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Watch 2022 online sermons » Sid Roth » Sid Roth - Supernatural Travel Through the Invisible World with Mike Schwartz

Sid Roth - Supernatural Travel Through the Invisible World with Mike Schwartz

Sid Roth - Supernatural Travel Through the Invisible World with Mike Schwartz

This man travels supernaturally from one place to the other. I mean, it's not by plane or car, or even bicycle, but through the invisible world. Next on this edition of “It's Supernatural!”

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter. Angry! And he had reason to be angry. My guest, Mike Schwartz, was angry. His father left before he was born. I mean, you almost were raised “angry at the world”.

Mike Schwartz: I really can't remember a time when I wasn't angry, and I didn't want to be. You know, it was - I wouldn't say it was funny, but I didn't want to be angry. But it was there - maybe the rejection - and I couldn't understand it. It didn't seem like I was able to do good. And when I was younger, you know, everybody thought I was the kid that most was likely to die a horrible death at 18.

Sid Roth: Did people say that in your presence?

Mike Schwartz: Yes.

Sid Roth: Not that specifically, but just “You'll never amount to anything.”

Mike Schwartz: Yes. My family did that. It was curses. Many times it was I - they had a cuss word for me that I won't repeat. But it was - that was what they called me, and it was hard. It takes its toll.

Sid Roth: Did it bother that you didn't have a father when you were growing up?

Mike Schwartz: Now I'm realizing that it did. Back then, you know, when you're going through it you don't know that this is not normal, because it's normal for you. Yeah, it bothered me.

Sid Roth: Did you get into crime? Drugs?

Mike Schwartz: I was into everything. I was continually in trouble. I probably had 50 arrests; spent a couple of years in jails. I was into every kind of drug there is except - I don't know why I never got into heroin, because I thought it was a dead man's drug. But everything else was, too.

Sid Roth: Well you thought, “Right”.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah. I was into drugs you could do, and I was into every sort of perversion with men and women. It didn't matter.

Sid Roth: I have noticed that a lot of people that have bad fathers or no fathers, somehow they fall into the trap of homosexuality; there seems to be a pattern.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah. I don't know about that, but I know where I was, and it just seems like that when things open up, there's nothing holy about anything anymore. And I had - I had no hope. But there was something inside me, since I was kid, that I would lay at night and cry. When I'd hear about this person named Jesus, I would cry, and I didn't understand it. I was raised Catholic, but nobody told me about salvation, you know. Nobody explained to me any of that stuff for years. And I'd lay at night and cry, you know. I'd hear a whistle blow, and every night this train would go by, and the whistle would blow, and I'd cry and I'd say, “God, I want to be good. Why can't I be good?” This is - was since I was eight, nine-years old.

Sid Roth: Why did you join the military service?

Mike Schwartz: It was either join the military or go to jail.

Sid Roth: Really?

Mike Schwartz: Yes, sir. Back in the Vietnam days they needed all the help they could get. So I lived in Chicago, and I was just involved in some more trouble. And they gave us a choice back then to go in the Army or go to jail. And back then, John Wayne was popular, and you didn't think bullets could kill you. You know? it was like this glorious thing to kill, and it’s was not that way.

Sid Roth: Vietnam was not fun.

Mike Schwartz: Vietnam was a horror, a horrible nightmare. There's nothing glorious about it.

Sid Roth: You had some pretty close calls.

Mike Schwartz: There is nothing glorious about killing anybody. That's the devil. We got overrun on June 6, 1966, and I was trying to find this other personnel carrier that got blown up, and it was on fire. So somebody had to go over there. I'm not a hero, but sometimes you just do heroic things. And on the way there I ran into three North Vietnamese. I was crawling on my hands and knees with a 45 in my belt, and I hit them with my head on their knees. And I looked up and I remember saying, “Oh God, I'm dead.” And when that happened, they looked down at me, and they pointed their finger at me and started laughing. And I felt this strange presence. They just walked off. They shot the machine gun in the air and walked off.

Sid Roth: That doesn't make any sense to me, Mike. How could that happen?

Mike Schwartz: I don't know. I mean, I know why it happened now; I didn't know then.

Sid Roth: What did you think when it happened, “You're lucky?”

Mike Schwartz: Yeah. Yeah. Really. And then there was a voice said to me that tormented me later. This voice said to me, "You're not even good enough to go to Hell”, and that hurt me worse. That really - it was like the rejection stronghold that was in me, and the self-pity; it just ate that up.

