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Samuel Rodriguez - Open Your Eyes To The Spirit

Samuel Rodriguez - Open Your Eyes To The Spirit

Here 's a passage. Let me give it to you. John 9. I'm gonna have a couple guys illustrate this, so Jason come up real quick and I think we have one more person. Jason Fortick is my travel assistant but he's not your normal cup of tea. Jason Fortick oversees security for all of our campuses and he travels with me internationally. Jason, right after 9/11, Jason joined the armed forces became an alpha team leader. His name appears in three different museums in America. He took out, he took out a bunch of Mucho Malo hombres who were terrorists in different parts, that's the real captain America right here and a real avenger. And we have the same, identical body.

And I just do a... Why would you laugh? That's not, that's awkward. I just do a better job covering it up. Yeah, yeah, yes. I mean, what? Wow. Just... It's terrible, just saying. John 9, John 9. Here's the word of the Lord. "As Jesus was walking," are there any questions? Great. Let's pray. Heavenly Father, I thank you, "As Jesus was walking, he saw a man who had been blind from birth," that is important. Underline that. Go to verse six. "Then Jesus spit on the ground," which is messy. "He made mud with his saliva," that's more messy. "And he spread the mud over the blind man's eyes". Verse seven, "He told him, 'go wash yourself'. The man went and washed and came back seeing"!

I wanna speak to you on the subject matter which we crossed referenced in that zoom call, it's my message of the moment in this season, here's God's assignment upon yours truly wherever I go including this amazing women's conference, it's your mess but it's God's miracle. Your mess, God's miracle. The process is temporary, the promise is permanent. Open your eyes to the new. By the time you get home, in Jesus' name, no hype, listen, I'm the by-product of legitimate, viable encounters in the presence of God that are all biblical undergirded. The Spirit of God shows up and gives you a word.

When I was 12, 13 years old, a guy shows up, a guy named Bernie Gillot from the teen challenge ministry in Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania back in the 80s, David Wilkerson's ministry, never met the guy before. My parents are not preachers. They forced me to go to church. My mom gave me a choice, "Go to church or die". I made the right choice, I want you to know that. I made the right choice. I attended a assembly of God church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I'm right from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that's why I have a Messianic complex. So, I attended a church in Allentown, assembly of God church, this guy come up and says, "There's a Sammy in this crowd". It was a Hispanic church. Guy didn't say, he said, "There's a Samuel", he stops the song, "Holy Spirit thou are welcome," he stops the song and he goes, "There's a Sammy in this place," and the church, it's a Latino church, very quiet, that's a joke.

You can't be slightly racist, but true. So, the church, so which means for your. So, my pastor called me out. The guy comes out, "Sammy", by the way, if you ever go to a Hispanic church and you wanna prophesy, there's a way that you can do it and you can't miss. All you gotta say, "I have a word for Jose or Maria". You can't miss. There's always gonna be a Jose. But he says, "Sammy, Sammy," by name, "Sammy". I come up and he gives me a word, everything I'm doing, and I mean everything, everything. And then he wraps up by saying, "Oh, by the way, the Lord says, you're gonna pray for presidents of the United States of America". And that's how, by the grace of God, we ended up advising three different presidents.

So, the other word that I got about Hollywood. Why am I telling you this? By the time you get home, no joke, in Jesus name, wherever there was a mess, you will find a miracle. I'mma say that one more time. In your marriage, in your relationships, in your children, in your health, in your mind, in your finances, in your calling, in your anointing, in your purpose, in your passion, in your promise, in your future, in your now, and in your next, wherever there was a mess, I need you to get ready, you will find a miracle. If you believe it, give God praise like you actually believe it's about to happen. If you actually believe it, touch three women and tell 'em, "The mess is about to become a miracle".

Tell somebody behind you, "The mess is about to become a miracle". Tell somebody five steps away from you, "The mess is about to become a miracle". I don't care how messy your children may be. I don't care how messy your marriage may be. I don't care how messy your relationships may be. Somebody praise like you know the mess is about to become a miracle. The mess is about to become a miracle. The mess is about to become a miracle. The mess is about to become a miracle. The mess, "Pastor Sam, my mess is big". The bigger the mess, the bigger the mess, the bigger the miracle. The mess is about to become a miracle. If you're taking any notes, and good luck with that, number one, open your eyes to what you have never seen before.

"As Jesus was walking, he saw a man who had been blind from birth". This man was not losing his sight, this man did not lose his sight, he never had it in the first place. He was born blind. This circumstance facilitates the environment for Christ to reveal what is known as a functional and ontological extension of the creative nature of providence. In other words, with the woman that had the issue of blood, he gave her back her health. With the indolent man at Bethesda, he gave him back his walk. With Lazarus, he gave him back his life. But with this man, yoo hoo, Jesus did not get him something he lost, Jesus gave him something he never had in the first place.

Stop asking God to give you something you lost when he wants to give you something you never had. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Whooo hoooo. Somebody repeat after me, "He is the Lord of the new thing. He is the Lord of the new thing". God is not interested in renovating your past. I'll repeat that for the hearing impaired. He is not interested in renovating your past. Stop asking him to renovate your past. He's not interested in renovating your past. He is committed to releasing a glorious future that will change your life forevermore.

