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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Samuel Rodriguez » Samuel Rodriguez - Anointed To Make History

Samuel Rodriguez - Anointed To Make History

Samuel Rodriguez - Anointed To Make History
TOPICS: Anointing

Anointed people do not focus on the darkness they turn on the light. Anointed people do not make excuses, anointed people make history. This conference is not just filled of participants, in the name of Jesus, this conference is filled of history makers that are about to change the world. Under the anointing we shut down walls. Under the anointing we bring down giants. Under the anointing we pray down fire, we cast out devils and demons, lay hands on the sick and they recover. "Speak truth with love". We pursue righteousness. Under the anointing we show our children how to pray, we advance the lamb's agenda. Under the anointing we do justice, we love mercy. We walk humbly before God. Raise your right hand and repeat after me:

I am saved. I am delivered. I am healed. I am chosen. And I am... (do it with an attitude) I am... (put some swag into it) I am... I am anointed.

Somebody praise like you're anointed and give God glory. Jesus! Your family's anointed, your dream is anointed, your going in is anointed, your coming out is anointed, your present is anointed, your future is anointed, you are... I've been anointed with fresh oil. The anointing. The anointing as no other. And any the way, the government obligates us to fill out so many boxes, from the DMV to any application, the different health... Just how many boxes can you possibly check? Ethnicity, a color, sex, gender, you name it.

There like, we have choices, I'm not kidding, I will love to, all of us, acquire kind of a sarcastic but a prophetic response. And instead of checking any of the boxes that the government will like us to check in order to separate us in perpetuity I would flip the script and say, "I self-identify as anointed". What does that mean? It means, "Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world". It means if God be for me, who can be against me. It means, "It is not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit," sayeth the Lord. I am anointed. "Out of your belly shall flow rivers," because you are anointed.

Oh, real quick can I just show you something? George, come up here. I'm gonna show 'em something. We'll get into, just past the anointed, I mean... So, this is the anointing oil we brought it from our church. It... So, in the Old Testament, we all know this, in the Old Testament the anointing, it wouldn't even be this, that's just a dab. That's not the way old school, backing up. Y'all don't have a flask of oil? Y'all don't have like a flask? You don't have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil somewhere? If not, I don't wanna inconvenience you pastor David. But man, we didn't talk about this but...

George: We did not.

Samuel Rodriguez: I got you. I got you. So, in the Old Testament... Oh snap, there is it. So, so, thank you.

George: I'll put back my bottle.

Samuel Rodriguez: So in the Old Testament, you know... That's why I love you, baby. That's why I love you. Hold on. I like that. Be careful when you ask for the anointing. Some people want a little dab, some people say, "If I'mma get a good anointing, I'mma be drenched with the anointing. I'mma be captivated with the anointing, I don't want part of it, I want..." Somebody shout like you're about to get fresh oil and it will! Alright George, open this up. Open that part up. Extra virgin. Hey, there's fresh oil coming. No joke, I heard the Holy Ghost say, "Tell him to get ready, I'm about to pour out fresh oil over their families, over their dreams, over their mantels and ministries". Somebody shout, "Fresh oil".

We can only prove hell wrong under the anointing. David was anointed: every single time he proved his critics wrong he was anointed. You're anointed to... So... Just... Carpet, bill, send the bill to my office for the carpet. Y'all ready for fresh oil? Now, I'm gonna be mindful and not, not exploit the generosity of George here. You're welcome. But I'mma pour some out just to show you that fresh oil, fresh anointing will empower you to prove hell wrong. The next 12 months you will come under the greatest anointing of your life thus far. I need somebody here to get ready. All the hell you've been through in the past few weeks, all the hell you've been fighting in the past few months has everything to do with the fresh anointing that is coming your way that will enable you to prove hell wrong. If this is for you and your family give God a kind of praise that says, "Fresh oil". Somebody shout, "Fresh oil"! Fresh oil!

When you see the oil hit his head, I want you to give God praise and lift up your hands because in the name of Jesus you are receiving a fresh infusion of the Holy Spirit. You are about to do what you've never done before. You are about to see what you've never seen before. You are about to prophecy what you've never prophesied before. You are about to occupy what you've never occupied before. Are you ready? One, two, three, get your fresh... Somebody praise like it's do... Somebody praise like it's done. Somebody shout, "Fresh oil"! Fresh oil! I feel the Lord. I feel the Lord. I feel the Lord. I feel the Lord. Get your anointing. I speak fresh oil over your family. I speak fresh oil over your children, your children, and your children's children, and your children's children's children's children will be anointed.

