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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Samuel Rodriguez » Samuel Rodriguez - Don't Drag The Glory

Samuel Rodriguez - Don't Drag The Glory

Samuel Rodriguez - Don't Drag The Glory
TOPICS: Glory of God

I'm the glory of God, I'm the ark of God. Your job is, just like it happened, this really happened, you're gonna carry me, you're gonna place me right next to the statue of Dagon. Your job is to carry me, now, I'm just, let me, as you carry me, I just wanna, before we just begin in this relationship here right now. I just wanna just give you, like, don't drop the glory. You follow what I'm saying? Okay, so, this, so. Hashtag, #BestDayEver. Right there, place me right next, this really happened. Thank you, citizens of Ashdod, right over there, you gonna come back here.

So, go back Philistines, you could go over there Philistines with your big muscles and creatine and all that that you have there. And this really happened, like, no joke, this is like legit. Here's the statue of Dagon and right next to it was the glory of God, right next to it. Little quick point here, if you do your biblical due diligence, they carried the ark of God, they did not drag the ark of God. Y'all missed that, stop. Logical continuity here. The reason why these guys could not defeat the Israelites is because of. Why not destroy it? Burn it, remove the lid, break the Ten Commandments, get rid of the rod of Aaron, the manna get rid of it. No, I could prove to you through scripture, they respected the glory.

The Bible says, "If the glory was disrespected, those that disrespected the glory would," what? Die. Did they die? They carried the ark of God with great due deference, with respect. Even the devil knows. You're going to get this right now. If you wanna be respected, not just by your friends, but by your enemy of your purpose. All you need to do is exhibit the glory of Almighty God and you will be respected. What we need in America is a church that exhibits the glory of God. I'mma be honest, we don't need more churches, we need churches in the glory of God. Because the moment we carry the glory, we will be respected. Politicians, culture, society, they will respect us when we exhibit the glory of Almighty God.

Somebody say, "Respect the glory". They placed the glory of God in a box right next to Dagon. And two objects cannot occupy the same space. Nope, "The spirit of glory and of God rest upon you," 1 Peter 4:14. Ha, ha, your past and your future cannot occupy the same space. Your dream and your nightmare cannot occupy the same space. Complacency and conviction cannot occupy the same space. truth and lies cannot occupy the same space. Hatred and love cannot occupy the same space. Sin and holiness cannot occupy the same space. Forgiveness and unforgiveness cannot occupy the same space. Belief and doubt cannot occupy the same space. Faith and fear cannot occupy the same space. Something has to go. Somebody shout, "Something has to go". And then it happened, just like this, Dagon, the glory of God in a box.

And then the next morning, what did they discover? Dagon was where? And it wasn't that he fell, he didn't fall back, didn't fall on the side. The Hebrew exegete of the passage is clear, he fell in front of. It is the same identical wording that appears in Psalm 97:7, "Every false idol will bow and worship the true and living God". So, why did I travel 3,000 miles? You'll see this, what we're gonna do now it's a little bit different. I'm tired of the constructs, of ideologies of Dagon's that we have permitted to occupy our space. In our families, in our homes, in our marriages, in our ministries, in our atmosphere, in our generation. I'm tired of every single Dagon, these are not people, it's teachings, it's spirits and principalities and powers of darkness. But there are Dagons with great intentionality that have sought to come after our children and our children's children.

So, I may get in trouble, and I may not get invited back but I'm done with this. I live in California, I'm living it out every single day, I travel to rise conference to engage a group of people that have the audacity, the faith, the wherewithal, the fortitude, and the anointing and the courage to look at every Dagon and every Philistine coming after our children and tell 'em, "Get your hands off our children in the name of Almighty God. Get your hands off our children and our children's children. We will not permit it". I'm tired. I'm tired of just having church and singing kumbaya. It's time for the glory of God to be made manifest that every lie of the enemy collapses in the presence of the authority of Jesus. If you believe every lie of the enemy will come down.

So, here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna do something different. This is real quick, to every Dagon attempting to deconstruct our Judeo-Christian value system, let me declare, you're coming down. I'mma do that one more time. To every Dagon attempting to deconstruct our Judeo-Christian value system, you're coming down. To every Dagon attempting to indoctrinate our children with false ideologies regarding race, gender, and sex, you are coming down. Let the church arise in the name of Jesus. Let the church arise with the spirit of Psalms 68:1. "Arise o God and let your enemies be scattered". Every Dagon, if you really believe it's no hype, we're about to see these Dagons collapse lift up your hands. That's why we're here, we're gonna land this real quick, this will be a wham-bam thank you, Sam. Are you ready?

