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2021 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider — Our Father

Rabbi Schneider — Our Father

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Is God way up in outer space somewhere and beyond knowing? Or is he right here? And can we even capture his heart? Join me in today's important broadcast as we continue our series called Capturing God's Heart.

Welcome to this edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus. You know, it's hard for us to grasp that God is a real person, that he has likes and dislikes. In fact, did you know that God is the most sensitive person in the universe?

God has a heart and there are certain things that please him and certain things that displease him. So if we really want to walk with him in fellowship, if he wants, if we want him to, to trust us enough to share his heart with us, we need to learn about his character and what captures his heart.

You know, even Jesus said to us in our relationships with people, he said, don't give what's holy to dogs. He said, and don't cast your pearls before swine.

In other words, as Jesus gives us this wisdom, it seems reasonable to me that God is the same way; that God doesn't give what's holy to dogs, and that he doesn't cast his pearls before swine, but that he reveals himself to those that are ready to receive his kindness, and his love, and his revelation.

Now I know that God is like the sun and his goodness shines on the good and the bad alike. I realize that. But I'm talking about when it gets to the deep things of God. God shares his heart with those people, beloved, that are in a position to receive it.
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