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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Samuel Rodriguez » Samuel Rodriguez - The Mantle of The New Spirit

Samuel Rodriguez - The Mantle of The New Spirit

Samuel Rodriguez - The Mantle of The New Spirit

Alright, are there any questions? So, I'm gonna give you what God placed on my heart for you and it's gonna be excellent and be real fast and, I had like, four Starbucks today. So, it's, work with me here, so this is the message and it's, "Jezebel tweeted". Jezebel tweeted. In essence her declaration, in 1 Kings 19:2, in today's context would be a tweet. "In 24 hours you will die". This is, I mean, what a declaration, Elijah is the prophet of his generation, one of those iconic, legendary prophets ever. So much so that Jesus references Elijah's work. And Elijah, hashtag, "After having the best day ever". I mean, what a season, this guy would pray and God would answer. Three years back he prayed drought. Drought, heaven shut up. And then he prayed for fire. He confronts the mucho mala ombres and fire, and then all of a sudden, he prays for rain, rain! Then, he tells the king, "Get in your Maserati, get in your chariot, run down".

And I don't care what he was wearing, Adidas, Nike's, whatever. But then he got there first, best day ever. And then Jezebel says, "I swear by my Gods," and we read verbatim, "May the Gods strike me and kill me if in 24 hours by this time tomorrow I have not killed you as you killed them". She's referencing to her team, her team, all of their life insurance policies kicked in simultaneously. And she did, we're gonna, Jezebel, against the most prophetic voice of that generation, she said, "You will die". And I wanna speak to you on the subject matter, "Jezebel's tweet, the threat versus the testimony". And the sub-text is this, "When heaven starts it, hell cannot stop it".

It's simple, Jezebel made a threat, Elijah carried a mantle, what you have here is you juxtapose as a dichotomy. On one side we have the threat on the other side we have a testimony. And what God has placed upon you will always be greater than anything hell can place in front of you. And so, it's the mantle. We are living in the same, I was interviewed a few weeks ago on the subject matter of, "The spiritual climate of America and the world," for that matter. And they said, "Is there a biblical narrative"? And I said, "Absolutely". We are living in the days, spiritually speaking, just like the days of Ahab, Jezebel, and Baal.

And right now, we have a church that has a mantle, the mantle is the anointing, the anointing in 1 John 2:27, "Is the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us". We have spiritual authority, we have to act like we have spiritual authority, we have to actually live out that spiritual authority but right now we see this incredible spiritual war, the battle right now is not what you think, we think it's primarily political, it's not. The battle is not primarily between the donkey and the elephant. The battle is between the serpent and the lamb, and that's the battle. Ephesians 6:12, it's a spiritual battle with ramifications, politically, culturally, socially, economically and so many other aspects. But it's a spiritual battle, but it's about us. And my assignment here is to tell you about the mantle you carry.

Yeah, I'm gonna reference Jezebel's threat in our current context, but more importantly I want you to know that what God has placed on you is greater than anything hell can place in front of you. And if you're in this conference and for those of you streaming, the mantle that I'm referencing is the mantle of the spirit, repeat after me, say, "The mantle of the spirit". I'm gonna give you some historical context here. So who was Ahab? Ahab was the king of, he was the king of Israel, he was a, what we call in California, "Mucho malo ombre". And that's not speaking in tongues it's California language. And the spirit of Ahab is alive and well today, it really is. It's robbing love, killing joy, destroying peace. Ahab represents forces of acts as an authority attempting to prompt as a sacrifice truth on the altar of political expediency.

