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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - How to Pray Powerful Prayers That Get Results with Rebecca Greenwood

Sid Roth - How to Pray Powerful Prayers That Get Results with Rebecca Greenwood

Sid Roth - How to Pray Powerful Prayers That Get Results with Rebecca Greenwood
TOPICS: Prayer

Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it's naturally supernatural! My guest prays not for victory, but from victory. Big difference! It's called Glory warfare. Praying from victory, it's rigged! You can't lose! Want to learn how to pray from victory for all of life's problems?

Sid Roth: Uh, you know I've had a couple of meals with Becca, and uh, it's hard to believe you were a depressed person!

Rebecca Greenwood: I was, but

Sid Roth: But this, uh, I hope you caught that when she said, "I was", she's you hear it? She's giggling!

Rebecca Greenwood: Because, our Lord...

Sid Roth: That's not a sign of a depressed person! This whole understanding of Glory warfare has totally transformed everything in your life.

Rebecca Greenwood: Everything.

Sid Roth: Tell me what Glory warfare means to you.

Rebecca Greenwood: You know Glory warfare means that we encounter the Lord in His presence, Sid. And when we are in the presence of Jesus and I want to say this right now, this isn't just for me. Sometimes people hear us talk about this, and they think, "Oh, that's just for someone that God has called to speak a message". But we are all children, we are all sons and daughters of the Lord. And when we're in the Lord's presence, Jesus' presence it's not just the anointing, it's His Glory, and there's no defeat in the Glory, only victory. And when we encounter Him in His Throne Room, when we encounter that Glory, what happens is He begins to speak to us. We can hear Him, we can begin to see what He wants us to see, and He will always speak a strategy for victory, and breakthrough. God's a strategist! Jesus has not left us to fight on our own. The Scripture that I love, "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you". It goes on to say, "darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people: But the Lord shall rise, upon you, His Glory shall be seen upon you".

Sid Roth: To me, this is one of the most amazing things that I'm sitting back here witnessing. The more she talks about the Glory...

Rebecca Greenwood: The more yes.

Sid Roth: ...the more the Glory just settles...

Rebecca Greenwood: It does.

Sid Roth: ...on you at home, and on us.

Rebecca Greenwood: God does not want us, victims. And we don't fight for victory, we fight from victory.

Sid Roth: You're telling me that in the midst of the Glory God gives you strategy!

Rebecca Greenwood: Strategies

Sid Roth: For what?

Rebecca Greenwood: For breakthrough; strategies for victory. Strategies to see the schemes of the enemy defeated. Think of David, right, and he in the Psalms, Psalm 57:8. I love this Scripture, because he needed to come up even more to a new level for what God was doing. He said, "Lord, awaken, my glory"! And here's David, he comes to face Goliath, right, and when he comes 17 years old this young kid. And he had killed the bear, he'd killed the lion, but he's facing this Goliath! And there is a Glory in him, he was a worship warrior. And when he saw Goliath, because he was given that assignment God spoke the strategy to him, "David, this is your assignment. This victory has your name written on it". And when David saw that giant, Sid I love this part he could believe in the vastness of God in the Glory in him, more than that giant that he was facing.

Sid Roth: You've used a terminology several times, and that is once God gives you the strategy...

Rebecca Greenwood: Yes!

Sid Roth:'s a done deal!

Rebecca Greenwood: It's a done deal!

Sid Roth: But if you don't pray from strategy, you're just praying!

Rebecca Greenwood: You're just praying, and you're going to wear yourself out. I don't fight everything I see. What I do is when the Lord says, "Becca, this is your assignment", and I hear His strategy, I step into what I hear Him saying. And we see victory, and you become expectant, because when you are stepping into what He has assigned for you to do, and He's given you the strategy, you will see the victory. And I'm a little bit of a warrior because I've been set free, so I want to see others set free! I want to see regions set free! I want to see people in God's purposes, you know, And so you know...

Sid Roth: How about backsliders? Do you want to see them set free?

Rebecca Greenwood: I want to see backsliders get right with, get right with the Lord. If there's any backsliders that are watching, He is a good Father, and He is for you, He is not against you. And there are more for you, than are against you. And trust me, as one that was a prodigal, He will come, and He will touch you, and He will find you, and He will radically change your life, and He will set you free. And what you've come out of will become your testimony, where people will speak their freedom and victory, that others will be set free as well.

Sid Roth: You know, when God anoints someone in the Glory, and God gives them the strategy,

Rebecca Greenwood: Yes.

Sid Roth: I want you to teach a little bit. I want to hear this. How do we know God's strategy? We'll come back. And would you like to find out how you can know God's strategy? Be right back.