Sid Roth: You think you're rejected. You think the world has treated you badly. Well you're looking at a man that never knew anything but rejection. And I'm going to tell you something. It was supernatural: Three men ready to shoot you and -

Mike Schwartz: They were killing everybody. There was already a hundred wounded and 20 dead on the ground, and we were overrun. There was a hundred, 120 of us, and there was, oh, 1,500, 2,000 of them. And they ambushed us in the swamps, and they killed; they were killing everybody. Just about everybody was wounded or hurt, and we're pinned down, and we couldn't get any help. And I was miraculously saved.

Sid Roth: So you survive Vietnam.

Mike Schwartz: Yes.

Sid Roth: You come back. And tell me about that day you went to the gym.

Mike Schwartz: Well years later, I went to the gym, and this guy was messing with me. He had this "I Love Jesus" t-shirt on, and he kept bugging me and bugging me.

Sid Roth: But you liked Jesus, so why would that bother you?

Mike Schwartz: Well because I was full of demonic stuff. I wasn't - when you're not living for the King, then you're going to, you know, you're going to reject anybody that's acting like they love Him. And they were - this man was presenting something to me that was real. I mean, I was 33 or 34-years old and never had been presented with the Gospel, in America. Never been told about Jesus was Lord, and He could take away your sins and remove them - any of that; nothing. Nobody has ever confronted me.

Sid Roth: So he was confronting you.

Mike Schwartz: He was confronting me, and I was running. But there was something that kept bringing us together. And he was speaking things into my life.

Sid Roth: But I'm talking about the time that you hurt your back.

Mike Schwartz: Well this was right after that. Well this guy was a power lifter. He was a Christian. So I decided, “Well I'm going to be a power lifter”, so I put my soul into it, and I crushed - I was doing deep squats, and I crushed - I never came out of them. I went down and never came out. I just crushed my spine.

Sid Roth: Oh my goodness. Can you picture that? He's almost like an accordion. He crushes his spine with those heavy weights in the gym. We'll pick up right here. Don't go away.

Sid Roth: Hello. I'm Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Mike Schwartz. And I'm going to tell you, I wish you could have heard what we were talking about during the commercial break. But we left off when Mike is in the gym, and he's going to be a power lifter, because he likes the way people look that are power lifters. And all of a sudden, he's lifting weight, and what happened with your spine?

Mike Schwartz: I had two or three discs collapse, and I couldn't walk right; I couldn't do anything. I was in horrible pain all the time. And I went to the chiropractors and I went to the doctors, and they said, “You'll have to quit work. You can't work any more. You'll never work again”, this and that, and all this gloom and doom, you know. I was working a construction job making great money, $1,500 a week; back then and that was a lot of money. And I was just “macho”, and sport car, you know, just winging it, having a good time, and like, finally, I'm not “Mr. Rejection” anymore. “I’m worth something because I've got some money”, you know.

Sid Roth: You also got some muscles.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah. I started to look better after awhile, you know. And I wasn't - finally I was doing something I wasn't failing at. I felt like a failure all my life. And now this came up, and I was just angry again. So this Christian took me over to his house one day and this man, his cousin, came in from New Orleans. And I was in his house, whining, “Oh, you know, the doctors are saying ‘You'll never work again’”, and this and that, and I was in pain, you know. And this guy walks up to me and he just looks at me. He said, "Would you like Jesus to heal you"? And I looked at him and I said, "I'd like anybody to heal me". But I says, "If Jesus can heal me, I'd like that". It was selfish reasons. It wasn't - I wanted to know. Yeah, I wanted to be healed. I was hurting.

Sid Roth: What happened?

Mike Schwartz: He says "Well you kneel down here with me and we'll pray for you". And I said, "I can't kneel down". So one guy on each arm and they set me down. And he walked up and put his hand on my back, and he says, "Jesus, heal him". And instantly some heat went through my back. The pain quit. I looked at both of these guys and said, "This is real". I got off the floor and I says, "Take me to the gym". I went to the gym and I put a hundred more pounds on than I had ever lifted, and I was picking stuff up. It was like when the Holy Ghost is on you, you're a different person. And I was throwing weights all over the place, and I'm on fire. And I kept - started thanking Jesus. “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus”, you know. And they started taking me to church, all through Kansas City and stuff, and I started witnessing. I wasn't saved. I wasn't nothing. I just know that God touched me, and I was telling the church that Jesus heals.

Sid Roth: Jesus really does heal.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah. And I went to - oh, oh, I know it. Nobody can - you can tell me a lot of things you may not think He does, but I know He heals, because he healed me, and it's real, and it's never gone away. This has been 20 years almost.

Sid Roth: Okay. Tell me about the time you heard an audible voice from God.

