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Samuel Rodriguez - God's Anointing Is Coming Your Way

Samuel Rodriguez - God's Anointing Is Coming Your Way
TOPICS: Anointing

So it's been crazy. Now the fire is, don't jump from the drought to the rain without going to the fire. You have to go through the fire to get to the rain. The fire season in your life is when God sanctifies and purifies. The fire by the way don't do the whole Pentecostal thing, Lord send your fire. Be careful what you pray for. Because the fire doesn't make you dance, oh I feel the fire. The fire makes you get on your knees and repent in the very presence of God. Because the fire is a sanctifying fire.

John the Baptist said it best, "He who comes after me who sandals I'm not worthy of tying, he will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire". That fire is a sanctifying fire. This is season where God will purify stuff from in you and even remove people from around you, that would have jeopardize the fulfillment of his purpose in your life. And it's difficult. And it's uncomfortable. But if you've been through the drought and you been through the fire, if I were you I'd be smiling. The next thing coming your way is nothing less.

Somebody shout: here comes the rain! High five your neighbor tell them: here comes the rain! Here comes the rain! I hear the sound of abundant rain! I hear the sound of abundant rain! I hear the sound of abundant rain! The rain is coming. And those that prayed with you in the drought deserve to dance with you in the rain. I'mma say that one more time. Those that prayed with you in the drought deserve to dance with you in the rain. There are people that could handle a version of you but not all versions of you. There are people that were able to handle the broke you but not the bless you. They were able to handle the you in the valley but not the you in the mountain top. You wanna bless those that were with you in the valley and those that saw you on the mountain top. Those that prayed with you in the drought deserve to dance with you in the rain.

Let me land this. It is the mantle of speaking truth with love. This mantle is not for you to take a selfie. It's for you to speak truth with love. Mantle. This mantle. And I don't mean Mickey: I mean the mantle. This mantle is for you, do you have a copy? Do you have a copy of my book there? Survive to thrive. This is my book. Somebody give me a Bible quickly. You have a Bible? I got a old school Bible. Did I just say that? The mantle is not for you to take a selfie and go, "I'm braggadocios. Let me brand me". What's coming your way is not for self-branding purposes. This is about you confronting Ahab, Baal and Jezebel.

The church this whole, I'mma get in trouble here but this whole wimpy imagery of a church, this is the way the church in America unfortunately looks like today. If you look at it from outta space the church looks like in a fetal position sucking her thumb. "Oh, woe is me. I can't believe what they're doing to us. Oh look at that". And then these people here are going I can't wait for Jesus to come back. "Oh, I know he's coming back," and the shirts and I get it. But I just wanna remind you you gotta reconcile your eschatology and your missiology. What does that mean? Yeah he's coming back. He ain't coming back for a wimpy church. He ain't coming back, he's not coming back for a broken church, he's not coming back for a whining church. And with great due difference he's not coming back for a church waiting to be fully vaccinated. He's coming back for a glorious church. A mighty church. A powerful church. A holy church. Let the real church please stand!

This mantle is about us confronting. I'll get in trouble. This mantle is about you speaking truth with love but confronting the spirit of Ahab, Jezebel and Baal. We don't wanna confront because we're more obsessed with followers or likes. Oh boy I'm gonna get in trouble. This is a book I wrote during COVID. Hold this thought. I wrote it during COVID, here it is. I rip out these pages you read the book you'll never really know. Let me open up the Bible and do the same thing here. Precisely you can't confront Ahab ignoring chapters that are in the book. Just because it's politically incorrect. We can't confront Ahab, Jezebel and Baal ignoring what the Bible says about truth, about gender, about human sexuality because it's uncomfortable. We need to preach the word. The whole word. Nothing but the word so help us God. Are there any Elijah's in the house? Are there any Elijah's in the house? High five your neighbor tell them preach the word. Teach the word. Live the word. Do the word. It's the mantle of speaking truth and love.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and other words I can't say in California. Listen carefully. I wanna show you something. Some of y'all have seen this already, this conference has not. Tony has and the Crabbs have and Jim has but I... Put up the picture quickly. This just hit me again recently. This was the day that I had a choice to make of whether or not I was gonna surrender truth on the ultra of political expediency or I was gonna run with the mantle and confront Ahab, Jezebel and Baal globally. And this is not political for full disclosure.