Sid Roth: Rebecca, I want you to tell us how to get God's strategy. Do you need God's strategy for your unsaved family? Do you need God's strategy for your health? Do you need God's strategy for your ministry? Do you need God's strategy for uh, your for every area of your life? How do we get this?

Rebecca Greenwood: You know, Sid, this sounds really simple when I say this. But when we become a people that pray when we become a people that really set aside that time to magnify who He is, and we quiet ourselves in that place, we don't just come with a list of I need this, I need this, but we begin to build that relationship, and what happens in that relationship is He will speak to us a strategy, where He wants to use us to see victory come. Can I give you an example?

Sid Roth: Please.

Rebecca Greenwood: You know we were; the Lord spoke to me. We do this for individuals, we do this for cities, and regions and the Lord spoke to us this strategy that He gave us. He said, "Go to Germany. Go to Germany, and pray in this city," because He wants to release a harvest of Souls! So my husband and I, we took a team, we prayed. The Lord had spoken this to me, in the Glory, so I told Greg, "We gotta go"! my husband "We're going to Germany". And he knows when the Lord's speaking an assignment like that, he's like, "Whoo! We're going! God's going to do something"!, right! And so we go, and it was actually on the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation, we didn't put that together I don't know why. But when we went to where we were, they began to tell us there was a lot of occult we knew this part in that region, that was holding back a harvest, so we wanted to pray, to see God set this region free! But we ended up in this location. And there was a lot of bloodshed in the Reformation that happened, from the Catholic to the Protestant, so we wanted to repent for that. So we got on site, and we started repenting, and we ended up literally in this location, where the gentleman that was very much against the activity of the Holy Spirit like the Glory, like what we're talking about really talked and debated this, and said we have to remove activity of the Holy Spirit. We ended up right there, where he had been. We did not know this, so we repented, and we began to worship the Lord, saying God, bring a harvest into this region, where this all these things in the past have held it back and from a breakthrough. And God's presence, as we worshipped, began to come, and He told us to go to another location, after we had done this, and repented. We went into this location, it was a study hall where they actually taught people to disallow the activity of the Holy Spirit. And there was a gentleman there. We were the only ones there. There was a gentleman there by the name of Klaus which means the people's victory, we found that out afterward! And so we go in, and it's on Pentecost! We ended up, on the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation Pentecost in this location, where the activity of the Holy Spirit was taken out. And and I saw on this sign the Lord that they were going to be having a concert. They were going to be doing a classical performance on the stage. There was a stage in that hall! And so I sang opera for 9 years um, and so it was a Jehovah sneaky moment! The Lord said, "Becca, go up and ask him if you can sing on that platform", so I did. I said, "Can I sing? I sing". And he spoke broken English, so I sang two lines of a German Aria, in German. And what began to happen, even singing the Aria, the presence of the Lord began to fall in that place where they had said no more Holy Spirit. Not only did it fall; it fell on Klaus. I then went into singing "Amazing Grace", because the Lord said, "Release the sound, from this place of my grace, that a harvest can come". So I opened my mouth and started singing "Amazing Grace" acapella. By the time I was done, Sid, Klaus is sweating profusely. The Glory of the Lord is in this location. And he was weeping at the same time. I said, "It's Jesus, and the Holy Spirit", and he was seeing Jesus, in that moment. And he said, "Ya! Ya ya ya! Jesus wonderful! Jesus wonderful! Ooh, my heart! My heart"!, for his pulse. And on that day, Klaus got saved, had his Holy Spirit encounter, and a harvest began to break out in that region!

Sid Roth: You know I'm having a thought. When we come back, I'm going to have her sing over you. And when she sings over you, I believe you're going to get strategies.

Rebecca Greenwood: Yes.

Sid Roth: Supernatural strategies to be a winner and not a loser in every area of your life! Be right back!

Sid Roth: You know what's so amazing in the Glory? The warfare is so easy! For instance, when you were singing in Germany with Klaus, I mean this man was religious, hardened, not born, not born, not experiential Christian, just a 'head' Christian. And when you sang, the Glory came, and the warfare was actually done for you!

Rebecca Greenwood: It was easy.

Sid Roth: And he broke!

Rebecca Greenwood: It was easy. And you know, Sid, the Lord gave me this powerful word, when He was giving me this message. Because sometimes people will say to me, sometimes they'll say, you know, "Are you a lover, or are war ", "are you a warrior"?, and in my mind, I'm like ooh! I'm not either/or, I'm both/and! And the Lord gave me this uh, this prophetic word to speak in this message. He said the greatest lovers make the greatest warriors, because they have a cause to fight from, and they have a cause to fight for.

