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Robert Morris — There Is a God

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So, I'm gonna be speaking for three weeks on, "How Do I Know"? And these are the subjects I'll cover. Obviously the first one is for today, but how do I know there is a God? So that's the title of the message today, There Is A God. How do I know, next week will be, how do I know the Bible is true? And the next week will be, how do I know Jesus is the only way?

Now, I want to emphasize in this, "How do I know", I'm telling you, I want to emphasize the word I. How do I know? In other words, I'm not trying to shove anything down your throat, I'm not trying to push religion on you, I'm just simply telling you how I know. And I want it to be, again, if you're a guest I want it to be like maybe we — I would give you an example. Let's say that we work at the same office building, and they provide like a food court, and one day at the food court I come in and there's a chair by you, and I say "May I sit here"? "Yes". And "What department do you work in"? "This, what department do you work in"?

And just small talk, and then I say, "You know, I'm very grateful actually to be back at work, I was not at work for a while. And you say, "Well why were you not at work"? And I say, "Well I had a disease, the disease was I was told was incurable. I got worse and worse, finally I couldn't talk, couldn't walk, couldn't speak to my family and friends. I was bedridden, and my family heard about a new drug that the FDA is testing. My family and friends, some of the people here, coworkers at the company, they raised money because it wasn't covered by insurance. I went and I got the new drug, and was treated, and I'm totally cured, and so I'm really glad to be back at work".

Now, if I shared that with you, you wouldn't think I was trying to shove something down your throat. It wouldn't be offensive to you at all, it would simply be my story, what happened to me. You understand what I'm saying? Okay, so, that's the way I want to share how do I know there's a God? Now, you can make your own decision, you have a right to believe, you have a right to your belief. What I'm asking you is, for the next few minutes just give me that same right. That I have a right to my belief, alright, and I'm gonna share it with you, okay?

So, how do I know that there is a God? So, here's number one. There is a correct world view. There is a correct world view. It is Christianity. There is no world view that meets the criteria of being a world view except Christianity, and here's what I mean by that. A world view must answer four questions. I'll tell you what the questions are, but let me tell you the words so you can remember them, alright? Origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. A world view that's going to fulfil you as a person must address these four things, it must address origin, and let me give you the questions so that would help you to define what I mean.

Origin would be, "How did I get here"? I mean, if you're going to have a world view that you can live with, and that fulfils you, you'd like to know how you got here. How'd you get here? Meaning, "Why am I here"? Every human has this in himself or herself. "Why am I here"? Morality, "How do I define good and evil"? Because every person defines good and evil, so how do you define good and evil? And, destiny, "What happens to me after death"? You understand what I'm saying? And I don't have the time, I wish I did, but I don't have the time to show you how Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, do not answer — they will leave out one of these, they cannot answer this, and it's something that's important. It's extremely important for you to determine what your world view is.

I would suggest that you go to and listen to someone named Dr. Ravi Zacharias. One of the things that he did, was one of the students said, "Why are you so afraid of subjective morality"? That's a buzzword today, subjective morality. In other words, each person decides what's right for him. And it's almost come to place where many Christians will even say, "Well, people should be able to decide what's right for them". And that just shows how you've not thought this through. This student said to Dr. Zacharias, "What are you so afraid of? Why are you so afraid of subjective morality"?

And listen to the first part of his answer. He said to this student, "Do you lock your doors at night"? Let me tell you what he was saying, "You're the one who's afraid of subjective morality, because if morality is subjective then someone might decide that it's moral to put a bullet through your eyes". See, you can't have subjective morality. Murder's wrong. I don't care who you are, I don't care what you say, murder's wrong. You have to have objective morality. It has to be objective. There are some things that are right, and there are some things that are wrong. Hitler did not believe murder was wrong, and I've been to Auschwitz, I've been there twice. I've seen the heaps of children's eyeglasses, and I've seen the gas chambers.

Don't even think about telling me that each person should decide what's right and wrong, because that's wrong. There is an absolute, and you really need to, as a person you need to address what your world view is and by these four — I'll just give you just one, another world view that is very popular today is Evolution. Evolution actually addresses none of these. It meets no criteria to be a world view. It does not address how we got here, it does not address why we're here, it in essence says we're time, matter, and chance. Time, matter, and chance.

Please hear me, if you're just time, matter, and chance why do you react to tragedy? Are y'all there? I guess I'm laying some pretty heavy stuff on you. If you're just matter, if you're just a bunch of matter, if you're just metaphysical and you don't have a soul, why do you react to tragedy? You react because you have a soul. Because you're a person, and when you see that people are killed, and shot and killed, you react, cause you have a heart, and you have a soul. Evolution does not address that at all. It doesn't address why we're here, our origin, it doesn't address meaning of life, "Why am I here? How did I get here"? It doesn't address morality, and it does not address destiny. You know, you just die and nothing happens.