Mike Schwartz: The first time I heard an audible voice was when I was doing cocaine in a crack house. In Kansas City there's this black brother, and I used to go there. I was the only white man that could ever go in the neighborhoods and be left alone. They never bothered me. And I was free-basing coke, and this voice said, "Michael". And I looked up and it said, "Michael, I'm not going to let you get high any more". And I knew it was God. I knew it was God. I says, "Garbage"! And I went and bought a hundred dollars' worth of coke and free-based it. I couldn't get high. And I ran in the guy's front room, and I threw a temper-tantrum on the guy's floor.

Sid Roth: Really?

Mike Schwartz: Yeah. This drug dealer is looking at me and I'm throwing - and he says, "What's your problem"? I says, "God won't let me get high no more". And I was throwing a fit, so he run me off. And the time that was really impressive to me, though, was when I decided I wanted to become a Christian, but I wanted to do it on my terms. And uh –

Sid Roth: Well God has been pretty gracious to you up until then.

Mike Schwartz: Oh, more than that. But you know, He picked me. I'm thankful for that because He wasn't going to quit on me, and He knew everything that He allowed me to go through until the day that He knew I was going to say yes. I know He knew that.

Sid Roth: So what happened on that day?

Mike Schwartz: I had been going to church and trying to be a Christian. I saw some very honorable things, especially what I saw in my wife. My wife is a woman of God. Boy, she's a jewel. And I wanted to be a Christian, but I didn't trust God. I didn't trust anybody. I was afraid. “Is this real?”, you know? I didn't trust anything. So I tried to do it, and I tried to go through the motions, but all this stuff was drawing me to other women. I wasn't married then. And it was drawing me back to this; it was drawing me back to that; but God was still speaking to me and just - you could feel Him tugging. So I didn't know what to do. I mean, you know, and then I was coming home in the rush hour in Kansas City, and I had this beat-up Pinto station wagon with the doors wired shut and the muffler is hanging off. And then the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice. He says, "Michael, today I want you to give me your heart". And I says, “No.” He says, "Today, give me your heart, or I will lift my spirit off you and you'll go to Hell".

Sid Roth: Those are strong words. Hold that thought. We'll be back in just a moment. But what if God said to you, "Today, you must give Me your heart, or you will go to Hell”? Do you realize that today could be the last moment of your life? We'll be back in just a moment and find out what happened to Michael.

Sid Roth: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Mike Schwartz. And oh, we're having so much fun in between during the break. We're going to go to Janie in the control room. Janie, Mike has just told me that he has gotten drunk in the spirit. The Spirit of God is falling on him so much and he said before this is over, I'm going to get drunk and who's on for next week, before I get drunk?

Janie: I think that's about to happen to me. Well you'll be interviewing a man, another man who was full of rage. But this man had detailed plans of murdering masses of white people. He related to black Muslims and Malcom X. But something happened in his car. He heard something and it made this man full of hate love all people.

Sid Roth: It sounds to me like it's the same type of thing that's just happened to Mike Schwartz. Mike, God says that you, today, you must accept Him or it will be too late. What were His exact words?

Mike Schwartz: His exact words is, "Michael," he says, "I want you to give Me your heart, or I will lift My spirit off you and you will go to Hell". And I'm at the rush hour in Kansas City traffic on a Friday, and people - and I'm beating the dashboard out of this car, just - and just - and He said that to me three times. And I said, “No”, the third time, and I started to say it the fourth time; I was going to go now, and I said...

Sid Roth: Wait. Why would you say “No” to God? God, who saved your life? God, the only one that really loved you? Why would you say “No” to Him?

Mike Schwartz: Well I guess all anger and bitterness, and resentment stems back, and it goes back to the one that can control everything is God, if you know it or not. Now I know I was bitter and angry at Him, and I didn't trust Him. Why should I? I felt like I had been dealt a bad set of cards, and you know, this is the way you feel. This is not the truth.

Sid Roth: The truth is you did have a tough life.

Mike Schwartz: Oh yeah. But I have a testimony, too, and Jesus rescued me.

Sid Roth: Tell me what happened.

Mike Schwartz: Well the fourth time I said “Yes”. And I broke, and I cried, and I beat the dash up. And I said to Him, “Okay”, and He said, "Repeat after Me".

Sid Roth: He said that?

Mike Schwartz: He said, "Repeat after Me".

Sid Roth: Wait. I usually say that. God said that to him, "Repeat after me". What did He tell you to repeat?

Mike Schwartz: He said, "I want you to give Me your heart, your mind, your body, your life, your future, and let Me do what I want to do with it". I didn't even think I had that. I didn't know that was available as a human being. I just was looking for the pit. And I said, "Yes, God". And He said a couple of other things that I can't remember now that were anti-selfishness. And then He said to me - and I thought I was done. And He said to me - this is the God I know - "P.S". I says, "What"? He said, "Michael, no conditions". He says, "You have to drop every one of your conditions". And I said, "Jesus, I'll go anywhere, do anything, no matter what it is, what it means. Your will be done". And my life instantly changed in that car. No more drugs, no more drinking, no more women. Instantly.

