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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Reclaim the Rainbow as God's Symbol

Rabbi Schneider - Reclaim the Rainbow as God's Symbol

Rabbi Schneider - Reclaim the Rainbow as God's Symbol
TOPICS: Rainbow, Rabbi Schneider: Devotions

Shalom aleichem. Peace to your beloved ones. Those of you that have been following my ministry for a while have heard me talk a lot recently about the rainbow. And how we as God's people, need to reclaim the rainbow by identifying with it, because it's a manifestation of God's covenant of mercy to His people. And because there's a rainbow around your Father's throne. John tells us about that in Revelation 4:3. You may have heard me say this before, but just listen. Consider this for a second. When you get to heaven and see God on His throne, you're going to see a rainbow around it.

Now, if that doesn't give us a strong enough conviction as to why we as God's people need to take the rainbow back, to reclaim it as a symbol of our Creator, as a manifestation of His beauty and glory, I don't know what will give us the fire to do it. Beloved, we have now reached what I'm calling Collective Action Weekend, July 28 through the 30th. I'm encouraging you to go out into public places wearing your "Taking the Rainbow Back" T-shirt, if you've got one from my website, some type of rainbow colored clothing. Do something to reclaim the rainbow for the glory of your Father. Make a poster. Put a picture of a rainbow on the poster with the scriptures Genesis 9:16 and Revelation 4:3. Do something, have courage.

Listen, by you taking a step of courage during this Cumulative Action Weekend, by going out into a public place and identifying with the rainbow and not just a rainbow, because you want to know, you want people to know why you're identifying with the rainbow. Have Scripture with the rainbow. By you doing that, that courageous act, it is going to transport you to a new level in the courage. You're going to break fear off of you in a new way.

You know what's the way to break fear? Challenge it. You know, you break fear? Confront it. You know, to loose yourself from intimidation? Tear it off. Don't let yourself be silenced. Do not be intimidated. Have courage. Reclaim the rainbow in the earth for the glory of God. The rainbow will always belong to God. No one can take it from Him. But we as God's people, we need to reclaim it as God's symbol on the Earth. And you know what? I believe God is looking to you and me to do it.
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