George, let me have the vial. Give me... You know what, let me, that's extra virgin olive oil? That's brand-new? Camera man, look up here. Get this. What I just showed was exclusively under the law in Old Testament. We still do it 'cause the Bible teaches us especially in the Book of Acts, but reiterated in John, James highlighted it. We still do it. But I'mma show you theologically speaking what happened when Jesus died. When he died and resurrected, in acts 2, he said, "The Holy Spirit". 1 John 2:27 says, here it is. "You have received the anointing, who is the Holy Spirit who," what? "Lives inside of you".

So, now by grace, by faith, the anointing is.... I want you to just drink a sip. That's what we really have. In reality, to be honest with you, biblically speaking we're not anointed from the outside in. You're not anointed from the outside in, you're anointed from the inside. That's why, "Greater is he that is in me, than he that," somebody shout like you're anointed. All the anointed people lift up your hands. You're not a victim, you're anointed. You're not broke, busted, and disgusting, you're anointed. You're not a devil's punching bag, you're anointed. Luke 4:18, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me, he has anointed me to proclaim good news, liberty to the captives, recovery to them anointed with oil".

Lift up your hand. I sense the Lord. There is a fresh anointing. There's fresh oil falling upon the people of faith, people that still preach the word, believe the word, confess the word, pray the word, think the word, live the word. There is fresh oil. Woo, there's fresh oil falling. God is up to something, even upon the church in America, I know all the naysayers and... I know, I've read the surveys. Listen, doctor Windsor, gossip, this year has been different. Anybody know what I'm talking about? Help me y'all over here.

God took to so, look I'm not, no hype. The year kicked off with an NFL footballer player who dies live on national television, Damar Hamlin. Monday night football, football player dies both teams come together and they pray. He was dead, medically certified dead, and they prayed, and he came back to life. No, no, y'all did it. He prayed and, they came thinking he was dead. Everybody saw it, millions. People prayed. He came back to life. Oh, the next day, ESPN... Google this, ESPN reporter, how many saw this? This is, he's on the air, live, and he's going, "Can you believe what happened yesterday? Damar Hamlin died. The doctors confirmed he was completely dead. He died".

And he goes like this, "He died, and people prayed, and he came back to life". And then he goes like this, "Can you believe what happened yesterday? He died, they prayed, he came back to life". He keeps on going, "He died. People prayed. He came back to life". And then he goes like this, he goes, "I feel like praying". Look it up. He goes, "I feel like praying". Everybody else on the panel, not one of them said no. They all went like, "Yeah, yeah we, let's do it. Let's do it". He goes, "This may not be right". They never went to a commercial break on ESPN. He starts praying, "God, you are the God that has the power to heal. You are the God that has the power", somebody shout, "Fresh oil"! Fresh oil! Fresh oil! Fresh oil!

"Right after that in some city called Asbury. Bunch a kids, the same generation is supposedly will be the most non-Christian generation". Detractors, naysayers, who never gonna do it, never gonna conquer it, don't be ridiculous. The same generation gets a visitation from the Holy Ghost. They can't stop praying, worshipping, reading the word, repenting of sin, calling upon the name of the Lord. It continued, it spread in different colleges, Baylor university, secular universities, young people experiencing the power of God. "Let not your heart be troubled". Your children will not be lost, your children will not go to hell. Your children will not be captive in perpetuity by drugs. There is an anointing about to set them free in the name of Jesus.

Somebody shout, "Fresh..." Somebody shout, "Fresh oil"! Right after that Greg Laurie, my friend, a pastor in southern California makes a film called "The Jesus revolution," it was supposed to have made $7 million in box office receipts that he made on close to $60 million. And just a few weeks ago he baptized close to 5,000 people. Pirates cove, boom, brand new converts. Hippies in California once again coming to Jesus, going to that place and getting baptized. Somebody say, "Fresh oil"!

And then we gathered, 60,000 plus of us gathered the first week of June in Amsterdam to sign a contract. What was the contract we signed that, we made a declaration prophetically, all biblically substantiating the Word of God. That by 2033, the anniversary, two-thousand-year anniversary. That by 2033 every single person on this planet will receive a viable presentation of the gospel with signs and wonders, healings and miracles, works and deeds following. Y'all don't know it?

