely women that just... no no no. Blow up the White House. And then you also have with it the extreme baby killing spirit. Again, we're not talking about someone that's struggled and wrestled and should have an abortion, we're talking about shout your abortion. We're talking about pounding on the Supreme Court,

Sid Roth: In your face.

Dr. Michael Brown: Yeah, during the Kavanaugh hearings. What's happened is, Trump's Pro-Life stance. What an unlikely champion of the Pro-Life movement, and appointing these justices and laws being passed. It's bringing on, they're saying, "This is war! We're going to fight. We're going to take it to the streets," so it's almost as if Jezebel came out from hiding, and there she is for everyone to see. Now, here's the remarkable thing. Because we're not talking about a person, we're talking about demonic spirits. We're talking about demons. We're talking about principalities, right? So Jehu sees Jezebel. She tries to seduce him, once again, there she is, that seductress. And he says, "Who's on my side"? And it says there are two or three Eunuchs, these are castrated males. Two or three Eunuchs and they throw Jezebel down. Sid that's what has to happen. The castrated males, the men who've had their authority stripped from them. All the sitcoms that just make men into... it's not "Father Knows Best". Father is the idiot.

Sid Roth: So Jezebel, if I'm hearing you right, it's Jezebel, or the spirit of Jezebel, coming against a dominant male that stands up for biblical causes.

Dr. Michael Brown: Exactly. And what got my attention focused on this is when our friend, Pastor John Kilpatrick, on a Sunday service, when the service ended, he said, "Pray for the president, because witchcraft is trying to take him down. Jezebel is about to attack". And then that prayer went viral. The Jerusalem Post even reported on it favorably, actually. The prayer went viral. And when he invited me to preach at his church just for another reason, the spirit said to me, "Look at Jezebel, look at this. Look"! Even the war on gender that we see, that Bruce Jenner is Woman of the Year. So we're fighting all these different things. We're trying to put out a fire here, and a fire there. It's the same demonic power. It's the same coalition of demonic forces that work through Jezebel, that intimidate with fear, that silence the prophetic voice. The real tragedy is that Jezebel intimated the prophets by killing them. And we're not even getting killed, and we're intimidated, because we don't want to be unfriended on Facebook, and we don't want our rich board member to leave the church. What cowards! We need to speak. So when we exposed Jezebel, and Sid, part of the intensity of writing, it was the quotes, the shocking things. I go back to what the pagans used to do. The baby killing, the child killing, and what we understand. Sacrificing babies to Moloch, and what it looked like with the giant statue and the steel. And they'd heat up the steel and put the babies on it. Then you compare that to late-term abortion. You compare that to infanticide. We have these horrific evils taking place, and we're afraid to speak because we don't want to offend someone. If that's not the intimidation of Jezebel, I don't know what is.

Sid Roth: I'll tell you something. If you can comprehend from digesting the material that God processed through Dr. Michael Brown, you will have answers to questions that you've pondered, many you've even blamed God for. And it's not Him. The spirit of Jezebel does not just affect us on a national level, but also on a personal level. When we return, you're going to find out how it invades our homes, our schools, and yes, even our churches. Next, on, "It's Supernatural".

Sid Roth: Mike, my producer asked me, so spell out the connection between World War III and President Trump. Is he triggering it?

Dr. Michael Brown: Yes, so he's triggering something. We're not talking about Russia, we're not talking about China. We're talking about something far more dangerous, far more diabolical, far more deadly. We're talking about Jezebel rising up with fury, the same fury that intimidated Elijah, the same fury that helped to destroy the nation of Israel and seduce a king and a people. And here's the ultimate thing. Wars are fought, people are affected on some level. But demons and demonic powers, they affect us right where we live. This is a war that we're fighting in our churches. This is a war that we're fighting in our families. This is a war that we're fighting in our personal lives.

Sid Roth: So World War III is not a country like Russia or China invading the U.S. It's the spiritual world invading our families to kill and rob and destroy.

Dr. Michael Brown: Exactly. And that's the war. When we talk about it, that's what we're focusing on. And for me, this was not just national. Oh yeah, the book talks about national issues, but I specifically, in the book, talk about how to defeat Jezebel in your personal life. Because I battled. When I got hit with these attacks on these three different occasions that I mentioned, it was the worst season of my life. It was like walking through knee-deep water, just to make any progress. And for me, I wake up every morning excited. I wake up looking for battles to fight.

