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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - This West African King Has Seen 8 People Raised from the Dead with Kingsley Fletcher

Sid Roth - This West African King Has Seen 8 People Raised from the Dead with Kingsley Fletcher

Sid Roth - This West African King Has Seen 8 People Raised from the Dead with Kingsley Fletcher
TOPICS: Resurrection

This king from Ghana, West Africa has seen eight people raised from the dead. Next on this edition of "It's Supernatural"!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter, and I’m here with Dr. Kingsley Fletcher, and Dr. Kingsley Fletcher is a king from Ghana, West Africa. But at a young age, someone wanted to get rid of you. You were actually shot in the eye with an arrow?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: That's correct.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Well as a little boy, one evening, Sunday evening, a neighbor who happened to be playing with a bow and arrow that he took from his elementary school; brought it home, and out of curiosity, started using it, but accidentally I became his one and only victim.

Sid Roth: He hit the bullseye, unfortunately, literally.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Exactly. Exactly. He shot me accidentally, and when the arrow hit my eye, of course what it did was that it destroyed my cornea. And because it was venomous poison, the arrow, which went straight into my eye, I eventually ended up in coma. So for three months I was in coma, and I was actually fed intravenously. I was hospitalized, and on nine occasions the doctors didn't expect me to live, to come out of it. But God was so good. The prayers of my wonderful parents and saints held and sustained me, and supernaturally I regained consciousness. Lived in hospital for another nine months and a day, and finally came out of hospital.

Sid Roth: Now why is it so many people that walk in extraordinary supernatural power, it seems as if their life - there's an attempt to snuff out their life at a young age. I've noticed this.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yeah. I think that's the plan of the enemy. I mean, the enemy knows that if he can strike first, then he'll be safe. But fortunately, his striking power is limited. God seems to come through, block it, and use the attack on us for good, to also bring others who may have gone through the same problems, so I think it's all good; it "…works out for good".

Sid Roth: Now Kingsley, you've got - as a Hebrew term - you have got "chutzpah"; it's a Hebrew term that means "nerve". I mean, I would have had difficulty doing what you did. As a young man, someone handed you, I guess, a blanket with something inside of it; turned out to be a dead baby. But you made a proclamation to the crowd. How old were you then?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: I was about 15; no, I was about 19 years old.

Sid Roth: What did you say?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Well I held this baby. I didn't know what was handed to me, but she did it confidently, and she walked through the crowd. I made a statement; I said "God is going to perform miracles. He can heal the sick, He can raise the dead, He could make the blind see". And I said, "If God didn't perform a miracle according to my proclamation, then you have the right to stone me. You have the right to kill me".

Sid Roth: Now you see why I said he had chutzpah? That's chutzpah; you really said that.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: I really said that.

Sid Roth: But there are some people there that might have done it.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Well it’s true they would have done it because here again, these are people who are desperate for answers, desperate to get help. And I made this statement, but the incredible thing is that this woman was among the crowd. She had walked a distance to come to this meeting. The only child she had, no husband, the baby has been dead, and the baby was supposed to be buried. They wrapped the baby, and she took the baby, and ran away with the baby.

Sid Roth: How long had the baby been dead?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: For three days.

Sid Roth: Did you get that? I mean, not three minutes, not three hours; three days. I mean, I imagine the baby was starting to decay; smelling.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yes. It's wrapped. One act of God - child - I mean, I could smell - you could smell that this is something, a smelling thing, but I didn't know what it was. But when she turned over to me, she turned around as if to walk away; and I held this, and I looked up to the heavens, and I just said, "The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob". I called on God - "Jehovah" - and that's all I said. And I just - I believed for life. I didn't feel a thing. There was nothing; no goosebumps, nothing. Right after that I just looked at her, and I presented the baby back to her. There was a silence in the crowd; you could hear a pin drop. Now remember, this place was the most witch-infested city, I would say, or town, in this part of the country that I was visiting. I was warned by many, "Don't go there", but I did go there, because God spoke to me. He said, "If you want to see Bible days confirmed in your generation, then put down your attire, put down your sophisticated appearance, and go to the place they need you the most". So I started visiting the villages where most of these people have no access to medical assistance.

