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Samuel Rodriguez - Shake Free

Samuel Rodriguez - Shake Free

"Through it all God provided. Through it all God protected. Through it all God promoted. I discovered that he makes everything work together for the good of those who love him and are called"! Hey! Romans 8:28, raise your right-hand, repeat after me. "Through it all I grabbed a hold of the promise that if God be for us who can be against us"? Romans 8:31, "Through it all I discovered that nothing", I said, "Nothing! Nothing can separate me from the love of God". If you believe that and you're grateful for everything you've been through because you have learned. Hey! There is an anointing born out of adversity, that enables you to shake everything hell sent your way. Through it all, I love that. Hey, Mr. Viper you attack the wrong person, sunshine. Because I carry an anointing that was born out of adversity. My anointing did not arrive from My anointing fell upon me in the midst of a storm. It was born in a shipwreck, an anointing that enables me to shake off everything hell sends my way.

I'm not who I used to be. "I have given you authority to walk over all snakes and scorpions, you will be able to destroy all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you". Luke 10:19, "They will fight you but they will fail". The Bible doesn't say the snakes will never come after you, or the vipers will never come after you or the critics will never come after you, or the liars will never come after you know. No! They will fight you but they will fail. "For I am with you, I will take care of you, I the Lord have spoken". Jeremiah 1:19. Survivors are not afraid of snakes. Shipwreck survivors are not threatened by what comes out of the fire. Because when you survived the storm and overcome a shipwreck, the snakes that jumped out of the fire can do absolutely nothing to you. If you received that, raise your hand. Your prayer, whatever the enemy does, listen carefully, watch this list. Your prayer will stop him, your praise will confuse him, your peace will paralyze him, your integrity will disarm him, and your resistance will make him flee.

Through it all, through it all. It's just, you gotta be able to shake it off. Because the moment that anointing is there you, it's unstoppable. You can't stop, once the fire is present the things are gonna be exposed 'cause they can't take the heat. But all you gotta do is just don't analyze, don't go into this psychotherapeutic, bio, psychosocial analysis. Just take it, boom, where it'll never pop up again. Because the Holy Spirit, the moment is, I don't, how can i, oh boy. How can I put this? South Africa, I need you to get ready. I wrote some stuff down because, we're about to grab a hold of the viper of woke-ism and perpetual victimization, of identity fluidity. The vipers coming after our children with ideologies and social constructs, poisoning them on issues of race, sex and gender.

We're about to pick up every viper coming out of South Africa. And we're not gonna look at it, analyze it, we're not gonna create some sort of justificational framework for it. I kid you not, prophetically speaking, I'm go tell you what I saw today. We're gonna grab every viper and we're gonna throw it into the fire of God. You're about to grab a hold, I sensed the Holy Spirit. You're about to grab a hold of every viper coming against your children, your family, your home, your calling, your generation, your community. We're about to grab a hold of viper attacking the millennial generation, generation Z, generation alpha, and we're gonna cast them into the fire in the name of Jesus! If you're ready to do that, raise your hand. We're gonna cast, because you're not who you used to be. I said, you're not who you used to be, you're not who you used to be. And we begin by casting out, by grabbing a hold of the vipers that attack our minds. Because the greatest vipers that can actually threaten, vipers, snakes, they either strangle or they poison.

That's the modus operandi. Strangulation takes more of a process. It's more whimsical and nuanced, but it achieves the same objective. That's just drip, drip, drip, indoctrination through media, through educational means, the idea is just to lock down churches in perpetuity to turn down the fire of the of revival and awakening and truth of grace and love of Jesus. I don't want to get controversial here, I don't, so help me. So, last year to the video I sent I cross referenced this briefly, but it's nothing like being here live and in person, because it got even worse after I sent the video. I come from, as you know, from California, and that explains the craziness. And some of you know 'cause I talked about it last year briefly. But it got even worse. We had to go legal and go Supreme Court on this. The governor of my state during the COVID lockdown did something no other governor in American history has ever done. And it was streaming, we're recording this so for God bless my governor. Bless your heart.

So, the governor of my state, who has really nice hair. Google this make sure I'm not making it up. He in the middle of COVID. He said, from the beginning he said, "Churches are not essential, not important. Lock them down, you can meet". We expected that 'cause its California. But then he went, he even went, I mean he even went so radical, so radical, that even China went, you went too far. And so, he literally said, "By executive order, I hereby decree not only can you not meet in churches, but you are hereby forbidden prohibited from having any gathering in your home," watch this, "With family or friends where you do the following things: pray, praise, worship, sing or chant". It was the chanting part that killed the Rodriguez's. 'Cause we wake up every morning and we go, that's what happens. And the majority of pastors didn't go like, "What? No"!

