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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Samuel Rodriguez » Samuel Rodriguez - The Malta Impartation - Part 2

Samuel Rodriguez - The Malta Impartation - Part 2

Samuel Rodriguez - The Malta Impartation - Part 2

I have no idea what to do next. Every snake jumped out. Every negative thought. Every contrarian, adversarial, hostile, opposition, antagonistic thought just jumped out. And I'm fighting with every single snake simultaneously, and literally, the one coming after my daughter's destiny and purpose. So, I'm driving down, and I go, "I'm losing it". And I go like, "Alright, I don't doubt you for one second. I've seen too much of your glory, experienced too much of your grace. I don't doubt you. I just don't, this whole thing doesn't line up. It just doesn't. It doesn't line up. It makes no sense".

So, I went like, "I'm not a kid. I'm not even Gideon. I'm not even gonna ask you for like, I hate to do this, but you and I, we're like, you know? Like, like we", so, I'm weeping and I'm driving down Douglas Folsom Boulevard, and I go, "Do me a favor, just give me a little something something. My baby is in a hospital room, ICU on a ventilator, and you gave her a promise. You gave her destiny. Can you just do me something? Can you just do me a favor? Specific wording, send your angels into her room. Can you just invade her room please? We can't see her. We have no idea what's going on. Please, please, send your angels". And that's it. I drive down, driving in my jeep. My daughter has no idea what I'm doing. She's on a ventilator, she's dying from COVID, no idea what I'm praying, where I'm not, no clue.

This is the text that comes in from my daughter, Evie, "Dad", now, she's on a ventilator in ICU. She's a millennial. She will die with her cellphone. Fact, undeniable truth. "Dad, I promise you, it's not the meds". She has no clue what I just pray, where I'm at, what I'm doing. "Dad, I promise you, it's not the meds. Dad, I promise you angels just invaded my room". I don't know you understand this. Don't tell me God doesn't answer prayers. Don't tell me God's not involved in the intricacies of our family, and our children, and our children's children. I'm here to tell you, put a smile on your face. We are about to see a generational move of God like we have never seen before, and every snake and every viper that has risen to poison a generation will be cast into the fire of God's glorious protective presence.

If you believe it, shout like you know that he shows up. I'm a math guy. The mathematical probability of my daughter texting me, and she could have said, "God filled my room," but she didn't. She said, "Angels," same identical wording that I prayed to God. She said, "Angels fill my room". So I knew it. I called my wife, and I went like, "Honey, this just happened". And then my sister from Philadelphia was actually praying, interceding for her with the same wording, not knowing what I was praying. And I went too many things, just mathematical probability. It's one towards infinity. This is God. Like, you could see it's God. Stevie wonder could see it's God. God is in the midst of this, right? So, I went like, "Alright, God's in it". And I go, "What's next? What's next"? My wife said, "My God, the doctor said she's..." Be good, be good. God is in this.

So, the next day, the next day the next day, I get the call, same doctor, "Mr. Rodriguez". "Yes ma'am, yes". "Mr. Rodriguez, I can't explain what just took place in the past 24 hours". And I go, "I can". She went, "Mr. Rodriguez, your daughter who was on a ventilator, not doing good at all, as you well know, something shifted. Her oxygen level just completely transformed. She's off the ventilator. She's not even having any additional ancillary oxygen devices. She's breathing on her own. We can't even explain the turn around. This would usually take three to five to seven days. Somehow, in the last 24 hours, everything turned in her favor". I'm here to prophesy, God's about to turn it around in your favor. Hey victory, get ready.

Let me get clear, in the next 24 hours, God's about to turn this thing around in your favor. What you've been hoping for and praying for and fasting for, watch God turn it around. So, she comes along, she says, "Mr. Rodriguez, you need to get ready". I go, "Get ready for what"? She says, "Well, we're gonna do probably a movie doc on this," she's definitely, my daughter, writing a book on this. And it's all medically verifiable, all the proof out there, and she, 'cause the doctor then says, "This is so awkward," it just sound really awkward, "You need to get ready to pick her up". Yesterday she's on a ventilator dying, when do I pick her up? She goes, "Next 24-48 hours. We need the room to be honest with you. But we can't explain the turnaround, she's breathing on her own, and it's not an anomaly, she's, like, her improvement, we can't explain, so just make preparations to pick her up".

