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Rabbi Schneider — Contemporary Signs of the Lord's Return

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Did you know in reference to this prayer that I just prayed, I asked that Jesus would make us exactly like himself, and did you know that that's what your goal is in life, and that's what God's goal is for you, to conform us, the Bible says, to the image of his Son.

You know, we often times hear that Scripture quoted that God causes all things to work together for good to those that love him and are called according to his purpose. And we sometimes forget that the next verse says his purpose is that we would be conformed to the image of his Son.

So, all things are working together for good in our life to accomplish God's purpose. And his purpose is that we would be conformed to the image of his Son. That's what our identity is and that's what our destiny is, to be conformed to the image of King Jesus himself.

And the more we become like him, the more we begin to experience fellowship with him. Think about this again. Many times we, we, we want to experience the presence of God and when we're in worship services often times if there is beautiful worship music being played and sung to God, we feel his presence, we feel his power.

But did you know that sustainable fellowship comes as we become more like Jesus. It's called what I refer to as the law of similarity, that the more we become like Jesus, the more of his nature is released through our lives.

In other words, he can make himself known to us more as we become like him. It's the law of similarity. This is why the Psalmist says, who shall ascend to the Lord.

Who shall go up the mountain of God but he that has clean hands and a pure heart. In other words, who can get close to God? Who can fellowship with God? Who, who can experience this intimacy with him; he that has clean hands and a pure heart.

In other words, the more we become like God, the more we are cleansed, the more of Jesus is manifest through our life, the more we have fellowship with God ascending up, hallelujah, into his presence.

So Father God, I just pray right now for every heart that's attuned to this broadcast, everyone that's listening, Father, with an open ear to you. Father, we want you to make us like Jesus. Father, you've already spoken your destiny over our lives. Your purpose is to conform us to the image of your Son. And you said if we would ask you anything according to your will that you would hear us and that you would do it. So Father God, today I'm asking you, Father God, that even through this broadcast that you would put power on us, power from on high and use it, Father, to draw us deeper into your Son, to break rebellion in our life, and to make us more like Jesus, Amen and Amen.

And I say all that, beloved, to introduce to you today the topic that we're gonna be on for a few weeks. It's called Contemporary Signs of the Lord's Return.
When we truly recognize in a conscious way that Jesus is coming back, that we're gonna stand before him, that we're gonna have to give an account of our lives, it causes us, beloved ones, to become more like him. And that's what we want, because the more we become like him, as I said, the more fellowship, hallelujah, we have with him.

I want to begin just setting the stage on this first broadcast in this series, Contemporary Signs of the Lord's Return, by just showing you the Lord's return as it was first prophesied in the Old Testament. As the time goes on, we're gonna move into what are, what's happening today. What signs do we see happening on planet Earth right now that show us that Jesus's return is close?

But before I do that I just want to build faith and I just want to create a historical, prophetic foundation to move from, to consider the Lord's return from because the reality is, is that the Christian faith from its inception has always held as a doctrine that Jesus is coming back.

But in reality, probably even most that are watching the broadcast today, we don't consciously often times think about Jesus's return. And the reason for this is several fold. Primarily it's because he hasn't returned yet. In other words, he didn't return in our parents' lifetime.

He didn't return in our great parents' lifetime. He hasn't returned yet in our lifetime and so the natural mind gets programmed into not thinking about it, not looking for it because they've never heard, you know, heard that it's happened. It hasn't happened and it hasn't happened yet.

So we seem to be more focus on what is truly presenting itself in the present reality. But I want you to know, Jesus is about to break in to your reality. I want you to put your hand over your heart right now. I want to just encourage you if you trust me right now, put your hand over your heart.

I want you just to make this confession with me because Christianity is the great confession. We'll never rise in our faith above our confession. So I want you just to confess this out loud before God.

Say, Jesus is coming back for me. Just do that with me. Let's just put our hand over our hearts and let's say together, Jesus is coming back for me. Yes, Jesus is coming back for you and for me. He's coming back, beloved ones, for his church.

And so we're gonna be focusing on this and meditating on it because the Scripture tells us that if we keep our heart focused on this, if we keep this in front of us in our life, if we consciously remember that Jesus is going to come back, that he's gonna reward to each one according to what he's done, it's gonna shape the way that we live.

It's gonna make a difference in what we choose to do, what we choose to think, what we choose to say. So, I want you to first of all pause with me and consider the fact that the return of Jesus was prophesied and foreshadowed in the Old Testament in the Hebrew Bible, in what Jewish people call the Tanakh.
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