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Samuel Rodriguez - Speak Truth With Love

Samuel Rodriguez - Speak Truth With Love

Psalm 89:14 gives us a prescription, "Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. truth and love lead the way as attendants". If all we do is speak love, if all we do preach about love, we're nothing more than California hippies. If all we do is speak truth, we're great mathematicians. But the moment we combine truth with love, when we speak truth in love, with love, for love, then we change the world. That's what Elijah did with the mantle. This mantle descending upon you.

So, I am speaking prophetically. And of course, there's a fine line between the prophetic and the pathetic, by the way. And prophetically speaking, we're about to just receive a fresh infusion of the Holy Spirit. Yeah, we're about to see some great things happen. We're not drinking the Kool-Aid. Elijah and Elisha will rise up in this generation, that spirit, that anointing. Indeed, Ahab, and Jezebel, and Baal will not have the final word in any other respective generations, in this auditorium or streaming. But we must speak truth with love. Never sacrificing that truth. Let me give you a moment real quick. I had the privilege by the grace of God and I wanna tell, your pastor has heard this, on how we got there.

When I was about 12, 13 years of age, in the assembly of God church, I'm originally from Pennsylvania. I'm from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that's why I have a Messianic complex. My parents are not preachers, but we were raised, my mom is actually from church of God from Puerto Rico. But I was raised in an evangelical home, but I doubted everything 'cause I was born with a strong affinity for mathematics and science. I still do. I believe calculus is the language of God, so if you never went beyond algebra, repent. Just simply stated. So, I doubted everything, especially, in a Pentecostal church. I doubted the hype, the hoot, the everything, the whole stuff. You gotta be, I doubted everything.

So, I'm there one day and my mom gave me a choice when I was a kid growing up, different generation now, don't apply this, you may get sued. My mom gave me a choice, "Go to church or die". I chose church. So, I went to church 'cause my mom made me go to church. Really, like, you have no choice. So, I went to church. One day, I'm at church and this guy named Bernie Gillot who I never met before from teen challenge ministry, David Wilkerson's ministry. Rebersburg, Pennsylvania, so, seven people who know what teen challenge is and three who know David Wilkerson, so. So, I'll be at church, this guy comes in for the first time with a choir, "Holy Spirit", this is 1980's, "Holy Spirit, you are welcome in this place. Holy Spirit", then, he stops and says, midstream, he goes, "The Lord is saying there is a Sam, Sammy? There's a young man named Sammy here".

Now, mind you, it was Latino church. If you ever wanna prophesy accurately in a Latino church, all you have to say is this, "God has a word for Jose or Maria". You can't miss. I mean, you just can't miss, right? Like, "Yeah"! That guy, but Sammy was not your normal common sort of thing. Only one Sammy, the other Samuel's my dad. So, my pastor, the church, of course, being so introverted 'cause it's Latino, they're really quiet people. That's racist... But true. So, the church goes... So, that which means, what? So, I go, "Oh, no". Pastor goes, "Sammy, vente".

So, I come up over here. The guy looks at me and says, "Sammy, oh, here's the word of the Lord for you, Sammy. Sammy, you're a boy now. You gon' be a man. God, says, 'you're a man of God. Man of God'". And then, I'm going like, "Oh man, this is not what I believe. If that rapture stuff is real, come Lord Jesus, come". And he begins like, "Everything I'm doing", and I mean everything I'm doing now, everything. Not like generic stuff like, the generic prophecy is, "And the Lord says, 'I will bless you'". "Well, thank you for that, numbers 6:24 to 26. I'll take that". And it's cool, maybe God wants to affirm the blessing, but it wasn't that detailed. And then, he wraps up and says, "And before I finish, the Lord says, 'you will pray for presidents of the United States of America'".

I'm gonna put you in front of the presidents, and I'm thinking, when that's over, I'm thinking, "This guy's, presidents? Of what? The boy's club? I mean, what do you... What? This", well, that's how I ended up. Just a outcome of the legitimacy of a spirit-empowered declaration that was completely biblically substantiated. Just heaven. And I needed that, not everyone needs that. I was a Thomas, so I doubted everything, "Blessed are those that don't need a prophetic word to fulfill their destinies". I needed one, 'cause I was stubborn. My wife would argue I still am. That's not the point right now. So, I ended up serving president George W. Bush, never knocked on a door. Sitting down with Karl Rove, and working for the Bush administration and advising him. Great relationship there.