Get crazier. It's gets... Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore. We've seen some stuff. Even the past handful of years, we saw the effects of a global pandemic that killed millions around the world. We saw the ruins of racial and social unrest destroying properties, families, dividing communities, and fragmenting the church. We saw the damage of political discord where the donkey and the elephant temporarily succeeded in dividing what belongs to the lamb. I love this church. You are lamb people. You worship Jesus. You're the kind of people, you're crazy, you're not normal. You're the reason why I believe that in this nation we can see healing, because in this church you don't believe, you don't drink the kool aid. You don't believe there's such a thing as a white church, or a black church, or a brown church, or a yellow church, you believe there's only one, and the gates of hell shall not, will not, may not, cannot, no way, no how, prevail against the church.

We witnessed and we continue to bear witness, oh, I'm gon' get in trouble here, to a cancel/woke culture that insists in silencing everyone and everything that refuses to toe the line of a morally, relativistic, ideological world view that runs counter to both the word and the Spirit of God. Oh, this gets me. We are streaming, right? I ate some flaming hot Cheetos. I'm on fire, baby. I got this thing ready to go. This really gets me and, cause I, we saw and continue to see like never before, I kid you not, a generation of targeted of kids, by the architects of darkness. These are spiritual powers and principalities with the message that there is no such thing as truth, gender, holiness, personal responsibility.

We're streaming? Hey, America, I want you to get ready. There are a bunch of women that are about to rise up in the name of Jesus. There are a bunch of mama bears and lioness that are coming out of the iron woman conference. And you know what they're saying? "Get your hands off our children in the name of Jesus". Somebody shout like your children will not be touched. Somebody praise like your children, and your children's children will serve the Lord. We've seen it. We've seen the mess. We saw the mess. We see the mess. Go on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, you'll see the mess. Turn on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and we don't discriminate, Telemundo, and you'll see the mess. The mess is big. But what if I tell you that in your family, in your faith, in your generation, in your marriage, in your relationships, not hopefully, not even prayerfully, not even maybe, you're about to see the mess become a miracle?

Oh, oh, oh. God is up to something. You're saying, "Are you... Can you pr..." I can substantiate it. We're seeing the mess become a miracle. Let's look at this year. Let me give you the evidence real quick, and we're gonna pivot to the illustration here. Something's happening this year. Pastor David, pastor Nicole, it's not your normal cup of tea here. Alright, let's put it in perspective. Let's look at the timeline. The year kicked off with an NFL football player dying live on national television, Damar Hamlin. He dies. Both teams come together, pray, he comes back to life, and he says, "God brought me back to life. Jesus did it". He said it, not me. He said, "Jesus brought me back to life".

The very next day on ESPN, never been seen before, a broadcaster mid-stream, I mean in the middle of the interview, and they were talking about, "Did you see what happened yesterday? Can you believe it? By the way, he's alive. Yeah, yeah". And the guy stops and he goes like, "Yeah and he's alive", and he goes, "I feel like praying". Oh, they didn't even go to a commercial break. They didn't, he said, "I don't know if this is right but we gon' pray". He starts praying and he talks about the power of God to heal and God to turn things around. Immediately after that... Is it a coincidence? Right after that, hee hee, a couple of big surveys came out. The survey said that there's a generation in America now that will be the most non-Christian generation in American history.

All of a sudden, right after that ESPN and Damar Hamlin. It seems like God never got the memo. And God goes like, "What"? There's a survey that says that generation z will be the most non-Christian generation in the history of America. This generation will not embrace Christianity. Very non-Christian, very non-Christian. And God says, "What? What generation is that"? "Yeah, yeah, the generation, z generation". And God says, "Yeah? Ashbury, Kentucky". You should smile. You know what this means? Your children, and your children's children, and your children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children will hear Jesus, will have an encounter with the living God. As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord. God is up to something.

Tell your neighbor, "God is up to something". And then, Greg Laurie, my friend, Greg Laurie, who's a buddy of mine, released a movie called "The Jesus revolution". Man, it was supposed to have made seven million. It's already made over close to 60 million dollars in box office receipts. What does that mean? No joke. We're about to see more people come to Jesus than ever before in human history. We are about to see our prodigal sons and daughters come back home. We're about to see some great things. And the mess will become a miracle. Repeat after me, "The mess will become a miracle". And whatever pushback you wanna give, then you can say, "Pastor, what about, you know, but we're living in the last days". You get the pushback. You get people going like, "Oh, you deny it".

That's good optimism. That's Pollyannish. It's very like, positive reinforcement, very encouraging, very cheerleader, very Ra Ra Rababoo. But in reality, you're negating the fact. Your eschatology must be lined up as a, slow down, three coffees, here we go. So, he goes, "'cause Jesus is coming and Pastor Sam, we're living in the last days. Are you negating the fact that we're", I'm not, I've read the list. 2 Timothy 3, very exhaustive list. "In the last days, people will become lovers of themselves". That's called narcissism and some of the accounts on Instagram. So we know that for a fact. "In the last days, men and women will deviate from their natural desires". We call that California. Are you with me right now?

