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Robert Barron - David the King

Robert Barron - David the King

I think 1 and 2 Samuel constitute one of the really great literary works that's come down to us from the ancient world period.

So much of the good news has to do with how Christ is a new King David, a new King who will lead all of His people. And so if we don't see those images in Christ, then I think we can't really understand the good news, and we can't be evangelized.

Bishop Barron is a great communicator. He's telling us our faith in a very clear language that is easy to connect to, yet I am so drawn to the intellectual depth of it.

The reason why Bishop Barron is a really effective speaker is the fact that he's passionate about what he's talking about, he believes it.

He just ignited in me this desire to go more deep in my faith.

It feels as if I'm in personal conversation with him. It's quite an art, its uh, its a skill, and of course he's very accomplished at it.

God's not just someone random out there. He's very much present within our culture, and so he's pulling aspects of our culture helping us understand how they relate to different aspects of the faith.

I think a study program like this challenges people to get more involved in not only the faith that they are living today, but also to learn more.

Our purpose is to look at David and the figures around him precisely to understand Christ more fully.

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