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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Practicing Resistance

Rabbi Schneider - Practicing Resistance

Rabbi Schneider - Practicing Resistance
Rabbi Schneider - Practicing Resistance
TOPICS: The Law of Resistance, Resistance

Beloved ones, I'm gonna present to you today a truth that you're familiar with, but I believe the Lord is gonna give you crystallization that will truly help you to be an over comer. You know Jesus told us in the 2nd and 3rd chapter of the book of Revelation, "He that overcomes will inherit the paradise of God". I want you to understand as we begin today, we were not put on earth to make this earth our prize or our home. We are here on the earth to overcome. In fact our time on earth is a test. If we think that we're gonna have all our longings and all our desires fulfilled through the things of this world, we are sorely mistaken and are gonna end up being very sad, because the things of this world can never satisfy the deep longing that we have within our soul.

I want you to consider this, we have a longing. In fact so much so do we have longings, that from the time that we enter this world until the time that we leave this world, it's like there's a banner written over the top of our head that says, listen now, desire; capital D-E-S-I-R-E. Think about it, from the time that you were birthed into the world you cry. Why? You wanted milk. You wanted to be close to your mom. You wanted to be held. And from the time that you became a toddler you wanted your toys, you wanted this, you wanted that. And as you age, you know what? The crying out of the word desire continue to emanate from you. Your desires change as you age, but when you think about it, from the time that you were born until today, the primary banner over the life of humankind is the banner of desire.

People are pursuing fortune, fame. People wake up in the morning to try to better themselves, they want more income, they want a different house, they want a different car, they want to get married, they want to eat. Everything that people do in the natural realm is motivated, listen now, from the word desire. Human beings are vessels that are craving. And because we are created in a sophisticated way, we're created in God's own image, we use our thinking process. But if you think about it, we use the thinking process that we have, listen now, to figure out how we can have our desires fulfilled, even the desire to be close to God. It's still desire. It's the greatest desire of all, the desire to please God, the desire to experience His presence, the desire to know Him. Jesus said, "All ye that are weary and heavy laden come to me and I will give you rest". You shall find peace for your soul.

Isn't that still about desire? Jesus is appealing to the desires of humanity to find rest and to find peace. The point that I'm making, beloved ones, is that you and I are creatures that crave and creatures that desire. And it's important for us to understand this and there's nothing wrong with it, God created us to be this way. Here's where the problem comes in. The problem comes in when we try to satisfy this craving, these desires that we have, in the wrong way. Think about it. How many times have you just felt like you wanted something, you desired something? So you went to the cupboard to get something to eat. You know what, after you got done eating it you still weren't satisfied. So you thought about, "Well what else can I eat that will take away this craving"?

And maybe you even went to the cupboard two or three times. But deep inside you felt this craving, this desire for fulfillment, that something inside you needed to be fulfilled. And yet you found that you couldn't fulfill it by eating. Human beings have deep cravings and deep desires and we go astray when we try to fulfill this desire that's in us, by taking in the things of the world, thinking that those things of the world will fulfill us. If you think about it, even Eve who is, who fell into the deception of the devil and then led Adam into destruction; Why did she fall into the devil's seduction in the book of Genesis? Because she was wanting to get her desire fulfilled. She looked at the fruit. She thought it would be good to eat. It looked pleasant to the eyes and she thought if she ate it, listen, it would make her wise. It was her pride she desired. And so what did she do because of her desires? She ate of the fruit.

Her desire, listen now, was used of the devil to lead her astray. And if you think about it, when she ate of the tree she didn't know she was eating something bad. But the devil came to her, listen, as, get it now, a false light. I want to talk to you today about this principle. You and I hopefully have established in your mind and heart, you and I are creatures of desire. We desire, we crave. David himself said, "One thing I desire," he said, "to be in Your house to the Lord and to gaze upon Your beauty all the days of my life". Our desire can be used in a good way, but I'm trying to establish with you that whether your desire is used in a good way or whether your desire leads you astray, we can't get away from the fact that human beings are created with a huge neediness, a huge craving; that we cry out with desire from the time that we're born until the time that we leave this world. Knowing that then, I want to apply what I just shared with you to what I'm calling, listen now, "The Law of Resistance".