Lift up your hands, George, when I count to three, I want you to fall, it's symbolic. Yeah, it's an illustration but it's prophetic, it is. Let me tell you why it's prophetic, from California, to New York, to Florida, all points in between, we're about to see Dagons fall. That's not wishful thinking, every lie of the enemy. And I don't care, I don't care if I get canceled, I don't care if I don't get invited again. There's no way we're gonna permit these ideologies and constructs to occupy space. No, no, they have to come down. We gotta get as many people saved. We gotta get as many people saved. We gotta get people saved. We have to get 'em saved as soon as possible and even if it's uncomfortable, we have to speak truth with love. But we can't water it down, and we can't change the Word of God, and we can't compromise biblical truth. We can't, we can't, we can't.

If you're ready to see every Dagon come down in your family, in your children, and your children's children. In your mind, in your atmosphere, lift up your hands, here we go. At the count of three, here's what we're declaring, every Dagon, every Dagon, every lie, every construct, every Dagon that is attempting to bind an entire generation with the idea of perpetual victimization. Every Dagon, every Dagon convincing people that they are permanently traumatized, that you can never be healed. That you are permanently traumatized and all you do is... You're triggered, and yeah, we all go through trauma but to the vicarious atoning finished work of Jesus, we are healed. And we let the Holy Spirit do his job and we find the right Christian infused help. But every Dagon, not some of the Dagons, somebody say, "Every Dagon".

If you believe it, lift up your hands. Musicians, come with... They're here. Every Dagon, every Dagon, every Dagon of arrogance and pride. The sort of arrogance and pride that says, "I have the power to redefine what God already defined". "I am God, I define myself". When God says, "Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you and called you by name. I define you". Every Dagon is coming down, with your hands raised. The righteous stand up, carry the glory, where the glory of God. Wherever the glory of God is present, the light of the enemy must collapse. Show me your church, a ministry, a person, a family filled with the glory of God, who is Jesus. And 2 Corinthians, 3:17, "Where the Spirit of God is present there is freedom". Read the next verse, "Freedom to go," what? "To go from glory to glory. To be made more in the image of Jesus". The apostle Paul writing, "Not the glory that fades like the one Moses carried. This one is the one that's every increasing".

Alright, we're done. The Dagon in your family is coming down. The Dagon in your church is coming down. The Dagon in your community is coming down. The Dagon in your generation is coming down. Be on guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong, 1 Corinthians 16:13. In the name of Jesus, addiction comes down today, captivity comes down today. Bigotry comes down today. Every lie of the enemy collapses today. If you believe that raise your hands a little bit higher. Can we even declare prophetically here? The Dagon in the millennial generation is coming down. Y'all, say it one more time, the Dagon in the millennial generation is coming down. The Dagon in generation X is coming down. The Dagon in the boomer generation is coming down. The traditionalist genera... The Dagon in generation alpha and generation Z is coming down.

How many believe the Dagons in America have no choice but to come down? Alright, at the count of three, all I want you to do is shout, "Timber". Shout "Timber," and come in agreement with me when we shout "Timber," you come down and it's a prophetic, symbolic act. As you collapse, every lie of the enemy will collapse in the presence of the glory of Jesus. Throughout America and throughout the world, we're about to hear just systems collapse, we're about to hear ideologies collapse. These lies will collapse when the glory of God is manifest. Here we go, are you ready? And even the lies of the enemy against you recently, if you've been through a process, if you've been through warfare recently, it's only directly proportional to the level of glory you are about to exhibit in your life.

So, if hell showed up against you and your family, stop whining, stop sucking your thumb. Open up your mouth because when your praise is louder than your pain, nothing can stop you. And you will see the fulfill, the Dagons here, they're about to come down. At the count of three, shout "Timber". Give God the best praise you've given him in the past three years. And come in agreement that every Dagon in your life and in your family's life is coming down right now as we speak. And don't freak out, don't be surprised when someone texts you tonight, one of your kids and relatives that hasn't text you in a while. And they say, "I don't know what happened tonight at your conference, at your church, but man, God showed up and some things that held me down just fell".

I feel a breakthrough coming. The Dagon of illness and infirmity is coming down in the name of Jesus. The Dagon of cancer, and diabetes, and heart disease, that autoimmune disease, that Dagon is coming down by the authority of heaven. So here with go, one, are you ready Dagon? Two, in your children and your children's children, and your children's children children's children. Has to come down. Moses prayed, Exodus 33:18, "Show me your glory". Right when we make that prayer, it's a cool prayer, "Show me your glory," and then God says, "I like it, I'm not offended by it. It's cool, say it again". "Show me your glory," and God says, "I did. I gave you my glory, I went beyond showing, I gave you my glory and Jesus is my glory". So, now God flips it and says, "You show the world the glory I've placed inside of you".

