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Samuel Rodriguez - The Blessings

Samuel Rodriguez - The Blessings
TOPICS: Blessing

So, what we're gonna do is, we have a lotta people here and a lot more streaming online, if you physically can't join me if you can't that's okay. It's okay. You can do it standing, seated. If we begin the year on our knees, we will finish the year on our feet. If we begin the year kneeling in his presence, we will finish the year standing with his power. One more time, listen carefully, if we begin the year kneeling in his presence, we will finish the year standing in his promise. So, when you can join me as we sing this again, somehow right there in front of your seat if you gotta step into the aisle go ahead and do it. I know it's unorthodox a little bit but it's okay.

If you can't no worries you can sit. If you're online right now I wanna encourage you right now. If you're at home, living room, bedroom, wherever you're at right now just find a space. You know what if you're streaming right now and you're driving I'm gonna ask you if you can go to the next exit go somewhere. Park somewhere in a parking lot and I just dare you to take a moment just lift up your hands, lift up your head and speak to the God of wonders. Beyond our galaxy. Just tell him, "You are holy".

God, we acknowledge you. So, Lord we begin the year, in your presence and this posture is one of surrenderence, of humility, of complete and utter unbridled dependency on you. Lord we are nothing without you this year. We are zero without you, without you we can't make it but with you all things are possible. So, Lord every single minute of this year. Every second, every minute, every nano second, every hour, every day, every week, every month. We will live in you. We will be in you. You tell us, "If we abide in you, and you abide in us we ask what we please and it shall be done for us according to your will". So, Lord we abide in you, and you abide in us Christ is our everything. We bow before the presence of Jesus. We worship Jesus, we praise Jesus, we die for Jesus, we live for Jesus, and we do it all for the glory of the risen Christ.

Now church when I count to three, I want you to stand and I want you to stand and get up like an Elon Musk rocket going into space because nothing will be able to hold you down this year. If we begin in his presence on our knees, we will finish the year standing with his promise. Ready? At the count of three stand up and occupy the promise. One, two, three! "God of wonders, beyond our galaxy, you are holy". Come on! "You are holy, the universe declares your majesty. You are holy, holy, God of wonders beyond our galaxy. God of wonders" you are holy "Holy, the universe, declares your majesty. You are holy, holy".

The final thing we're gonna do right now we're gonna take 30 seconds, 30 seconds you're gonna lift up your hands, believe this is the way we kick off the year. What I say now I want you to open up your mouth and I want you just to worship him in your language. Let me explain what that means. Language is everything. Language is culture. When the words that come outta your mouth matter even how you say them.

So, I for 30 seconds all I want you to do is when I say now open up your mouth and just praise and worship him in your language. What does that mean? English vernacular, Spanish. We have Romanian here, we have French here, Italian here, we have wonderful Jewish brothers and sisters here who love Jesus. We have all of that, so Russian you name it but even in the Holy Spirit if you have a prayer language when I say now all I want you to speak. I want you just to worship him in the heavenly language, or earthly language, your Rosetta stone language you name it but just worship him. I love that speak to him in your own reality. Ready? Your own language one, two, three open up your mouth and just praise him right now. Go 'head, go 'head, and if you have, go 'head, go 'head, go 'head, go 'head yeah that's right, that's right wooh! Wooh! Shout amen.

Go ahead you maybe seated. We're gonna do this real quick here, but the blessing. We begin this year with the blessing. It's not just a sermon I want you to hear me right after this we're gon' raise our offerings and then after that we wanna pray for as many of you as possible who want it. We wanna I'mmo be here our pastors are gon' be here. We have anointing oil, we wanna bless you, we wanna begin this year with the blessing so we're gonna repeat these words upon you and your family as we anoint you to kick off this year. May the Lord bless you.

Somebody say: "May the Lord bless you". Twenty twenty-two is the year of blessing. I wanna repeat that listen to me carefully. Romans 10:9 instructs us that through the power of confession we actually activate the work of salvation. 1 John 1:9 tells us when we mess up, "When we confess our sins, he forgives our sins," but we have to confess 'em, we come to him, and we say we messed up. But what comes outta your mouth literally determines your destiny. So, how are you gonna begin this year 2022? If you begin this year declaring this year will be the worse year of your life. If you declare it's gon' be the worse year of your life it will be the worst year of your life. But if you begin this year declaring this will not be a curse year. This will not be a defeated year. This will not be a year of failures. This will not be a year where I'm obsessing problems and drama and heartbreak and devils and demons and legions and principalities and powers of darkness.

"As for me and my house," we have the audacity by faith to declare that this year will be a blessed year. Does anybody believe this will be a blessed year? Now I'm gonna ask that one more time. How many believe this will be a blessed year. How many believe for you and your family this will be a blessed year. I dare you to say 2022 is a blessed year. My family will be blessed, my dream will be blessed, my faith will be blessed, my health will be blessed, my finances will be blessed, my future will be blessed. This year will not be a year of curses, it will be a year of blessings, like never before. Somebody praise like you actually believe in the blessings. Pastor Sam should we actually be saying that in the midst of our current reality. You better believe it. Absolutely. We can't bow to the Gods of pessimism and negativity not negating our reality we speak blessing.

