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Rabbi Schneider — Out of the Wilderness

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On today's edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus I've got a word that I'm calling Out of the Wilderness. God is delivering you out of your own personal wilderness and bringing you fully into his marvelous light. Join me.

I'm in the midst now of a short synopsis from the Song of Songs. I'm calling this series A Baptism of Love. Now this is different from the elongated series that I did several years ago. I'm just hitting the highlights. I know, beloved ones, those of you that have been touched by God, you're gonna be able to identify with the journey of the Shulamite bride in this book.

Listen, I want to go right now to where I left off last week. You'll have to get the entire series to pick up those episodes that you've missed. Let's continue now as we're in chapter number 3, picking up where we left off at last week, verse number 6.

She says: What is this coming up from the wilderness. Let me share with you what's going on here. The Shulamite bride had previously not fully yielded to Jesus's leading. She suffered for that. Her intimacy with him was broken.

When she realized that disobedience caused a lack of experience in God's love, when she realized that her disobedience caused a separation and that she lost her intimacy because of it, she fully repented and she said I'm never gonna let that happen again. There was a big yes in her heart. She came back to Jesus and said I'm never gonna let that happen again.

I'm inviting you in now, Jesus, to every chamber of my heart. Once she made this full-fledged commitment in divine love back to God, something supernatural took place in her life. God began to powerfully deliver her. He began to deliver her from every generational spirit that was keeping her bound. He began to deliver her from every doubt, from every fear, from every spirit of unbelief.

Jesus, when she unreservedly said yes to him, began to draw her out of the wilderness, out of darkness fully in to his kingdom, the kingdom of light, the kingdom of love, the kingdom of the Son of God.
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