One, two, no lids, no hindrances, whatever the enemy has constructed to impede and occupy your space. It begins here, here, and even here, it's coming down. Every lie of the enemy collapses in the presence of the glory of Almighty God. One, two. There's never been a generation more targeted by Dagons than your generation. So, when you... I want you to hit the floor when I say "Now," and come down. Because you represent, in Jesus' name, when you do this every lie of the enemy constructed against your generation. Your generation Carries the glory. Matter of fact, your generation Carries the glory at a greater level than my generation carry the glory.

The reason why hell showed up from your mom's womb, meaning, your generation targeted from abortion, all the way through the streets and violence, Fentanyl, drugs, sexual ambiguity all of that. It's all the enemy just really ticked off because you, you carry the glory like no other generation in human history. So, when I say, "Now," Dagon over here, you're coming down. You're coming down and every lie created against your generation will come down with you. One, two, three. Somebody shout like it's done. Somebody praise like it's done. Somebody worship like you believe it. Somebody rejoice like you know that you know that you know. Somebody shout, "Timber! Timber! Timber"!

Wow, we're done, lift up your hands, Dagon on the ground. Somebody say, "Dagon on the ground". And would you... You two, come here, come here. I'mma tell you, just get up in a second. Come here, come here, come here, come here. This what they found, they found Dagon, they found Dagon where? And they found the glory of God in a box doing what? Doing what? They found Dagon but the glory? I need you please, in spite of all the hell you've been through, I need you to look at your neighbor and tell 'em, "I'm still standing". Tell you other neighbor, "I'm still standing". Oh, I feel God. Somebody say, "I'm still standing".

There are things that fell all around me but I'm still standing. There are things that fell and collapsed all around me but I'm still. I shouldn't be standing but by the grace of God, I'm still standing. How many are still standing by the grace of God? Everything you've been through: any other person would be and you could be standing with tears but you're still standing. And you could be standing wounded but you're still standing. You could be standing hurting but you're still standing. Because a broken praise is still a praise. And a wounded worshipper is still a worshipper. And a bleeding leader is still a leader. We're done, everybody stand, you are standing. "There's glorious presence inside of you," 1 Corinthians 3:16. "There's glorious promise inside of you," 1 Corinthians 2:9. "Glorious purpose for your life," Psalm 138:8.

You're still standing because the glory of God, mhmm. Romans 8:17, Romans 8:30, "I've given your right standing and place my glory for you to carry". And then we discover in 2 Corinthians 3, not only do you carry the glory and then we discover that the glory Carries you. Do me a favor here guys, this really happened, so, might as well just. This is a movie, they did walked in, they found the ark of... I'm not saying the angels were smirking looking at one another but it. And this guy just and this really happened. Come up real quick, pick him up, put it right back. They picked him up and they put him right back and it wasn't demons who did it. It wasn't principalities and powers of darkness, it was people. 'Cause there are people that live to resurrect the stuff that God has already crucified. There are certain people that just are so full of darkness, they wanna rebuild the walls of Jericho, you know what I'm saying?

All they do is, do not resurrect what God has crucified. And do not attempt to crucify the stuff that God has resurrected. They picked him up. Put him aside. They left, they put him right next to him and then this guy is gon' fall one more time. But this time, this time, this comes off, this comes off, this comes off. Only this is left intact, the rest of the stuff is left right in the entry door. In other words, whoever comes back to put humpty dumpty back together again, they're not even gon' waste their time. They're gonna discover that this time they will never be able. Somebody say, "Never again".

So, in Jesus's name with your hands raised, I'm here to tell you never again. The stuff that occupied your family, your home, your mind, your life, your health. I'm speaking prophetically to someone, some of the stuff reemerged on occasion and asking, "God, why did you". God is bringing you to closer. There's a reason behind all of that. "Let those that have ears hear". Listen carefully, somebody shout, "Never again". Shout it like you believe it, say "Never again". Never again, never again, never again, never again, never again, never again. In your family, in your home, in your marriage. Never again, never again, never again. When God brings it to closure, nothing can reopen it. Nothing, nothing, nothing can reopen it. Nothing, they will never rise up again. With your right hand, repeat after me, "Addiction dies in my generation. Alcoholism dies in my generation".
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