According to 1 Kings 16:34, "Ahab was the first king that ever authorized the rebuilding of the walls of Jericho". Let me repeat that, no other king in history ever said the following, "You see the walls that God knock down via the conduit of Joshua and the Israelites, rebuild them". No, because they understood Joshua's declaration, "Whoever would dare have the audacity to rebuild will be cursed and their children, and their children's children will be cursed". But Ahab comes along and says, "Hey, hey, rebuild what God knocked down". Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and other words that are politically correct in California listen to me carefully, this idea of rebuilding the walls, some of the things were seen in Hawaii, in America, across the world, in the past few, two, three years, we are seeing things that, the enemy's trying to resurrect walls that God already knocked down. Even on the issue of ethnic and racial strife, we thought we crossed that Jordan, we crossed that Rubicon, but all of a sudden, the past two, three years, that's Ahab. They're trying to separate us by the color of our skin.

Who does that in the 21st century? They're trying to make us check boxes so we identify primarily regarding pigmentation and so forth. Listen to me carefully, the answer to this is real simple, and you have it here at inspire, we need to just tell the world, it begins with the church, so it begins with the church. And I know this is like controversial but I don't give a holy hoot, we need to tell the world there's no such thing as a white church, a black church, a brown church, a yellow church, a red church. There's only one church. There's only one church, the church of Jesus Christ and the gates of hell shall not, will not, may not, cannot prevail against her we are the church. Oh, are there any questions there? That spirit, but Ahab was bad, but he was married to a wife Jezebel, and she was nasty on steroids.

The spirit of Jezebel is alive and well, persecuting, prosecuting, and attempting to silence the children of the cross, wherever there is a legitimate prophetic voice, Jezebel will show up to silence the prophetic. Jezebel represents a manipulative, sexually coercive, perverse, corrupt, cultural spirit with incredible intentionality to kill the prophetic voices, to construct astral poles in order to marginalize the oracles of righteousness and justice. Jezebel is alive and well. The new name for Jezebel is the cancel cultural woke-ism. And those are just manifestations of Jezebel. Silencing, that's why we can't preach stuff on, because the platform where we're supposed to, from Facebook and insta...Are we streaming now? Are we streaming? Great. So, we get, we mention wrong keywords, the algorithm will pick up words and connect them, even if they're biblically substantiated, even if we're doing it with love, it doesn't matter, that Jezebellion spirit, permeates social media platforms and beyond social media platforms, it is a spirit.

Revelation 2:20, that says the following, "This one thing I have against you". Now listen, "In the last days," revelation, New Testament, new covenant, I love this, the angel of the Lord is explaining something, saying, "In the last days there will be segments of the church guilty of tolerating Jezebel". I'll read it for you, revelation 2:20. "You guys do great things, great missions, great outreach, but this one thing I have against you, you have tolerated the spirit of Jezebel".

Jezebel, and the spirit of Baal is alive and well. So, it's Ahab, Jezebel, and Baal. These are the characters from 1 Kings 17, 18, 19. Baal is the God, the false God. A false God that demanded child sacrifice. A God that came, a false God, that came after children via the conduit of violence. Baal is alive and well. Now listen to me, the fight right now, there's a spirit coming after our children, and our children's children. What we need and not only in Hawaii, but in all of America, we need a bunch of Elijah's and Elisha's. You know what we really need? We need a bunch of Elijah's and Elisha's to look at every manifestation of Baal and we need to get full of righteous indignation and say, "Get your hands off our children. Don't touch our kids! Don't touch our children, or our children's children, or our children's, children's, children".

"Sam, pastor Mike, pastor Jurgen, y'all gotta stop talking about awakening of the Bible because Jesus is coming. And he's coming so soon things are gon' get dark, it doesn't matter what we do or what we say, he's coming". I do believe Jesus is coming, but while we are waiting for Jesus to come down, he's waiting for his church to stand up. And let me rock your theological world. He's not coming back for a whining church, he's not coming back for a defeated church, he's not coming back for a church in a fetal position, or a church sucking her thumb, he's coming back for a glorious church, a victorious church, a powerful church, a mighty church.

