Rabbi Schneider — The Birth of Messiah

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Shalom Yedidim, and God bless you beloved ones. My name's Rabbi K. A. Schneider. Welcome today to this edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus. We bring today a special message on the birth of Messiah.

I would have never thought, beloved, growing up in a Jewish neighborhood, a Jewish boy with Jewish parents, getting Bar Mitzvah'd, I would have never thought growing up that there'd be a day that I'd be celebrating the birth of Jesus.

But beloved, I'm celebrating that with all of you this year. And I want to look today at the birth of Messiah, at the birth of Jesus, from a biblical perspective, and I want to look at some ways, I'm gonna go through seven reasons why we celebrate, beloved, the birth of King Jesus, or the birth of Messiah.

Now let me say at the onset, all scholars agree that December th is mostly likely not the day that Jesus was born. Nevertheless there's nothing wrong with taking a day a year, hallelujah, and celebrating the birth of Messiah into the world.

You know in Judaism we have days that we celebrate, the, the, the state of Israel's origin, days that we celebrate Jerusalem as a city. We celebrate all types of days. How much more should we have a day on planet earth that celebrates, hallelujah, the birth of God's gift of his Son to the world.

So I'm gonna talk about seven reasons, beloved, that we're celebrating the birth of Messiah this Christmas season. First of all, we celebrate the birth of Messiah from a Biblical perspective because the birth of Messiah shows us God's faithfulness to fulfill his promises.

The birth of Messiah shows us God's faithfulness to his Word. You see, in the Hebrew Bible, Father promised to us that he was gonna send forth a deliverer. He said to Moses the time's gonna come, he said to Moses, when I'm gonna raise up from you, from your people, a deliverer just like you, from among your brethren, and he's gonna be a deliverer of the people.

Jesus is the fulfillment of this. Jesus is the one, we read in the Book of Acts, whom Moses was prophesying of. And so we celebrate the birth of Messiah, we celebrate Christmas because it represents to us the fulfillment of the promises that God made to us all the way back in the Torah.
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