Then 48 hours later, we, mom, we couldn't go inside, they brought her out in a wheelchair. She was still weak so I'm just giving you the full story. She was still weak. She was on a ventilator dying and all of sudden she's coming out of the hospital. She's in a wheelchair, her husband there, her kids were there, we pick her up, the entire family, we're Latino so it was 30 of us there in an suv. All of us were together. It's mom, dad, cousin, uncle, tia, abuelo, neighbor. I'm kidding, just the fam, the local fam. But it's a lot of us. So, we brought her sister and her brother, and we were all, we all picked her up. We picked her up and here comes Evie coming out from the wheelchair, she gets into the suv, suv is jam packed, we look at her, we haven't seen her, California restrictions, no one had access.

So, we look at her and we're looking at her like, "Oh my gosh. You know, you were dying and now here you are". And we look at her and go like, "Where do you wanna go"? And she looks at us and say, "Just drive. Just drive". So, we just started driving. And we're driving towards taho, a place called slide park in northern California. So she says, "Get off this exit". We get off the exit, it's a park, it's a big park with a lake in it. And, you know, so we're just, you know, catering to her desires. And so, everything's pretty quiet and stoic and we're just in awe of, like, "You almost died on us". And so we get to the park, we park and I guess she's weak and she says "Open the door, and let me do this".

So, there when she starts, like, "Open the door," mom and I look at her, we look at each other like, "Alright, maybe it's the meds. You know, she's out of it. You know, just a traumatic experience, Uberly traumatic experience. So, just let her be". She gets out, she starts walking and she's walking and we're, like, the whole family it looks, you know, it's like. What's she doing? Like, seriously, like, is she okay, like, here? Like, things are, you know, like, when do we intervene and go like, "Sweetheart, let's come back into the vehicle, let's go home". 'Cause, like, you know.

But she keeps walking, she's walking, not saying much, just walking. Like, this girl was dying a couple days ago on the ventilator and now she's walking in the park aiming towards a lake. She gets to the shoreline of the lake and that's when mom and I really went like, she looks at me, mom, like, "Stop her". Like, you know, "Be a dad". And I'm going like, "She's married, she has her own husband right there. I mean, that ship sailed, baby. Like, I'm not, you know", and we're all, like, quiet. And Evie looks around. Mila, the baby's here, she looks around and goes like this, weak, super weak. She just says, "Trust me. Like, I'm not crazy, trust me". She jumped into the lake, dove in. She didn't swim, I would lie, nope. She just dove in, came back out, lifted up her hands and said, "I am alive".

I'm alive. God's purpose fulfilled. She is now preaching, teaching, ministering, activating an entire generation. I'm here to tell you, I feel the Lord. Put a smile on your face. You're about to see everything the enemy attacked in your life. God's gonna use it for his glory like never before. If the enemy attacked it, God will use it. I'll repeat again, if the enemy attacked it, God will use it mightily for his glory. If you believe it, give God one more praise.

So, let's do this, let's conclude with this. Everyone, take out your right hand. Go like this, grab a hold of it. Grab a hold of every single attempt by the enemy. Every snake, every viper, every serpent. Everything that came after your dream, your purpose. Shake off personal vipers, rejection, closed doors, negativity. Shake off failure, the past, complacency, apathy, unbelief, unforgiveness. Grab a hold of it. We're gonna shake off a spirit of entitlement, corruption, perpetual victimization, easily offended behavior. You're not a victim, you're a child of God, you're more than conqueror in the name of Jesus.

