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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - The Rabbinic Conspiracy to Hide Jesus from Scripture

Sid Roth - The Rabbinic Conspiracy to Hide Jesus from Scripture

Sid Roth - The Rabbinic Conspiracy to Hide Jesus from Scripture
TOPICS: Conspiracy

Have the Jewish rabbis tampered with the holy scriptures to prevent Jewish people from believing in Jesus? Is there a conspiracy? Next on this edition of "It's Supernatural"!

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter, and I'm here with Dr. Philip Moore, and he has the most amazing research that he uncovered in his multi-year investigation in Israel about a conspiracy that very few people understand, especially Jewish rabbis. It's time that people think for themselves. Now Dr. Moore, you told me people that we've studied, here in the United States, famous scientists like Sir Isaac Newton. You found some amazing information about him.

Philip Moore: Yeah. He was considered - The New York Herald Tribune said that he considered his religious writings on the Bible much more important than his scientific writings.

Sid Roth: And we never hear about his religious writings on the Bible.

Philip Moore: No. I've read a good bit of them and I have some copies of the originals, and he said the Jews would return to Jerusalem in the 20th century, Isaac Newton did. And he said that...

Sid Roth: So he was right there.

Philip Moore: He was right there. And he said the Second Coming would be in the 21st century.

Sid Roth: Whoa! Did you get that? Sir Isaac Newton prophesied the Second Coming would be in this century.

Philip Moore: Before the mid-21st century actually. So we've got - we figured about - we don't know; "No one knows the day or the hour".

Sid Roth: I mean, you are a professor-type, but I didn't think you knew that.

Philip Moore: Well we're in - it's in our lifetime, from the best that I can speculate. And I've put the calculations in one of my chapters that deal with the Second Coming.

Sid Roth: Now Einstein was very intrigued with Sir Isaac Newton.

Philip Moore: He wrote three letters, and I've got them; they've never been published before. They're published in the work in his own hand, in German, but translated also. And he wanted to see these writings of Newton get out to Princeton, Yale, or Harvard. And you know what? They all turned him down. Abraham Shalom Yehuda, who was the collector who bought these things from Sotheby's in England, died and willed them to the Hebrew University not too many years ago, and there, they're being studied by scholars, and they deal with his whole outlook.

Sid Roth: But why would Einstein want this information out that Jesus is going to be returning soon?

Philip Moore: Well Einstein had a lot of nice things to say about Jesus. He said that no myth could be filled with such life. And I've got quotes of Einstein in there.

Sid Roth: So Einstein might have been a Jewish believer in Jesus for all we know.

Philip Moore: I think so. I had written another book called "What If Hitler Won the War"? and I quote him even more.

Sid Roth: Oy vey. What a title.

Philip Moore: It would have been the worst thing of all. And I believe only God's providence stopped him, and part of it was Einstein writing Roosevelt saying we've got to get going on the atomic bomb before – and they turned all of our factories into war machines to make the tanks and planes that it would take to stop Hitler before it was too late. But had he won, we would have had a world - a pagan world - with no Israel. So God had to stop Hitler so Israel could be reborn, so Jesus could come back to save his people in the end days.

Sid Roth: Speaking about famous people, Columbus "sailed the ocean blue" and discovered America. But you discovered something about Christopher Columbus.

Philip Moore: I believe he was a Jewish believer in Jesus.

Sid Roth: Why?

Philip Moore: He put, "baith hai", a common Jewish greeting, which means "B’ezrat Hashem", "with the help of God" in that time one some of his letters that he sent to his family.

Sid Roth: In other words, he would write these two Hebrew letters down, which were almost like a code for Jewish people.

Philip Moore: That's right. That's right. On his letters that he sent to the family; not the ones that he sent to the queen and all. And he also - his mother's name was Shoshanna.

Sid Roth: That's Jewish.

Philip Moore: And also Barbanel, his finance minister, was Jewish, and several other things we've got listed in a small chapter on Columbus. He really loved prophecy, and that's why he said he started out to find the New World.

Sid Roth: He had a book with him, you said.

