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Samuel Rodriguez - God's Abundant Rain

Samuel Rodriguez - God's Abundant Rain
TOPICS: Elijah

We all gotta go through the fire. The fire season is that season in our lives, when that sanctifying Matthew 3:11 reality kicks in. It's God sanctifying, purifying, we know about instantaneous and progressive, but it's God removing things from inside of us, and even from outside of us, that would hinder the fulfillment of his purpose in our lives. That fire season, it's uncomfortable. The fire of God doesn't make you dance, the fire of God makes you get on your knees in repentance. The fire of God is a sanctifying, a purifying fire. And sometimes you'll remove people from around you that would've helped back the fulfillment of his purpose in you.

So, it's drought, fire, and rain. If you've been through your drought, and you've been through your fire, I need you to get ready, because the next thing coming your way, if your family has been through it's drought, if your family has been through the fire, I need you to get ready, there's something coming your way. The next... I feel glory as I share this. The next thing coming your way is gon' shift everything. If you've been through your drought, and been through your fire, the next thing coming your way is nothing less than abundant rain. This is at least for five people here. If you believe you're about to see the rain of Ezekiel 34:26, if you're ready for the... I feel God. If you've been through your drought, and you've been through your fire, put a smile on you face, and a praise on your lip. I hear the sound of abundant rain coming you way. I hear the sound of abundant rain, Maui, coming your way.

Acts 3:19, repentance followed by a refreshing outpouring of God's glory. Somebody shout, "Here comes the rain". Somebody shout, "Here comes the rain". Let me land this real quick, it's drought, fire, and rain. And little side note by the way, little side note. Those that prayed with you in the drought, deserve to dance with you in the rain. Somebody say, "Here comes the rain". The mantle of speaking truth with love. There's a new anointing, there's fresh, 1 John 2:27 anointing coming your way. "For ye have received the anointing, the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of you". There's a refreshing anointing, acts 3:19, boom, all coming together. Your way, my way, that will enable us to overcome and defeat the spirit of Ahab, Jezebel, and Baal once again. That's what's coming your way. It's the mantle of the Spirit, the mantle of drought, fire, and rain, and the mantle of speaking truth with love.

"What does that mean Pastor Sam"? That's what Elijah did. Elijah calls upon the people of Israel. You all know the story. This amazing Netflix sorta type series on top of mount Carmel. Everything in production is there, he calls them up, the people of Israel showed up, 1 Kings 18:21, one of the most tragic verses in the Bible. The prophet confronts God's children and says, "It's time. You all need to make a choice now. Will you serve the God Ahab? Will you serve him and his God Baal, or will you serve the God of our fathers"? It's time. We need to tell, not the world, the world will always be the world, the devil will always be the devil. We need to look at the church, and speak to the church, and say, "How long will we be silent? How will we be politically correct, and do kumbaya Christianity? How long will we refuse to talk about, and preach about the things that are impacting culture and society"?

It's truth with love. He said, "Make a choice. Which side will you select"? And the Bible says that the people of Israel said nothing. That's called political correctness. God's people went woke. Right there, political correctness. "I'm not gon' chose sides, I don't want to get involved in this battle. I'd rather not say anything". Really? I'mma repeat this morning, today's. Today's complacency is tomorrow's captivity. I'll repeat that, "Today's complacency is tomorrow's captivity". We are what we tolerate. truth must never be sacrificed on the altar of political or cultural expediency. There is no such thing as comfortable Christianity. Get over yourself. Stop trying, stop telling me, "It doesn't matter, we shouldn't talk about Jezebel because these things are gonna continue to get worse. Jesus is coming, so don't waste your time telling us we're gonna defeat these things".

Really? While Jesus, while we're waiting for him to come down, he's waiting for his church to stand up. truth with love. If all we do... Now, we need to speak truth about everything, John 14:6, we need to remind everyone that Jesus is the only way. I said, "The only way". The truth about the centrality of Christ. The truth about biblical orthodoxy. The truth about Veritas, the truth about itself. The truth about gender, about identity, the truth about human sexuality, and God's design for each and everyone of us. The beautiful design for our families and our children, truth. And we do it all with love. If all we do is preach love by the way, if all we do is preach love, we're nothing more than California hippies. If all we do is preach truth then we're mathematicians. The moment we speak truth in love, truth with love, and truth for love, the Ephesians model, we change the world.

