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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Use What God Has Given You

Rabbi Schneider - Use What God Has Given You

Rabbi Schneider - Use What God Has Given You
Rabbi Schneider - Use What God Has Given You
TOPICS: Mysteries of the Kingdom

We're looking today at the mystery of outflow. Now before I get into it, I want to take just a few steps back and set the context today. A mystery is something that has been previously concealed but now in King Jesus it's been revealed to us. Many things that you may know as a believer that you take for granted, you actually know them because the Spirit has given you revelation. And the things that you may know as a deep, Spirit full believer, beloved, have come to you supernaturally by revelation. And what you take for granted, people that don't have the revelation that you have, cannot perceive, hear me now, they cannot perceive what you're able to perceive. Jesus said to Peter, who do you say that I am? And Peter said, thou art the Messiah the Son of the living God. And Jesus said to him, blessed art thou Simon, son of John, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my Father who is in heaven.

You see, Peter had revelation. A mystery had been revealed to him that people on the outside could not see. The Bible says he came to his own, speaking of Jesus. He came to his own but his own received him not. And that even though he created the world, the world that he created him, that, that I'm sorry, the world that he created did not recognize him. And so you and I need to understand that if we are truly moving forward in the kingdom and in the realm of the spirit and eternal life, we're doing it because Jesus is revealing mysteries to us by the Spirit. Now last week we looked at what I called the mystery of receiving. And I'm not gonna go through that all again. But I simply was stating that it all begins by having a posture of dependency and receiving. Because unless we're in a posture of looking to Jesus as our source, not only for salvation, but hour by hour, minute by minute every day we're communicating to Jesus.

That's why the Bible tells us to pray ceaselessly. That's why Jesus said abide in him. This is why Paul said don't try to perfect with your own flesh that which can only be done in the Spirit. Unless we develop a posture and a walk in life of depending on him, clinging to him, looking to him to constantly be the one that we're receiving from, unless we have that type of posture in our heart, we're not gonna walk in the fullness; because power comes out of dependency. In other words, this is why Paul said, as I said last week, when I'm weak I'm strong. Because when we're weak we depend on Jesus. This is why we fast, because fasting puts us in a position of voluntarily making ourself weak. And in placing ourselves in that position of voluntarily weakness in the flesh, we have to depend on the Spirit to carry us. And as we do so, we get empowered for breakthrough in Jesus's name.

And so I want to encourage you to think about getting this entire series. There will be contact information at the end of the broadcast that you can order this series from. It's really important. These are critical truths. These are not just messages, beloved, to take up space. These are not just segments that I'm trying to fill. The things that I'm sharing with you, beloved, it's taken me over 30 years to learn. And these are the foundations of entering, and get it now, to power in King Jesus. And breakthrough begins with having an attitude of receiving. And so again, last week's message I really spoke deeply into that area. Today I want to break forth and I want to balance out the posture of receiving, get this now, with having an attitude of outflow or breakthrough.

You see, I've discovered in my life and I was guilty of this myself for years, my posture was I'm just gonna wait for God to do something because God is sovereign. And I had this kind of passive attitude. I believed in God. I was alive in God, but I had this attitude because of my understanding of the sovereignty of God that when something's supposed to happen, it's just gonna happen because God's gonna make it happen. And I had this attitude of being passive in my spiritual life in the sense that I was just waiting for God to show up, waiting for God to break in, waiting for God to do a miracle, waiting for God to move the pieces of the puzzle. And there's absolutely a portion of our faith that does involve waiting on God.

But you know what? Too many of us don't understand that there's a paradox here because not only do we wait on God, but we also stretch forth our staff like Moses did over the Red Sea. And when he did, the sea parted. There's also something, beloved, that we must do. It's called outflow to generate a miracle, to generate breakthrough and to change the spiritual atmosphere that surrounds our life. And if we're just waiting all the time for God to do something, without understanding the power that we have and the role that we need to play in causing spiritual breakthrough, in making something happen. If we don't understand that we need to do something to enter into our Promised Land, we're gonna be waiting, beloved ones, a long, long, long time.

