Rabbi Schneider — Protection

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My name's Rabbi Schneider, welcome today to Discovering the Jewish Jesus. We're beginning a brand new series today. I'm calling it Prayers That Resonate with God.

In my last series on prayer called According to His Will, I looked at a few of the Psalms and I talked about the heart of David and some of the other writers of the Psalms, and what their prayer life was like, because we're trying to look at types of communication with the Lord that move his heart.

And so in this series that we're beginning today called once again, Prayers That Resonate with God, what we're doing is we're delving into the type of relationship with God that moves him. Do you know it's a powerful thing to realize, get this now, that your prayers can move God.

Think about that for a second. Your prayers can move God. You know, sometimes we invest so much time and energy in trying to move other people. You know, we look at how human beings try to manipulate people, how sometimes we'll find people even crying as a way to manipulate somebody else to move them.

People screaming and yelling, trying to manipulate another individual, another human being. But think about the fact that you can move God. How much more powerful to realize that you can move God rather than focusing on how to move other people. You know, in life sometimes, even when people are praying, they're not even, if they're praying out loud for example, often times they're not even thinking about moving God.

They're thinking about how to impress the people around them that are listening to them pray. Isn't that ridiculous and preposterous? Let's get rid of all that. Beloved, you can move God.
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