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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider — The Secret of Outflow

Rabbi Schneider — The Secret of Outflow

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Welcome today to this important edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus. I'm in the midst of a series entitled Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. We're looking today at the mystery of outflow.

Now before I get into it, I want to take just a few steps back and set the context today. A mystery is something that has been previously concealed but now in King Jesus it's been revealed to us.

Many things that you may know as a believer that you take for granted, you actually know them because the Spirit has given you revelation. And the things that you may know as a deep, Spirit full believer, beloved, have come to you supernaturally by revelation.

And what you take for granted, people that don't have the revelation that you have, cannot perceive, hear me now, they cannot perceive what you're able to perceive.

Jesus said to Peter, who do you say that I am? And Peter said, thou art the Messiah the Son of the living God. And Jesus said to him, blessed art thou Simon, son of John, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my Father who is in heaven.

You see, Peter had revelation. A mystery had been revealed to him that people on the outside could not see. The Bible says he came to his own, speaking of Jesus. He came to his own but his own received him not. And that even though he created the world, the world that he created him, that, that I'm sorry, the world that he created did not recognize him.

And so you and I need to understand that if we are truly moving forward in the kingdom and in the realm of the spirit and eternal life, we're doing it because Jesus is revealing mysteries to us by the Spirit.

Now last week we looked at what I called the mystery of receiving. And I'm not gonna go through that all again. But I simply was stating that it all begins by having a posture of dependency and receiving. Because unless we're in a posture of looking to Jesus as our source, not only for salvation, but hour by hour, minute by minute every day we're communicating to Jesus.

That's why the Bible tells us to pray ceaselessly. That's why Jesus said abide in him. This is why Paul said don't try to perfect with your own flesh that which can only be done in the Spirit.

Unless we develop a posture and a walk in life of depending on him, clinging to him, looking to him to constantly be the one that we're receiving from, unless we have that type of posture in our heart, we're not gonna walk in the fullness; because power comes out of dependency.

In other words, this is why Paul said, as I said last week, when I'm weak I'm strong. Because when we're weak we depend on Jesus. This is why we fast, because fasting puts us in a position of voluntarily making ourself weak. And in placing ourselves in that position of voluntarily weakness in the flesh, we have to depend on the Spirit to carry us. And as we do so, we get empowered for breakthrough in Jesus's name. And so I want to encourage you to think about getting this entire series.

There will be contact information at the end of the broadcast that you can order this series from. It's really important. These are critical truths. These are not just messages, beloved, to take up space. These are not just segments that I'm trying to fill. The things that I'm sharing with you, beloved, it's taken me over years to learn.

And these are the foundations of entering, and get it now, to power in King Jesus. And breakthrough begins with having an attitude of receiving. And so again, last week's message I really spoke deeply into that area. Today I want to break forth and I want to balance out the posture of receiving, get this now, with having an attitude of outflow or breakthrough.
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