So think about this. We have a deep neediness, a desire to have that neediness fulfilled. What the devil does is he comes to us with all this false light, if you do this you'll be happy, if you buy this you'll be happy, if you eat this you'll be happy, if you engage in an intimate relationship with that person you'll be happy. He appeals to us as a false light, making us think that if we take his bait our desire will be satisfied, even as he did with Adam and Eve all those years ago in the garden. What we need to do, listen now, what we need to do is resist. We need to resist yielding to false desire. We need to resist trying to fulfill ourselves and make our self complete by taking Satan's bait.

We need to resist this in the person of Yeshua Hamashiach, through the person of Yeshua; by knowing the power of the Holy Spirit within us, by knowing the nature of God, by having discernment, we need how to resist, we need to learn to resist spiritual darkness. And I'm gonna talk with you now about how practicing this law of resistance will make you strong and when you get strong beloved one you will become happy. I want to read for you now from the book of James chapter number 4 verse 7. Hear the Word of God. "Submit therefore to God," listen, "resist the devil and he will flee from you". "Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you".

This law of resistance, it gets very deep; because that which we need to resist is not something that sometimes can be easily seen with our natural eyes as being something bad. In other words I want to give you some examples. What about the person that's married, okay, and they go to work and they meet somebody at work that suddenly they find themselves very strongly attracted to. They begin to think, "You know what I feel more attracted to this person then my own spouse and it seems likes I'd be more and more fulfilled with this person than I am with my spouse right now". So they have this desire and they think that my desire is gonna be fulfilled, my desire for intimacy, this desire that I have to feel alive, this desire I have to feel fulfilled. I feel that if I live with this person I'm gonna feel so much more fulfilled, my desire is gonna be so much more quenched then it is right now with my own spouse.

And so what happens so often times, individuals that say they know God, that name the name of Jesus, they yield to this false light, this false, listen now, romantic attraction which feels right. It feels beautiful at first, but just like the devil led Eve astray in the garden, it's a deception. They yield to it. They end up committing adultery. They end up often times divorcing their spouse. Their family absolutely falls apart. Their children now don't trust them anymore. And usually what happens, in a year or two years later the relationship that they left their spouse for, that relationship falls apart too. Now they're left with nothing. They're bankrupt, their finances have fallen apart. They have no family anymore. Their kids don't want anything to do with them anymore and their life is an absolute wreck, because what? They yielded, listen beloved, to a false light rather, listen to me, then resisted it. That other light, that false light, it seemed like it was so much brighter. But it was just like a light bulb.

You ever seen a light bulb before it explodes and goes off? In other words, you take an ordinary light bulb and right before that light bulb expires, right before it goes out, it doesn't work anymore, it gives off a big what? A flash of light. And then immediately after giving out that big flash of light it's dead. Right? That's what false light is like. It feels more intense at first, but in the end it leaves in it's wake death. Why do people, for example, get addicted to crack cocaine? Because the high that they get from crack cocaine is so intense, they feel so alive, they feel so euphoric when they're on the crack cocaine. But once they come down they want nothing more but to get another high like that, because the high they experienced on crack cocaine feels so much more pleasurable than the experience they have when they're just leading a normal life. But what is the result of being a crack cocaine addict? Their lives, beloved, become shipwrecked. Their bodies are ravaged. Often times they end up on the streets, dying young, their teeth falling out, their life an absolute wreck.

Listen to what I said. Yielding to false light rather than resisting false light will tempt you to think that it's gonna be more pleasurable. And it will be often times for a very brief moment, but the after effect is death. Think about the difference between the love between a husband and wife in a faithful, monogamous relationship where every day they wake up in bed, their hair is not combed, maybe they have bad breath. Then they've got to go to work, they've got to pay the bills. They've got to raise the kids. Their dealing with all the stresses of life. A lot of times that doesn't feel as attractive and fulfilling as a fling that someone enters into because they met somebody at work. But again, the result of the fling at work brings death. On the other hand, staying in a faithful, monogamous marriage with your spouse, although it doesn't feel as intense, or fulfilling, or exciting in the moment, in the end it's a love that lasts.

And when a couple builds a relationship over years and years of faithfulness, the marriage gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. It lasts. And then in the twilight years you have a couple that has the satisfaction of having stayed together, worked through the problems together, built a marriage together. Now they have kids that still love them and respect them. They have grand kids that come over and love their grandma and grandpa and they have a fulfilling home. Why? Because they didn't go for the quick thrill. They built their life, beloved, on the principles of God. We must, listen to me, practice the law of resistance. We must resist temptations and seductions and false light that offer to fulfill our desires, but are not from the Lord. They're from the enemy.