And I'll just give you the biggest one, origin, evolution began because a man named Charles Darwin wrote a book in 1859, called the Origin of Species, and he devoted, most people never even read the book, yet they might believe it. He devoted two whole chapters to disproving his theory, to doubting his theory I should say, doubting. And he said, "If evidence doesn't come forth in the scientific world, in a reasonable amount of time, this theory is disproved". Okay, it's been 156 years, and there is no evidence — study it for yourself, don't listen to someone else. There is no evidence that one species has ever mutated to another species, ever. It's never happened.

And here's the thing that really gets me, what's amazing to me, "Well yeah, but this species mutated this species". Okay, but where'd that species come from? It doesn't address where the first life cell came from. So, I'm simply telling you it's very important what your world view is, and there is a correct world view that will satisfy your heart and your soul, and it's Christianity.

Here's the second point, now please, let me give you a disclaimer, okay. I'm gonna talk about Atheism and Agnosticism, and an Atheist is a person who says, "There is no God". Okay? So, just hold on a minute, alright. Okay? An Atheist is a person who says, "There is no God". Okay, here's point two, there is no Atheist. It is scientifically impossible to be an Atheist. Scientifically impossible. And I can prove it, and every one of you here will walk out of here, even if you disagree with me you'll walk out of here and say, "I have no answer for what he just said". I promise you.

As a matter of fact, the definition of Atheism, from the word, is a person who states, "There is no God". They have changed that definition to a person who doesn't believe in the existence of God. They've changed that because they understand that it is impossible to be an Atheist. It's impossible. Well, maybe I shouldn't say it's impossible. It's foolish. I mean, it really is foolishness. So, let me explain it to you. In order to say, "There is — something doesn't exist, you would have to have all knowledge. And no person has all knowledge.

Think about it this way, how much does the smartest person in the world know? Now, you can Google this some, and you can think — and most very intelligent people, and we have very intelligent people in the world. They say that probably the smartest person in the world has less than 1% of all knowledge. All knowledge. Let's think about this for a moment, all knowledge. All mathematics, all mathematics. Including algebra, calculus, however you want to do — whatever you — geometry, whatever. All mathematics, alright. All history. All history of every culture that has ever existed. All history of every state in the United States. All history of every country. How much does the smartest person know?

You understand what I'm saying? How much does the smartest person know of all language? Every language in the world, can he speak every language, he or she, speak every language fluently, and dissect every sentence in every language, and know every consonant and every vowel, and be able to conjugate every verb in every language. Now I've already lost some of you cause you don't even know what the word conjugate means — you think, you know, my wife and I waited until we were married to conjugate. That just came out and I like that. Conjugation, so. It's fun to sometimes speak off the top of your head and see what comes out.

So, how much knowledge does every person in the world have? I mean, how much knowledge of the whole world does the smartest person have? Okay, let's just give 'em 2%. Is it possible, is it possible, not even probable, which it would be mathematically it would be probable. But, is it possible, by the way when I said probable, the smartest person in the world right now, is a person named Christopher Langan, and he has the highest IQ in the world right now, and I'm gonna just read one statement from him. He said, "You can prove the existence of God, the soul, and the afterlife using mathematics". And that is the person who has the highest IQ in the world right now, at this time.

So, but let's just say that the smartest person in the world has 2% of all knowledge, and let's say you are that person. Is it possible in the 98% of all knowledge that you don't have, is it possible something exists that you don't know about? Of course it is. You could not — you have to answer in the affirmative there. It's possible in the 98% of knowledge that you don't have, that something exists that you don't know. It's possible. So, I think this is why the Bible says, "It's foolish".

Let me read it to you if you — I told you to turn to it, Psalm 14:1, "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God'". That is the exact statement of the literal definition of Atheist. There is no God. And this word fool, means foolish person. A foolish person, and when you think about it, it would be foolish to say something doesn't exist when you don't know everything. Now you can say, "I don't know if there's a God". That would be an Agnostic. Nostic comes from the Greek word gnosticos, which means knowledge. Gnosco is the verb, means to know, and when you put AG in front of it means not. In other words, Agnostic is a person that does not know. Not know, that's what it means. In words an Agnostic person says, "I don't know if there's a God".

When we were on vacation, we sat at this cabana and this young couple sat there beside us, and we talked, and we were having a good conversation. They were expecting their first child, we were telling them some things about the hotel, because we'd been there before. And the menu came, they were asking us what's good on the menu, and we were telling 'em, and the lady said — and they were, by the way, their grandparents immigrated from India. And so they were Indian by culture, and so they said to us, we started talking, she said, "Do you think that I could order this without meat? That they could do it without meat"? I said, "I think they could".