The Psalmist said this, Psalm chapter one, "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the path of the unrighteous, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of scoffers but his delight is in the law of the Lord, in it he meditates day and night. He shall be like the tree planted by the waters of righteousness. Who shall bear fruit in its season". I'm here to tell you when you're blessed you bear fruit, and you need to believe with me in 2022 you're gonna bear more fruit than ever before. Oh, you didn't hear that. Some of you went through a pruning season in 2021. Some of you were pruned in 2019, 20, some of you can even say Pastor Sam can the pruning stop already. I mean things were cut off from your life it wasn't God punishing you. It was God pruning you because you are about to bear more fruit.

How many believe you're about to have the most fruitful year of your life? Let me ask that one more time. No joke. How many believe this year in the name of Jesus will be in every aspect of your life the most fruitful year of your life? When you're blessed, you bear fruit and then it says, "Whose leaves will not wither". All you King James people shout it. Y'all said whither for anyone who's not King James, "Your leaves will not fall". That means what comes out of you will not fail. You missed it. What comes out of you will not fail. I wish somebody would get this on January 2nd. I dare you to look at your neighbor tell 'em: "It will not fail". Tell your other neighbor: "It will not fail". What comes out of me this year will not fail. Even the things that failed before will not fail this year.

Somebody should breakout in a praise right on that one. Even the things that failed before will not fail this year. Even the areas in your life where you experience failure before, somebody shout, will not fall this year. "When you're blessed, your leaves do not fall, and everything you do shall prosper. Your leaves will not fall". Raise your right hand let me just decree it upon your life. Your faith will not fall. Your health will not fall. Your integrity will not fall. Your dream will not fall. Your calling will not fall. Your anointing will not fall and everything you do shall prosper that's the Word of God. Deuteronomy 28:2 says, "You will experience all the blessings if you obey the Lord your God".

The outcome of obedience the Word of God of living in the finished work of Jesus according to the apostle Paul in Galatians the promises of God made in the Old Testament belong to us, which means that you will be blessed going in. One more time you'll be blessed... And you'll be blessed... And in the midst of it you'll be what? Every single day you will be blessed, every moment you will be blessed, every minute you will be blessed. I love this. And he guarantees Deuteronomy 28:8: "The Lord guarantees a blessing upon everything you do and will provide for everything you need". How many receive that? Ephesians 1:3, take whatever you have to take, take photos memorize 'em, take all a this, "Blessed be the God and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places".

Alright, let's do it one more time repetition works raise your right hand, "My faith is blessed, my future is blessed, my going in is blessed, my coming out is blessed, my process is blessed, my mind is blessed, my health is blessed, my finances are blessed, my relationships are blessed, my integrity is blessed". Repeat real loud: "As I live and thrive in the finished work of Jesus in 2022, every single day, every single moment I will be nothing less than blessed". Somebody praise like you're already blessed. "May the Lord bless you". The second part says, "May the Lord protect you". Twenty-twenty two is the year of divine protection. I'm gon' give you a little inside baseball secret. A number of beautiful pastors who are saved, who I love, one of them is a friend of mine actually, but there is this discussion going on within like a circle of pastors. And the discussion I just heard this recently in the past few weeks.

Actually, said this, pastor said, "As pastors we should be careful and not preach about God's divine protection". And I went what? I said what you talkin' bout Willis? "Yeah, because when we talk about we have to, we shouldn't preach about divine protection I go what? Yeah, because it causes what is called a theological conundrum". What is that? I don't know, I just saw it, I just read it somewhere on the internet and ah. No, no, a theological conundrum is people in church who follow Jesus have to somehow explain to the world how can there be divine protection in the midst of... Right? So, in order to avoid those weird conversations, avoid preaching about God's protection. Well, please forgive me, but I'm gonna double down. And I wanna talk to you about 2022, may the Lord bless you and what? Protect you.

So, I wanna remind you I know I said it before but I'mma say it again Isaiah 54:17: "No weapon", I'm gonna do it until your spirit man gets it. "No weapon, no weapon formed against... Will prosper," no weapon formed against your family will prosper. In twenty-two, no weapon formed against your faith will prosper. No weapon formed against your future will prosper. If you believe that God can protect you, if you believe that in Christ you are protected. "No weapon formed against you". Luke 10:19 says this, "I have given you power over all the powers of the enemy". And what will harm you? I need you to walk with the, if you either believe it or you don't. This is either religion for you or a relationship, but if you really believe it then you must believe that nothing will harm you. That's not my promise if you have an issue, speak to the Holy Spirit. That's it.

And then nothing, and then 1 John 5:18, we know that God's children do not make a practice of sinning for God's son holds 'em securely. I love this, "And the evil one cannot," what? So, when you pursue righteousness when you are born again you stop doing the things you were doing before. You don't live the way you lived before. You don't think the way you think before. No you function differently, there are things you no longer do. The stuff that you used to like to do now make you vomit. You don't like to do them because they're contrary to your new nature. You're not who you used to be that's why the devil hates your guts. He wants you to be the old you. You're not the old you anymore. You're the new you. You're the blessed you. You're the anointed you. You're the righteous you. You're the holy you. "And when you live in Christ the evil one cannot touch them".