Sid Roth: Instantly? No withdrawals from anything. No, but physiologically, that's not possible.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah, exactly. And I went home. I went back, and I went back and my wife, who is my wife now, looked at me and she says, "What happened to you"?

Sid Roth: She could see.

Mike Schwartz: Oh yeah. I was a different "coot"; I was a different "coot". There was even a measure of some peace for the first time. I was “wired for sound”. And yeah, I had a conversion experience. When the King of Glory comes in your heart, things have to change. I mean, you just can't go on the way you were. There has to be something different.

Sid Roth: God is so good.

Mike Schwartz: Amen.

Sid Roth: God is so good. I mean, He didn't give up on you. You gave up on the world. You gave up on God.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah.

Sid Roth: But He didn't give up you.

Mike Schwartz: No.

Sid Roth: And He didn't give up on you. He did not give up on you. Why do you think you're watching this right now? Now they're going to be very upset with me, Mike, if you don't tell me about supernatural transportation.

Mike Schwartz: Well I figured this was normal transportation for Christians. It's in the scriptures.

Sid Roth: It is.

Mike Schwartz: It is. And you don't hear a lot of it, and it's not my fault. And what I want to say is I had nothing to do with this transportation problem, and I didn't...

Sid Roth: Describe one time.

Mike Schwartz: Jesus told us to go to England. I told a friend, and the Lord told him to go. We went to England, and we got in this car with these English people - this van - and we're going down the motorway, and the van fills up with smoke, or looked like smoke. Well we were - we weren't alive, it didn't feel like. And we're listening to worship, and then time quit. And the next thing I knew, we like come to, and we're a hundred kilometers down the motorway.

Sid Roth: Instantly?

Mike Schwartz: Well I don't know. When I went out and when I...

Sid Roth: Were you driving the car?

Mike Schwartz: No. I was watching the guy driving it. It didn't look like he could drive either. He kind of was just distorted. He just - I asked him later what happened. He said, "I don't know how I drove. The car just filled up".

Sid Roth: Filled up with smoke.

Mike Schwartz: Yeah, smoke or a cloud, or something; something white. We were just worshiping, and all of a sudden we were a hundred miles down the motorway.

Sid Roth: Has this happened more than once?

Mike Schwartz: Three or four times. It just happened a month ago when I was hunting. Well it happened on the way from Texas to Oklahoma. I was looking at a road sign at 7:00 in the morning, and I had an appointment at eight, so I figured if I drive so many miles an hour I could make it. And the roadside said 62 miles an hour, and had - it was exactly seven. I was wide awake and I had my family in the car. And all of a sudden I felt this strange, like, wind blow through me, and I heard somebody laugh. And I kind of - and it's like I knew it was Jesus. I says, “What's the deal?” And I looked over at the road sign; it said 20 miles to Wichita. I looked at my watch and I says, "Uh-oh, 16 minutes. You can't do it. You can’t; it's impossible". And it's just like he was laughing. And I says, "Why did you do that"? And He says, "I felt like it". And then He told me, He says in the End-Times this is going to be the mode of transportation for his church. He says when you think you can't go somewhere because of what's coming up trouble," He says, "I don't need airplane tickets. I don't need money". He says, "I'll just send whoever I want to send wherever I want to send them". He says, "This is my mode of transportation". And then a month ago I was in the mountains hunting with two friends, and there's this winding road that I hated. It's just washboard, and I hate it. It's the end of the day, and we didn't kill our buck, and I just... All of a sudden, I'm on the bottom of the road, and I feel this thing go through me again. By now I recognize it; it's about the third or fourth time. I look over to my friends and I says, "How did we miss all the bumps"? And he looked at me and he says, "We didn't," he says, “We didn't go through all that stuff, did we"? I says, “No.” I says, "Did we drive by all the stuff"? He says, “No.” And I knew the Lord, you know - it was three miles down the hill.

Sid Roth: And you just instantly?

Mike Schwartz: I was just there.

Sid Roth: How about that? Just there. But that doesn't mean a thing. I'm going to tell you what means something. Knowing God for yourself, knowing He loves you, knowing that you could not have gotten to this point without Him protecting you. Maybe it's not as obvious as Mike, but he has supernaturally protected you for right now. Repent of your sins. Ask Jesus to forgive you, and in the name of Jesus, ask God to be your Father. You need a father. You need a father that loves you; not for what you do, but who you are. He loves you. God really loves you. He's your Father. He really is.
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