You think about the woman that was bleeding, she had the hemorrhage for years. And she said to herself, if I just reach out and touch him, if I could just lay ahold of his garment, I'll be healed. And when she pressed through, when she did something, when she exercised her faith, when she propelled herself forward and took action and touched him, Jesus turned around and said, who touched me, for I felt the power go out from me. It was her faith, beloved, that released the miracle. It was her action to reach out and get ahold of him that released the power of Jesus into her. And Jesus, when she identified herself, when Jesus said who touched me, when she finally identified herself, Jesus said to her, woman, get this now, your faith. He said, get it, he said your faith has made you well. In other words, it was her faith that brought about the miracle.

And so in my own life, God has brought me into a transition where I began to understand it's not just about me waiting on God, it's about me exercising, get it now, it's about me, get it, exercising my faith to move mountains and make things happen. And so there's this mystery. There's this creative dynamic going on within us in the Spirit of the Lord that we have to learn how to embrace and balance. And the creative dynamic, beloved, the mystery, the secret that I'm referring to is to know how to balance in the Spirit of God and in his Shalom, get it now, the balance between, get it now, receiving on the one hand, like Mary did just sitting at Jesus's feet when Martha was so busy. Receiving on the one hand, and then outflow on the other hand. We can't just sit and receive forever. When we truly receive, generated from that posture of receiving is power that results in an outflow.

You see, the only water that ever becomes foul is water that's stagnant and that there's no outflow from. In other words, if you have some water that's just sitting in a pool and there's no way for that water to flow out and fresh water to flow in, that water is gonna become moldy and it's gonna become defiled. Fresh water is a balance between fresh water coming in and water coming out, so there's always a circulation going on. And some of us today, some of you today, are probably like I was. You're in this mode where you're just waiting for God to do a miracle. You're waiting for God to show up. You're waiting for God to do something. But I'm here, beloved one, to tell you today that this is also your time, not just to wait, but to do. Real faith, get this now, real faith, I'm gonna say it again, real faith, get it, expresses itself. If faith is alive, there's gonna be an action with it. Faith results in action. James said, I will show you my faith by my works.

Did you know God's personal name is, get this now, a breathy Yahweh. God said to Moses, your forefathers knew me as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but by my name, Yahweh, they did not know me. So Yahweh is the Father's personal name. Now here's what's interesting, and it relates to what I've been sharing on today's broadcast. A noun is a person, place or thing. So get it again. When we look at context of sentences, a noun in a sentence is a person, place or thing. And Yahweh, is a person. But when we look in the original Hebrew at God's sacred name, Yahweh is not in the form of a noun. It's in the form of a verb. And the type of verb tense in the original Hebrew, beloved ones, get this now, is continuous, unfinished action; that Yahweh is in a state of continuous, unfinished action. He's always alive. He's always in motion. He's always moving.

So if you're alive and I'm alive, bam, there's gonna be action taking place from our lives for you to get breakthrough and for me to get breakthrough, for us to change the spiritual atmosphere around our lives, for us to drive out darkness and enter deeper into the light, for us to experience more Shalom, more peace, more glory, more power, more revelation, we have to be doing something. There has to be outflow that's being generated from our life. What is outflow? Remember on the one hand we talked about the first mystery of the kingdom of God is receiving from him, depending on him. This is why Jesus said, blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God. The first place we need to be is sitting at Jesus's feet in dependency. But as we're receiving life and being strengthened, in order to get to the next level and in order to enter into a new breakthrough, we have to exercise and use that which we're receiving.

This is why Jesus talked about the talents. And he expects us that when he gives us something, hear me now church, we hear it, beloved, we work it. We work it. We use it. And so how do we use what Jesus has given us? How do we create outflow in our lives? Well I want to talk to you about creating outflow through confession of God's Word, his truth of who he is and of who you are in him. You see, when we speak and declare the Word of God over our lives, when we speak and declare the Word of God over other people, when we, listen, come into agreement with God by declaring his Word rather than by declaring the circumstances, rather than declaring what we feel, rather than declaring what the circumstance looks like, instead we declare his Word. What we do is we generate outflow of faith. We generate a change in the spiritual atmosphere around us, and the whole dynamics of our spiritual experience will change.

