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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider — Overcoming Doubt

Rabbi Schneider — Overcoming Doubt

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Shalom and God bless you, beloved ones. Welcome to a very special edition of Discovering the gonna take you into Israel to the Sea of Galilee. Did you know that the Sea of Galilee on earth? It's also called the River flows into it.

So many important Biblical events happened here. Jesus calmed the sea, supernaturally. He walked on water. He called his disciple from this place. Beloved, we were on the sea in a boat. I began to minister the Word of God.

I had a musician on the boat that was softly playing while I ministered. There was an overwhelming peace of God's love that fell upon everybody interesting, the Bible tells us in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament that when the minstrel began to play, the The Spirit of the Lord so often moves through music. say that when God spoke the heavens and earth into existence, he didn't just say let there be light, but he actually sung it. So this is ministering on that boat on the Sea of Galilee.

I had music behind me. I began to minister, and the Spirit of God himself was released. Beloved, you're gonna feel inspired today, I believe, by the Holy Spirit as I speak today from the Sea of Galilee on Overcoming Doubt.

Stay with me today. And Father God, I pray for each and every one under the sound of my voice right now that's watching this broadcast, that you might strengthen them supernaturally by your Holy Spirit as I preach and teach your Word, Father. Glorify your Word and bless your people I ask, Abba, in Jesus's name and for Jesus's fame. God bless you.
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