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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Being Whipped. I'll Never Forget What He Said to Me with Lana Vawser

Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Being Whipped. I'll Never Forget What He Said to Me with Lana Vawser

Sid Roth - I Saw Jesus Being Whipped. I'll Never Forget What He Said to Me with Lana Vawser
TOPICS: God's Voice

Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural! My guest is a prophetic voice to the nations, but she's also one that hears God's voice for individuals! She says God is always speaking, and more importantly, He wants to speak to you! She says it's normal to hear God's voice. You want to be normal and hear God's voice?

Sid Roth: You know Lana, I've I I've said this to you before. You're unique, not because you teach people how to hear God's voice, but from day one, you had a passion for God, and a passion to hear His voice! How did you have such this passion to hear God's voice?

Lana Vawser: I would say, honestly, it was God. Like it I honestly believe it was a literal impartation from the Spirit of God. The moment I got saved, I had this incredible hunger, this cry within me that came out, that said, "God, I want You to speak, and I want You to ", "I want to hear Your voice, so I will do anything, I will go anywhere, I'll do whatever I have to do to hear from You". And I literally positioned myself day and night, on my bedroom floor, for hours at a time, and I said, "God, I'm not moving, until I hear from You".

Sid Roth: Now, at that time were you Spirit-filled? Did you pray in tongues?

Lana Vawser: No, not originally. So I got saved when I was 16, I was I had this incredible hunger, and then I just started waiting on the Lord! And one night, as I was waiting on Him, I felt what I now know was the presence of God, and the power of God filled my room. And from that moment of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, my life completely changed! My senses were activated, and I began to see and hear, but yet I had no grid for it. You know like I I was crying out for something that I didn't even know how to how to process what was happening. All I knew was God, I've s I've read the Word that says that John 10:27, "My sheep hear My voice," so that's an invitation for me to hear. So I'm taking that promise, and I'm I want it. I want all of it.

Sid Roth: You start your prayer in a way I haven't heard before, and I'm going to start doing it. You start each morning with a question for God: "God, what's on Your heart"? You're not you don't start with your petitions, your laundry list.

Lana Vawser: Right.

Sid Roth: Why? Why do you ask that question?

Lana Vawser: I had this moment of revelation when I was sitting with the Lord one day in my room, and I thought, "Hang on a second. This is the 'King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords' that I'm sitting before right now, and He's invited me into this place of being able to hear His voice. So if that's true, which it is, I want to ask You what You're dreaming about. I want to know what it is that You're speaking over my life, over my family, over my city and my nation, and then I want to align myself with exactly what You're saying, and decree it, and activate my faith".

Sid Roth: There was a moment, it was, you call it your great awakening moment! Tell me about that.

Lana Vawser: Yeah, that was the very first moment that I'd been crying out to the Lord, asking to hear His voice, and feasting on the Word. And all of a sudden, one particular evening, I'm sitting with the Lord, and I hear an audible voice that says three words, "I love you", and it startled me. It was it was literally...

Sid Roth: Did you look around to see if someone was in the room?

Lana Vawser: I did! I did! It was l the only way I can describe it was that it just shook everything within me. It was like it was an external voice, yet it just it went inside of me. It reverberated within me, and it awakened me, because for up until that point, I had struggled with my identity, and so much fear, and not knowing who I was, and I had pain.

Sid Roth: But it sounds so almost, I hate to say it, almost trite. It's we hear that, "God loves you", "God love ", and we hear that all the time.

Lana Vawser: Yes!

Sid Roth: Why did it have such an impact on you?

Lana Vawser: Because of what I had walked through in my life, the things that I had experienced. I had a lot of pain in my heart, and in that moment I realized it really is all about love. It is about knowing the love of God. God doesn't love me because of what I do, right? He loves me for who I am.

Sid Roth: That's a hard thing for us humans to grasp, what you just said.

Lana Vawser: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: There was another time you heard the audible voice of God. You were in a church office.