Philip Moore: That proves that Jesus is the Messiah. It was written for one rabbi to convince another rabbi. And he treasured that as his most treasured possession. It proved that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah from a Jewish standpoint.

Sid Roth: Now you have really done research on this area of what happened in 70 A.D. You see, in 70 A.D., the Jewish Temple was destroyed. The only way to be acceptable with God was to have an animal sacrifice in the Temple. Now no temple. So there are only two options. Either Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and has fulfilled all these animal sacrifices and his blood atones for our sins; as the Book of Leviticus says, "Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin"; or we have to invent a new type of Judaism. And unfortunately, my Jewish people invented a new type of religion called Rabbinic Judaism. Tell me a bit about the history of that, Philip.

Philip Moore: Well a guy named Aquila actually retranslated the Septuagint and took out words like "the Messiah".

Sid Roth: Now what was the Septuagint?

Philip Moore: The Septuagint was the 70 rabbinic scholars who made a Greek translation of the Bible - of the Old Testament for the Jews - and it's, you know, we have it today. It was what was being used at that time. So Aquila made a new version where he altered a lot of the Messianic prophecies.

Sid Roth: But wait a second. That's the Bible. That's the Word of God.

Philip Moore: But he didn't care as long as he could keep people from seeing this because they felt if too many Jews believed in Jesus, like all the gentiles that were believing, they might start, drop their holidays, stop being Jews, and before you know it, there wouldn't be any Jewish people. They also made the "Birchas Habonim", which was where they altered the Almida prayer in the synagogue.

Sid Roth: Okay. I know that in the synagogue we pray these benedictions, a form of prayer in the synagogue, and they added a new one. What was this new one they added?

Philip Moore: Number 12; they actually altered it. They put in there, "May there be no hope for the Minim, the nusurim". That's Jewish - Hebrew for "Christians", Jewish Christians. "May their name be abolished from the Book of Life". So that way you couldn't repeat it in the synagogue. Jerome said at that time there were 40 percent of the first three centuries. Forty percent of the synagogues were filled with, 40 percent of the people worshiping in the synagogues were Jews who believed in Jesus.

Sid Roth: Hold that thought. Did you hear what Philip just said? The first Believers in Jesus in the churches and in the synagogues, 40 percent in the traditional synagogues were Jews that believed in Jesus, and to kind of smoke them out, if you'll pardon the pun, they changed this benediction that was said by all the Jews in the synagogue; cursing Jewish Believers in Jesus so they'd look around and see who was not speaking when that curse would be said. And we'll find out when I come back what would happen to those Jews that would not renounce their faith in Jesus. I'll be right back.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter with Philip Moore. And we just found out that there was a trick prayer in the synagogue when, after Jesus died and rose from the dead, the rabbis inserted this trick prayer to find out - "smoke out" if you will - the Jews that believed in Jesus. Because 40 percent of the Jews in the synagogue were Believers in Jesus, I mean, in the traditional synagogue. And when they would not say this prayer, cursing Jews that believed in Jesus, what would happen to them, Dr. Philip Moore?

Philip Moore: Well they would invite them to leave. And this way they can separate and create a fissure between mainstream Judaism - the one they were creating - and the different groups of Jews that believed in Jesus, so they could just simply redefine Judaism and say you can't believe in Jesus and be Jewish, which is false. And another thing they did to keep them from realizing that Jesus was the Messiah, because they were afraid they would become extinct as a people and a nation, they said let's reinterpret the Messianic prophecies. So I have ancient commentaries on those prophecies and the modern refutations for them.

Sid Roth: In other words, what Philip is saying right now is that the ancient rabbis looked at these predictions about the Messiah in the scriptures and said "Oh, it's talking about the Messiah". But the modern rabbis looked at those same predictions in the Jewish Scriptures and said, "Let's make a modern interpretation, because otherwise Jewish people will believe in Jesus". Well Philip, give me an example of this.

Philip Moore: Well it says that the star of Bethlehem, the ancient rabbis said, in the week the Messiah will be born, three planets would appear in the sky. This would be the star. And Kepler figured it out: Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, right, come into conjunction every 800 years.