I'm gonna wrap up with a story real quick here. This took place, it's about truth with love, it's a mantle. Again, y'all heard the story this morning, if you wanna hear, get the recording somehow, or the podcast, whatever y'all have. Because when I was in the assembly of God church growing up, 11, 12 years of age. And where that young lady she was present when it happened, a guy came in, Bernie, did a little teen challenge. I'm repeating it from this morning. Came over and gave me a word, and again, "There's a boy, there's a young man, Sammy, in this place". I was, like, you know very young. They called me out, the only Sammy was me, and I came, he gave me a word and said, "Sammy, the Lord says", and he gave, everything I'm doing now. And then he wrapped up by saying, "Oh, and by the way, the Lord says," this is strange, "The Lord says that you will pray for presidents of the United States of America".

That's a word. There's a fine line between the prophetic and the pathetic. That was legitimately prophetic. God still moves and still speaks. So, I got that word, I ran with that word. How'd he know I was gon' pray for president? That led me, George, again it has nothing to do, in spite of me. God had an ordained plan for me. George W. Bush brought me in as an advisor, and never knocked on the door, never asked, never sent a resume. I'm seated with Karl Rove having dinner. And God's just saying, "I'mma fulfill my plan. I'mma gonna make it happen". Even on time with Karl Rove, I sat down and said, "How in the world did y'all first get me"? He said, "Sam, I can't explain it. Your cellphone was written on a ripped up piece of paper that landed on my desk, and something told me, 'call him. Call him'".

This thing is legit. When God gives you a word, straight up. Like that's the reason. I grew up as, you know, before that I was like a little quasi agnostic, I questioned the validity of everything. But man, the mathematical probability of me ending up praying for president was 'cause God told me I was gon' do it when I was 12 years old. Haha. Not too many Puerto Ricans from Pennsylvanian end up praying for presidents, you follow what I'm saying? So, I'm with George W. Bush, when Obama comes in. They invite me to be a part of the inauguration. So, in 2008, I participated in president Obama's inauguration, and in the morning service at st. John episcopal church, it was myself, T.D. Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Charles Blake, and Rick Warren, and we participated. But it was in the private ceremony that went right before the steps of the capitol, right there. From there, we go to the steps.

And then, years later, I get this call. It's 2016, and again, I'm a lamb's agenda guy, it's not about being republican or democratic, the only agenda is the lamb's agenda, Jesus Christ, right? But there are biblical values that we will not deny, and we will never sacrifice 'em. So, ever, we're 100% pro-life, pro religious liberty, and we believe in biblical justice in the name of Jesus Christ. So, the new president, president trump gets elected. It was, my church', well, you'll get it in a second. I'm driving with my wife, and we're driving from San Francisco, form a Puerto Rican restaurant in the outskirts of San Francisco, and we were eating something called Mofongo, real good stuff, Mofongo. It's plantains, you crush 'em up, you put shrimp, and you put garlic sauce, and then a tomato based sauce. Very delicious, you have to have it.

Anyway, so we're eating, and we leave, and we're en route to Sacramento, California, on route 80. And we get this call, unknown number, unknown caller. And I usually don't pick up because I think it may be the IRS, so I usually ignore it, right? And now, they're armed, whoo, good day. So, there was unknown, Holy Spirit said, "Pick it up". Now, she was next to me. So, the Holy Spirit said, "Pick it up". I usually don't pick it up. Bam! Pick it up. "We're looking for reverend Samuel Rodriguez". I definitely thought it was the IRS. I went, "Speaking. How may I help you"? "We're calling you from the president's transition team to set an inaugural committee. Reverend Rodriguez, the president elect would like you to participate in his inauguration".

And I said, "Wow". Because I thought it was my was my cousin Paco from the Bronx, right? Not too many Pacos in the Bronx. "Okay, alright. Know your audience. Check, okay. So, once, you've like, confirmed it was a legit person". And I go, "I am honored, really honored. What would you like me to do sir"? "Well, the president elect would like you to participate, Samuel". And I went, "Great, what would you like me to do"? And, 'cause I did this before so I'm trying to get whether it's gon' be at st. John's or the capitol, and the guy says, "Well, the president would like to participate". Repeating. I went, "Hmm". I go, "Would you like me to pray"? He said, "Yes".