Lana Vawser: Yeah.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Lana Vawser: I was sitting in my office in the morning. I had the same question, "Lord, what's on Your heart today"?, and all of a sudden, I hear this audible voice, and it says to me, "Pick up your pen and write". So I picked up my pen, and all of a sudden the power of God hit my hand. It felt like electricity was going through every part of my body, and my hand started to write at a thousand miles an hour. I remember watching my hand, thinking, "I can't write this fast," and so much of what was contained when it within this letter from God was all these Promises of Scripture! And it wasn't something I sat there going, "Okay, the Bible says", and I wrote it. It was the supernatural flow of just absolutely beautiful truth from God about identity, about destiny, and about His nature.

Sid Roth: But then you heard something that was said was terrifying to her! What did you hear?

Lana Vawser: Here I am, looking at this letter, thinking, "Thank You, Jesus!, I'm going to hold this forever. This is my letter". And the voice comes again and says, "Lana, pick up that letter and take it next door to the pastor". Now you have to understand the context is that I was in a beautiful church, they were helping me understand the Word of God, they were training me in leadership, but they weren't teaching on the prophetic, and understanding the voice of God in these ways. So I'm thinking, "God, how am I going to pick up this letter and go and deliver it? What do I say"? But I had a moment, and this moment was am I going to sit here and not obey God, or am I going to obey God and maybe look silly? And I thought it's you know what, I'm I'm okay with looking silly. So I went and knocked on the door, and I mumbled something along the lines of, an Audible voice said "Pick up your pen and write". The power of God hit my hand, and it told me to bring it to you.'" And he just looked at me and said, "Thank You very much". And I ran back to my office and wanted to crawl under the table. But a couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door. And I turned around, and I opened the door, and here was this beautiful man, and he was weeping. And he said to me, "How did you know everything that you wrote here"?, and I said, "It was God". And he said, "Today, Lana, I went down, and I was in the restroom". He said, "And I said to the Lord, 'If you don't answer these questions in my life today, I'm I'm not doing ministry anymore like I'm done.'" He said, "Every line on this piece of paper is the answer to every question that I asked".

Sid Roth: And you know, so Lana got a word, from God's heart just to her. But God knew it was also for the pastor that totally he would have shipwrecked himself without that word. And you realized how important this gift is!

Lana Vawser: Yeah! And you know, he would often say, "From that point on, Lana, that", "that moment changed my life". But you know what, that moment changed my life too, because I realized that God doesn't want to just speak to me, He wants to speak through me. Yeah.

Sid Roth: Did you know she talked about the audible voice of God, but that is not the average way that God speaks to her, or most Believers!

Lana Vawser: Mm.

Sid Roth: We're going to talk about it when we come back some things she's learned about understanding the voice of God that will, you will hear the voice of God! Be right back!

Sid Roth: You know, Lana, they talk about the left brain people, and right brain people, one are the creators, the other, are the logical engineer types.

Lana Vawser: Yes.

Sid Roth: Well I have a problem: Both of them kick in with me! But my logical side says if God wants to tell me something, He will just tell me something! But you found something else about God. Tell me about this lingering, as you call it.

Lana Vawser: Yeah. I had a dream one night, and all night long I heard a voice that I knew was the Lord, saying over and over again, asking a question: "Where are those who will linger"?, and it was all night long. And as I was waking in the morning, in that kind of a wake-sleep state, I remember my heart saying to the Lord, "Lord, I will linger. What are you saying about lingering"?, and He said, "To those who linger, I will entrust the secrets of My Heart", and I woke up. And from that point on, the Lord began to speak to me about the place of a positioning of lingering. That the Lord is looking for us to be people that sit with Him, and just linger in His presence.

Sid Roth: What do you do that means lingering?

Lana Vawser: My lingering place looks like it looks different every day, but mostly I will just sit with the Lord, and I will create a space where I will worship or I will soak. And I'm asking that same question, "Lord, what is on Your heart? What do you want to say right now? I'm not rushing out of Your presence. I'm here to know You. I want to hear Your voice". And so I I make intentional times to actually just be with Him.

Sid Roth: Where does expectancy come to see God speaking all the time? Is that important?

Lana Vawser: Absolutely. I really believe that there a key to hearing God's voice is being expectant. It's looking. I talk a lot about in my book about looking for Him everywhere. Just, you know, He's always speaking, He's always moving, so it's my responsibility to be looking, and asking the Lord to calibrate my eyes and my ears to understand the language of the Spirit, and the ways that He is speaking every day.