We gotta speak the truth that God can make something out of nothing, Genesis 1:1, that only God can make a way where there is no way, Isaiah 43:19, that only God can restore the damaged like it never happened, Luke 22:51. The truth about everything and I mean do everything, about Jesus being the only way John 14:6, about holy, righteous sexuality, the truth about biblically define and scientifically validated gender, the truth about absolutely everything. This message is not a message that I wrote up like, I have nothing else to do, I lived it. When I was 14, when I was 14 years of age, my parents are not preachers, my parents are Christians and they raised me up in a Christian home, but not preachers so I grew up as a... How can I explain this? So, even though I grew up in church, I was like an agnostic, I only went to church 'cause my mom made me, she obligated me, and it was simple, if I wanted to live, I go to church. I'm pretty... I measured the odds and said, "I'm gon' go there, I'll go to church".

Back in the day. We can't do that now, we'll traumatize kids and perpetuity, so I was obligated to go to church. So, 14, and I grew up as a nerd, a math nerd, so I grew up with a strong affinity for mathematics, I wanted to be an IBM computer engineer, I went to Penn State, graduated from Lehigh University in America, I'm still a nerd, I may preach like crip, but I think like spark. So, like every, I'm like, I'm a science and math geek, that's me, it's my, I still believe calculus is like the language of heaven. And for those of you that failed algebra, oh boy. Thank God for grace. Anyway, the point is, woo! That's where hyper grace kicks in right there. So, 14 years of age right, I'm doubting everything and I especially, I grew up in a Pentecostal church and I saw stuff, speaking in tongues, I went, "That's not reasonable, that's not... That's like emotional, like exuberance, they're making it up".

People getting slain, I would go, "You gotta be kidding me". Like who would, what's his affinity towards a carpet? You follow what I'm saying, like why? So all of that I doubted, miracles, elmer gantry's, snake oil salesman, they're probably tricking stuff. It's all of sudden, I'm 14 years of age and the assembly of God church in Pennsylvania where I'm from, and this guy walks in, never met the guy before, first time they were at our church, a guy, the teen challenge choir from Rimersburg, Pennsylvania David Wilkerson's ministry and this guy comes in, his name is Bernie Gallow, walks in, their first time in our church, he has the choir and he starts singing, "Holy," which is the 80's now, "Holy Spirit thou art welcome in this place. Holy Spirit thou art..." And he stops midstream, midstream, he goes, "Holy Sp... The Lord says, there's a Samuel, a young Samuel. There is a Sammy in this church".

By the way if you ever go to a Latino church and you wanna prophecy and not miss it, say, "There's a word for Jose or Maria". Right? Cause you can't miss, you can't miss. God has a word for Jose, are there any Jose's? You can't miss, I'm just being honest, that's the way you grow. This guy says, "Sammy". I'm the only Sammy, the only other Sammy was my dad, and he even said, "There's a... It's a young Sammy". That was me, only me. So, the church being a Latino church, you know, real introverted, real quiet, "Pretty racist," your response right now, but true, so they would... My pastor lugo, luis Phillipo lugo, he comes along, and he says, "Sammy, this is for you, come here".

So, I'm serious, I mean, I'm walking up and I'm going like, "Oh, snap. If this stuff is for real". Like I'm going like, "What's going on"? Right, like, they're calling me out, so I'm going out like, "Oh, man, if that rapture stuff that God preaches about is legit, come Lord Jesus, come". Mayor or not, the all day long here. I'm walking up the guy looks at me and stops me, he says, "Oh, you're a young boy, you're Sammy, you're just still a young boy". I hit pUberty late, "You're still a young boy". I was 19, "You're still a young boy". Don't judge me. So, he looks at me, so help me, he looks at me, and we had witnesses at church. He kneels and he says, "The Lord said," and everything I'm doing, I mean everything and I mean everything I'm doing, and then he wraps up by saying, "Oh, wait, the Lord says, 'you will be praying for president of the United States of America".

