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Watch 2022 online sermons » Rabbi K.A. Schneider » Rabbi Schneider - Called Out of Darkness

Rabbi Schneider - Called Out of Darkness

Rabbi Schneider - Called Out of Darkness
TOPICS: God Moments, Salvation

We have seen incredible miracles happen. And above all hundreds and hundreds of people give their lives to Christ Jesus.

And right now Jesus is giving you the opportunity to receive Him into your heart. Say, "Jesus forgive me".

Many are getting saved. Yesterday there were over three hundred. The other day there were over one hundred and fifty.

And these are not young kids, these are mature people, mature men and women. That shows you that they're determined, they're serious, they're committed.

We had one testimony of a Muslim girl. She came to the new believers meeting.

She thanks God. She was a Muslim. The grandfather was an imam in the mosque. Their friends come to the crusade and they sing. But when they come and they go back their grandfather canes them.

She had felt the drawing to Jesus and she was even sneaking out and going to churches. And when she got back home her Muslim grandfather would beat her. But she had never prayed to receive Jesus. So she prayed to receive Jesus, repented of her sin, asked Jesus to come into her life and be her Lord for the first time during the crusade and she stood up and testified about that.
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