Sid Roth: So it's either believe in God or die.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Exactly. Exactly. But in this particular instance, when I prayed, and I turned the baby over to the woman, she took that child with a smile. And turning away, she took three steps and she stopped, and she started unwrapping it. So she unwrapped it in front of the crowd, and what happened was the beginning of where I am today.

Sid Roth: Out of curiosity, the baby was alive?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: She unwrapped that - she presented to me, and when she finally unwrapped it, the baby that was dead was up, face - the eyes were open looking at her - and the crowd broke out in tremendous shouts, cries, you know, praising in celebration. And the funny thing is people in that crowd, we have people who were blind, we have people who are crippled, we have all kinds of people in the crowd, and they wanted to know what was going on. Cripples forgot they were crippled. They started getting up to see what was going on, and blind people forgot they were blind. They wanted to see what was going on. And that was also the place where I saw the first miracle of a blind woman who had been blind for 54 years receive her sight. So these things really challenged me as a young man.

Sid Roth: It would challenge me as an old man. That would challenge you. That would challenge anyone. But what happens when your wife dies? Your wife died.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yes. Yes.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: I mean, I just got married, and she was healthy, normal; everything was going well. We happened to be ministering, I happened to be ministering in a Spanish building in Mexico, and I asked her to help interpret for me. She said okay, she would do her very best, and she's never done anything like this before. So over our agreement I was so thrilled that we were going to do this as a team. While I was ministering, you know, I was just speaking, and as fast as I spoke she interpreted. But I said a few things, that the response was very slow in coming. So I looked at the crowd, and as I looked at the crowd and I turned and I looked at her, I mean, just like that, her tongue was out, she was foaming, and her eyes rolled back. You know, I could see from the looks on people's face that something was wrong, but I couldn't tell what it was.

Sid Roth: Listen. Something was wrong. His wife is dead! We'll be right back after this word.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter. I'm here with Kingsley Fletcher. What happens if you're a man proclaiming the Gospel, and all of a sudden in the audience your wife dies. Tell me what you saw.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Well it was so interesting. When I looked at her she was foaming. Her eyes were rolled back, and she was just a stiff. And the crowd started shouting, screaming, I mean, out of concern. But something that came upon me; a calmness came upon me. I was so calm that I just told the people, "Please be quiet and just sit down", and I continued preaching. So what I did was that I laid her down quietly, and once again, I just went close, lay my hand on her forehead, and just prayed. She wasn't breathing. The doctor came. One doctor came out of the crowd; I know him so well. His name is Dr. Lalo; that's what we call him. He came up and he checked the pulse. And when he lifted his head and looked at me, tears were streaming, so that should tell me without him verbalizing it's not good news. But I lay my hands upon her and I rebuked the spirit of death, and I called her spirit back, you know, in front of the thousands of people who were listening to the message.

Sid Roth: What's going on inside of Kingsley Fletcher? I know what's going on outside. What was going on inside?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: What was going on inside of me was a calmness, and assurance that God can do it. Sid, what makes my faith in God more rugged is that I grew up in an environment where we weren't exposed to all these wonderful amenities. You either believe God, or you die. Believe your idols, or you die. And I chose to believe God, because my parents introduced us to the reality of the power of God, so I take this experience with me everywhere. So anytime I encounter any condition or situation - even in this part of the world - my mind goes back to my first experience of how God raised the dead, and that encourages me to go on.

Sid Roth: What happened to your wife?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: She wasn't breathing. I laid my hands upon her and I just prayed calmly, but yet confidently, rebuked the spirit of death; and I called her spirit back, and I asked, next, "Can I get another interpreter"?, so I said just take her off the stage. The people looked at me and they said, "You should be crazy".

Sid Roth: You are crazy. How could you do that? I agree with them.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: I believed I was on a very important assignment, and that assignment causes me to believe that God can do the rest. And after all, Paul was once preaching and somebody fell dead. He didn't stop preaching. He finished before he raised the dead. I was assured that I could continue doing what I was doing. Besides, I was serving God.

Sid Roth: I mean, your wife might never talk to you again if you don't go to her. I'm just teasing. Go ahead.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: I think to the contrary. She says to me that "I'm so proud that you had your relationship with God before you met me, and nothing that happens in life would ever affect your relationship with God". And that's the confidence that I have, that everything I have, my wife is a blessing from God.