And so I said, "Would you — do you mind me asking, are you a vegetarian"? She said, "I'm a vegetarian". I said, "Do you mind me asking, are you a vegetarian for dietary reasons, or religious reasons"? And she said religious reasons. I said, "You're Hindu", she said, "Yes". And then she said, "But he's Atheist". Just like that, talking about her husband, but he's an Atheist. And she knew I was a pastor, I don't know, she's pregnant, you know, trying to start a little something, I don't know. And he said, well, "I would say I was an Atheist, but I'm not anymore. I'm an Agnostic". And I said, "It's amazing you say that because I'm about to share something with the church, can I share it with you and see if it would be, if it would be, offensive. If it would be offensive to you.

Thanks Thomas. Thomas was here last night and heard the message last night. If I forget something else, if you'll just come and — it would help. So, I said, if it would be offensive to you, and he said no. So I actually shared this. I said, I don't believe it's scientifically possible you could be an Atheist. I don't think you can say for sure that there's something that doesn't exist that you know for sure doesn't exist when you don't know everything. But I think you can say I don't know. And he said to me, that's not offensive to me at all.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't say it all exactly the way you said it, but that's why I've changed. Because I don't think I could say positively that there is no God. I don't think I have the ability to say that. So, I am now at the place to say, "I don't know if there's a God". So, here's point three, there is a God. There is a God.

Now, remember the question is, how do I know there's a God? How do I know, How do I know there is a God. Okay, so you might even turn my reasoning around and say, "Wait a minute, since I don't have all knowledge, and I can't say definitively that there is no God, you don't have all knowledge either, pastor. So how can you definitely say there is a God"? Well, it's really simple, I'm gonna explain it to you, let's take my example of saying there is no Paris, Texas. Let's change that now to a person. Let's say that you said to me, "There is no Tom Lang". You told me that, okay? Tom is seated right down here on the front row. Tom is our lead executive senior pastor, and so, let's say that you came to me and said, "There is no Tom Lang. There is not a person that exists named Tom Lang".

My question would be to you, "Have you met everyone in the world"? And I would say to you, "You can't tell me that there's no Tom Lang, unless you've met everyone in the world. Don't you agree with that? You can't tell me that. But, I can tell you there is a Tom Lang. Now listen carefully cause you're gonna like this, and you say, "Well how can you definitively say that because you don't have all knowledge, you've not met everyone in the world". I don't have to meet everyone in the world. I just have to have met Tom Lang. See, I can tell you there is a Tom Lang, because I've met him. I talk with him, and he is my friend. And I can tell you that there is a God, because I have met Him. I talk with Him, and He is my friend.

I grew up in church, and I heard about God. I walked an aisle and I signed a card when I was about eight years old. When I enter my teenage years I fell into this group that I thought was tough and cool, and pretty soon I was doing drugs, and I liked drugs. I liked the escape that I had, because I had no answer for why am I here? I had no answer for how do I define good and evil? I had no answer for what happens to me after I die? I had no world view. I got deeply involved in drugs and immorality, it's very shameful for me to say immorality because I know the immorality that I was involved in. I was very involved in immorality, and I couldn't stop. I couldn't change.

And when I was 19 years old, I was actually in a motel room, it was called Jake's Motel, room 12. And this guy started sharing with me about Jesus, and you know what I said to him? "I know about all that. I know about Jesus, I've accepted Jesus into my heart". And he began to explain to me, you've not accepted Jesus into your heart, because when you accept Jesus, you accept Him as Lord. You give your will to Him. See, you need to understand in the Christian world view God created you, but God didn't want robots. So, He created you with a mind so that you could think. With a heart so that you could feel, and with a will so that you could choose. He's not going to force you to choose Him, you have a choice. But all of us have chosen at some time in this life to go the wrong way, so God sent His Son Jesus to die an agonizing, horrible, torturous death on a cross to pay for all of our sins.

So that if we believe in Jesus, will submit our will to Jesus, we can be saved the Bible says, uses that word. We can be forgiven of all of our sins, and we spend eternity with God. Because you have a soul that's why you feel when you hear of a tragedy, your soul is going to live past your physical body. It's going to live on. The question is, is it going to live in Heaven with God, or in Hell without God? Because there is a Heaven, and there is a Hell, and God wants you to live forever with Him in Heaven, so He provided the way the only problem is that He gave you a choice. So you have the ability to choose if you are going to love and serve and follow Jesus Christ on this earth or not, and that determines your destiny.

I really believe that you're watching today because God's leading you to watch today. And here's what I mean by that, there's some of you that are watching me right now that need to give you life to Jesus. Maybe you've never ever seen me before or seen this program, but you are listening today and there's something stirring in your heart. Maybe you need to give your life back to God. Maybe you grew up believing in God and something happened that turned you away from Him. God loves you, and I want you just to take a moment right now in your heart, and just tell the Lord, "Lord, I'm coming home. I give you control of my life". And I promise you that God has good plans for you, for your life. He has a wonderful destiny for you. So, would you right now just give Jesus Christ control of your life? I'm so happy if you did that, and I'm so glad you watched for all of you who watch, thanks for watching.
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