Alright, right now 3.8 billion people have yet to receive a viable presentation of the gospel of Jesus, 3.8 billion people. By 2033 we are declaring, not that everyone will be saved but that everyone will hear the viable, powerful, demonstrative presentation of the gospel of Christ. I don't know if you know what this means. We are about to see more people get saved than ever before in human history. Somebody shout, "Fresh oil"! Alright, if that's you, lift up your hand all the fresh oil people. Just in that context repeat after me:

I decree and declare. That in the next twelve months more people will come to Jesus through my testimony, my ministry, my mantle of anointing than in the previous twelve years combined.

If you believed what you just said now give him the best praise you could possibly give him. We're about to see people get saved like never before. We're about to see people get delivered like never before. We are about to see people get healed like never before. Muslim nations will hear the gospel. Communist nations will hear the gospel. Millennials, generations Z, the Alpha generation will hear the gospel. Every letter in the alphabet will hear the good news of Jesus. Every letter. I said, "Every letter". Every letter. AARP, are you down with OPP, LGBTQ plus the Z. You will hear that Jesus loves you, that he saves, that he delivers, that he heals and he's coming back again.

If you got this word lift up your hands. Might as well land it. Let's land this. With your hands raised. This is my last point and minus... Let's just, yes, let's just stand with... You are standing. Point three, you're anointed to prove hell wrong by removing Saul's armor. "Then Saul gave David his own armor, a bronze helmet, and a coat of mail. David put it on, strapped the sword over it and took a step or two to see, he had never worn such things before". 1 Samuel 17:38-39, and he said this, "David said, 'I can't go in this'. So, David removed and took of Saul's armor".

This is gonna get a little bit edgy right now, make room for this. This is what the Spirit of God placed on my heart, too many Christians, there's too many people even in the church, find themselves unable to prove hell wrong and overcome the giants in front of them because they're wearing someone else's armor. You can't fight your giant with someone else's anointing. Look at your neighbor and tell 'em, "Get your own". Tell your other neighbor, "Get your own". Get your own. You can't get your breakthrough with someone else's praise. Tell your neighbor, "Get your own". Tell your neighbor, "I can pray for you, I can intercede for you, but I can't praise for you. I can't worship for you".

You can't fulfill your purpose with someone else's promise. You can't live out your destiny with someone else's identity. You have to wear your own armor. Carry your own testimony. We overcome by the blood of the... And the word of our... Revelation 12:11. We know from scripture that Saul, 1 Samuel 15 elevates this, can best be describe as in 21st century, the term would be a narcissist, self-absorbed, self-inflated, self-seeking. So, if we're following the logical continuum of his behavior... I want you to hear me. David said, "I'm not gon' do this with this". Just get, no, I'm not gonna wear your...

Why would Saul want David to wear his armor? Who said it? It wasn't like an act of generosity because 1 Samuel 15 elevates a biocycle social profile. This man was totally about him. So, if he wanted David to wear it, Saul was... Saul, we can easily conclude with biblically substantiated that the reason he want him to wear it was so he can get the credit. You missed it? "If by any chance you do defeat that guy people are gonna end up saying, 'he was wearing my armor'".

Saul wanted the glory. God works differently. God will not permit you to wear somebody else's armor. God's gonna say, "I will remove whatever you're wearing, and I will put something that's all your own". Why? At the end of the day, the only one that can get the glory is the God that anointed you. And by the way, and I'm gonna land right here. But Saul also right before that he saw, David saw king Saul tormented by some... You know what I'm saying? And then David would do... And then the... Hmm would... So David witnessed king Saul tormented by what? "Dude, are you kidding me"?

Saul puts on his stuff. If I'm David I'mma go like, "Dude, nah, man. No, no. I know what you carry. Don't put up on me. No, no, no, no, no. I'm not gonna put on, no, I'm not gonna put on your demons, your drama and your trauma. I will pray for you, but I will not become you. I will play the harp for you, but I will not imitate you. I will fight for you, but I will not be made into your imagine. I'm not gonna talk like you, live like you, believe like you". You are anointed to prove hell wrong. Not by wearing Saul's armor, but by wearing the armor of faith. Let me make the call. Ephesians 6, "A final word to be strong in the Lord and his mighty power. Put on all of God's armor so that you'll be able to stand firm against all the strategies of the devil".
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