Sid Roth: it is almost like a different language!

Lana Vawser: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: You look you told me you look a lot for repetition.

Lana Vawser: Yes.

Sid Roth: Explain that.

Lana Vawser: Yeah. The Lord spoke to me very clearly when I was um a couple of years ago asking Him about understanding the language of the Spirit, and He said to me, "Lana, pay attention to repetition". And so I began to, well, my first thing I did was I prayed that the Holy Spirit would enlighten me to patterns in my life, that He would help me to see the repetitive things, in the positive, that was happening. But the Lord spoke to me very clearly, and He said, "Lana," He said, "go and research things". He said, "Go and research. If I highlight a symbol that you don't understand, go and look at it in the natural, and have a look at what the", "what the facts are about certain symbols, and just watch and see what I'll do". And that's exactly what happened to me with one particular symbol that He kept highlighting over and over.

Sid Roth: What was that?

Lana Vawser: It was the Eiffel Tower. So I was sitting in a coffee shop, and I was having a coffee with Jesus and I looked up...

Sid Roth: ...stop for one second.

Lana Vawser: Yes.

Sid Roth: Isn't that a neat idea! Coffee with Jesus! I like that idea! I'm sorry... Go ahead.

Lana Vawser: Yes. So I was sitting, having a coffee with Jesus, and I looked up and there was a painting on the wall of an Eiffel Tower, and I knew straight away that the Lord was highlighting it. It was it was like it was 3D to me, I couldn't stop staring at it. I thought, "That's interesting", and I asked the Lord, I didn't hear anything. For the next 3 to 4 weeks, I started seeing the Eiffel Tower everywhere I went. People gave me gifts of the Eiffel Tower. I didn't tell anybody. So I sat down, and I started researching on Wikipedia and different things, and found out that the Eiffel Tower was an antenna for communication, it was used to call troops to the frontline, and it was rooted and grounded in the city of love. And the Lord spoke to me, and He said, "This is a prophetic picture, Lana, of what I've called you to do". He said, "You will", "You will tap into My heart, and hear the sound waves of Heaven and what", "what's being released in My heart". He said, "And then you will take it", He said, "and you will decree it". He said, "And you will", "you will see My Spirit awaken My people and call them to the front line, into everything that I've called them to be, but always rooted and grounded in the", "in the love of Jesus", right, "the revelation of My love that never changes, and nothing can separate them from My love".

Sid Roth: Hm. And you know something? You would have missed that if you didn't do the research!

Lana Vawser: That's exactly right!

Sid Roth: I mean that I have to tell you, with all of my logic, I wouldn't have figured out to do that!

Lana Vawser: Yeah! Yeah!

Sid Roth: You know, the things that you have learned over these decades, they're so important for us to understand, because literally, God is speaking to us in a heavenly dimension, and she has learned revelation as to how we can hear this. But here she is in her home country, Australia, no interest I mean she loves America as a great country, and the good wonderful things we've done, but zero interest, and she had as much interest in the Presidential election as I have in the Australian political election. Minus zero. And all of a sudden, God starts speaking to her about it. And also, will you pray, when we come back, an impartation for us to hear God's voice?

Lana Vawser: Absolutely.

Sid Roth: Would you like that? Be right back!

Sid Roth: So, so Lana is not a political person, especially not the politics of the United States. And so you're kind of minding your own business, and what happens?

Lana Vawser: I go to bed one night, and I have a dream. And in my dream it was one of those dreams that was so vivid and I saw Donald Trump, and he was standing in an arena, and he was putting he was speaking really passionately, but I couldn't hear anything he was saying. And then all of a sudden I was taken above the United States, and I remember I was like floating, and I was looking down, and across the nation, in red letters, it said the word "Trump". And then all of a sudden the nation began to shake, like violently, and as it was shaking, the letters rearranged, and it became "Triumph". And I hear this booming voice, in my dream, that says, "Donald Trump shall lead the United States into triumph", and I woke up.

Sid Roth: But, so, she had several dreams, and he becomes President. But then she had a very strong warning about President Trump. What was that?

