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We're beginning a brand new series today called Capturing God's Heart. You know, the Bible says that the eyes of the Lord are looking to and fro across the earth for a man that will be after his own heart.

David was described in the Bible as a man that was after God's own heart. God's a person, and even though we sometimes think of God as so holy, and so other than, we, we have a difficult time understanding because we think of him that way, that in addition to being so holy, and so other than, get this now, he's also right here with us.

And has humbled himself to the point of even becoming a man in the person of Jesus Christ so that he sympathizes with you and I, that he can feel everything that we feel.

Even as Jesus got down on his knees and began to wash the disciples' feet, so too, beloved one, our God is still here today as a servant, washing his children's feet. He's able to hear our every heart's cry. And even though he's God above, he's also God that's here on the earth beneath. And get this now, you can move God's heart.

We're looking at prayers that were prayed from men and women of God in the Bible to see how these prayers captured God's heart. And of course the application is that when we see the types of prayers that have captured God's heart, we can apply these same themes of prayer to our own life knowing that God is pleased with these types of prayers when they're prayed from a sincere place.

And we know this, whenever God knows that we're praying from a sincere spot and it's according to his will, he promised us that he would answer our prayer.

So with that said, I just want to begin today with a prayer and then we're gonna get right into the pages of Scripture as we look at one of the prayers that Elisha prayed. Last week we looked at Elijah. Now we're gonna go to Elisha.
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