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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Walk In Breakthrough Power

Rabbi Schneider - Walk In Breakthrough Power

Rabbi Schneider - Walk In Breakthrough Power
Rabbi Schneider - Walk In Breakthrough Power
TOPICS: Mysteries of the Kingdom, Breakthrough

We began several weeks ago. I talked about the mystery of receiving, and talking about how it all begins by simply learning how to receive from Jesus. You see, my life radically changed over ten years ago. I'd already been walking with the Lord, now get it, I'd already been walking with the Lord for over twenty years. And, I mean, I was actively pursuing God. I mean I was passionate for God. For twenty years I'd been pursuing him. But about ten years ago, the Lord brought me to a whole new level of learning how to receive from him. At the time I was going through a difficult phase in life and I really needed God. I mean, I was just walking through a really deep place, and had a very significant struggle going on. And it was in this place of need, and in this place of desperation that my spirit connected with God in ways of being able to receive from him in a way that was unlike anything that I experienced before.

It actually began when I was introduced to what I call Harp and Bowl prayer ministry, where I would just sit for hours and listen to ministry, worship music that was just ascending directly to God. I mean, it was songs that were sung that were not like about God. It wasn't like he is our rock. It was all like you are our rock. It was all songs that were being sung to God. And these songs also were made up of apostolic prayer, meaning the type of prayers that the apostles prayed in the New Testament, where Paul, for example, prayed that God would open the eyes of our understanding, give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

So I was listening to music that was sung directly to God in worship, as well as music that was intermingled with, or mixed with prayers that were the same prayers that we actually read of in the New Testament; asking God, once again, for the power that raised Christ from the dead, to be at work in our lives, to be at work in my life. And as I was introduced to this Harp and Bowl ministry, I call it Harp and Bowl because we read in the 5th chapter of the Book of Revelation, that before the throne of God, John saw, he saw a bowl of incense that was arising to God. The incense was arising up to God. And then John told us that this incense was the prayers of the saints. And at the same time John saw that mixed with the prayer, he saw a harp playing. So it wasn't like the prayer was prayed and then music came, but that the music, the harp, in Revelation, 5, was actually ascending to the Lord, mixed with the prayers.

So this is kind of called Harp and Bowl ministry, where there's prayers and worship that's ascending to God at the same time, intermingle, you know, mixed with the music. And so about ten years ago as I was introduced to this, and going through deep waters in my life, God just gave me, now listen, God gave me, and I'm sharing this for you, God gave me a supernatural grace, hear me now, just to sit at his feet. So for hours every day, I'm talking about like eight, ten hours a day for a year, I just sat at the feet of Jesus immersing myself in Harp and Bowl ministry, listening to worship music that was intermingled with the apostolic prayers and prayers out of the Bible. And I didn't, listen now, I didn't do anything else for almost a complete year. That was my whole day. I would wake up in the morning and just sit before the Lord all day long. And God gave me a supernatural grace in this season just to sit at his feet, just like we read that Mary did when Martha was so busy, Mary was just sitting at his feet.

And during this time the Lord was just ministering to me, beloved ones. He was just strengthening me as I just sat there, just receiving, just receiving, just receiving. And I began this series on Mysteries of the Kingdom of God by talking about the mystery of receiving. So after I spent a year just sitting at God's feet receiving, the Holy Spirit then began to move me on. And then he began to teach me how to take action. And so, on last week's broadcast I talked about the mystery of outflow; that first we have to learn how to receive. But eventually the receiving has to break out of our lives into an outflow. And on last week's broadcast I talked to you about outflow and how it's so important for us to exercise our faith, to exercise the Word, to use the anointing and to work the anointing that's within us, because it's only as we use the anointing, it's only as we use the gifting, it's only as we exercise our faith that we change the spiritual atmosphere around our life.

Remember, the Lord said to Moses, Moses, how long are you gonna go around this mountain? It's time now to take action. And everybody, beloved, that truly is being ministered to by Jesus, there may be a season of sitting at his feet like I did, but there also has to come a season where you take action. And as you take action and stretch forth your rod, what's gonna happen is things are gonna change in life. And I illustrated that last week, and I gave you several examples. I encourage you to get this entire CD series, or DVD series through the contact information at the end of the broadcast today, very important. And I really developed that last, last week, the importance of outflow. We have to not just receive, like many people in the church we're in, they're just waiting for God to show up, just waiting for a miracle to happen. And they don't realize that the miracle sometimes will not happen until they do something. And so beloved ones, if you want to really see growth in your life, you're gonna have to balance receiving with taking action, exercising your faith, and doing something.

Now today I want to move forward and I want to talk to you about the secret of momentum. Why do I call these secrets? Because people that don't have spiritual ears and eyes, they can't see these things. But in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, secrets become mysteries that are revealed. I want to talk to you about the secret today and the mystery revealed, get this now, of momentum. What do I mean by momentum? To give you a feel, beloved one, of what I mean by momentum, I'm gonna read now from the Book of Chronicles. I'm going to 2 Chronicles today, chapter number 27, verse number 6; 2 Chronicles, 27, verse 6. Hear the Word of God. I'm just gonna give you one Scripture here that I want to develop with you to show you how momentum is developed in our life to eventually give us, get this now, break through, mysteries of the kingdom of God receive. Then learn how to exercise the Spirit of God, the anointing that's in you. Then keep doing it day after day and you're gonna get strong, and you're gonna get break through.