Dude, you don't give that word to a 14-year-old kid and I'm going like, "Who says this"? There was a young girl seated right about here. Couple a years older than yours truly, right about here. She heard that message and I'm pretty sure she said, "If that's true, I'm gonna hold on for that boy to grow up and marry him". That's the girl seated right there, right there, that's her. She was there! Lesson learned, if you're single and God gives another single. And that's how I got to the White House. George w. Bush brought me in as an advisor, I was, that time I never knocked on the door, I never knocked on any door, never asked, "I wanna meet him". God just, George W. Bush brought me in. I advised for four years, and then president Obama brought me in for eight years, and then president Trump brought me in.

Notice I have the Trump haircut. That's how I got there. And so, in 2008 when president Obama, and I do, if you were asking, "Who did he vote for"? Well, I have a biblical rubric, so I didn't have to vote for a person to serve them. And I will never sacrifice because I need to go to sleep at night. And the anointing is sacred and holy, and my principles are sacred and holy. But they brought me in, and I knew it was God who had assigned me. So, when president Obama, when he got elected in 2008, they invited me to speak in the inauguration prayer service, the private one at st. John's episcopal church. So it was the first time anybody of my tribe was brought in so, I said, "Yeah, lets do it". Myself, TD Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Charles Blake, and rick Warren, but it was a private ceremony that was 2008.

And then I served him for eight years. And then president Trump gets elected, and it's 2016, it was right after the election, and I get a call, my wife and I are driving in from San Francisco from a Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael to Sacramento, good food by the way, good food stuff. It's just so, anyway that's a different story for another day. So, we're driving and I'm driving down and all of a sudden there's a, you know, a unknown number on the bluetooth, she witnessed all of this. Unknown number which I usually ignore 'cause I think it's the IRS, so I don't pick it up. And I'm definitely gonna ignore them now, they're all armed so I'm not definitely gonna pick up now. Eighty-seven thousand, whoa, God bless 'em. So, you know, unknown number and the Holy Spirit said, "Pick it up". And it goes, "Blup". And this voice comes on the other side, "We're looking for reverend Rodriguez".

I definitely thought it was the IRS after that. I go, "Speaking," you're, you know, "Speaking". "We're calling you from the senate inaugural committee, the president's transition team". And I go, "How may I help you"? "Reverend Rodriguez, the president elect would like you to participate in his inauguration". So, I'm looking at my wife making sure it's not my cousin Paco from the Bronx, right? We all have a cousin pa...No, wrong crowd, sorry. So, I wanna make sure it's like straight up, and the guy, you know, legitimizes and I go, "This must be legit". And he goes, "So you know here it is". And I go, "Oh wow. First of all, tell the president I'm so humbled and honored by this, amazing. What would he like me to do"? And he goes, "We would like you to participate in the inauguration". And I said, "Wow, what would he like me to do"? The guy says, "Participate".

See, but I've been there before, I wanted to know if it was the little stage or the big stage, and what do you, so I go, "Do you want me to pray"? He goes, "Sure". "Would you like me to read scripture"? He goes, "Why not". As a preacher the next thing in my mind, "Would you like me to raise the offering"? But I didn't, I didn't. Integrity time, that never happened. Did it? He goes, "Well, we'll email the address". 'Cause, you know, DOJ, department of justice, you gotta go through a process, I've been through that already, but you gotta go through a vigorous, do crazy stuff to get requests the day before and all. So I went like, "Yeah". And then I go, "Can I ask you for one thing". He goes, "Sure". "Can you give me some time to pray about this"? Just awkward silence, my wife was there, he goes, "You need time to pray about this"? Cause he has explained, I'm gonna be speaking on the big stage in front of over a billion people watching around the world. So he goes, "You're gonna pray about it"? I go, "Yes sir". He goes, silence, he goes, "How much time do you need"? And I go, "Three weeks". The guy goes, "You need three weeks to pray about this"? I go, "Yes sir".

