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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - How Disobedience Destroys Intimacy with God

Rabbi Schneider - How Disobedience Destroys Intimacy with God

Rabbi Schneider - How Disobedience Destroys Intimacy with God
TOPICS: Rabbi Schneider: Devotions, Obedience, Intimacy with God

This word will change your life, I guarantee it. Those that will receive this word, it will change you. It is the most beautiful expression of King Jesus as our bridegroom in the entire Word of God. As I said on earlier episodes, the ancient rabbis consider this the holy of holies of the Bible. It's a prophetic love song that illustrates God's love for His people. Of course, the original characters King Solomon, his Shulamite, my bride. They were historical figures, but that's not all. Ultimately, what this was about. Ultimately, the Song of Songs is directing us to understand how intimately Father loves us through King Jesus and how beautiful we are to Him.

Now, in my earlier episodes, I talked about how the Shulamite bride, was a immersed in the father's presence, immersed in Jesus presence in such a way that she was completely emotionally satisfied by it. But what happened was eventually the Lord moved what He was doing in her life. He transitioned in the realm of the spirit from letting her just feeling emotionally connected, and she basked there in His presence. Suddenly that scene shifted and she found that the Lord was now high up on a mountain, and the Lord called her now to arise from where she was just basking in His presence under an apple tree.

Now she had a get up and go out from under that apple tree to climb up to meet Him on top of the mountain where He was standing. Unfortunately, she was not ready, beloved ones, to climb the mountain. She was not ready to come out of our comfort zone. She wasn't ready to tackle and overcome that thing that the Lord was asking her to overcome. Her unwillingness to conquer the mountain, to do what was uncomfortable, to take on that challenge, to do that thing that was right. But she was not willing to do it. Resulted in her feeling separated from Jesus. It resulted in disunity. And so suddenly, this experience that she had in chapters one and two, where she was feeling somewhat immersed, consciously in God's love for her when she refused to obey Him. Suddenly, that feeling of being loved, that sense of being in his presence, it disappeared. And that's what will happen with you and I.

What has God called you to repent of in your life? What is He called you to change? You're not going to find Him just by listening to worship music. You're not going to find Him by, you know, trying to drowned out your sorrows in alcohol or whatever it is. You're not going to find Him in the streets and in the squares. You're not going to find Him in social media and on TV. You're only going to find Him beloved one, and I'm only going to find Him when we do what He's asking us to do, when we conquer that thing, He's asking us to conquer whatever it is. If we do not obey Him and overcome that thing, if we do not climb the mountain, as it were, by subduing that the flesh or that demon that needs to be conquered if we don't obey Him and conquer that thing, what's going to happen is we're going to lose our sense of fellowship. It's going to break our fellowship with Him.

I remember years ago, for me, it was anger. I finally realized that I could not blame people for my anger, that I had to own my own anger, that it wasn't somebody else's fault, that I was angry. It was my fault that I was angry. And when I got a hold of that, it revolutionized my life. I remember the first time I was put to the test on this. I had finally been brought to the understanding that I needed to take responsibility for my own anger. It was breaking my relationship with the Lord and it was hurting my relationship with my family. And one of the things that would really set my anger off was when my wife would run late Cynthia is just a different you know, she's wired a lot differently than me. I'm very goal oriented. I'm very task oriented. Cynthia is very relational, just has a different way of looking at things. And, you know, she's actually relationally a much stronger person than me.

So I remember the Lord brought me to this place of awareness and the first big test came. We took all the strength I had to keep from lashing out at Cynthia and yelling at her, blaming her for making me late. But I did it by the grace of God. And you know what happened? Something in me permanently changed. It took all the strength I had to keep my anger back and to not let it out. And I was obedient. And somehow in that the Lord rewired me. And you do the same thing for you. You are dealing with something. God is calling you to overcome that thing. And, beloved, when you do. You're going to overcome. And you're going to be walking at a whole new level with Jesus.
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