Let's look up momentum today, 2 Chronicles, 27:6: So Jotham became mighty, get it now, he became mighty. He became mighty. It wasn't something that happened in a second, but rather he became mighty as he continued. So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God. I want to read it again: So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God. You see, what happened in Jotham's life, beloved, as he kept on day after day, just putting one day, just putting one foot in front of the other foot, in the ways of God, he became mighty. What brought him to the place of becoming mighty?

Listen, momentum. What do I mean by momentum? As we keep on every day just waking up in the morning and putting one foot in front of the other foot, knowing that we're doing what God has told us to do, not based on what we feel that day, but based on what we know we should do. When we keep doing that, listen to me, we get momentum and we become mighty. And when we become mighty, what's gonna happen is we're gonna get breakthrough. But I want to focus today on this aspect of momentum. Momentum is something that happens when something is moving in a certain direction, and it keeps moving in that same direction. And eventually because it has kept moving in that same direction, it develops power, and that power will eventually spring forth for breakthrough.

I want to talk to you today about the mystery of developing strength and gaining momentum. We do this, beloved, listen to me now, through spiritual discipline. You see, too many of us, in this, speaking especially to many of us in the United States right now, we're broadcasting all over the world. And by the way, some of you that are supporting this ministry, lives are being reached all over the globe through the preaching of the Gospel through Discovering the Jewish Jesus. When we keep doing the right thing despite what we feel, and again, I'm speaking many, to many now in the Western world, in the U.S. because we live in a culture that we don't have spiritual discipline, many of us. We just simply go with what we feel. If we feel inspired, if we feel passionate, then we act passionate. But if we don't feel inspired, and we don't feel passionate, then some of us don't do anything to keep building momentum in the Lord.

And people just, they drift in and out. They're hot and they're cold. They're hot and they're cold because they've never learned the secret of just developing momentum through spiritual discipline, and simply have learned the secret of doing what's right even when they don't feel like it. You see, beloved ones, if we're gonna ever get strong in the grace of God, we're gonna have to learn how to do what we know we should do, even when we don't feel like it. A great definition of discipline is this; doing what we know we should do, get it now, after the feeling of it has worn off. In other words, how many people start a diet after they ate their last meal? They're full now and they don't feel like eating anymore, and so it feels like a great time to start a diet. You know, you have that last bowl of ice cream. You know what, I've had enough of this. I've done this too long. I shouldn't do it anymore. It makes me feel guilty for eating so much. I'm gonna go on a diet now.

They feel great about it because they're, they don't want any more ice cream. But then a day, or two, or three days goes by and now it's Wednesday, and all of a sudden they feel like ice cream. And so what do they do? They forsake the diet, diet and they yield to their feelings. And as a result, they never get momentum and therefore, never get breakthrough. If we're gonna become strong, we're talking about mysteries of the kingdom, if we're gonna get breakthrough in our life, we're gonna have to develop the momentum of ordering our ways after the Lord, day after day, after day, after day, after day, after day, after day whether we feel like it or not. You see, I truly believe that one of the most remarkable things and action steps that we can take in our life that's so simple and so practical, yet few do it, is simply by waking up in the morning and starting our day with God. Take a half hour, 45 minutes, or an hour every day, and don't look at your phone, don't look at your e-mails. Don't do anything, don't talk to me, just get before the Lord.

Have your devotional out, begin to speak God's Word over your life, begin to thank him for all he's done. And do it every single day. Order your pattern after the Lord, whether you feel like it or not. When you do that, you're gonna get momentum in your life, and you're gonna keep going from strength to strength, and from glory to glory. Jotham, the Bible says, ordered his ways after the Lord. He didn't order them after his feelings. He didn't order them after his flesh. He ordered his ways, get is now, after the Lord. So I want to ask you a question. If you're not waking up in the morning and giving that first part of the day to God by doing a spiritual devotion, then let me ask you a question. Do you think that's good or bad? I just really want to drive it home because this isn't just a suggestion. This is something, I want to ask you a question. Isn't God after our first and our best?

You look at, for example, the Lord gave the children of Israel what, the Law of First Fruits, that they were to take the first of their harvest every year and offer the first of their harvest to him. And when the Lord set up the priesthood in the Torah, he began the priesthood, get it now, beloved ones, with, hear it now, the first born son. You see, I believe that there's a law that God wants operative in our life, where he wants our first and our best. What did Jesus say? He said, seek first, get it now, seek first, he said, the kingdom of God and everything else shall be added to you. So I believe God wants the first of our time. I believe he wants first, the first of our treasure. I believe he wants first, the first of our talent. He wants the first of our time, talents and treasures. And what this practically means, I'm really trying to help you.