Sid Roth: Isn't that what David said?

Rebecca Greenwood: That's exactly.

Sid Roth: "Is there not a cause"?

Rebecca Greenwood: "Is there not a cause"?!

Sid Roth: Yeah!

Rebecca Greenwood: "Is there not a cause"?!

Sid Roth: You just got back from Indiana,

Rebecca Greenwood: I did!

Sid Roth: where the Glory just it just was all over the place. What happened?

Rebecca Greenwood: It was amazing, because the Lord actually told us to go out, and to pray. He told the leaders to gather, and to pray in an assignment, that He had revealed to them in the Glory, that where there was occult that was holding back a move of the Lord. So Sid, we actually went, and we prayed on this location, as the Lord told us to pray on this location. And we felt something when we were praying shift in that atmosphere. We came back that weekend, to the Glory gathering. They were calling it the Glory Conference, we changed it to the Glory Gathering because Sid, do you know what happened in that meeting?

Sid Roth: What?

Rebecca Greenwood: When I opened up, and I started talking about the Glory, God's Glory came so strong because of the breakthrough, that we had received in obedience to that assignment He had given us. Like David, He gave us that assignment. God's Glory showed up. People were being healed, just sitting in the audience, me talking about the Glory, and the presence of the Lord. People got healed, people got delivered. A lady was paralyzed who on her right side of her face totally healed. Weeping, people coming to the altar, where they had been blind and could not have encounters with the Lord. There was a breakthrough that came, where they were able to have Glory encounters with Jesus face to face.

Sid Roth: How would... Okay. I got a question. How would you like that breakthrough now? Anyone in the studio audience? Anyone at home, want that breakthrough now? I want you to sing whatever God tells you to sing.

Rebecca Greenwood: Yes!

Sid Roth: And I want you to be expectant, to be pregnant with a word from God!

Rebecca Greenwood: And I want to say this, Sid, before I start singing. I want to say this, because you were saying when you get strategies from the Lord, right, and we're talking about lovers and warriors. And I'm going to sing, and this is going to happen, so I want to prepare people for this. When you're in the Glory, when you're in God's presence, when you're in Jesus' presence, the Glory is around us. There is all power, and all authority. And I want to say this: The enemy and spirits might tell us they have power, but Jesus has all authority, and all authority trumps power every single time.

Sid Roth: Hm.

Rebecca Greenwood: So whatever the enemy has said to you, whatever the enemy has spoken to you, all authority trumps power, every single time. So I'm going to sing over you. "Amazing Grace, "How sweet the sound, how sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me. like me, I once was lost, but now; but now am found. Was blind but now we see". Lord, in this Glory, every place where the enemy has spoken lies, I break the power of those lies, right now in Jesus' name. Lord, everyone that is listening, open their eyes, to see You, and to hear You. Lord, right now I speak and prophesy and release prophetic strategies of victory! We're not fighting for victory, we're fighting from victory. Even right now, those that are listening and watching, that are encountering You, I speak healing to physical bodies. I speak healing to heart issues right now, in Jesus' name. That right side of the heart that has been not been pumping correctly, I speak healing to that heart issue, right now, in Jesus' name. Every place where the spirit of delay, or busyness or distraction, or heaviness, or fear has come, to keep people from encountering You, I break that assignment now, and I release that sound of authority now, in Jesus' name! Transform us, Lord, from Glory, to Glory, from the inside out. The greatest lovers make the greatest warriors, because they have a cause to fight from, and to fight for. And I say right now, every place where people have been shackled, and have not "run the race" because of circumstances, I break those shackles now, in the Glory, in Jesus' name, and I say you will "run the race"! And I'm hearing a specific name. There's a Lorraine that is watching right now. Lorraine, I hear the Lord saying, "Daughter, this is your season". Right now, this is your time. We're not even talking future tense, we're saying now is your time. You were feeling the heat of the Lord many of you are. So take this word, if this applies to you. Say, Lord, I'm claiming it! I'm claiming it! You're feeling the fire of the Lord. He is burning up the dross of the past season. There is physical healing that is coming into your body now. Your heart will beat again in rhythm and alignment with the Word of God. I see three couples that are watching right now, and every assignment of the enemy that has come to rob your family business, I break that assignment now. And I just speak, Lord. Speak your prophetic, creative strategy to see Your victory realized in this situation. Many of you are going to have dreams. Do not dismiss the dreams. Write them down. In the Glory, strategy is released for breakthrough, and victory.

Sid Roth: But the most important thing is, as we go off the air, say out loud, Jesus, You are my Lord! I worship You, God!
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