So, here's what I want you to do, right there where you're at, I know it's the morning session, but when I, want to count to three, I want you to take whatever attempt of the enemy and I want you to shake it off once and for all. And in Jesus name, whatever have the power to attempt to poison, to strangle your dream or purpose will never be able to do it again, and if you can't shake it off, let not your heart be troubled, Jesus washes it off. So, stretch it out right there real quick. By the way, the same hands, the same hands, the same hands attacked by the snake, that attacked, the same hands. The Bible says, and it's here, verse 6,7,8, the same hands were used by the apostle Paul to heal the man who was sick in that island. The father, the father of the leader of the island had dysentery and fever, and Paul laid his hands.

The same thing the enemy attacked, God used for his glory to unleash revival in Island of Malta. I'm here to say it one more time. Whatever the enemy has been attacking in your life in 2024, God's about to use it for his glory. Everything the enemy has been attacking in your life, God will use for his glory. So, grab a hold of it, grab a hold of it. I'm reading it. And the citizens of Malta were surprised, "They expected him to swell up and die. To suddenly fall dead. But after waiting for a long time and seeing nothing unusual happen to him, they changed their minds. They were surprised". Somebody say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise". Surprise, surprise, surprise. They expected you to swell up, but you didn't. They expected you to die, but you didn't. They expected you to disappear, but you didn't.

We're about to surprise the world, you're about to surprise the world. To a great degree, we're not even supposed to be here right now. We, as a church, we're not supposed to be here right now. It was prophelied on multiple occasions that the church would never be around by this time in human history. It was prophelied. Vladimir Lenin in St. Petersburg Square in 1917 said that communism would outlast Christianity. 1939, Joseph Goebbels in Nuremberg, the Third Reich will outlast the church of Jesus Christ. The Beatles in the 1960's. John Lennon, he said the Beatles will receive more adoration and worship than the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit combined. Well, here it is. It is 2024, the year of our Lord, 2024. Lenin is dead, Hitler is gone, the Third Reich does not exist, the Beatles are nowhere to be found, but we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a Friday morning.

Are there any believers in the house? The church of Christ is alive and well. Somebody shout, "Surprise, surprise, surprise"! We're still standing, we're still preaching, we're still advancing the kingdom of heaven. We're still going from glory to glory. We're alive. Go ahead, stretch out your hands right there where you're at. Stretch them out. We're gonna shake this day off. Surprise, surprise, surprise. God makes all things work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Woo. Here it is, we're gonna shake it off.

I learned from this story that I have to go through Malta before I get to Rome. Paul, with the same thing that the enemy attacked, he healed the people around. Listen to me, before you get to Rome, you must learn to heal those around you with what you went through. Let God change that trauma and convert it into a testimony. Permit God to use what you went through to heal those around you. Do that. Stretch it out. You will never make it to Rome until you first learn to shake things off. The moment it becomes impossible, it officially belongs to God. And the time you spend in God's presence will determine your capacity to manage God's promises. Can I prophesy? The people you pray for are about to become the people you pray with.

Luke 1:37, "The world of God never fails". Repeat after me, "I'm on my way to Rome". Repeat after me, "I have to go through Malta, but I'm on my way to Rome". Are you ready? You have an anointing that was born in adversity that empowers you to shake things off. You have that anointing. Stand with me, you are standing. You're anointed. I've lived this out on multiple occasions. Watch God show up. That Malta season is coming to an end, you're gonna transit into your Rome, but Malta is a requirement before you get to Rome.

Repeat after me, "As a result of this anointing that was born out of adversity, in 2024, my faith will move mountains, my shout will bring down walls, my family will be saved, my life will be light, my prayers will be answered, my harvest will be great, my walk will be righteous, my testimony will touch others, my words will heal, my praise will deliver, my sorrow will become joy, and all of my actions, all of my words, all of my deeds, all of my thoughts will declare, 'look what the Lord has done".