Sid Roth: You know what it reminds me? In baseball, they take about three bats and they swing it before they go up to do it, then when they swing it with just the one bat, it's so much easier than the three. While you were trying to swing with the three bats, it's much easier with just one.

Dr. Michael Brown: Yeah, and with a giant hanging on my back at the same time.

Sid Roth: Yeah.

Dr. Michael Brown: So instead of my normal mentality of faith and victory, battered down, I mean, I love to travel, to this day love to travel and preach. I didn't want to get on a plane. I remember I went to one church, and the pastor said, "Mike, we've got some people that really need prophetic ministry". I thought, oh no! I can't do it. I'm thinking, what happened to me? What happened to the authority? And here's what Jezebel does. She uses fear. And here is an essence of fear that I realized in writing the book; it's always that something is going to go wrong tomorrow. It's not that I'm in pain now, that's pain. But fear is, it's going to get so bad you can't take it. Fear is, you're sitting there playing with your kids, and suddenly it hits you, they're going to get into an accident. Your husband's going to commit adultery. This is...

Sid Roth: Now you're getting right into the home.

Dr. Michael Brown: So it's when you get hit with these fears, you get paralyzed. You're going to fall. The promises aren't true. And that is the power of Jezebel. Not just the seducing, not just the radical voices here. But the spirit of fear is part of the essence of it. And see, we are all meant to be a people of faith, a prophetic people. And fear is the thing that stifles it. Fear is the thing that for one moment of time shut down the great Elijah, the prophet. After the greatest mountaintop experience in killing 450 false prophets, and calling down fire from heaven, and exposing the evil of Jezebel. She says, "Your head's going to roll"! And he runs!

Sid Roth: So when your son comes home, your young son, and says, "Mom, I want to tell you, I'm really a woman," it's not because he was taught something. It's the spirit of Jezebel.

Dr. Michael Brown: Yeah. Here's the deal. And the spirit of Jezebel is not only the war on gender, so gender confusion, and making men into women and women into men, all right? Not just that, but the fear is, now the worst case scenario becomes reality. It's the exact opposite of faith. I can't fight it. I can't do anything.

Sid Roth: It's having faith in your fear.

Dr. Michael Brown: And you have no sense of authority. That's part of the emasculating. And when I say that, it can happen to men, it can happen to women. Sid, I know there are people watching this. And I prepared a special CD series and prayed and felt this strongly, that there are people that used to walk in faith, that used to walk in authority. They used to step out. They used to be intercessors. And they've lost it. Maybe a man, he's crippled by pornography, he's lost his sense of authority. Here is a woman, she had some battles that she lost in prayer, and now she's paralyzed. People, Sid, there are millions. They are shells of who they used to be because they've been destroyed by Jezebel. It's time to call her out.

Sid Roth: How do we overcome that?

Dr. Michael Brown: We first and foremost recognize the work, recognize the spirit and work.

Sid Roth: I think that's the biggest problem, that you don't realize it's the spirit that's talking to you. You just think it's the circumstances.

Dr. Michael Brown: And I'm just so weak and I'm just so hungry...

Sid Roth: Yeah.

Dr. Michael Brown: No. You're being attacked. Yeah, we're responsible. We're being attacked, that's the first thing. Then the second thing, you start to build yourself up in faith. You take the word, you put it in front of you. You take hold of it. Fear not. You embrace it, fear not. Only believe. And then you put on the armor of God. And I open up in the book, I show from Ephesians 6, comparing to Isaiah 59. That when it talks about the Helmet of Salvation. That doesn't mean put a helmet on to know you're saved, because Isaiah 59 says that's the helmet God wears. And the breastplate is the breastplate he wears. In other words, you literally, just like the sword of the spirit is the Word of God, we literally put on God's armor. And once we start to renew our heart and mind and fight like that, Jezebel's going to flee. When you add into that worship and getting flooded with the joy of the Lord, what does the joy of the Lord tell you? Everything's going to be all right. God's with you. You're going to triumph. There's going to be victory.

Sid Roth: And I'm going to tell you one last thought. The greatest move in God's history is about to come upon us. Why do you think the devil is trying to knock you out? Think about it.
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