Sid Roth: Into alignment.

Philip Moore: Into alignment where they're so close together they looked like a bright star. We have a photo of that. And the modern rabbis say, "Oh that's just - that was never predicted of the Messiah". Yet there's a prediction in the Old Testament about it, and the rabbis writing before Jesus came said that the Messiah would come when the star did. There are other prophecies about where he's supposed to be born in Bethlehem, where he was supposed to come and suffer, where he was supposed to be crucified actually; be pierced. And Zechariah says when He comes back, everybody will see, "Look upon the one that was pierced…", and then "...all [of] Israel will become saved". I believe, you know...

Sid Roth: So but then did the modern rabbis alter that in any way?

Philip Moore: Yeah. They said that Zachariah - we have a quote right beside the ancient one where they say Zechariah was talking about the nation of Israel, not the Messiah. And a lot of times they will say Isaiah's predictions about the Messiah suffering, they would say, "No, that's about the Jewish people" or Israel suffering. Yet the old commentaries have "Messiah" right by the word "suffering", and they've just kind of gone around it. For example, the "Messiah ben Joseph", "Messiah ben David" legends indicate that the Messiah would come...

Sid Roth: What legends?

Philip Moore: Well there is a legend about the Messiah is predicted in the Bible to come twice. Okay. A lot of rabbis say "No, it's supposed to happen once, and He will do it right the first time. But the ancient legends - the Jewish legends - say that He will come and he'll be like Joseph; "Messiah ben Joseph", "Messiah ben David". He will come and suffer as Joseph suffered, but He will be king one day like David. So when Jesus came, he was sold; Joseph was sold to the Egyptians - the non-Jews - the "goyim". So was Jesus betrayed for the price of a slave, as Joseph was, to the Romans. Jesus suffered. Everybody thought, "Nice guy, but he died". Joseph was - they show the coat of blood to Joseph's father and he said, "Oh my God, some animal has devoured my son". So for a long time everybody thought, you know, that Joseph was dead and they thought Jesus was dead. Right. But meanwhile, Joseph is in Egypt becoming very powerful. And the second visit that his brothers make to him, they - he reveals himself. He takes all of his gentile clothes off and says, "I'm your brother Joseph" and they cry. When Jesus returns, all of his people in Israel - and saves them, "they will look upon him whom they pierced", at that moment when he stops the armies from coming in on them, which I don't believe is more than a few, in this generation. Then they'll cry and they'll say, you know, this - Joseph told his brothers, " meant [this for] evil ...but God meant it for good [because God wanted] to save many people alive". Joseph grew all that food, and that's how Israel would go to Egypt; to get food. So Jesus was, you know, the fact that He died for us is what He came to do. You know, people try to accuse people of saying, you know, this was done - this was wrongly done to Jesus. Jesus said, "I came to lay down my life". And when He comes a second time, because He died the first time for all of our sins, because He loved us. Then - and I have a picture of a crucified heel bone in the book. It's the only one that's ever been found. It was dug up in Israel to illustrate how painful crucifixion was. But He was willing to go to the cross for us, and suffer as Joseph suffered, so one day He could bring - could come back and setup a Kingdom, and we would be redeemed, through His blood, so we could live forever as resurrected Believers in that Kingdom.

Sid Roth: So you're saying to me the ancient rabbis saw that the Messiah would suffer, be rejected by his own people, and also saw that the Messiah would be a king. Put the two together and who do you have? You've got Jesus! We'll be back right after this. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter. Before we go back to Philip Moore and find out about the ancient beliefs that there would be false Messiah that would come, I believe, right about this time - and this was a belief by the ancient Jewish rabbis. It's kind of covered up today for a very specific purpose. Let's go to the control room. Janie Duvall, who's our guest next week? Janie: Sid, you'll be interviewing a Jewish man from the Ukraine who came to the United States and became a very well-known acrobatic gymnast. He was on a lot of major TV shows. He became very rich. But he felt very empty, so he tried drugs and he became a drug addict. He couldn't get off of drugs. There was just, there wasn't any way he tried. Then all of a sudden, he just cried out. He didn't believe in God. But all of a sudden, his ceiling opened up and something touched him, and he was instantly free of drugs.