If you think about it, you see that even your initial salvation experience balanced receiving and outflow through confession of your faith and of the Word. And the two, got it, get it now, the two of them work together to completely change where you were in relationship to the Spirit of God and in Jesus. So the Bible says in Romans, chapter 10, listen, if we believe in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead; so first we have to believe. If we believe in our heart; first we receive faith. We receive the truth, right? How do we believe? We believe because we've received revelation and we've received the Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word. So we come to faith when we believe the Gospel. We receive the Word by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And what happened next? We believed in our heart the Gospel. We believe that Jesus died for our sins. We believe that God raised him from the dead.

And then the Scripture tells us in Romans, 10, and we confess with our mouth Jesus is Lord. And when these two come together, the receiving of the Word in faith and then the confessing of it with our mouth, something happened. The Bible says we get saved. So the believing and the confession work together. And so I want to encourage you, beloved ones, on today's broadcast, to become more militant in your walk with God. Don't just do what I used to do and sit around waiting for God to do something, waiting for God to break in, but rather move mountains by declaring your faith. Jesus said, if you believe in your heart and do not doubt, and then say to this mountain be moved and cast into the sea, it will move and nothing shall be impossible to you. How is that mountain moved? It's moved by you.

Now don't misunderstand what I'm saying. It's all Jesus. We get the faith through Jesus. We get the Spirit of Jesus. We get the Word of God through the grace of God and from God. But then we have to use it. The mountain doesn't just move because God decides it's time to move. The mountain moves, Jesus said, when you believe, and don't doubt, and say to it be moved. Do you see, beloved ones, that there has to be a creative dynamic taking place in our walk with God between on the one hand receiving, which is the first step, but then going beyond receiving to the second step by taking ahold of faith which is living and then using that faith to speak it into the atmosphere to change the dynamics of our life?

You see, whatever you confess is where you're gonna go. If you start talking about your circumstances, if you're going through a difficult time right now and you start talking about your circumstances, and magnifying your circumstances, you're gonna go from bad to worse in terms of your mental and spiritual state. But if we do what David did, on the other hand, when he was discouraged, and he encouraged himself in the Lord, the Scripture says, by declaring God's Word. But by declaring God's victory, by declaring God's promise, when he began to exercise his faith and magnify the Lord, we went from a zero to a hero and became a warrior and overcame. And I want to encourage you today, my friends, become more active in your spiritual life. The Bible says we should take up the Word of God and use it as a sword.

Some of us, if we're doing a meditation in the morning, which I want to encourage everybody to do, begin your day with the Lord. Begin your day just, you know, taking a portion of Scripture, even if it's just a small portion of Scripture, and saying it, and then praying about it, and asking God for more revelation on it. And then begin to thank God for all the things that he's doing, and done in your life. And then begin to thank God for who he is. And then begin to speak to those areas in your life that you want to see changed. Begin to say, Father God, I thank you that you're opening doors for me today.

If you're struggling with an area, you speak against that area. You say, in Jesus's name I curse that area, whether it's sickness, whether it's poverty, whether it's some other enemy coming against you. Say, I take authority over that thing, Jesus, in your name and I declare that you came to give life and give it more abundantly, and that I have abundance in my life; that Jesus, that you are going before me, that Father, the enemy is being broken, that I'm gonna grow in your grace today, that I'm gonna take territory in the kingdom of God today, that Jesus, you came to destroy the works of the devil and your anointing is on my life, and you've given me a break or anointing. And Jesus, I speak to every hindrance that's in my life right now that's keeping me from entering deeper into you, and from the kingdom of God expanding through my life. I speak to those mountains. I command them to come down today in Jesus's name.

And when you do that, friends, something's gonna happen. Somebody say yeah, something's gonna happen. But we have to open our mouth. We have to continue in the same way we began. We began by confessing Jesus as Lord and we go all the way up the mountain, the Bible says, by the word of our testimony. The Bible says in the Book of Revelation that they overcame him, get it now, by the Blood of the Lamb, get it, and the word of their testimony. You see, when you confess God's Word, you're gonna receive the promises of his Word. But if you confess your circumstances, if you confess things that are going on in the natural world in the natural realm, that's what you're gonna get. You're gonna get a natural experience. If we want God's experience, we have to recognize it's not just about sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen. It's about lifting up the Word of God as a sword and declaring it over our life.
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