So then I, "Would you like me to read scripture," he said, "Why not"? My next question, as a good Pentecostal preacher. "Would you like me to raise the offering that night"? I didn't, that part is not, I thought about it, didn't say it. Integrity is everything. Didn't say that. So, "Listen, Samuel, reverend Rodriguez, we're talking about participating on the capitol steps, where approximately, 1 billion people will be watching around the world. We want you to participate, and at your discretion, whatever you want to do, read, pray, totally up to you". I went, "Wow". I went, "Well", and then he says, "Well, sir, Samuel , give us your email. You have to be vetted, department of justice, FBI all that". Which we've done before. "Got it, yeah, yeah. Here's my email".

And I went, "Sir, I need something from you". He said, "What do you need"? I go, "Sir". He goes, "Well, you know, we're gonna get sequestered and all that". And I went, "Alright, sir, I'mma need something from you". He goes, "What do you need"? I go, "I'm gonna need three weeks to pray about this". He said, "What? You need", awkward silence. The everything shifted, like you sensed it. "You need three weeks to pray about praying"? I went, "Yeah, and I'm, yes. Yes sir". And he, awkward silence. "Alright, I guess, I'll call you back in three weeks," he said. I go, "Thank you sir". He goes, "No, thank you". Beep. I turned around, I looked at my wife, she's no longer looking at me. She's looking the other way. Which is, by the way, is what we call in our relationship, a sign and a wonder.

I was wondering why she wasn't looking at me. Probably a sign. So, why, I go, "Honey, I need you activate pastor Carla, our intercessor, our chief intercessor". And she's looking at me going like, "What are you doing"? And I'm going, the reason why I wanted to pray, our church in California is very multi-ethnically diverse. It's 40% Caucasian, code word, white, 40% African American, which means black, 20% Latino, Native Americans, and Asians. It's beautiful, it really is, it looks like heaven. It's the most diverse church in the region by the grace of God. It gorgeous. And my mind is if I do this, I'mma lose a good portion of my church. And if I lose a good portion, I'mma lose some money, I'm gonna lay off some staff, and I'm thinking budget implications. That woman looked at me and said, "What are you doing"? And I went like, "We gon' pray". She went, "For what"? I went, "Didn't you hear the call"?

And she was like, "I was there". I go, "Where"? "I was there when you were a kid in the church, when God said you were gonna end up praying for presidents. You don't need to pray to see if it's God's will, you need to pray for God to give you the words of what to say when you get on that stage". When a Puerto Rican woman rebukes you it comes with greater anointing. So, there it is. It's truth with love, the mantle. It's inauguration day, we're sequestered, we're back there.

All of a sudden, this is what I get, 48 hours before, "Pastor Sam Rodriguez," a famous magazine reporter, from a famous magazine, well known magazine was there, came over and said, he knew me 'cause I've worked with that person for a number of years. Look at me and said, "Sam, Sam. Tell me you're not gonna do this". I went,"I have to". She went, "You can't, people like you. You do both CNN and Fox, you're liked by both donkeys and elephants. So, you do this, you're gonna lose half your crowd. Don't do it. Don't do it Sam, don't do it". I go, "I have to do it. Listen, you don't understand, God gave me a word when I was a kid". And the person went, "Alright, if you are gonna do it, promise you're not gonna mention the name".

And I go, "What do you mean"? The person said, "Sam you do know, for 12 years, the name hasn't mentioned"? I go, "What"? "The last time the name was mentioned was by Billy Graham in 2004, that inauguration, the 2005 inaugural. So, because there was an understanding after Billy Graham, that the name wouldn't be mentioned in order not to alienate the majority of Americans who no longer subscribed to that name. So, please tell me, you're not gonna use the name. Sam, please. No one has said the name for 12 years. Just, how about this, even avoid God, Sam. Say, 'faith'. Say, 'love'. Say, 'hope'. But don't get, don't be fundamentalist, don't be so freak. Be different, you know? Sam, there's stuff in Hollywood waiting for you. All these things, they're gonna open up for you if you'd show them that you could be eclectic, and you're not a freak like the rest of those nut cases. And so, don't say the name".

So, I looked at her and said, "Let's see what happens". True story. We went up, we were, can you out the picture up please, media team? So, this is the picture. So, before I stood up on that podium, you see the Obama's, you see the Biden's, the Clinton's. I was seated in hiding behind the Bush's. I really was. I was hiding behind George W. Bush. It's a true story. So, my seat was behind the Bush's. And I'm gonna land this, but right before I go up, I get a text. My kids for whatever reason, they love mom and dad, they love Jesus, they're a part of our church ministry. I'm just, yeah, I'm a blessed guy indeed. A blessed man indeed. My daughter Lauren, my youngest sends a text, I'm about to go up now. I'm seated, I'm hiding behind the Bush's, I'm about to go up and I get this text. Never got it before, my kid would never disrespect me. "Dad," here's the text. "Dad, shut your mouth".