Sid Roth: What touched him? Janie: Oh you're going to have to find out next week.

Sid Roth: Okay. I can't wait. So Philip, I mean, this is wild. The ancient rabbis saw what's called an "Antichrist" or a "false Messiah". Tell me what the ancient rabbis saw, based on the scriptures, and based on their understanding.

Philip Moore: Well interpreting Daniel where the Antichrist is mentioned, where Jesus refers to him in the Gospel of Matthew, you know, about the holy place that Daniel talks about that he will go into and defile in the Temple in the End Days, which could be another 20 years, I hate to say, in my opinion. But that will go like that. He said, this...

Sid Roth: Have you noticed, by the way - I don't want to get too far adrift, Philip, but have you noticed that it's sort of like time is being compressed? I mean, the months - you just blink your eyes, the years, you just blink your eyes.

Philip Moore: It's going faster and faster.

Sid Roth: I believe it's a supernatural thing.

Philip Moore: That's right.

Sid Roth: Have you noticed it?

Philip Moore: It used to take forever for a year to pass. Just the other day it was 2000, now it's 2001. Just like that.

Sid Roth: Okay. So tell me what the ancient rabbis interpreted.

Philip Moore: Well they said that, and you can find this information in any Jewish encyclopedia almost. Look at all Jewish - I quote from a lot of - a whole assortment of Jewish encyclopedias and dictionaries, and they talk about the "Armilus"; it's a false Messiah. He will come wreak havoc on Jerusalem; he will persecute the Jewish people. You know, the same thing is written in the New Testament in Revelation, in the Old Testament in Daniel. But the Jews don't know; it’s considered folklore; it’s never gone over. You talk about "Armilus", that means "destroyer of the peoples", they say "Armi-what"? "Armilus". This is the Jewish Antichrist, and it's identical to the Antichrist in the New Testament. And we need to tell our Jewish brothers because -

Sid Roth: What is going to be happening, according - let me hang on to that. What is going to be happening according to your understanding of scriptures, Doctor, between now and that point? Why do we have to warn Jewish people?

Philip Moore: Because they will be fooled by this individual. They will think he will come and bring a type of peace for a short time, and he will make the world work like it's never worked before, because he is impersonating the Messiah. But God won't let His - See, when "Yeshua" - Jesus - was not accepted the first time by the majority of the people, He said, "I will come back when you say "Baruch haba b'shem Adonai". That means in Hebrew, "Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord".

Sid Roth: So you're saying the Messiah won't return until our Jewish people say, "Baruch haba b'shem Adonai", "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord". In other words, receives Jesus. That's what you're saying.

Philip Moore: Right. Jesus told the Pharisees of his day, "I have come in my Father's name and you do not [believe] me ...if [another] comes in his own name, ...him [you are going to believe]". Because they want to see all the miracles and the fantastic beauty of the Second Coming in the first, and it would have happened side-by-side if He hadn't been rejected. But because they were afraid of Rome and what they would do if they received their own king, and they were worried about political things, they put Jesus on the back burner; convinced the people, "Don't believe". So now a false Messiah, a man - Satan in the flesh - will masquerade as the Messiah and fool a lot of Jewish people seven years before Jesus returns to the earth to bring peace.

Sid Roth: Will they rebuild the Temple? What will happen in Israel?

Philip Moore: The Temple - I believe, this generation will be rebuilt, and he will go in and try to proclaim himself the Messiah and God, and most of the Jewish people will say, "Well we don't believe that this guy could be God", and then he will persecute them. There's an interesting movie on that subject called "The Omega Code". Have you seen that?

Sid Roth: I have seen that.

Philip Moore: It covers some of the points about that. And this guy will want to be worshiped as God; and when they refuse, then he will wreak - like it says in the Jewish encyclopedias - havoc on Jerusalem that has never been seen before.

Sid Roth: What about the whole concept of the deity of Jesus, that He's the Son of God, or the triune nature of God? Is this an ancient rabbinic understanding?