In 2008 I prayed at president Obama's inaugural prayer service at St. John's episcopal church. So I was there in 2008. Myself, Jake, Yolanda Adams, Charles Blake, Rick Warren. But then years later I was invited in 2017 to pray for our previous president. And when I was invited it was weird because awkward because the invitation was really interesting. When I was invited, I got the invitation I was driving in a car with a wife coming out from a Puerto Rican restaurant in San Francisco. And we were eating something called Mofongo. Real delicious stuff by the way. So you get shrimp and plantains and you crush them right. And then you put like a tomato sauce but it's tomato based but not really and you put a, I'm sorry that's not the point. So we're on bluetooth driving back to Sacramento from San Francisco and I get the call. "Reverend Rodriguez..." "yes", it's an unknown number which I usually don't pick up. And I pick it up that day. "Reverend Rodriguez, yes we're calling you from the president elects inaugural committee and the senate inaugural committee that over sees that. The president elect would like you to participate in his inauguration".

And I went like, what? I looked at my wife she was next to me. And I thought it was my cousin Paco from the Bronx. You know like your cousin Paco, y'all don't have a cousin Paco. Don't we all have a cousin Paco? You have a cousin Paco? Oh sure of course you do. There it is. Paco from the Bronx. So I'm thinking is this a joke right, no. And they were reverend Rodriguez when I knew it was somebody legit. And then I put my legit voice like, "Pardon me how may I help you"? "Reverend Rodriguez the president...", and I went like "Oh wow". So this is what the president, this is my response, I'm honored, I'm even flabbergasted. "What do you want me to do?" And they went, "The president elect wants you to participate." And I went, "Yeah, yeah so what do you want me to do?" The guy said, "participate." I go, "yeah, but what does that mean? Because there's like a bunch of stuff you could do. Do you want me to pray? And then I went sure. Do you want me to read scripture? Sure. Oh it's that kinda party."

So he said, "Well, then he automatically assumed", and he went, "what's your email address, so our office can begin to coordinate the logistics. There's a DOJ thing they have to vet you, the Department Of Justice. You have to go through a rigorous process and then you're gonna be sequestered for the day before." Then I interrupt and said, "Can I ask you sir?" He went, "absolutely". "I go I need some time to pray about it." The guy on the other side went silent, and went like, "Pardon me". I went, "Yes sir, I need some time". He said, "You need time to pray about this"? I went "Yes sir". And he went, "How much time"? The inflection change. "How much time do you need"? And I went, and I'm looking at my wife, she's no longer looking at me. And I went, "Three weeks". He went, "You need three weeks to pray about it"? I went, "Yes sir". And he went, "I guess I'll call you back in three weeks". I went, "Sure". I said, "Thank you," and he went, "No, thank you".

Looked at my wife and said, "Honey, call the intercessors". This is big this is not the one I did with president Obama. That was a private. This is 1.1 billion people around the world. This is like the biggest thing you could possible do as it pertains to, so I need you to. She not even looking at me. Then all of a sudden I go honey call Carla, the intercessors please. And she turned around with that anointing and that Puerto Rican ATTI, I mean anointing. And she looked at me and said, "What are you doing"? And I go, "We're praying". She went, "No, I heard you. What are you doing"? I go, "We're praying". She went, "What are you doing"? I go, "Why are you asking what am I doing"? She went like, "I was there". I go, "Where"?