I dare somebody here to declare in 2022 the evil one cannot and will not touch you. If you believe that! Praise like you actually believe that nothing will be able to touch you. May the Lord smile shine upon you. Isaiah 60:1: "Arise and shine for your light has come: for the glory of God has risen upon you". God's gonna smile upon you that's what it says, "May the Lord bless you and protect you, may the Lord shine upon you". Another version says, "Smile upon you," we're gonna do something real crazy right now pretty awkward, look at your neighbor and smile. Show them those Pearly, show them Colgate, Crest, aim, some a y'all show 'em whatever invisalign... dentures, smile.

The Bible literally says that there comes a moment where God does this upon you. Imagine God just smiling upon you. No, no imagine God just doing like no you don't get that when God smiles upon you, he shines on you. I said he shines on you. I don't know is there anyone here ready to shine like you've never shined before. Some of you were hiding you're about to shine. Some of you were broken you're about to shine. Some of you are about to shine so bright people are gonna find you this year and go like, "Woah! What in the world's going on? The last time we saw you, you were broken. The last time we saw you. We saw what you posted on Instagram. Things were falling apart in your life. The last time we heard about you it looked like it was over. But now what in the world? What changed"?

And all that God is shining upon you and your family and your destiny. For everyone ignored it's your turn to shine. For everyone broken it's your turn to shine. Number four, may the Lord be gracious to you, 2022 is a year of grace upon grace. Psalm 84:11 says, "The Lord our God is our son and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from those who do what is right". And John 1:16: "From his abundance we are received all one gracious blessing after another grace upon grace". Somebody say: "Grace upon grace". Is this God's grace being poured out upon you? Upon you, upon you. Number five, this is what's this is 2022 for you, it a year of God's favor.

Psalm 30:5 says, "For his anger lasts for a moment but his favor lasts for a lifetime". Lifetime favor. Anybody here ready for lifetime favor? Do you know what favor is? A blessing is something that follows you, overtakes you, and according to scripture even things that you ask for from heaven. Favor is not, favor is when God gives you something that you didn't even ask for. Favor is when God gives you something you didn't even pray for. You're missing this. Favor is when God opens up a door you weren't even, even thinking looking that way. And God opens up a door that, you're going what just happened? I need you to get ready in the name of Jesus.

Some of you have been waiting. I want you to hear me, 2022, you are about to experience the favor of God like you've never experienced before. Is there anyone here ready to walk in the favor of God? Let me ask one more time. Is there anyone in this auditorium ready to walk with the favor of God. Is there anyone here ready to say this is the year of God's favor? Come on, I declare that your family will experience the favor of God this year like never before. If you're ready for the favor praise like you're ready for the favor. Worship. Somebody shout favor! Favor! High-five your neighbor tell 'em favor! Favor! Tell your neighbor the favor of God is coming your way. The favor of God is coming your way. The favor of God is coming your way.

Stand with me. The favor of God is coming your way. You're about to see things open up as you pursue righteousness as you live in the finished work of Christ, as you live according to the Word of God, the will of God, you do God's will, favor-favor. You're gonna see doors open. You're gonna see things coming your way. Things you're not even thinking about. Things you haven't even prayed about. The favor of God it's when God goes. God winks, smiles and says, "You, you, you're it". I'm gonna show people how I can favor my children. You are it. I'm gonna favor with you. I'm gonna favor you with resources, with harvest, I'm gonna favor you in such a way you're gonna shine.

Pastor Sam, when I have God's favor does it mean that I don't go through anything? No, no it doesn't mean, we're not saying this year we're not gonna go through anything. No, it just means the enemy will not be able to harm you. It just means whatever the enemy Chucks your way, "He may come against you one way but in seven he will flee". It means that he's already a defeated foe. It means that God's favor will be so strong upon your life. Psalm 90:17: "And the favor of the Lord be upon us and establish the work of our hands". And the last point. May the Lord give you his peace. His peace. Somebody say: "Shalom".

Second Thessalonians 3:16: "Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with all of you". Philippians 4:7: "And the peace of God which transcends all understanding," somebody say: "Peace". Take you hand touch your heart and say peace. Put your hand on your mind and say peace and say the peace of God. Nothing missing, nothing broken, the shalom of God. Not hype. The promises of God. 2022 for everyone here and everyone streaming, in Christ, only in Christ, if you live in the finished work of Jesus, if you do not have a relationship with Jesus, unfortunately these things do not apply to you. I didn't write the book: I didn't create the rules.

It's the book: it's the rule. But if you have, and by the way if you don't, you will have in a minute and a half. You will confess Christ today. You will receive Jesus so you can get all these things applied for you. That's the great news, you qualify today. Twenty-two is the year of blessings repeat after me: "2022 for me and my house will be a year of blessings, of protection, of God smiling, of grace upon grace, of unprecedented favor and of peace that passes all understanding". If you receive that for you and your house give him the final expression of praise you can possibly give him.
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