Rabbi Schneider — The Secret of Momentum

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God bless you and Shalom, beloved ones. My name's Rabbi Schneider and I welcome you today to this edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus. We're in the midst of a series right now. We're calling it Mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

This is really a deep, important study. The things that I've been sharing, beloved ones, and teaching during this series, it's not just academic information.

These truths are profound. They've changed my life. The things that I'm sharing with you, beloved ones, are something, they're things that I've learned after walking with God for over thirty years. These truths absolutely have been changers in my life.

We began several weeks ago. I talked about the mystery of receiving, and talking about how it all begins by simply learning how to receive from Jesus. You see, my life radically changed over ten years ago.

I'd already been walking with the Lord, now get it, I'd already been walking with the Lord for over twenty years. And, I mean, I was actively pursuing God. I mean I was passionate for God.

For twenty years I'd been pursuing him. But about ten years ago, the Lord brought me to a whole new level of learning how to receive from him. At the time I was going through a difficult phase in life and I really needed God.

I mean, I was just walking through a really deep place, and had a very significant struggle going on. And it was in this place of need, and in this place of desperation that my spirit connected with God in ways of being able to receive from him in a way that was unlike anything that I experienced before.

It actually began when I was introduced to what I call Harp and Bowl prayer ministry, where I would just sit for hours and listen to ministry, worship music that was just ascending directly to God. I mean, it was songs that were sung that were not like about God. It wasn't like he is our rock. It was all like you are our rock. It was all songs that were being sung to God.

And these songs also were made up of apostolic prayer, meaning the type of prayers that the apostles prayed in the New Testament, where Paul, for example, prayed that God would open the eyes of our understanding, give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation.

So I was listening to music that was sung directly to God in worship, as well as music that was intermingled with, or mixed with prayers that were the same prayers that we actually read of in the New Testament; asking God, once again, for the power that raised Christ from the dead, to be at work in our lives, to be at work in my life.

And as I was introduced to this Harp and Bowl ministry, I call it Harp and Bowl because we read in the 5th chapter of the Book of Revelation, that before the throne of God, John saw, he saw a bowl of incense that was arising to God.

The incense was arising up to God. And then John told us that this incense was the prayers of the saints. And at the same time John saw that mixed with the prayer, he saw a harp playing.
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