Sid Roth: But happened to this dead woman?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Okay. When I prayed for that dead woman, I asked them to take her out. Now they put her into one of the cars. But in our meetings we make sure that people don't, you know, interrupt services. So if you are in the service, you're not supposed to go out until the service is over unless you want to use the restroom, and the restroom is in the building. So I asked for another interpreter, and the one who came was the same doctor who shook his head to let me know that it's bad news, and he was just shaking and trembling. I mean, whatever I said, even though he may say it, he repeated it again, and I prayed for the people. And when the meeting was over I asked where did they take my wife, and they said they put her in one of the cars, but since it's bumper-to-bumper, she's still in the car. And when I rushed towards the car - and the doctor was running behind me, and other hosts of the meeting were after me - when I got to that car, my wife was sitting up, looking at me. And this is what she said, which amazed me, I asked her, "What happened to you"? And she asked me, "What happened to me"? and she said, "I heard you calling me", but I never mentioned her name. I just rebuked the spirit of death, and called her spirit back. I never called her name. She said she felt like she was a distance away, and I was calling her back. And that - the doctor said in front of us, he says, "Look, I'm a doctor. I checked the pulse of your wife; I know that your wife was dead". I said, "Well this is what God can do. If she was truly dead, here she is alive". I mean, it's been miracle after miracle, after miracle. I mean, we've seen it many, many times.

Sid Roth: But you know, one of the things that intrigues me about your ministry is you really hear precisely from God. You really - and I haven't asked you this before, but are there times before a meeting you're told what will happen at the meeting?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yes; it happens often. I think most people that come to our meetings, I mean, because of the direction that the Lord gives, at times God will give me names. It could be 10 names, 20 names; not just first name, but first name and last name, sometimes first, middle and the last name, where they live, and what happens to them. I believe this is as a result of a relationship with God. But this is years in development.

Sid Roth: Now you fast a lot. What is the connection with fasting and hearing God's voice?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: It's incredible, and it's part of it. If you are desperate to hear from God, I want to make sure the reason I want to hear from God is because I want to make sure that what I'm doing is what He's asked me to do. I'm not serving God on "hit and run", choose what I want to do; I want to make sure that what I'm doing is exactly what He wants. So God talking to me, and hearing from Him, affirms that I'm on the right track or on the wrong track. So I spend my time in prayer and fasting to make sure that I'm hearing from God.

Sid Roth: How much a year do you pray and fast, would you say?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Well I've been doing 40 days for a while. But these days I'm up to about 54, and this year, that's what I did.

Sid Roth: Fifty-four days a year you fast?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yeah. I just started the 54.

Sid Roth: Well you know what? I believe when we come back we're going to have the miraculous take place right in your home. We're also going to find out he recently was taken into Heaven and shown what will happen in the Last Days. I'm looking forward to that. We'll be right back after this.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. We're going to find out very, very soon what Dr. Fletcher saw when he was caught up into Heaven, and what will happen in the Last Days. But I hope you're having fun. I'm having so much fun. Dr. Fletcher, I'm looking forward to finding out what God - but I've got to ask you this question: You told me about someone that needed teeth.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yeah.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Yeah. Well in the early years of my ministry in Africa, I went to one of the remote villages to preach, which always attracts young evangelists and those who are studying in ministry. And occasionally some veteran ministers come to this place to minister. I went to this place to speak, and I was told - warned, forewarned - that there's an older woman in that place that is a nuisance. She always stands in front of you when you're teaching, and whenever you ask the people - because of the crowd - you ask the people if you suffer from a place, put your hand wherever you're suffering and let's pray. They said to me that she - I will always see this woman. I'm not going to miss her because she will always put her hand on her mouth. And they said to me - jokingly and laughingly - and among the ministers that she, at her age, wants new teeth to chew bones. So they tease her. So they told me there's - initially it was funny, but I thought about it and I said, "This should not be funny," if it is true. That we believe that God can do the impossible, and "What is impossible with man is possible with God", why should we laugh? That's what she's believing for, and that is her faith, and her problem; so I just went ahead and ministered. Now the first, second, and third day she came to the meeting. When I said, "Put your hands wherever you're suffering", I would look around. As I looked over the crowd, I would see this woman - older woman - with her hands on her mouth, believing God for teeth; she doesn't have teeth. But the third day, something strange happened. While we were praying, I prayed that God should touch everyone; and those who are sick, and I was just specifically calling out some areas or sicknesses or disease that I was asking God to touch. Never, ever did I mention tooth. I didn't even pray for a toothache or anything of the sort. I just prayed, en masse. And supernaturally, something happened to this woman. She opened her mouth, and people around her started screaming and shouting, jubilating, and I wanted to know what was going on. The commotion, the noise, didn't go down; it went up. So out of curiosity I asked one of the gentlemen to go out and look at what is going on. And they brought this woman to the stage, and that was what turned everything upside down for us in that place.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: This woman received, brand new, 32 teeth.