First thing that went through my mind. I'm about to go up, spiritual warfare. I'm thinking, the devil is using my own kids to disrupt me right before this moment, this prophetically assigned moment. So, I text back and go, "Pardon me"? And my daughter says, "Dad, you're on Fox News, and your mouth is wide open right now. I need you to shut your mouth right now, 'cause people can see the back of your mouth". Hallelujah. The cardinal from New York went up, didn't mention the name. All of a sudden, yours truly. I was trembling. Just a Hispanic kid from Pennsylvania who loves Jesus. In spite of me, he gave me a word when I was a kid, that I was gonna end up doing this.

So, I end up on that podium, I walk up, I was trembling beforehand, I honest to goodness, you should be hearing like, "There was so much faith and I was", no, I was. And it wasn't the anointing. So I went up, the moment I stood up, just the shalom of God. The shalom of God hit me, everything stopped, it was surreal. I went up, hit the podium, I read Matthew 5, am I getting shorter, now? What just happened here? It just, what just happened? I don't know. Oh, look at that! Arise. Yes. Glory to God. Stood behind the podium, looked straight and then it happened. Everything went through my mind, everything. And I mean everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything I've been through, all the attacks, everything. Everything, self-inflicted, or externally driven. All the Jezebels, and all the Baals, and Ahabs I had to confront.

And I looked over, and I read Matthew 5, I read it, I prayed it. I was about sit down, and all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit said, "Samuel, do it". That mantle fell upon me, and the Holy Spirit said, "Do it. Do it. Watch, watch do it". So, I looked around, the presidents were here, Supreme Court was here, congress was here, military chief of staff right here. People were here. And all of, that was streaming, that was being broadcast live around the world, to nations, not just Christians, but non-Christians, even muslim nations, around the world. BBC, CNN, everyone, live around the world. So, I looked into the camera's and said, "Respectfully, I make this prayerful declaration in the name of Jesus Christ". Youtube it. The presidents, YouTube it. They said, "Amen". You heard members of congress say, "Amen". The crowd exploded and said, "Amen. Amen".

All over the world I got texts, "Sammy, you said, 'Jesus'. There are nations that never heard the name of Jesus until you said it on that stage". Everyone reacted. Why did the world respond that way? Hey, king's church, believe it or not, I know you know it, there is still power in the name of Jesus. C'mon somebody lift up the name of Jesus. If you believe there is salvation in that name, lift up your hands. There is salvation in the name of Jesus. Holy in the name of Jesus. There is deliverance in the name of Jesus. There is healing in the name of Jesus. There is breakthrough in the name of Jesus. There are miracles in the name of Jesus. Hey, there is still power in the name of Jesus. Our children will be saved in the name of Jesus. Our families will come to Christ in the name of Jesus.

Lift up your hands, we're done. Stand with me, you are. That name, that name, that name, that name is everything. "Do everything in the name of Jesus," Colossians 3:17. "Everything you do, do for the glory of Christ," 1 Corinthians 10:31. "No other name given unto man through by which salvation is come unto all mankind, but the name of Jesus". "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and there they are safe". Jesus, the power of that name. Jesus. There's an anointing. There's a fresh anointing coming your way. It's the mantle of the spirit, it's the mantle of drought, fire, and rain. It's the mantle of speaking truth with love, elevating and exalting the name of Jesus. That anointing will enable us to change the world around us. There's power in that name. With your hands raised, here's what we gon' do. I'm gon' pray over you and pass the baton, and just decree and declare this word over your life.

Father, in Jesus name, upon every single person here, we unleash the fullness of this mantle of anointing. Lord, we speak by faith through the vicarious anointing, finished work of Jesus Christ. The reality that there is still power in the name. Today, we unleash societal architects, and cultural reformers, men and women in this auditorium, and those streaming around the world, that in the their space in Jesus name, for the glory of Christ, we'll see Jezebel, Ahab, and Baal defeated once again in our generation. From Alaska, to Hawaii, all points in between, hey, we're going forth in the spirit of Elijah which is the spirit of living God. And we will do nothing less in Jesus name, than change the world. God bless you, and God keep you, thank you.

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