Some of them acquiesced, I have no qualms, I'm not criticizing whatever you do, you, don't be you, actually. But my point is, it became, we're recording this? Great. Hey, cameraman, give me a tight shot. I just want to make it clear, South Africa. There's not a president, a prime minister, a parliament, a congress, a Supreme Court, there's not a government on earth that will ever have the power to stop the Holy Spirit from moving. You can't stop the Holy Spirit from moving. You can't stop the holy, somebody praise like you know what I'm talking about. You can't stop Jesus from being exalted. You can't stop the gospel from being preached. You can't stop the anointing, you can't stop the glory, you can stop the love of God, the truth of God. Somebody shout like the viper is falling into a fire.

Alright, let's do this. Real quick today, grab a hold of the snake right there where you're at. Grab a hold of the viper. This is wham bam, thank you, Sam. Real quick today. Grab a hold of a viper. Ooh. Every viper in our generation, every viper in the culture, every viper of addiction, of bondage, of sin, of captivity, of lukewarmness, every viper coming after our children, and our children's children, this is the last day, baby. We are about to cast this viper into the fire that will consume it in the name of Jesus. I'm here to tell you in every sphere of influence, from church, to business, to media, and arts, and entertainment to science and innovation, in the marketplace, we are about to see the vipers burn in the name of Christ by the authority of God's children rising up.

Alright, so grab it, go ahead. I'm gonna count to three. I sense the power of God. Ooh, I sense the power of God. Oh, I told you the vipers, the vipers that begin... Not just those here. Don't you dare confront the vipers in the world unless you have first confronted the vipers in your mind. There are thoughts that come to poison your purpose and strangle your God ordained dream. And I want to remind you, the battle was between your mind and your mantle. The battle was between your mind and your mantle. The battle was between the thoughts that run through your head and the calling of God upon your life. The true battle was between anointing and anxiety. The true battle was between drama and destiny. The true battle was between your memories and your imagination. But how many? How many here don't feel, think, hope? How many know the battle has already been won? 1 Corinthians 15:57. "Christ is my victory".

So, grab a hold of it right now. Vipers that have emerged with a multi-generational agenda of bondage, that have kept your family down we're casting every viper into the fire of God's consuming truth, every lie of the enemy will be consumed in the fire of God's glory and presence. Are you ready? Tell your neighbor, "Give me some space". I got a couple of vipers here. These are not garden snakes, baby, I gotta couple of boas here, I got a couple of cobras here, I got thing that came out to poison me to strangle me but here I am, here I am, by the way the Bible says what? The Bible says what? The people expected him to swell up and die: they expected him to die but he didn't.

Let me declare prophetically, this season you're stepping into will be the season of surprise, surprise, surprise. You're not hearing that. South Africa get ready to surprise the world. Your family, your church, your anointing, your career, get ready to surprise the world! Somebody shout surprise! Surprise! Are you ready? Acts 28:6, there it is. I'm believing that in this season you will surprise those that expected you to swell and die, and instead of dying you will thrive. Grab it, the moment it becomes impossible it officially belongs to God. Grab it, knowing that the time you spend in God's presence will determine your capacity to manage God's promise. Get ready, grab it, just like what happened in Malta, the people you pray for are about to become the people you pray with. Can I say that one more time? The people you been praying for are about to become the people you pray with. Hey! Grab it. Don't over think it, just grab it, because sometimes it's the overthinking that impedes the overcoming. Grab it, don't sell out.

Paul could have easily said, "I'm not, this is way too much. Deuces, I'm out. I'm just, I'm not going to Rome, I'm going to London". We must never sell out the gospel. Grab it, we must never exchange truth for followers. We must never exchange truth for followers, sound doctrines for likes and the message of the cross for a message of comfort. Grab it. Isaiah 43:19. I'm about to do something new, here it is, you're about to surprise the world. South Africa, surprise. Africa, surprise. America, surprise. Australia, surprise. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Are you ready? You have your viper? You have your mini vipers? Get ready. Snakes, somebody help me out here, does anybody know what part did the snake grab a hold of? The foot? The ankle? The neck? The what? The hands and, verse eight, acts 28, the political most influential leader in Malta, his father ate too much nachos and had issues, he had dysentery and fever, I'm not saying they were Mexican nachos, cause that's slightly racist, they were nachos.