I mean, you understand what I'm saying? It's just, so, I get the list, Matthew 24, a redundant list. Wars and rumors of wars, and back to Timothy, heresy, false teaching, false, we get all that. But there's a last day promise that prompted me to leave a movie premiere in Hollywood to jump to this conference. There's one more last day promise which is the one that prompted me to get here. It's my favorite. In the last days, it's so powerful it appears both in the old and the new, Joel 2:28, acts 2:17. "In the last days," God says, not I might, not I hope to, he says, "I will pour out my spirit upon," some of the flesh, half the flesh, one quarter of the flesh. "I will pour out my Holy Spirit upon", somebody praise like you know we're about to see God show up like we're never seen him show up before. Are you ready for God to fill your family? Are you ready for God to fill your home? Are you ready for God to fill your children? Are you ready for God to fill your marriage, your relationships? He will show up.

Open your eyes, open your eyes. Alright, just raise your right hand. Repeat after me, "I'm about to see what I've never seen before". Say it like you believe it. "In my family, in my faith, in my finances, in my relationships, in my church, in my community, in my thinking, in my actions, in my words, in my health, in my surroundings, in my generation, in my nation. I'm about to see the glory of Jesus like I have never ever seen before". If you believe it, praise like you believe it. Shout like you believe it. Worship like you believe it. Rejoice like you believe it. Real quick, we're gonna expedite the process here. Open your eyes to God's Spirit.

Alright, let's do this. "Then, he spit on the ground, made mud with his saliva, and spread the mud", I don't encourage anyone to ever do this in the real world. Liability insurance kicks in, a bunch of other stuff. So, this is, I want, so, what I, this, 'cause he, you know what I'm saying? So, yeah, that's what happened. So, so, go ahead. Take the, mmm mmm. No, no. And okay. This is, I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Mmm mm, mmm mm. Yeah, he looks like, yeah, night-wing or something. No, it's good. I like it. Very unorthodox. And this is the process.

Now, y'all, listen, Jesus didn't need to do that. Y'all need to know, Jesus, he had the power, "Hey, there's this guy. He's here. He was born blind". Jesus could have done like the, like Jesus, like, "Where's he at? Over there"? Right? Not even like the bewitched Jesus. Just the cool Jesus like, you know, and the guy would have been, poof. Somehow, he wants to teach us something here. And he goes and he makes this mess and this conflated process. I want you to hear me. The God of the outcome is the same God of the process. The process is temporary, but the promise is permanent. And here's the problem, do not make the temporary permanent and do not confuse the process with the promise. Do not confuse what you're going through with where you're going to.

And I wanna remind you, if you're going through what you've never been through before, it's only because you're about to occupy what you've never occupied before. I'm gon' do that one more time. If you are under attack like never before in your life, if you're going in the past few months, if you've been, if it looks like all the Krakens were released simultaneously, if it look, if right now you're going through the valley, and you're going through your desert, and you're going through you storm, do me a favor, stop whining, stop complaining, stop posting about the hell that you're going through and do the opposite. If you're going through what you've never been through before, if I were you, I'd be smiling. It only means you're about to occupy what you have never occupied before.

Is there any woman here ready to occupy all of God's promises? So, Jesus, Jesus spit. He spit. Holy saliva, Batman. He spits. He spits and he combines it with the dirt. He makes a mud-ball. What's in his spit? What's in your spit? See, I heard that back there. Over here DNA, over here bacteria. Isn't that great? The cup is half empty, the cup is half-filled. All the, all the pessimists, "It's bacteria, it's germs, it's virus, uh eh". And all the optimists, "It's DNA". Literally speaking, literally speaking, not like, "Is that a Revelation"? No, like, that's human physiology, science.

Literally speaking, Jesus takes his DNA, no, he took his, the man was born blind. Jesus comes along and says, "You were born blind? Let me take my DNA, I'm gon' put my DNA on you". In other words, "With your DNA, you can't see a thing. With my DNA, you're about to see my glory. With your DNA, you are a permanent victim. With my DNA, you are more than a conqueror. With your DNA, you have trauma. With my DNA, you will have a testimony. With your DNA, you're limited. With my DNA, you can do all things through me who gives you strength".

Lift up your hands. I'm here to tell you to get ready. You're about to see that DNA activated in you. Oh, no joke. I sense an anointing. Your family, your family was born a certain way. You were born a certain way. Pastor Nicole's testimony, it's so powerful and transformative. She elevates the testimony over the trauma. She shares what she went through to point people to where God has taken her today. That's why I love pastor Nicole. It's the testimony over the trauma. It's destiny over drama. It's what God is doing, I need you to get ready. Because when this conference is over, in the name of Jesus, whatever was there before, whatever mess was there before, God's DNA is about to manifest itself in everything you do in your life. Are you with me? No more generational curses. Generational blessings are alive and well.
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