Sid Roth: Did you get that? 32 brand new teeth? You dentists eat your heart out. But time is slipping away. I want to know about your heavenly visitation.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Well this - early this year the Lord visited me. I was in Baltimore doing meetings, which I have been doing every week. And people come from different places across the country, and some come from outside the country to these meetings. And one of the evenings when I came home from the meeting, very exhausted, took my clothes off, half dressed, laid down on the bed, resting. I mean, I had been fasting for extensive days, I mean, a month actually. All of a sudden I heard a knock and I thought it was my door. So I looked to the right and was hearing the knock again, and I realized that it wasn't the left - the door. I looked at my right; the window and the partition was open, and I felt this cold breeze; this air come in. And I saw these majestic beings, major... Presence was frightening. But yet there was a peace that came upon me. And they said, "We've been sent for you". They looked at me and spoke, but yet their lips did not move. Their feet could not touch the ground. So bright like crystal. And they said, "We're here to take you". And in my head and my mind I said, "Well let me put on clothes". Now I have had visions before. I've had out of body experience, one or twice before, but this wasn't anything like that. I was taken out of the room, and I felt - when I hit, I felt cold. But just within moments I was in the presence of the Lord. And from a distance I could hear the Lord say, "Is he here"? And they said, "Yes". And just within a twinkle of an eye, I was standing in front of Him. I could not behold His face. I could not even look upon Him. And He shared with me what He's going to do in these Last Days.

Sid Roth: What is He going to do?

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: He said that He is going to let His wind - He's going to allow the Holy Spirit to blow like a wind among us, and He's going to allow His rain to fall upon us, and His fire to burn within us, like never before. And we're going to see Him show his power and glory, because His people are desperate; the world is desperate. But He's going to silence the world's belief, and promote his name, and we're going to see miracles like we've never seen before. People are going to come to the Kingdom of God like never before, and people are going to come to the place where they will fall in love with Him, and nothing will matter but Him.

Sid Roth: Kingsley, I want you to pray that that, what God told you - that breath of air, the wind of the Spirit - will touch people right now, will heal them, will refresh them and cause them to fall in love with Jesus. Do that now.

Dr. Kingsley Fletcher: Okay. Right now, I want to pray for everyone that is watching. I want you to know that wherever you are, wherever you are, God will touch you. Let's just pray. Father, in the name of Jesus the Messiah, "Yeshua", I pray that you would extend the power of Your Holy Spirit, and touch your people wherever they are. You know where they are. You know what they're going through. You know even those who haven’t believed yet. May You supernaturally touch them. We know that Your Word will not return to You void, but Your desire and purpose is that Your name will be glorified. May it be so now. Father, we believe in You for supernatural healings, miracles; miracles, signs and wonders. Demonstrate the power of Your Word, as the wind of the Spirit is blowing, and let the world declare that He did it again, and that His Word is true.

Sid Roth: The wind; the wind - the "ruach", the Spirit of the Living God, is coming right through, now. Behold, in Jesus' name, that's the presence of God; it's getting stronger, not weaker. Stronger. God is getting stronger. He wants you to know Jesus. Say, "God, in Jesus' name, I want to know my Messiah, Jesus. I must know Him now. My sins are forgiven. I must - now I must know You, in Jesus' name".
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