Silence, awkward silence, and all of a sudden, "I guess I'll call you back in three weeks"? I went, "Thank you sir". He went, "No, thank you". Beep. The reason, and my wife wasn't even looking at me now. The reason is because our church in California is very multi-ethnically diverse, it's 40% Caucasian, which is fancy for white. 40% African American, which is black, 20% Asian, Latino, and native Americans. Seriously I pastor the most beautiful diverse church on the planet, I love it. I'm thinking if I do this, I'm gonna lose a big portion of my church and that's why I hesitated. My wife rebuked me, she said, "I was", she goes, "What are you doing"? I go, "Praying". She goes, "What are you doing"? I go "Praying". She goes, "What are you doing"? I go "Praying". She goes, "Hmm". She goes, "For what"? I go, "Didn't you just hear this"? She goes, "No". She goes, "No, I was there". I go, "Where"? She goes, "When you were 14 years old and God said, 'you were gonna pray over presidents of the United States of America'. You don't need to pray for God to confirm it, you need to pray for the Holy Spirit to tell you what to say".

Put the inaugural picture up. Let me land this right here, watch this. I was seated back here, so, when you see the trumps here, the Bidens are over there, the Obamas are here, the Clintons are here, and I was seated, I was hiding behind the bush's. Not making that up. You too babe, I'm seated behind George w. Bush. So, I'm, the bush's, Mr. And Mrs. Bush. 48 hours before, a reporter of a super famous magazine, whose name you recognize, she was a friend. She looked at me and said, "Sam, don't do this". This is the whole Elijah moment on mount Carmel. She went, "Don't do it. Tell me you're not gonna do it, if you do it Sam, you're one of the few people with the blessing to be both on CNN and Fox News. You wrote a book called, 'the lamb's agenda' and both sides like you. Don't, if you do this".

And I went, "But I did it for the other guy, for Obama". I go, "Why can't I do it here"? And she went, "Because it's a different era, it's a different season, and it's a different", and I went, "Listen, I'm doing this. You weren't there, God gave me a word. I'm doing this". And then she said, and she was a friend, she said, "Sam, please tell me you're not gonna say the name". And I went, "What"? She went, "Sam, for 11 years going on year number 12, there was an unwritten rule that the name wouldn't be mentioned". So, when you go back on YouTube, historically for close to 12 years for that ceremony a certain name wasn't mentioned. She said, "If you're gonna pray make sure you use the word love, or hope, or faith if you have to, worst case scenario, then say God, but avoid the name. Because if you mention the name it'll alienate everyone who doesn't believe in the name. So don't say the name Sam, don't say the name".

Matter of fact, I got offers. If I wouldn't say the name, doors would open up for me in Hollywood, I produce films in Hollywood, not back then, but I would. Things were opening up. There was, MTV was interviewing our family, we were getting involved in a bunch of production stuff in the industry. And there were things like, "Sam, if you don't go fundamentalist on us, if you don't go freak on us, doors are gonna open up. You become more eclectic, you become more embracing, don't say the name, don't say the name".

So all of a sudden I came up, I'm coming up and the first guy that spoke was the colonel, the guy behind me, he spoke, he didn't mention a name. It's been 12 years now, 11 years going on 12. So it's my turn and I'm coming up, so I go up and I read from Matthew, and I read it. And Matthew 5, and just read it, and kinda prayed it and prophesied it all in one. And then all of a sudden I had an opportunity, just stood back and the Holy Spirit just, the mantle, the mantle and the Holy Spirit, right there. Congress is here, the Supreme Court, crowd, over one billion people watching on BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, different networks around the world, Christian nations, secular nations, muslim nations, all watching live. And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit said, "Sam, do it. Do it, do it Sam. Do it Sam, do it Sam". So, I looked at the cameras, looked at everyone and said, "Yes, I make this declaration, this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ". In the name of... In the name of Jesus Christ! Please, YouTube it, YouTube it, the presidents behind me, said, "Amen".
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