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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider — Wisdom

Rabbi Schneider — Wisdom

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God bless you and Shalom, beloved ones. My name's Rabbi Schneider. Welcome to this very important episode of Discovering the Jewish Jesus. I'm excited about this series that I'm in now called Prayers that Resonate with God.

This is now the th part in this series. On the previous broadcast, we looked at Moses's prayer to the Lord in the Book of Exodus, chapter 33, and how Moses prayed this great prayer that culminated, beloved ones, with these words, show me thy glory.

After Moses prayed that prayer, the Lord directed him to go hide in the cleft of a rock and instructed Moses to call upon his name there. We read the story; Moses then goes and covers himself in the cleft of the rock as he calls upon the name of Yahweh God.

And as he's calling upon the name of the Lord, the Bible says, the glory of God comes and God proclaims his name to Moses. And he says to Moses, I am Yahweh, Yahweh God. And then the Lord fills him with revelation of his attributes, full of compassion and lovingkindness. And God literally fills Moses with an understanding of his character and of his glory.

You see, the Lord said to Moses, Moses you can't see my face and live, but go cover yourself in the cleft of the rock and call upon my name. And as you do, I'm gonna come to you and proclaim my name to you. And this is exactly what happened.

You see, the cleft of the rock is a shadow of Jesus. In Jesus, we're in the cleft of the rock. And even as Moses called upon God to reveal his glory from the place of the cleft in the rock, today likewise, beloved, you and I can call upon Father God to reveal his glory to us through Jesus. And he literally, beloved, will bring us into a deeper, and deeper, and fuller, and fuller of experience of knowing who he really is and of experiencing his glory by his Spirit on our life.

Now we know that in this life, we're gonna see through the glass dimly, that eye has not seen and ear has not heard the things that God's prepared for those that love him. But we are being brought into more and more of a discovery of his fullness.

You see, the point that I'm wanting to communicate is that you don't have to wait to die and go to heaven to experience the glory of God. It's true that we won't experience his glory in the fullness until we're with him face to face.

Paul said that to live on this earth, there is a separation. He said, to live is Christ, he said, but to die is gain; that when we leave the body we go to be with him in what the Bible calls paradise.
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