She went, "I was there when you were 14 years old in the assemblies of God church in Allentown Pennsylvania when some guy you never met before in your life from teen challenge a guy named Bernie, the choir director. He popped into that church and in the middle of a song, 'Holy Spirit you are welcome', he stopped the song and said, 'God says there's a young Sammy here,' by name. He said, 'there's a Sammy,' and the only Sammy was this little Puerto Rican kid. So my pastor said, so all of us, and you know what God told Bernie right there when you were 14? Your mom was there, your dad was there, your sisters were there, the pastor was there, the church was there. They all witnessed it. They called you out by name and said Sammy the Lord says, 'you will be praying over presidents of the United States of America'".

Don't neglect the prophetic. Don't deny the Word of God. When God gives you a word over your children and your children's children and your children children's children it will come to pass. So she rebuked me and corrected me. Three weeks later I got the call, the guy says, "Are you gonna do it"? I went, "Absolutely". I go, "Can I ask you a question, are you gonna audit my speech"? He said, "No". "Are you gonna tell me what to pray"? "No". "Are you gonna tell me what to read from scripture"? "No". I was gonna ask one more question the guy interrupts me and says, "Stop, reverend Rodriguez," he had an attitude now a good attitude but strong. He went, "The reason we're inviting you is because we want you to share whatever the spirit tells you to share". Somebody praise like you know. Worship like you know.

So I'm right here in the full picture. I'm seeing it right here. You had the trumps here, the Obama's here and I respect all of them. I don't agree with all of their politics, but I'm honored to have served three presidents. I didn't vote for some of them because I'm super pro-life. So if you're not pro-life I can't vote for you. But I serve them respectfully. And I love them and pray for them accordingly. But over here that's the trumps, over here Biden's are here, Obama's are here. I was hiding behind the Bushes. Not making it up. If you go to YouTube you'll see me right behind George bush. So I'm behind the Bushes and then they call me out. They call me out and they looked at me and go boom.

Two days before that a reporter of a magazine looks at me and says, "Hey, Sam tell me you're not gonna do this. Sam, people like you on both sides of the aisle. If you do this you'll be labeled forever more with one party". And I went, "But I did it for Obama". And they went like, no, it doesn't matter this guy is so divisive you better not do. You better not do it Sammy. You better not do it. And I go like I'm gonna do it. I was 14 years old. You don't understand God said this was my assignment. So then she looked at me and said okay if you're gonna do it please tell me please you're not gonna mention the name. And I went pardon me? She went Sam please tell me you're not gonna say the name. Because for 11 years that name hasn't been mentioned from that stage.

Someone decided in the early 2000s that in order to reach out to a greater mass the name should be hence by prohibited from that podium in order to be eclectic and be more universal. So that name wasn't mentioned. So she said please tell me you're not the first one in over a decade to mention the name. And I said watch. I dare you to look at your neighbor and tell them, watch. Tell them watch. Just watch. So I approached the podium. I came up here looked at the podium, I have this mantle. And I read from Matthew 5. I read and I prayed it. I declared it even prophetically. Watch it on YouTube. I wrapped up. I looked around the presidents were here, 1.1 billion people watching all around the world. BBC, CNN, Fox News, you down with O.P.P. Whatever it may be. Everyone's watching all around the world. The nations all tuned in and I wrapped up.

I looked into the cameras. God just reminded me "Hey Sam, the mantle, the mantle, the mantle". They even told me before I went up there that if I don't mention the name there were things waiting for me in Hollywood. That if I don't mention the name doors would open up for me. That was like the bartering, the give and take. So I looked at the cameras and I was thinking about the mantle. And I know what it is to push the plough. And good days and rainy days. And when God put the mantle on me I went, I'm not gonna waste this time.

So I looked at the cameras and looked around and went, and I make this prayerful declaration in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen. I need you to look to up. The president said, amen. You heard the members of congress say, amen. The crowd shouted "Amen"! From all around the world my friends text me from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Africa, Europe. "Hey Sam, we saw you, you're crazy. You just said Jesus". The muslim nations heard "Jesus". The atheist nations, why did the world, why did everyone respond like that? It's simple. There is still power in the name of... If you believe there is still power in that name shout like you know it. Praise like you know it. Worship like you know it.