Listen, I know that if you'll, if you will implement this suggestion, this encouragement that I'm giving you right now, this, this challenge, if you will implement this and stick with it, you're gonna gain momentum in your life and it's gonna give you breakthrough. I am asking you right now, in the love of God. If it's true that what I'm saying is correct that God wants the first, he wants the first of our treasure, he wants the first of our talent, he wants the first of our time, don't we apply that then to giving God, listen now, the first of our time by giving him the first of our day? In other words, if you have to wake up an hour early to give God the first of your day, praise God. Just do it. Just do it and you'll be blessed. Because if we just wake up in the morning and run into the day without taking time with God, we're not gonna be as connected during that day with God as we would have been if we would have given the first of our time.

We want to be like Jotham that ordered his ways after the Lord, and as a result of that, beloved ones, he became mighty. Now I know that what I'm sharing with you, I mean, it's not like something new for many of us. But the question is not whether it's new, but the question is are we doing it. You see, we want to keep doing the right thing day after day after day, and when we do, we'll create momentum. And momentum will result in breakthrough. If I could, I'd just like to stop a second here and give some practical suggestions about how to give God the first part of your day. In other words, what does that look like?

You see, I think some people they try doing this but then they give up because they just feel like a failure. In other words, some of you, perhaps have even tried beginning your mornings with the Lord. And you got down, and you sat on a couch, maybe you had a cup of coffee with you, to give the first part of that day, whether it was 15 minutes, 20 minutes, a half hour, 45, an hour, whatever it was. And you found that your mind started to wander. Maybe you picked up the Bible, you wanted to connect with God, but you found as you were reading the Bible, your mind started drifting and so you gave up. And you said, what's the use? I want you to know, God loves you and he understands that you're human, and that he understands that at times our mind will wander. If your mind wanders, don't give up. God loves you. Just bring your mind back. I love something that David said in one of the Psalms. He said to the Lord, your gentleness, David said to the Lord, has made me great. God is gentle towards you. Don't give up because your mind wanders.

And then sometimes you might feel when you wake up in the morning that you're really engaged, you can sense God's presence, but then maybe a day or two more down the week, you wake up in the morning, you feel so disconnected from God. You feel so far away from him. You don't feel like doing the devotional. You don't feel like staying connected because you don't feel that you are connected. Again, I want to encourage you, beloved one, God loves you. Don't give up. Just be like Jotham and keep ordering your way after the Lord, and you'll build power through momentum. If you feel disconnected some days, it's okay. Just don't let the devil take you off track. Just keep doing what's right.

Now one of the ways to read the Bible that I find is helpful is for example, let me just go to the Gospel of John, chapter number 14. Jesus said here in verse 1: Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. Rather than just continuing to read, stop after every verse and just turn it into a prayer. Just say, Father God, thank you that even as Jesus stilled the sea and calmed it, you're telling me here not to let my heart be troubled. Father God, I thank you for the peace of Jesus that's been breathed over my life. And now I ask you, Father God, to help me to not let my heart be troubled. Okay, so you take every portion that you read, beloved ones, and just then turn it into a prayer, so that you make your reading of the Scripture a prayer dialogue between you and God. It's not how much of the Scripture you read, it's how much you can connect with God through the Scripture. John continues on. He said: Believe in God, he said, believe also in Me. And then we say:

Father God, thank you. I do believe in you. Father God, thank you. I believe in you and I declare, Father, I believe in you, and I declare that you are great, and that you are God, and that you are good. And Father God, I ask you to even strengthen my faith in you, strengthen me, Jesus, with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Jesus, I desire faith, Lord Jesus, that will move every mountain out of the way of my life. Jesus, I love you today. I believe in you. Strengthen my faith.

And so as we're doing our morning devotional, one of the things that I encourage us to do that I know is extremely helpful is as you're reading the Scripture, turn it into a prayer dialogue with God. Some folks have just kind of a framework that they're, you know, covering x amount of Scriptures a day. They're reading so many chapters of the Bible a day. But what's the use of that if it's just words that are rolling over your head like water off a duck's back. It's better to slow down and let the words have impact, and cover less than to cover a whole bunch of Scriptures that are just disconnected from you identifying with them in your heart. And then, beloved, we're talking about developing momentum, and when you take the first part of your day and give it to God because God is a God of wanting our first, when we take the first part of our day and then just begin to declare the Word of God over our lives and circumstances, not what we're feeling, not like oh Father, I don't feel good today. Oh Father God, I feel depressed today. Oh Father God, I'm so worried about this today. No, we don't confess those things, but instead we say:

Father God, I want to thank you that your joy is my strength. I want to thank you, Father God, that you have given me a breaker anointing. I want to thank you, Father God, that he that lives in me is greater than he that's in the world. I want to thank you, Jesus, that you live inside me, and that you rose from the dead. And because you live inside me, I will get through and conquer everything in my life. And I want to thank you, Jesus, that because you're at the right hand of God and you're in me, I'm gonna conquer everything. You Word says that neither death, or life, things past or things present can ever separate me from your love. But I am more than a conqueror in all these things.

Beloved, develop momentum by confessing God's Word over your life and over your circumstances. Blessed are you if you do these things. I promise you, my friends, you'll be blessed. Shalom.

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