Grab a hold of it. Grab a hold of the pressure and anxiety, fear and confusion. Grab a hold of it right now. Every lie of the enemy with the objective of poisoning your God ordained purpose and strangling your calling and dream. Grab a hold of it. The internal snakes, the thoughts that betray you, grab a hold of them. Here we go. When I say, "Now," I want you to shake that thing off. You're not defined by your failures, you're defined by his forgiveness. Let's go. At the count of three. Matter of fact, some of y'all should be holding double hand cobra. What came after you was pretty ginormous.

Tell your neighbor, "Give me some room". And don't cast a snake on your neighbor. Shake it off and cast it in the fire. Stop scapegoat ing, stop projecting, stop justifying it, stop blaming others, just cast it off and place it in the fire in the name of Jesus. Are you ready? We're gonna cast it off and you're gonna give God the best absolute praise you've given him this entire day. Shake it off. By the time you get home, watch God show up. One, two, three, cast it out right now. Give God your highest praise. Somebody praise. Surprise, surprise, surprise. You're on your way to Rome.

Here it is. "Hey Paul, we heard you lost everything in the shipwreck". "Uh-huh". This is after the revival broke out and everyone was healed. Everyone by the way. "Hey Paul, we heard you lost everything". "Yeah, we did". "So, you were on your way to Rome"? "Uh-huh" "But you lost your ship"? "Yeah". "And your resources"? "Yeah". "Well, guess what Paul? Because of what happened here, we're gonna give you everything you need. We're gonna supply everything you need for you to make it to your destination". Oh, you missed it. I'm prophesying to you right now. This will be a year of resourcing like you've never ever had before. This is will be a year of not just restoration and God giving you back what you lost, God's about to give you an overflow for you to become the greatest blessing to everyone you know. God's about to resource your purpose and your God ordained dream. Are you will me right now?

This is your Psalm 65:11 year. Ah-ha. A bountiful harvest is coming your way. And even the hard pathways of difficulty, the hardest areas hit in your life will overflow with God's abundance. If you believe it, give God one more shout of praise. If you truly believe that you're about to see an overflow of God's blessings and provision, high-five three people and tell 'em, "I told you I'm on my way to Rome". I'm on my way to Rome. On my way to Rome, on my way to Rome. If you receive this message, raise your hand. Repeat after me, "Come hell or high water, I'm on my way to Rome". I receive the Malta anointing. It's all mine. I have the power to shake off, through the finished work of Christ, not some of the things, but everything hell sent my way. I'm on my way to Rome. I bless you. I love this church, I love your pastors. Y'all happen to have the best pastors on the planet. You really do. Help me honor, please, the best pastors on the planet. And just for my sake, every once in a while, surprise and 'em and go. Just to throw things off. We love you, we bless you.

Final note and I let you go. This is a critical year in America. No joke, no hype. Super important year. I laid it out in the business breakfast. Here's a rubric that guides me every single day as I approach my Rome. Today's complacency is tomorrow's captivity. Write that down in your spirit. You are what you tolerate. There are things that we are tolerating in America that we have the power to rebuke and cast out. Number three, truth must never be sacrificed on the altar of political or cultural expediency. Number four, there is no such animal as comfortable Christianity. Our faith is a countercultural narrative. We are light in the midst of darkness, and that darkness will never overcome the light, John 1:5. And number five, for crying out loud, we have to reconcile our eschatology with our missiology. Which means what? "But Pastor Sam, we're out of here, we're out of here". We all believe Jesus is coming but while we are waiting for Jesus to come down, Jesus is waiting for his church to stand up.

So, with every sphere of influence in your life, be the light. Exert righteous influence. There is no such thing as introverted, kumbaya Christianity. You're not a private Christian. Christianity, by its very definition, requires a public expression. So, shine the light of Christ. Don't let anyone silence you, and everything that comes your way that is not of God, don't talk to it, don't cater to it, shake it off in the name of Jesus. May the strength of the father, the grace of the son, the anointing of the Holy Spirit make this year the year you and your family get to your Rome. Hey, victory, let's do one thing together. In the name of Jesus, let's do one thing together. Let's go change the world. God bless you and God keep you. We're on our way to Rome.
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