Stand with me. You are standing. If we lift him up, he will draw men unto himself. Say the name. Tell your neighbor the one you like the most, say the name. Tell your other neighbor, say the name. I dare you to look at your neighbor and say, "In Jesus name". There is power in the name of Jesus. There is freedom in the name of Jesus. There is salvation in the name of Jesus. There is deliverance in the name of Jesus. There is healing in the name of Jesus. There is breakthrough in the name of Jesus. We're about to see a generation of Elijah's and Elisha's rise up. That will not be ashamed of lifting up that name. Oh we're about to see that. Say the name. Somebody say, "Say the name". Say the name. Say the name. We speak Jesus. We speak Jesus over America. We speak Jesus over this generation. We speak Jesus over the nations. Somebody say the name. Shout the name. Praise the name.

As you stand with me. We're done. Say the name. Look up here. It is the mantle of when heaven starts and hell cannot stop it. I did there in our current context and culture what Elijah did years ago and saying, "Hey, you bring your God, I'll bring my God. Let's see which God is the one left standing". When Elijah did that as you stand with me, when Elijah did that something happened. Jezebel, 1 Kings 19:1-2. Do your biblical due diligence. Jezebel heard. Ahab comes back and tells her, hey by the way you lost your, your worship team is gone. All their life insurance policies kicked in. What do you mean they're all gone? By gone do you mean like it's a mystical thing. No I mean they're all gone. What do you mean they're gone? The guy with the mantle the prophet, that Elijah guy. That the drought, no, no, no, don't, rain-fire... That guy, shew, boom, pray, Fuego. Hey.

So this is what she said verbatim, now you can do your biblical, this is what she said, her response was, "What"? She said, "I swear by my Gods in 24 hours that prophet, that mantle guy, that Elijah guy he will be dead". Read it. Just like that. That's exactly what she said verbatim. She prophelied. Sounded like a prophecy. But it was a lie. Well let me tell you what happened. What had happened was, 24 hours passed Elijah the man with the mantle, the prophet did not die. In full disclosure a week passed Elijah did not die. What if I tell you a year passed and Elijah did not die. What is I tell you a decade passed Elijah did not die. What if I tell you a century passed and Elijah did not die. What if I tell you it's been approximately 2.800 years since Jezebel said the prophet will be dead. And that prophet has yet to die.

What are you talking about? You gotta juxtapose, 1 Kings 19:2 with 2 Kings 2:11 where it says that Elijah and Elisha were walking together. A chariot of fire separated them and whirlwind took him up where he never died. The next time we see him he's taking a selfie with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. What does this mean for you? Put a smile on your face whatever hell has declared upon you. Your children, your children's children, your church, your ministry, your health, your finances. The opposite will take place.

Somebody shout. Somebody shout and say the opposite will take place. So the enemy said your family will be destroyed. That means your entire family will be saved. And then their neighbors, their friends, their Facebook and Instagram and TikTok followers will be saved. Raise your right hand. For a moment Elijah drank the Kool-Aid for a moment. He let the words of Jezebel impact him. I want you to hear this. Who speaks into you is much more important than who speaks about you. If it's not authorized to speak into your life do not respond.

With your hand raised there is a battle going on and the battle is between your mind and your mantle. The battle is between the thoughts in your head and the calling upon your life. The battle is between anxiety and anointing. Between your memories and your imagination. The battle is between the hell in your past and the hope for your future. But how many know the battle has already been won? How many truly know the battle has already been won. 1 Corinthians 15:57, Christ is our victory. Let nothing move you. All the battles you've seen recently have everything to do with this hour. Why are you alive? Why are you alive now? You're not alive because your parents didn't have Amazon prime in the day. You're not alive because they didn't binge. You're alive because when God looked at this crazy hour in human history, God selected you to carry his glory.
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