The Bible says, Paul went in and prayed for him, laying, laying his what? Oh snap! The same area that the viper attacked, is the same area that God use to bring about his glory. You're not hearing me. Whatever hell attacked in your life, get ready, it will be the same area where God's glory will shine the most. Are you ready? The same area, alright grab it, no joke now. At the count of three we're gonna put him into the fire. Pastor, can you come up here real quick and do this with me? I want you to grab a hold of the vipers that have emerged, and they are being exposed in South Africa, because the fire of God's glory when that consuming fire, when the fire of God's sovereignty, of God's truth and love, when the fire of his spirit is present the vipers have to be exposed.

We should worry when the vipers are not coming out, we should worry when things are not popping up, it means that they're hiding, that they're poisoning in silence, that they're strangling in silence, but they come out because the fire intensifies. CRC, the fire of God in South Africa. Why do you see things popping up? Are you ready? Can you do me a favor? Can you grab the viper of corruption? I feel the Lord right now. Grab the viper of perpetual victimization, grab the viper that wants to make a God out of race and gender for generations to come. I wanna remind everyone here, before you're white, and before you're black, you are a child of God a Christian filled with the power of God. So, let's do it. The viper of pedophilia and sexual grooming coming after our children. The vipers in South Africa, grab a hold of them, those that are personal in your family, a matter of fact, your right hand, grab a personal one, vipers that have attacked your family historically and on your left hand go corporate, go big and, and grab a viper attacking your generation.

At the count of three, I don't, by the way, at the count of three I don't want you to go like, "Hmm". I want you to take that viper and I want you to throw it into the fire, knowing it will, the moment Paul, put it back, that sucker never came back again. So, get ready. Are you ready? At the count of three, we're gonna, there's gonna be a breakthrough here, with measurable outcomes in the name of Jesus. And if in the next few days you hear in the news here in South Africa a bunch of corruption is exposed give God some praise and start worshipping. Are you ready? One! Two! And when you do it give God the greatest praise you've given him in the past three years, because the fire is in your praise! One! Two! Three! Come on south, Africa! Yes! Yeah, yeah! Yeah! Yes! Lift up your hands let me pray over you:

Pastor, in the name of Jesus, I pray that the Lord will continue to exponentially multiply. Sir, God has anointed you, to be the head and not the tail. To continue to lead, but the platforms, the facilitative platforms, where you can communicate and speak to church and culture, you are a cultural reformer a societal architect, you're not the normal pastoral cup of tea, you are both vertical and horizontal, you are both righteousness and justice, you are both sanctification and service, you...

Let me just declare by faith through Christ in South Africa, let me use American context, I'm an American, so I have to use the lens of my contacts. In this country you will reconcile Billy Graham's message with Dr. Kings March. You will be known as the pastor of righteousness and justice and truth and love. South Africa get ready! Somebody shout, "I'm on my way to Rome"! I'm on my way to Rome! Let me bless you.

Heavenly Father, bless every single person here, solidify this message in perpetuity for generations to come, Mark every heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, every single person here has a Rome assignment. Rome represent destiny, God ordained purpose. Lord, we believe by faith that everyone here will reach their destination, they will fulfill their assignment, which is to take the gospel of Jesus to the, not the ends to the earth, to absolutely everyone we ever encounter and we declare that everyone we ever meet will experience the vicarious atoning finish work of Christ through our testimony and lives, so, Lord, activate this on my way to Rome anointing we're all shipwreck survivors, we're all storm survivors and any viper that has the audacity to come out towards us, we will cast it into the fire on God's consuming truth and the same area the enemy has been attacking, will be the same area that will shine for the glory of Jesus.

If you receive this word give him the final shout of praise for this session. Somebody shout, "I'm on my way to Rome"! I'm on my way to Rome, so do it. Innovation, ingenuity, creativity, do it. Listen to God. Go beyond comfortable Christianity, listen to the Spirit of God, go change the world. May the strength of the Father, the grace of the Son, the anointing of Holy Spirit, make this season the most productive season of you life. South Africa, let's do one thing together, in the name of Jesus, Colossians, 3:17, "For the glory of Christ". First Corinthians 10:31. Let's do one thing together, let's go change the world, God bless you and God keep you.
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