Philip Moore: Right. In Jeremiah where it talks - the word is named "Yehovah", He's called all the ancient Hebrew names for God in several of the prophecies. It says, "Unto us a son will be born". "El Gibbor" is mentioned, "the Mighty God" in Isaiah, Chapter 9. A lot of people try to say it's a mistranslation. But for anybody that knows Hebrew, it's there. So the real Messiah is really God in the flesh, come down to save His people, because that's what the Bible predicted. One day God would actually become a person. You know, you have a person. The human body isn't God, but the spirit inside is in-dwelt by God, and will come down and save the world by giving His life.

Sid Roth: There's a famous rabbi in traditional Judaism called Rabbi Akiva. Tell me about him.

Philip Moore: He wanted to - it's obvious from what he wrote, what things that were written in the Talmud, that Jesus was a real person of that real time because he said you should never heal anybody in the name of Jesus. And they had a code - the first Believers had a code word for Jesus, and that was his name added up to the phrase in Exodus, which says, "I am the Lord that healeth thee". And a lot of the apostles were going around healing people, and they were saying don't do this because - and they were saying this has to do with the Christians, and basically the Jews that believe in Jesus, don't do it. It's better to die than to get healed by him.

Sid Roth: So that proves they were being healed in the name of Jesus.

Philip Moore: Right. That proves he's a real person like Josephus has written about the miracles. And he wasn't a Christian; he was writing as a Jewish historian; and all the miracles that Jesus did, and a lot of people said, "Well no, that's been interpolated by the church". But recently they found an ancient - and we reproduced it - an ancient - a more ancient copy done in Arabic that said the same thing. So that proves it's not a forgery.

Sid Roth: But going back to Rabbi Akiva, he declared his cousin the Messiah.

Philip Moore: Right.

Sid Roth: Tell me about that.

Philip Moore: Yeah. He declared - he gave him the name "Bar Kokhbah", "the Messiah", and he was one of the first of many - a long line of false Messiahs that we have that will lead up to the real chief impersonator of the Messiah - who's Satan in the flesh - in the End Days. But we had many false Messiahs, and he told - he led that army in there to Israel, and they lost a half-million Jews because he was trying to - he was asking that the Christians be persecuted, Akiva was, and that his cousin is the Messiah; and it led to the dispersion - the 135 dispersion, you know, the 70 A.D. and the 135.

Sid Roth: The Jews were "...[scattered to] the four corners".

Philip Moore: "...four corners of the earth".

Sid Roth: But this Bar Kokhbah was declared the Messiah. He died; A lot of Jews died. So the rabbis made a mistake on the Messiah, but they have made a lot of mistakes. So what is going to happen when this false Messiah comes on the scene? What do you think the rabbis will do? Do you think they might accept him?

Philip Moore: Yeah. They'll tell people this is a god because he's bringing them Middle East peace. That's all you hear in the news today. But they'll say because he's doing these fantastic, miraculous things that appeals to them, and they'll say, "Okay, this is the man," and unfortunately, a lot of people will believe. But if we arm people with the real Messianic prophecies that are in the Bible, show them what the ancient rabbis said before there was time to get biased because of Jesus coming in, then I think we can head off this deception.

Sid Roth: Did you hear that? According to the Bible, according to the ancient rabbis, a false Messiah peacemaker is going to come on the scene. The Temple in Israel will be rebuilt. There will be a peace. So everyone is going to say, "Oh, what a wonderful man". But what Dr. Moore is concerned about is in traditional Judaism, we're not warned about such a peacemaker. Think for yourself. What's the best way? Read the scriptures for yourself; don't rely on other people. What's the best way? Come to know God for yourself; not know "about" him. Know Him; not say, "I believe because my parents believe", but experience Him. It's possible. It's what God wants for you. Say out loud, "Dear God, I'm a sinner. Please forgive me. The blood of Jesus washes away my sins. And now that I'm clean, I ask Jesus to be my Messiah and Lord. Come into me, Jesus. Come into me, Spirit of the Living God. I love you, God. I'm so glad You love me. I'm so glad You accept me. I'm so glad.
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