And then, president Obama brought me in. And I'm a lamb's agenda guy, I don't worship donkey or elephants, I worship the lamb, Jesus. But I do have biblical principles that I would never sacrifice, so some of the people that I'd worked for or served I never voted for, because I have a staunch biblical rubric that I will never violate 'cause I'd never sacrifice biblical truth ever. So, Obama brought me in for eight years and, you know, Obama's term in 2008, president Obama, I did his inauguration at st. John's Episcopal Church. So, I did this small ceremony, myself, T.D. Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Charles Blake, Rick Warren. But then, years later, when president trump got elected, I get a call. I'm driving from San Fransisco over to Sacramento with my wife, and I'm driving over, and I get a call on the bluetooth. I usually don't pick it up because it could be the IRS, so I don't pick it up. You never know, it could be. And so, the bluetooth and it said, "Unknown caller".

So, I went, like Holy Spirit said, "It's gon' sound", it really did. Holy Spirit said, "Pick it up". So, I go like, "Okay". Boom. "We're looking for reverend Rodriguez". I thought it was the IRS. So, I said, "Yes". "We're calling you from the president's transition team, the senate inaugural committee, and the president elect would like you to participate in his inauguration, Samuel. What say ye"? And I go like, "Wow, I'm honored. I'm floored". Again, I did this for Obama eight years back, but not on that scale, so I'm asking questions. So, I ask, "What would the president elect like me to do"? And he says, "Participate in his inauguration". So, I went, "What would you like me to do"? And he said, "Participate in the inauguration".

So, I'm trying to get to like, which one, the small one, the big, you know, I'm trying to get details. So, without being like, you know, so, I'm, "What would he like me to do"? He says, "Participate". So, I go, "Would you like me to pray"? The guy goes, "Sure". "Sir, would the president elect mind or want me to read scripture"? He goes, "Why not"? "The next thing, as a pastor, would you like me to raise the offering"? But I didn't, I didn't. Didn't come out. That did not happen. So, the guy says, "No, whatever's in your heart, just do it". So, then I looked at my wife and I went, "Alright". I went, "Well, thank you so much. Please tell the president elect I'm humbled. I'm honored". And he said, "Sir, do you realize", he's telling me, "This is the big one, the big stage. In front of, over a billion people will be watching around the world". And I went, "Okay".

So, he went, "Okay. So, let me have your email. You have to go to the department of justice, the FBI has", which I've been through before. Not arrested. I mean, department of justice inspections. You gotta be careful. Somebody'll tweet, "This guy was arrested by", so, alright, you know, you hear me. Then, I said, "Sir", he said, "Well, Samuel, we'll send you more information". I went, "Sir, can you give me some time"? He goes, "Time for what, son"? "To pray". He goes, "For what"? "To see whether or not I'm gon' do it". He goes, "Pardon me". I go, "Yeah, I need to pray to see whether or not I'm gon' do it". He goes, "Pray? What do you mean pray"? "Yeah, I need to pray this through". He goes, "How much", there's an awkward pause. It became really weird. Then, like the tone, the inflection, everything changed. So, he goes like, "So, you need to pray"? "Yes, sir". "How much time do you need to pray"?

And I'm looking at my wife, and she's not looking at me anymore which you know is a sign and a wonder. There's a sign that's gonna make you wonder. So, I'm looking, she's not looking at me and I'm trying to get some help, so I'm going, with my fingers on the bluetooth, "Three weeks". The guy goes, "You need three weeks to pray"? And I go, "Yes, sir". Awkward silence. Pause, pause, pause, "I guess I'll call you back in three weeks"? I go, "Thank you, sir". He goes, "No, thank you". Beep. "Honey, call up pastor Carla, we need to pray". She's not looking at me. The reason why I needed to pray, we pastor a church in California, the most difficult state in America. 40% of our church is Caucasian, which is code word for white. It is, Google it. That's legit. 40% is African American, which is code word for black. 20% are Latino, Asian, native Americans and those that do not identify as any of the above.

And we pastor, arguably one of the most beautiful, multi-ethnically diverse churches. I love it, it looks like heaven. And I'm thinking, "If I do this, I may lose a significant portion of my church". I'm just being honest. So, I needed to pray. Even though I did it for Obama before, the politics were different, the nation was changing. So, I went, "Let me pray". My wife turned around and said, "What are you doing"? I go, "I'm praying". She said, "What are you doing"? I go, "I'm praying". She goes, "No, what are you doing"? I go, "I'm praying. We need to pray". She goes, "For what"? I go, "For... Weren't you in the conversa, didn't you hear this"? She went, "No"! "No, you didn't hear it"? "No, you don't need to pray". I go, "How dare you"? She goes, "I was there".