The scripture tells us. all that's in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life is not from the Father, listen to me, but from the world. And unless you and I learn how to resist the energy of the darkness, we're gonna end up, beloved ones, falling on our face. Now why is it that life has to be so hard? Why do we have to resist temptation? Why do we have to resist screaming and yelling and letting out our anger? Why do we have to resist romantic relationships that are not part of God's plan for our life? Why do we have to resist yielding to all types of seductions from the false light? Why did God make it so hard? Because beloved one, Father knows that in order, listen, in order for you and I to fully mature as His sons and daughters we must get strong. And the way we get strong is through practicing resistance. It's just like an athlete.

How does an athlete get strong? For example, I have a son in law, he's a long distance runner. He just placed in the top 10 of the Cincinnati marathon. How did he get strong? He got strong, beloved ones, listen to me, he got strong; actually it was the Columbus marathon. He got strong because every single day he went out and he ran. He ran farther and farther and farther and farther and faster every single day, pressing through the resistance of fatigue, pressing through the resistance of muscle drain. And through pressing through the resistance of endurance training, he got stronger and he ended up placing in the top 10 distance runners in Columbus. You could think of an athlete, for example a football player. One of the things they do, is they lift weights to get big so they can perform well on the football field.

What is weight training, when you're lifting weights? What is that? Actually, listen, it's actually called resistance training, because their muscle is straining against the force of the weight. As they lift the weight the weight is pushing down towards the earth, gravity is pulling the weight down, the muscle is pulling up. The weight of the gravity is resisting the muscle, but as the muscle pushes past, listen now, that force of resistance, the muscle is made strong. And Father God has so ordained it in the universe that you and I would become fully mature as sons and daughters when we learn how to execute and to put forth our spiritual muscles against the resistance of the forces of darkness. What are forces of darkness? It could be not only temptation, but it could be doubt, it could be sadness, it could be cynicism, it could be unbelief, it could be despair. It could be so many things.

We need to gain the discernment to recognize what is true light, the Spirit of God, versus what is false light, which is coming from the darkness disguised as light. We need to understand the difference between true light and false light. The light of the Holy Spirit versus the false light that the spirit of darkness is putting out. And we need to learn how to then resist the false light. And as we learn how to press on, resisting the force of darkness, listen, we're gonna be made strong. And let me tell you a secret, when you get strong you'll become happy from the inside. The truth is, we can never be made happy by taking in the things that are outside of ourselves. Every rich person, you know what? They always want one more dollar.

We can never become happy through simply ingesting the things of the outer world, because true happiness has to emanate from within. It has to emanate, because the human soul is empowered by the Holy Spirit and is broken forth out of the darkness into the light and the fruit of that is joy. And so understand once again, nothing in the world can ever make you or I happy. A new house won't make us happy. I'm not suggesting that people should live in poverty, no. I'm simply saying that a new house might be thrilling for a year, but in the end it can't produce lasting happiness. The only thing that can produce lasting happiness is when our soul is developed by the Spirit of God, so that we become internally strong and the fruit of becoming internally strong is joy. And this is how it works. This is the secret.

God will continue to bring you and I through times of trial, practicing resistance, resisting darkness, resisting unbelief, resisting despair, resisting temptation, resisting going after the false light. We resist that. We keep pressing on. We keep putting one foot in front of the other towards God, in God, even though at times we feel nothing. And then what eventually happens, is we get a break through, we get released from having to push through that resistance. And when we get a release, we're in a new place of freedom.

God lets us stay in that new place of freedom for a while, but pretty soon it won't be long, He'll bring us into a new time of resistance, a new time of having to walk through something. And every single year it's gonna be a cycle of times of having to practice resistance, doing spiritual warfare through resistance and then being released into a new platform of freedom where you can breathe and you're relaxing. And then God lets you enjoy it. You're now transformed at a level that you were never transformed before. But God won't let you stay there forever. It will be a cycle, practicing resistance and then being released, spiritual warfare and then being released. And that's what this is meant to be down here. This is why Jesus said seven times in Revelation 2 and 3, "He that overcomes will inherit these things". Beloved, God has a special plan for your life. Keep resisting.
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