Lana Vawser: Yeah, after that dream, the Lord I really felt gave me His heart, to really just be praying for him. And one morning I was sitting with Lord, having my coffee, and I said, "What's on Your heart today, Lord"?, and straightaway a vision opened up in front of my eyes, and Jesus took me into a room. And we were standing at the back of the room, looking, and at a table, a planning table, I saw um what I saw the enemy, and there were all these demons all around him. And they were looking at a blueprint. And I knew that it was a blueprint of not great things planned to come against Donald Trump. And the Lord looked at me, and He said, "You must call the intercessors to be rising up in the Body of Christ to be praying protection over Donald Trump, as he moves into everything that I have for him".

Sid Roth: Somehow, despite what our limited information is telling us, God has the big picture, and all I know is, I want to follow God!

Lana Vawser: Amen.

Sid Roth: And I want to pray right now, for the protection of President Trump. Would you agree with me? After all, God says we're to do that.

Lana Vawser: Yes.

Sid Roth: Father, in Jesus' name, we agree that there are Angels all around him. We agree that there is a wall of protection around him and his wife and his children. And we agree "no weapon formed against him can prosper". And we agree that you will give this President wisdom. Wisdom is the principle thing! Wisdom to run this country. For what purpose? I know Your purpose, God! America has not fulfilled its destiny. We are to evangelize the world! That's why we have to pray for America to be all that God's called it to be!

Lana Vawser: Amen.

Sid Roth: Now Lana, you had a vision, how one word from God can change everything.

Lana Vawser: Yeah. I had this incredible vision, sitting with the Lord. I was going through a season of incredible battle of the mind. There was so much stuff going on in my head. And I said, "Lord, I just I need to hear Your truth, because I know that it's one Word that You speak can shift everything. So Lord, what is Your truth"?, and straightaway I had this vision, and I saw Jesus. And He was kneeling down, leaning over a tree stump, and His hands were tied. And as I looked up to the right, there was a man with a whip, and on the left was the enemy. And the enemy was standing there looking at me, and he was accusing me. He was he was accusing me of things in my past. He was saying, "This is who you are", you know, this is "You're not going to do this", and he was absolutely going after me. But every single time he spoke, the man on the right would whip Jesus across the back, and He would cry out and it still makes me emotional He would cry out, and He would decree the truth of who I was. He would decree who I am, and His great love for me, and what He had called me to. And every lie that the enemy spoke against me, the Lord decreed His truth. And, in that moment, I knew that Jesus has taken it all, and He's taken my sin, He's taken everything. And and I stand in Him righteous, and free, and forgiven, and washed clean by the blood of Jesus. And that encounter changed my life, because I saw the demonstration of His love in a way I've never seen in visual form. And here I was, thinking it was the voice of God, decreeing truth, that broke the power of those lies in my life.

Sid Roth: I want you to pray for us to hear God!

Lana Vawser: Yeah. Lord, I thank You that we have the Promise that, "My sheep hear My voice". So Lord, right now, in the name of Jesus, I release an impartation to every person watching, to hear the voice of God. May He surprise you in ways with His voice. Lord, I pray for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Lord, I pray an impartation of dreams and visions, Lord encounters with You. Lord, that joy would burst forth in their life as they seek after You and seek Your heart to hear Your voice. Lord, and that the invitation of Your heart to see and to hear, and that You are a God that confirms Your Word, would just fill Your people, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Sid Roth: I want you to tell people, eyeball to eyeball, how powerful they are, and that they can shine!

Lana Vawser: Yes. I want to encourage you today. You are powerful today, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. That as you walk with Jesus, and you hold His hand, that He has greater plans for you than you could ever imagine. That right now today, that the Holy Spirit wants to flow through you in ways that you could never have imagined. That you are called to shine. That you are an atmosphere shifter, that you are called to release the love and light of Jesus. And so today I want to encourage you, that as you go about your day to day life, be asking the Lord, "What are You saying, God"? "What are You doing"?, and "Use me today, to minister, and to extend Your Kingdom", because one word of encouragement, one word can change somebody's life. And you know what, it's not about having all your I's dotted and your T's crossed. The Lord isn't looking for ability, He's looking for availability. So you are powerful today. And your "Yes" to Him, you hold onto your hat because God is going to blow you away by what He is going to do through you.

Sid Roth: "You are God's workmanship, created in Messiah Jesus for good works", now do 'em!
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