I forgot to tell you, when I was that 13-year-old kid that got that word, there was a young lady in the audience seated right about here, who saw absolutely everything. She heard it all. Matter of fact, she heard it all that she said, "Man, if that's legit, when he grows up, I'm gon' marry that guy". That's my wife of 32 years who ended up marrying me. So, she says, "I was there when God said, you would pray over presidents. You don't need to pray, whether or not it's God's will. You need to pray for God to give you the words that will bring a nation together, and bring about healing, and bring about the glory of Christ". So, it's the time of the inauguration. I finally said, "Yes". We do the inauguration. If you see back here, the photo. Here's the whole inauguration. The Obamas are here. The Clintons are here.

Well, I was, actually, before I went up on that stage, I was seated and hiding behind the Bushes. True story, the Bushes were right there, and I was right behind them. So, I come out, so, I'm about, I come out right before I do this, about 48 hours before, a reporter from a famous magazine came over and said, "Sam", I knew 'cause we had a relationship as, I used to write for different newspapers and magazines. She said, "Sam, don't do this. If you do this, you know, both democrats and republicans like you, you have very unbridled access to both parties and to speak, if you do this, you're gone". And I go, "Why? I did it for the other guy". She went, "Now, it's a different world. Blah-blah-blah". And I went, "I'm gonna do it. God told me I was gonna", and she went, "But don't, if you are gonna do it, don't mention the name". I went, "What"? She went, "Sam, promise me you won't mention the name".

Full disclosure the name that she was referencing was not any president, it was the name. And that name hasn't been reference since the inauguration in January of 2005. It's been 12 years since that name was mentioned. There was a non-official agreement that, in order not to alienate any American that doesn't believe in that name, we would generically, those that participated in this would say, "God, love, air, faith, or wind," but not the name. She said, "Please, don't say the name. It hasn't been said for 12 years. Everyone has adhered to it, don't mess it up". So, I said, "Let's see what happens". So, it's finally my turn. The cardinal, God bless him. He went first, didn't mention a name. And it was my turn, it was my moment. The mantle. It was the mantle of, "Sam, this mantle on you, speak truth with love. Never sacrifice truth, Sam. Never sacrifice truth, Sam".

There we are, that's my mount Carmel moment, and I was born for that, anointed for that, went through hell for that. Got up on the stage, and I prayed and read Matthew 5. And I prayed it and declared it. I spoke it. I preached it. I prophesied it all in one shot. Wrapped up, looked around. I'm about to sit back and the Holy Spirit hits me. It went over 1.1 billion people around the world and the Holy Spirit says, "This mantle and the context of this message, Sam, do it. Do it". So, I looked around, I said, "And I make this prayerful declaration respectfully in the name of Jesus Christ". I need you to YouTube it. The president shouted, "Amen". The members of congress shouted, "Amen". The audience started shouting, "Amen". "He said Jesus". Go back to the news report. It became a Jesus fest. Jesus was mentioned.

Now, put this in perspective. The BBC and other networks around the world in non-Christian nations, it was real time. There are nations that heard Jesus. Muslim nations for the first time heard the name of Jesus mentioned. All around the world, Twitter blew up. It's a Jesus festival. They're mentioning Jesus and the question was, "Sam, why did people respond like that"? There is still power in the name of Jesus. If you believe that, shout like you believe that. There is salvation in that name. Deliverance in that name. Healing in that name. Breakthrough in that name. Our mantle is not for us to take selfies. Stand with me. You are standing. It's not for you to take a selfie and go, "I'm anointed, I have a mantle". It's to speak to a broken world the truth of Christ, the love of Christ. It's truth and love. It's righteousness and justice. I gotta wrap. Sorry. She tweeted, "In 24 hours, you will die".

Right after this moment that Elijah had, right after that moment, fire, rain, "Jezebel, you will die in 24 hours". You would assume for a moment that Elijah would not be moved by this, but he did, he was. Why was he moved? Why? Why would Elijah listen to Jezebel? I want you to hear me. Who speaks into you, is much more important than who speaks about you. Why would Elijah, who saw God show up every time he prayed acquiesce? Be filled with fear? He ran, he left the ministry. We find him under a solitary broom tree subsequently next to a cliff, where God literally encounters and he says, "Elijah, what are you doing here"? When God ask, what you're doing there, you're lost. There's a reason.

The battle is between your mind and your mantle. The real battle is between your mind and your mantle. The real battle is between the thoughts in your head and the calling upon your life. The real battle is between your memories and your imagination. The real battle is between fear and faith, anxiety and anointing, drama and destiny. But how many here in twin rivers know, not how many hope, how many feel, how many know the battle has already been won? 1 Corinthians 15:57, "Christ is your victory". "24 hours you will die". Twenty-four hours pass, Elijah did not die. Forty-eight hours pass, Elijah did not die. A week pass, a month pass, a year pass, and Elijah did not die. What if I tell you, 100 years pass, and Elijah did not die? A 1000 years pass, and Elijah did not die, what? It's been 2,800 years approximately since Jezebel tweeted and guess who has yet to die.

The Bible says, "Elijah and Elisha," 2 Kings 2:11, "Were walking together when a chariot of fire separated them, and a whirlwind took him up". He never died. The next time we see Elijah, he's taking a selfie with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Matthew 17:2, take a look at me now. It's alive, what does that mean? Listen to me, carefully. It doesn't matter what hell has declared upon you, your family, your generation, your community, when heaven starts it, hell cannot stop it. Lift up your hands. It doesn't matter. Whatever the enemy has declared upon you, don't listen to the noise. Whatever hell has declared upon, let me now speak with authority from heaven, in Jesus' name. Let me double down on this. Whatever the enemy has declared, the opposite will take place. Just like Elijah, "He's gonna die". He never died. So, when the enemy said, "Your children will never come out of addiction," you're about to see your prodigal sons and daughters come back home.

If the enemy said that, "That health condition would, you will not come out of it," you're about to see the healing virtue of Christ manifest in your body. 1 Peter 2:24. Somebody shout, "The opposite will take place". In your mind, in your body, in your soul, in your spirit, in your family, in your home, in your marriage, in your relationship, in your generation, in your community, in this city, the opposite will take place because when heaven starts it, hell cannot stop it. You believe it say, "Amen". 1 Thessalonians 5:24, "He who called you is faithful to do it". Philippians 1:6, "He who started a good work, is faithful to finish the work he has started". Hebrews 10:23, "He is faithful to keep his promise".

The opposite will take place. Raise both hands. Why? Because when your integrity is more important than your influence, nothing can stop you. When your integrity is more important than your influence, nothing can stop you. Ooh-ooh-ooh. When your hunger for righteousness is greater than your fear of criticism, nothing can stop you. Ha, ha, ha, ha. And when your praise is louder than your pain, when your praise speaks louder than your pain, nothing can stop you. It is the mantle of the spirit. It is the mantle of drought, fire, and rain. It is the mantle of speaking truth with love. It is the mantle of when heavens starts it, hell cannot stop it. It is the mantle to be preserved for the next generation. "He placed a mantle upon Elisha," 1 Kings 19:19. He placed it subsequently. He let it go when he went up. You know the story.

When I ask you this, Elijah went through depression, anxiety, and fear, does the Bible ever state in any way, form, or shape that the prophet Elisha inherits it from Elijah, his depression, his anxiety, or his fear? I'mma ask that one more time. Does the Bible state that Elisha inherited from Elijah, his depression, his anxiety, or his fear? What is the only thing the Bible doubles down and tells us that Elisha inherited from Elijah? His, what? I have news for you. Your children will not inherit your sins. Your children will not inherit your failures. Your children will not inherit your mistakes. Our children will not inherit our depression, our anxiety, our fear, our drama, or our trauma. Our children and our children's children will inherit the mantle of anointing to change the world.

If you receive all of this, close your eyes for a second, and lift up your hands. That's the mantle. So, I'm gonna ask everyone here, we're a little bit over time here. Real quick. If you wanna let go, in 1 Kings 19:19, when Elijah placed the mantle on Elisha, Elisha was pushing a plow. He had to let go of that plow. So, we're talking about this mantle, Jezebel's tweet. When heaven starts it, hell cannot stop it. There's a mantle, which is a fresh infusion of the Holy Spirit upon you this very hour for you to change the world around you with the power and the glory of the risen Christ. So, here it is. If you're willing to let go of whatever plow you've been pushing, and if you've never pushed a plow, don't expect to carry the mantle. But if you know what it is to push life's proverbial plow on good days and bad days, sunny days and rainy days, and you're saying today, "I'm willing to let go of that plow. pastor Sam Rodriguez, I'm willing to let go of my plow and pick up my mantle".

You don't have to. No coercion. No manipulation. If you're driven, I'm gon' count to three and you have to let go of the plow and say, "This message marked me today. In 2023, as for me and my house, we will run with a mantle of a greater portion, and we will change the world around us". If you're ready to activate in your life the mantle of the spirit, the mantle of drought, fire, and rain, the mantle of truth with love, the mantle of when heaven starts it, hell cannot stop it, and the mantle that will be, that will serve as a legacy resource for the next generation, if that's you, on the count of three, come out of your seat and join me if you're willing to let go of whatever you've been pushing. One, two, three. Let go of your plow and join me right here.
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